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Battle of the TV Boxes: Android vs Apple vs Amazon vs Roku

If you’re in the market for a dinky little black box to slide under your living room TV set and pipe through some quality content, you’re in luck: there’s lots of them to pick from. All the major names now have established boxes on the market. While Gizmodo is a big fan of the Roku box and everything it can do, it’s not the only media box in town, and it might not even be the perfect box for you. So instead we compared the four major operating systems running in those boxes to help you sort out exactly which platform will best meet your needs. Read More >>

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New Game Of Thrones Photos Show Off The Happiest Stark Family Reunion Ever

Thank you, Entertainment Weekly. I don't buy your publication, and probably never will, but hoo-boy if the latest issue of the iconic American mag ever packs in the most adorable Game of Thrones photoshoot my deeply jaded eyes have ever seen. Read More >>

Loved Pokemon Go? Then You Might Tolerate Magikarp Jump

Some day, when we try to figure out the exact point in history The Pokémon Company took over the world and enslaved us all with armies of robot Squirtles, we'll look back to this week (and a super stupid finger-tapping fish app), and weep. Read More >>

Apple Is Reportedly Working On Built-in AI Chips For Future IPhones And Other Devices

Back in 2011, Apple was right at the forefront of implementing artificial intelligence software in its products. Six years on though, Siri no longer seems like a technological marvel, while rival giants Amazon have skipped ahead of the Cupertino colossus with AI-driven devices like Amazon Echo. Yet if reports from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman are accurate, it looks like Apple could be about to implement dedicated AI chips in future devices. Read More >>

star wars
Presenting The Poe Dameron Scale, The Ultimate Star Wars Name-Ranking System

It is well documented that we — we being James and Katharine — are obsessed with the names in Star Wars. We even have our own not-at all-scientific rating system to judge our favourite, comical names from the galaxy far, far away: The Poe Dameron Scale™. And we are proud now to introduce the PDS to the world. Read More >>

Key Crazy: Inside The Wonderful World Of Keyboard Fanatics

"Have you met Jacob?" It's the first question they ask me, inside a small meeting room, deep in the heart of Facebook's Menlo Park campus, where keyboard fans from across the Bay Area in California have braved the rain to show off their boutique builds. Many of them have spent thousands of dollars on their board collections, with custom switches and keycaps. Read More >>

Five ‘Fun’ Board Games About Real Disasters To Remind You We’re Completely Doomed

There are plenty of horror board games and tabletop RPGs that thrive on fantasy, whether it's helping a ghost solve its own gruesome murder in Mysterium, or helping to stop (or aid) the rise of evil gods with Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game. But of course, the biggest horrors are the ones humans actually face in real life. And yes, there is a board game for each one. Read More >>

You May Not Care About Avatar, But Its New Theme Park Is A Glimpse Into Disney’s Future

Disney's foundation may have been built on animation, but these days, Disney is powered by franchises. That's especially true in the theme parks, where major expansions have recently been announced based on some of Disney's newer, blockbuster franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel and... Avatar. And while you may have no feelings about James Cameron's 2009 mind-bogglingly successful film, I think you'll feel very differently if you enter the world of Pandora at Disney World. Read More >>

Turns Out Joss Whedon Has Been Working on Justice League for Quite Some Time

We were all saddened to learn that Justice League director Zack Snyder and producer Deborah Snyder were stepping down from the film after a tragic death in their family. Joss Whedon agreed to take over the film — partially because, as it turns out, he was already working on it. Read More >>

Russian University Lovingly Erects Giant Concrete Monument to Peer Review

Life as an academic is hard, if you discount the summers off. Assuming you’ve ever submitted a piece of research for publication, chances are you’ve had to go through the process of peer review — an often soul-crushing ordeal during which you and your ideas are metaphorically flayed by a jury of your peers. Read More >>

Bryan Fuller Still Has Hope Hannibal Will Get a Fourth Season, and Knows Exactly What It’ll Be About

Bryan Fuller is a bit busy these days, what with the triumphant American Godsblowing our minds on a weekly basis. But the master showrunner can’t quite leave one of his beloved past creations behind: Hannibal. In fact, he’s already got some ideas just in case season four ever happens. Read More >>

This Monkey Crime Ring Will Hold Your Shit Ransom

Sopranos superfans will be glad to know that the mafia is still alive and well — sort of. A temple in Bali, Indonesia has apparently been overrun by mafioso macaques that have been stealing tourists’ items in exchange for food. New research suggests the unusual phenomenon is a learned behaviour, and goddamn is it a good one. Read More >>

Male Tortoises Mysteriously Stop Boning

There are only a few things in this life animals really have to do. They have to eat, they have to shit, and they have to bang. So when conservation biologists transplant a bunch of wild animals in order to save them, but half of them stop getting laid as a result, it’s cause for concern. Read More >>