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May 23, 2019 - 12:00pm
By Alex Cranz
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I Pitted Canon’s ‘Affordable’ EOS RP Against My Beloved Sony A7 III

The £1,400 Canon RP is not the best camera made or even the slickest mirrorless camera. It will win no awards for dynamic range or colour rendition, and if you’ve got strong feelings about the number of megapixels available in post-production, it will leave you uninspired. But the Canon RP is one of the cheapest full-frame mirrorless cameras available and just good enough to give you the glimpse of a photography future you might not have been able to afford up until now. Read More >>

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Apple is Testing Private Web Ads on Safari So You Feel Less Creeped Out While Shopping

Ads are the bane of the internet. On top of being an eyesore, by now everyone’s had that experience of googling an item, only to find targeted ads for that same product follow you across the web. It’s creepy, and today, Apple announced in a blog post that it’s working on a way to make the ads you see while browsing on Safari truly private. Read More >>

Pornhub’s Traffic Dropped During Eurovision’s Final but You Fickle Wankers Came Back Hard Afterwards

The depraved desires and freaky fetishes we indulge in during the course of our fleeting visits to Pornhub seem to be affected by what's going on in the cultural zeitgeist. Take the spike in Star Wars searches on the site on May 4th, for example. Or all the thirsty Avengers fans that flooded the site in the lead up to Endgame's release. Read More >>

Welsh Record Shop Bans Morrissey

Cardiff's Spillers Records, which has a legitimate claim on being the oldest record shop in the world and is therefore afforded the luxury of having an opinion that should be listened to, has pulled all of Morrissey's recordings from sale due to the way the singer appears to be embracing the far-right with a bare chest and ever more welcoming arms these days. Read More >>

game of thrones
George R.R. Martin Just Set a Very Peculiar Winds of Winter Deadline Threat for Himself

Now that Game of Thrones is over for good, the focus is on when George R.R. Martin is finally going to complete his side of the story. Thanks to an airline’s offer to fly Martin out so he can have some peace and quiet to finish The Winds of Winter, he’s jokingly promised a deadline. If he doesn’t meet it, New Zealand gets to arrest him. Read More >>

Save Money on Lego and Other Toys With Amazon’s Latest Voucher Deal

It's always nice to save money, especially when you're having to buy something expensive anyway. Toys, for instance, have a tendency to seem overpriced, especially where popular brick-building brands are concerned. The good news is that you can save yourself some money on Lego and other toys over at Amazon, thanks to the company matching a competing voucher deal. Read More >>

Party While the World Burns with Aldi’s Outdoor Heater/Speaker

Contribute to the hyperlocal global warming of your feet and arms with Aldi's new outdoor heater, which outdoes all other current outdoor heaters by including a light and a speaker. If your neighbours don't already hate you because of the rumblings of video game weaponry and unsocial-hour food deliveries, this will definitely get them on to the council. Read More >>

McDonald’s Builds Mini McDonald’s for Bees

Hey you. Stop being sad and angry about the composition of straws. McDonald's is a fun and caring youth brand, don't you know, so much so that it's capable of spending money on wacky stunts like building a micro-scale McDonald's building entirely for the use of bees, seeing as the bins outside its restaurants are already so supportive of local wasp communities. Read More >>

harry potter
The Harry Potter AR Game Will Get EE Exclusive Content When It Launches Later This Year

Niantic's Harry Potter AR game is launching at some point this year, and it looks like players on EE will be getting access to exclusive in-game content in the form of locations like Inns and Fortresses that will offer quests and high tier rewards for those on the network. The partnership was announced at EE's 5G event this week, where it also confirmed the roll-out date for its 5G service. It's May 30. Read More >>

Ben & Jerry’s Needs You! To Vote Today and They’re Giving You Free Ice Cream to Do It

It's voting day here in the UK as we participate in the European elections although we  have no idea how much our votes are actually going to matter what with Brexit still floating over our heads. To get people motivated to actually give a shit, American ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's is rewarding voters with a free scoop of ice cream at one of its Scoop Shops. If that news alone is enough to get you to drag your arse to the polling booth, you probably shouldn't be voting in the first place. If anything, we'll send you an ice cream to keep you at home. Read More >>

star wars
The Marvel Approach Won’t Work for Star Wars, According to Kathleen Kennedy

The similarities between Star Wars: The Force Awakens and A New Hope are as plentiful as they are obvious, because even though the newest trilogy introduces a whole slew of new characters, the story being told about bringing balance to the Force is the same. Respecting the original Star Wars films was always an important part of J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy’s approach to telling stories in the franchise, but with The Rise of Skywalker, the filmmakers are ready to lean into some new filmmaking sensibilities. Read More >>

Julian Assange’s Electronics Reportedly Shared With U.S. Prosecutors, Despite Pending Extradition Hearing

WikiLeaks editor in chief Kristinn Hrafnsson has issued a warning that any information recovered by U.S. authorities from Julian Assange’s devices – seized following his expulsion from London’s Ecuadorian embassy in April – is likely to be tampered with, claiming that chain-of-custody procedures have already been violated. Read More >>

Bed Bugs Have Been Creeping Around and Sucking Blood Since the Age of Dinosaurs

While bed bugs have been tormenting humanity for millennia, it’s long been assumed their evolutionary journey as parasites first began tens of millions of years ago, when they fed on bats. But an international team of scientists has found evidence suggesting the origin of these vampiric insects extends even further into the past—back to the heyday of dinosaurs. Read More >>

The Camera-Packed Honor 20 Pro Could Be the First Gadget Casualty of the US-China Trade War

Earlier this year, Honor followed Samsung’s footsteps and quickly jumped on the hole punch selfie cam trend with the Honor View 20. And now, Honor has returned to refine that design with a new phone sporting what the company is calling a holographic glass back and even more cameras. But as slick as it looks, the shiny new Honor 20 Pro feels like it’s about to get lost amidst all the troubles surrounding Honor’s parent company Huawei. Read More >>

Stop Using Homemade Sunscreen Recipes You Found on Pinterest

Those looking to stay safe from the sun should steer far clear of do-it-yourself sunscreens, a new study out Monday suggests. The study looked at recipes of homemade sunscreens shared on the popular website Pinterest and found these concoctions were woefully worse at actually protecting our skin from UV radiation than commercial sunscreens. Read More >>