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February 23, 2018 - 12:30pm
By George Dvorsky
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Scientists Who Doubt Neanderthal Art Must Reckon With New Evidence From These Sweet Cave Paintings

Back in 2012, archaeologists concluded that a series of cave paintings in Spain were created by Neanderthals, not early humans as was previously assumed. Critics complained about the dating method used, and more contentiously, claimed that only modern humans had the capacity for symbolic thought. Now, using an updated dating technique, scientists have shown yet again that Neanderthals are the most likely source of the paintings—but will it be enough to finally dispel outdated notions of Neanderthal intelligence? Read More >>

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Black Panther’s Dialect Coach Brilliantly Explains Why Wakanda’s Accents Sound So Different

One of the more complicated and interesting questions on everyone’s mind immediately after the very first Black Panther trailer dropped focused on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Wakandan accent—specifically about why various character’s accents seemed to be so different from one another. We now have an answer. Read More >>

Why Scientists Taught Monkeys to Associate Brand Logos With Genitals

Humans assign value to brands. Brands represent wealth, strength, and yes, sex. We are our brands. And for some rhesus macaques in a lab, one brand, Adidas, represents monkey genitalia. Read More >>

Ofcom’s Told BT it has to Share its Telegraph Poles With Other Internet Providers

Ofcom wants the rollout of ultra-fast broadband to go smoothly, so it's gone and published a number of measures designed to make it cheaper for internet providers to install the necessary infrastructure. These measures will also force BT to share its telegraph poles and underground tunnels with the competition. Read More >>

Salt and Vinegar Crisps Added to List of Very Bad Things

You might think crisps are at least partially good for your teeth thanks to not containing half an acre's worth of high fructose corn syrup, but no. Salt and vinegar ones are bad for your teeth, they say, as the acid levels contribute to the wearing away of your wonky little mouthypegs. Read More >>

Sadiq Khan Declares Driverless Tube Trains “Madness”

In a move that will no doubt make him very popular with the transport unions, Sadiq Khan has spoken out against the idea of driverless trains on the London Underground. Apparently that idea is "madness". Read More >>

The Government Confirms Support for Opt-Out Organ Donation Bill

Today is a big day for the topic of organ donation in England, because a debate took place in the House of Commons regarding the topic of an opt-out system - also known as 'presumed consent'. The debate ended in good news, because the government has confirmed it will support a bill designed to introduce such a system. Read More >>

KFC Ad Admits it FCK-ed Up

While men with forklift trucks dump rotting chicken into the sea* as people in the suburbs starve** in dystopian 2018 UK, the office-based part of the KFC corporation is using the chicken crisis to its advantage by putting out a jolly old ironic advertisement in the newspapers. Read More >>

KFC Crisis 23rd Feb: These Stores Are STILL Closed, And Here’s The Nearest Open Branch To Each

The nation is not coping well. Hundreds of KFC branches are still closed due to a lack of Kentucky Fried Chicken. There would no doubt be an armed insurrection by now, were it not for KFC's most enthusiastic fans not being in the best shape for combat. Read More >>

Government Plans New Tax to Catch the Internet Giants

The offshore titans that rinse the UK population for all of its money then book it through Luxembourg, Ireland, Laos or the International Space Station or whatever they do, might be about to trigger a reworking of the tax laws specifically to stop the annual outrage at how little corporation tax these firms pay. Read More >>

Elon Musk Leaves AI Ethics Group’s Board as Tesla Revs Up its AI Game

It's no secret that Elon Musk is wary of artificial intelligence. The fact that he co-founded a research group devoted to developing AI responsibly, without the goal of generating profit, should make that very clear. But now Musk has vacated his position on OpenAI's board, and it's down to the fact Tesla is focussing more and more on AI. Read More >>

SpaceX Payload Fairing Survives Despite Missing Recovery Net by ‘a Few Hundred Metres’

Yesterday, a Falcon 9 rocket delivered the PAZ radio communications satellite, along with a pair of SpaceX-owned internet satellites, to low-Earth orbit. It was an otherwise routine launch and deployment, save for the attempt to recover the rocket’s payload fairing—a feat that’s never been tried before. Read More >>

It Looks Like Apple’s AirPower Will be Released Next Month

Back when Apple launched the iPhone 8 and X, it announced that both phones would come with Qi wireless charging. It's not like Apple to adopt a mainstream technology without its own little twist, so it did exactly that with AirPower. The first party wireless charging matt was designed to charge iPhones, Apple Watches, and Airpods at the same time. Software trickery to connect them all together and lets you check up on how each device is doing from the phone's screen. Read More >>

E-Cig Vapour Tested Positive for Lead and Arsenic in New Study

A new study, published Thursday in Environmental Health Perspectives, adds more evidence to the idea that e-cigarettes aren’t an entirely risk-free endeavour. It suggests that the very act of vaping might be exposing people to unsafe levels of toxins like lead and arsenic. Read More >>

US Startup Claims It Is Regenerating Skin With Stem Cells

A tiny Utah biotech firm is making waves in regenerative medicine. Last summer, it made headlines for successfully regenerating skin and stimulating hair growth in pigs with burns using a stem cell therapy. Now, the company says its therapy is working on a badly burned 10-year-old boy. Read More >>

London’s Night Overground Extends to Highbury & Islington Tonight

Getting around London at night is a lot easier now that some of the Under and Overground services run through the night, with TfL and Sadiq Khan working to ensure more services are open 24 hours a day. Tonight the latest extension of the Overground's night services goes live, meaning people can travel through to Highbury & Islington. Read More >>