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December 13, 2019 - 7:00am
By Gary Cutlack
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15 Christmas Features We WON’T Be Writing This Year

You've probably guessed this already being the savvy online sort who reads more than the headlines, but what happens on a lot of internet sites is that some features at this time of year are written in advance, then scheduled to automatically post around Christmas time so the staff can have a rest. Because this is really hard, you know? I've only had nine tea breaks in the last two hours. Read More >>

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The Best Lego Gifts for People Not Made of Money

Lego is great, there's no denying that, but it is expensive. So expensive in fact that the highest priced sets cost more than a month's rent in almost every home I've ever lived in. But that doesn't mean to say you need a lot of disposable income to get your Lego on. It helps a lot, especially if you're a bigger nerd than us, but you can still get some great sets for very little cash. Obviously there are ways to save money on the bigger sets, but we're talking about brand new stock straight from the shop shelves. Read More >>

America’s Healthcare System Has Made People Desperate Enough to Buy Fish Antibiotics

In today’s “the US healthcare system is utterly broken” news, a study has found evidence that some people are buying fish antibiotics online to use on themselves – presumably because they’re cheaper than visiting the doctor to get a proper prescription. Read More >>

Idiots Fall for “Rare 50p” Hype

Some poor old grandad buying what he was told to has spent £300 on a coin that's worth £10 at best, and that latter price is for one bought direct from the Mint in a nice cardboard case, untouched by human hands. Read More >>

YouTuber Buys a Laser on eBay That’s So Terrifyingly Powerful, It Instantly Fries His Camera

You can now add ‘30 million-watt peak power tattoo removing laser’ to the long list of things you probably shouldn’t be able to buy on eBay. YouTuber Drake Anthony, better known as Styropyro, is an expert on all things lasers, and even he was taken aback by the power of a laser that he, or really anyone, can buy on eBay. Read More >>

We Know the Name of the Next Xbox and It’s Series-ous

Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console is called Xbox Series X, the company announced during an onstage unveiling at this year’s Game Awards Thursday. It’s slated for a holiday 2020 release, unsurprisingly corresponding with competitor Sony’s release date for its Playstation 5. Read More >>

Even After Erupting for Three Months Straight, Kilauea Still Contains a Shocking Amount of Magma

Back in May 2018, Hawaii’s Kīlauea volcano kickstarted a months-long eruption that would turn out to be the most destructive in its history. Its Halema’uma’u summit crater progressively collapsed and consumed its surroundings, while magma draining from below fed rivers and fountains of lava streaming out of its eastern flanks. Ultimately, the volcano expelled some 320,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools’ worth of lava. Read More >>

New Evidence Suggests Ancient Egyptian Head Cones Were Real

For years, archaeologists have debated the existence of ancient Egyptian head cones. These objects are portrayed in Egyptian artworks, but not a single one has been found by archaeologists – until now. Read More >>

climate change
‘We No Longer Have Time:’ Greta Thunberg Schools the World at UN Climate Talks

Every time Greta Thunberg speaks, I have to fight tears. The 16-year-old Swedish climate activist stood on the main stage at the international climate talks ongoing in Madrid Wednesday and didn’t go on about personal stories or struggles. Instead, she stuck to the science – and still managed to make me choke up. Read More >>

Siri Has Made Me Deeply Uncomfortable

Hey Siri, debase me in the most unsettling way possible. Read More >>

privacy and security
Ring User Blocks £300K Bitcoin Extortion Attempt by Taking Out the Batteries

Tania Amador of Grand Prairie, Texas, awoke on Monday to an alarm and a sinister voice speaking to her through her Ring device. Read More >>

You Can Now Convert Live Photos to GIFs on Twitter

Good news for everyone who likes Live Photos. If you want to share them on Twitter, you can now convert them to GIFs. So you know they’ll move as God intended. Read More >>

security cameras
How to Give Ring and Nest the Boot and Set Up Your Own Home Security Camera

If you want a camera to sit on your mantelpiece and ping your phone every time the dog walks past, you’ve got more choice than ever before. But if you’re worried about what these devices are going to do with your videos, and with your data, there’s another option – build your own bespoke solution. Read More >>