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March 24, 2018 - 1:00pm
By David Nield
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How to Make Your iPhone and Mac Work Together Seamlessly

Apple has a definite tendency to get its devices working well with each other before considering such distractions as Android or Windows, and over the years the iPhone and the Mac have built up a strong understanding. You might not appreciate just how many different ways they can seamlessly work together—here’s what you need to know. Read More >>

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New Room-Temperature Maser Uses Weird Diamond to Succeed Where Others Failed

Scientists have used the same technology that brought us time crystals to create a room-temperature maser—a microwave laser—that overcomes many of masers’ past problems. Read More >>

The Spice Girls Wannabe Your New Animated Superheroes

Never, and I mean never, give up on the good times, folks. Variety is reporting the Spice Girls are working on a new movie—an animated superhero movie, to be exact. Read More >>

Your Half-Arsed Attempts at Exercise Are Still Really Good for You

When it comes to exercise, every bit really does count. A new study published this week in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that the life-extending benefits of physical activity can show up whether you’re dedicating a whole block of the day to the gym or just carving out small moments by taking the stairs or walking a block longer to work—so long as it adds up to the same amount of time spent on physical activity. Read More >>

Artist Hides Secret Code to £10,000 Worth of Cryptocurrencies in Lego Artworks

It has no inherent value and causes observers to rotate between feelings of fascination and anger. We’re talking about cryptocurrency, but also art. In a new series, artist Andy Bauch is bringing the two subjects together with works that use abstract patterns constructed in Lego bricks. Each piece visually represents the private key to a crypto-wallet, and anyone can steal that digital cash—if you can decode them. Read More >>

Apple Erases Tiny Bug From iPhone X Ad, Hasn’t Yet Fixed Actual Bug

Once you see it, you can’t un-see it. Last week, a purely cosmetic bug in iOS 11 embarrassingly found its way into an Apple ad. Now, the ad is fixed, but the bug isn’t. Read More >>

Elon Musk Deletes Facebook Pages for SpaceX and Tesla

Elon Musk has deleted the Facebook pages for his companies SpaceX and Tesla in the wake of backlash against the social media company this week. And it’s a really bad sign for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Read More >>

Apple Proposes First Accessibility Emoji, Including Guide Dogs and Prosthetics

On Friday, Apple submitted a proposal to Emojipedia for a suite of new accessibility emoji. There are 13 in total, which expands to 43 when you take into account skin tone options. They include a guide and service dog, a person with a cane, a person in both mechanical and manual wheelchairs, a person signing, an ear with a hearing aid, and a prosthetic arm and leg. In Apple’s proposal, it notes that this isn’t an all-encompassing list of accessibility emoji. It’s just a start. Read More >>

Mother-Son Orca Pair Commits Infanticide in Oceanic Shakespearean Drama

A pair of orcas earned their “killer whale” moniker one late autumn day in 2016 by committing the first act of orca infanticide ever captured on film. Read More >>

cambridge analytica
UK Authorities Granted Warrant to Search Cambridge Analytica’s Office

British election authorities have reportedly acquired a warrant to search the London offices of Cambridge Analytica. Read More >>

Someone Go Find a Practical Use for This Sweet Conductive Plastic

I’m not going to lie. Sometimes I see a science paper and think, dang, that’s really cool, I really wish it could do X. Like, maybe a major advancement in flexible, transparent plastic conductors could solve all of my cracked smartphone screen problems. Of course, things are more complex than just that, and a single new material won’t solve my concrete-induced woes. But this latest research definitely conjures some intriguing possibilities. Read More >>

MIT Developed a Way For Cars To See Through Fog When Human Drivers Can’t

Bad weather can make driving extremely dangerous, no matter who’s behind the wheel. But when it comes to dense fog, which makes it all but impossible for human drivers to see more than a few feet ahead of a vehicle, MIT researchers say they have developed a new imaging system that could eventually let autonomous cars see right through the obstruction. Read More >>

IBM Pushed Out Older Workers In Favor of ‘Thrifty, Authentic’ Millennials: Report

A lengthy investigation by Mother Jones and Pro Publica alleges IBM targeted older employees with layoffs and forced retirement in order to bring in millennial workers. In a series of interviews with dozens of former employees, the report, released Thursday, alleges both a systematic shedding of employees over 40 and a preoccupation with hiring younger workers as the company pivoted towards social media, data analytics, and cloud-based services. In the past five years, Pro Publica estimates IBM has fired, laid off, or rushed retirement for 20,000 US employees over 40, representing almost 60 per cent of all workers who’ve lost jobs at the company during that time. Read More >>

Amazon Patent Points to Future in Which Humanity Is Reduced to Screaming at Drones

Get ready to grovel for your next shipment of toilet roll. A recently published Amazon patent depicts a delivery drone capable of recognising and responding to human gestures and speech, which means you may want to practise the art of supplication to ensure proper delivery of that two-ply to your front door. Read More >>

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Luckiest Stunt Pilot Ever Miraculously Avoids a Crash-Landing After His Engine Dies

If you’re even remotely anxious about flying, don’t watch this video without a change of pants close at hand. Read More >>