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January 23, 2019 - 7:00pm
By Alex Cranz
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The Nvidia RTX 2060 Is Perfectly Adequate

At CES a reporter had a question for Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang. What could he say to alleviate the concerns of fans who felt that the new RTX 20-series GPUs were overpriced and trying to force ray tracing technology on customers who don’t have much use for it? Huang smiled, with a mixture of serenity and satisfaction. “2060,” he said as if those four numbers were the secret to life and all of Nvidia’s success. Huang was referencing the just announced Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU, a card that’s pricier than its equivalent in previous generations, but still your most accessible entry point to the future of graphics. Read More >>

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Uber’s Offering Mid-Ride Meditation for Stressed Out Passengers

We live in a stressful world, and nowhere is more consistently stressful than travelling by road - regardless of whether you're a passenger or driver. Uber has decided to tackle this problem of mass-stress, and is launching new mindfulness meditation exercises for passengers to try out on their journey. Read More >>

smart home
Family Says Hacked Nest Cam Terrorised Them With Fake Ballistic Missile Alert

A family in the US state of California said they got the scare of a lifetime this past weekend when their smart security cameras began falsely warning of three North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles headed to the cities of Los Angeles and Chicago, and the state of Ohio. Thankfully, the missile warning was a hoax. Less comforting was the fact that the family’s Nest security cameras had been hacked. Read More >>

China’s Latest Cloned-Monkey Experiment Is an Ethical Mess

Chinese researchers have cloned five gene-edited monkeys with a host of genetic disease symptoms, according to two scientific papers published today. Read More >>

This Gorgeous Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Poster Has Multiple Dimensions of Its Own

A new dimension has opened for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. It’s entering the world of limited-edition art. Read More >>

climate change
Greenland’s Ice Can No Longer Handle Hot Summers

A team of scientists is warning that the double whammy of a naturally recurring weather pattern and rising temperatures is triggering dramatic melting on the Greenland ice sheet—a problem the researchers liken to recent global coral bleaching events, which have been fuelled by the one-two punch of El Niño and climate change. Read More >>

5 Calendar Apps Better Than the One on Your Phone

The calendar has to be one of the most-used apps on any smartphone—keeping track of appointments, birthdays, holidays, and more—but if you’ve stuck with the one Apple or Google gives you on your phone then you’re missing out. These are five of the best alternative calendar apps that give you something more. Read More >>

Instagram Should Steal Twitter’s Sparkle Button

Instagram broke its silence on its algorithmic kerfuffle this week, taking to Twitter to address rumours that it was limiting the reach of users’ posts. Long story short—no, its feed doesn’t curtail your posts to just 7 per cent of your followers, the company said. Read More >>

Newly Discovered Gecko Species Is Extremely Good at Being a Leaf

As night falls on the lowland rainforests in Madagascar, dead, decaying leaves find new life, slowly unfurling in the vanishing light. But as four scaly feet and wide, unblinking eyes emerge from behind the crinkly veil, the leaves reveal their true identities: these are leaf-tailed geckos, unparalleled masters of disguise. Now, researchers have described a species of these secretive lizards totally new to science, discovered in a protected corner of the island. Read More >>

The Expanse’s Third Season Hits Amazon Next Month, Belters Still Waiting for That Season 4 Premiere Date

Later this year, we’ll get to see the fourth season of The Expanse, after Amazon swooped in and saved the show from cancellation at Syfy’s hands. But good news: you can while away the time you’ll spend waiting for it by being able to watch all three seasons so far on Amazon Prime Video, starting next month. Read More >>

How to Play Apple Music from the Web

Apple isn’t known for its web apps, though you can now access a lot of its core apps (in basic form) through iCloud on the web. It doesn’t include Apple Music, but Apple does make APIs available for the service that other programmers can hook into – and that means there are now several third-party online players for Apple Music. Read More >>

It Feels Like Meizu’s Phone With No Ports and No Buttons is Just Asking for Trouble

Ever since Apple was 'brave' enough to remove the headphone jack, there have been people commenting on the possibility of a phone with no ports at all. Even Apple itself is said to be moving to a totally wireless future that doesn't includes ports for charging and data transfer. It seems outlandish, but Meizu has gone and announced a phone that skips all the ports. It also doesn't have any buttons. Read More >>

Gemologist Finds Insect Trapped in Opal Instead of Amber

On a trip to Indonesia, gemologist Brian Berger purchased an opal that appeared to have an insect entombed inside. Insects trapped in amber are a common-enough sight, but in a slow-forming gemstone like opal? Read More >>

Next Gen ‘Health Monitoring’ AirPods May Arrive Before Mid-2019

Sometimes it seems as though rumours about second generation AirPods started the day Apple announced the originals back in September of 2016. But in the two and a half years since we've seen nothing of the sort. There have been plenty of rumours, but still nothing concrete from Apple. Well the latest rumour claims an upgraded version will arrive in the first half of this year. Read More >>

Sony Gives Aibo a New Paint Job and Plans to Teach It Some Home Security Tricks

Resurrected back in 2017, Sony’s robotic dog Aibo made a big splash at CES 2018, but there wasn’t much fanfare for the pup at Sony’s CES booth this year. A few weeks later, however, Sony has announced a new version of the robotic companion featuring a beagle-inspired tri-colour paint job, and some new tricks that expand the pricey toy’s capabilities. Read More >>

Is the Elusive ‘Planet Nine’ Actually a Massive Ring of Debris in the Outer Solar System?

The odd orbital arrangements of objects beyond Neptune have led scientists to speculate about the existence of a so-called Planet Nine – a hypothetical large planet in the outer reaches of the Solar System. New research suggests a planet isn’t required to achieve the anomalous orbits, and that a massive ring of debris is a more plausible explanation. Critics of the proposed disk say more evidence is needed. Read More >>