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April 23, 2019 - 7:00am
By Ed Cara
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The Scientist Fighting the Dumbest Kind of Bad Science Reporting on Twitter

Less than two weeks ago, a Twitter account highlighting one of the cardinal sins of bad science journalism popped up online, catching the eye of scientists, reporters, and the public: @justsaysinmice. Read More >>

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When Will Apple Release a 5G iPhone?

After two years, Apple’s legal spats with Qualcomm have come to an anticlimactic end. There’s a lot to parse from the settlement itself, but one main takeaway is that Apple now has a faster path toward building a 5G-compatible iPhone. Read More >>

A Modified 747 Helped Spot Evidence of the Universe’s First Atomic Bond

Scientists have spotted evidence of the earliest chemistry in the Universe, thanks to measurements taken from a telescope aboard a modified Boeing 747. Read More >>

Activists Deliver Giant Trash Monsters to Nestlé Headquarters to Protest Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution in the oceans is a huge, disgusting problem. Which is why it’s pretty fitting that Greenpeace decided to raise awareness of one company’s contributions with huge, disgusting trash monsters. Read More >>

After 36 Years, Helvetica Gets a Much-Needed Facelift

Everyone has an opinion about fonts, but Helvetica has long reigned over the modern era. It’s used for brands galore—Panasonic, Jeep, American Airlines, Motorola, 3M, Toyota, to name a few—but in recent years, tech companies like IBM, Apple, Netflix, and Google have been shifting to their custom Helvetica-esque-but-not-quite fonts to deal with some of its quirks. Rather than let Helvetica die a slow death, all 40,000 characters in the world’s most iconic typeface have been revamped into a new font called—wait for it—Helvetica Now. Read More >>

On Game of Thrones, Everyone Gets Ready to Fight the Dead…and to Die

We didn’t need seven seasons of shocking character deaths to know that not all our favourite characters are going to survive the battle against the White Walkers. It turns out very few characters on the show have any illusions about staying alive either, so they have to choose how to spend their final day before the dead arrive on their doorstep. It makes for a very bleak episode, but a damned good one, too. Read More >>

Science Professor Reportedly Admits to Making MDMA With His Students Because What the Hell

A pharmaceutical science professor in Japan allegedly taught his students how to make the illegal drug MDMA, and claimed it was important for their education. Read More >>

Adidas’ FutureCraft Loop Trainer Talks a Big Recycling Game

As much as I like trainers, one problem with the modern running shoe is that after your kicks get worn out, you can’t resole them like you can a nice dress shoe. So inevitably, old trainers end up getting tossed in the trash where they rot in a landfill somewhere for the next few decades or more. However, with some help from its forward-thinking FutureCraft design studio, Adidas has created the Loop, which includes some important innovations that could help reduce waste from shoe manufacturing, even if it hasn’t magically solved the problem yet. Read More >>

Samsung Confirms It’s Pumping the Brakes on the Galaxy Fold

Following rumours that Samsung will be delaying the launch of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung issued this statement confirming the delay. The Galaxy Fold will now release “in the coming weeks” instead of this week. Read More >>

Dyson’s £500 Daylight Tracking Light Is the Only Lamp I’ve Ever Had to Reboot

Best known for its vacuums, in recent years Dyson has expanded its lineup with products that have nothing to do with cleaning. The Lightcycle smart lamp ventures furthest from the company’s typical products. It’s a masterpiece of engineering, but in true Dyson fashion still comes with a staggering £500 price tag. Read More >>

What Do Great White Sharks Fear? Murderous Orcas

If movies were scientifically accurate, here’s how Jaws would pan out: As the film’s signature theme begins to play, a black dorsal fin slinks around the water’s surface. Great white sharks flee in fear as the camera reveals the true menace: a killer whale. Read More >>

Meal Kits Might Not Suck for the Planet

For the past few years, I’ve watched the rising popularity of meal kits from companies like Blue Apron and HelloFresh with deepening scepticism. Stuffed with refrigerator packs and individually wrapped ingredients, festooned with farm-to-table marketing and recycling symbols, these conveniently packaged dinners seemed to epitomise corporate greenwashing. That can’t possibly be good for the planet, I thought every time a friend told me about their latest culinary adventure via kit. Read More >>

This Featurette Explores the Lore of John Wick’s Murdery Luxury Hotel

One of the most fun things about the John Wick universe is the way it is slowly building an elaborate lore to populate its world of wacky intense assassins. In this featurette, we get to explore one of the centerpieces of that lore: the Continental. Read More >>

game of thrones
If You Go to Vegas You Can Bet On Some Out-There Game of Thrones Guesses

Ah, Vegas. The place to go if you want to bet on your favourite sports game or favourite murder-happy TV show. Read More >>

This is the Breath of the Wild Labo VR Headset Nintendo Should Have Made

Don't get us wrong, we love Labo VR -- the cardboard-based super-bonkers Nintendo take on virtual reality that's more than made up for the disappointment that was the Virtual Boy. Read More >>

Kevin Feige Considers Spider-Man: Far From Home, Not Avengers: Endgame, as the End of the MCU’s Third Phase

Here’s an intriguing tidbit: according to Kevin Feige, Avengers: Endgame isn’t actually the end of the third phase of Marvel movies, even though, y’know, it’s in the name and everything. Read More >>