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February 25, 2017 - 10:00am
By Tom Pritchard
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Week in Geek
The Week in Geek: Deadpool 2, Wolverine, Fantastic Four, and More

Welcome to another instalment of the Week in Geek, bringing you all the best geeky news you might have missed this week. We have rumours about Deadpool 2, word on the future of Wolverine, Simon Kinberg talking about the Fantastic Four sequel nobody else wants, and more. Read More >>

Latest articles

BlackBerry Still Isn’t Dead, and a New Phone is On the Way

Surprise! BlackBerry is still at it, coming out with smartphone after smartphone, despite being overshadowed by everyone. Even Windows phones. You have to admire its tenacity. This year it's coming out with the KEYOne, for the whopping price of £499. Read More >>

Everything You Need To Know About Pokemon GO’s New Evolutionary Items

Earlier this week, Niantic added 80 new Johto-region Pokemon to the Pokemon GO lineup — and if the proliferation of lures in my local area is any indication, a lot of players are back in the game. Along with the new Pokemon, Niantic has also added a handful of evolutionary items. Here's everything you need to know. Read More >>

Doctor Who Series 10 Arrives on April 15th

The ninth series of Doctor Who ended on 5th December 2015, and in that time the only Doctor Who the BBC felt we deserved was two stand-alone Christmas specials and a paltry spin-off. Now, at long bloody last, we know when the tenth series is due to begin. April 15th. Read More >>

Cress Williams Will Be the Star of the Black Lightning TV Show

Say hello to the latest DC hero to land on the US's CW Network: Cress Williams has been cast at Jefferson Pierce, the star of Black Lightning. Read More >>

Samsung is Trialling 5G in the UK This Year

The UK's first 5G trials, with a focus on fixed wireless access, are set to begin during the second half of this year, thanks to a partnership between Samsung and telecommunications company Arqiva. Read More >>

How The Man in the High Castle Brought Hitler’s Future Germany to Life

One of the best things about The Man in the High Castle TV show is how thorough the world-building is. It’s not just 1960s America, co-occupied by the Japanese Empire and Nazi Germany, either—season two showed us the disturbing grandeur of what Berlin could have looked like had the Nazis won World War II, by creating a monumental building Hitler himself had envisioned. Read More >>

An Alarmingly Early Spring is Sweeping Across the Southern United States

Spring is well ahead of schedule across much of the southern United States, in some cases by at least two to three weeks. An early spring may sound nice, but it comes with serious consequences—both to human health and the environment. Read More >>

We Were Wrong About How the Asteroid Apocalypse Will Go Down

Here’s a cheery thought to send you into the weekend: New research suggests that the greatest danger posed by an incoming asteroid is not from the cataclysmic impact of it striking the Earth — but from the enormous shockwave it produces when it enters the atmosphere. Read More >>

science getting done
This Duckling Debate Shows How Science Really Gets Done

There’s a formula to how you experience science: First, splashy press releases come out about a study, like ducklings being capable of abstract thought. News outlets write about said study (including some of the best science writers). Many of those writers will vet those studies with several scientists to ensure they are accurate. You will read the story, think “hmm!” and then live the remainder of your life thinking that ducks are “smart like apes.Read More >>

A Brief History of Uber and Google’s Very Complicated Relationship

Last night, Waymo, the self-driving car division of Alphabet — parent company to Google — filed a blockbuster lawsuit against Uber. The suit alleges that a former Google engineer stole trade secrets and proprietary designs of Waymo’s self-driving car system, which he subsequently used when starting his own company that was later acquired by Uber in 2016. Read More >>

Cloudbleed is a Problem But It Gets Worse

Huge security disasters like Cloudbleed are never fun. However, as more information about the newly reported vulnerability becomes available, we can understand how dangerous bugs stand to screw up the internet. Luckily, in the case of Cloudbleed, it’s not as bad as it could have been. But it’s not good, either. Read More >>

Please Don’t ‘Glue’ Your Vagina Shut During Your Period 

An obviously male doctor in Kansas thinks that as an alternative to pesky and unseemly tampons, women should basically start gluing their vaginas shut. In case the word “glue” next to “vagina” didn’t already made this apparent, this is a very, very bad idea. And before you ask, no, he is not joking. Read More >>

Bitcoin Refuses to Just Die Already

Bitcoin, somehow, continues to persist despite mounting evidence that it’s not the best use of your money. The digital “cryptocurrency” hit a record high on Thursday, trading above £950 according to several exchanges. Read More >>