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November 19, 2019 - 12:00pm
By Adam Clark Estes
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The Future of Apple Innovation is Backwards

The big iFixit teardown is done, and the results are in. The new 16-inch MacBook Pro is a heck of a lot like the old 15-inch MacBook Pro, save for a few meaningful throwback features. Yes, I mean throwback as in retro – as in Apple actually took retired features from old MacBooks and reintroduced them as new features. It would seem that the future of innovation at the Cupertino-based computer company is what I’ll call rewind design. Read More >>

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EE’s 5G Network Expands to 14 New Towns and Cities

EE's 5G rollout continues and its eager to let you know how much more coverage it has than Vodafone. Read More >>

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Is Your Internet Fast Enough for Google Stadia? If Not, There’s Still Hope

The video game streaming revolution is coming, and Google Stadia is helping to lead the charge – but do you have enough bandwidth to play along when it launches today? Here are the minimum requirements for running Stadia, and how you can get your internet connection in shape ahead of time. Read More >>

Scientists Invent Extra-Slippery Toilet Coating for Cleaner Bowls

US university researchers claim to have invented a better type of toilet, thanks to a super-slippery spray-on coating that uses "nanohairs" to make the grave substances in question less likely to stick to it. Read More >>

Amazon’s Fire TV Blaster Lets You Hook Up Your Fire TV and Echo for Better Voice Control

Amazon's current range of Fire TV devices has had Alexa built in for a while, though only the Fire TV Cube will function as a proper Echo-like device with hands-free control over your TV. The other Fire TV device still require pressing a button on the Alexa Voice Remote. Well soon there will be a device that changes that, letting you connect your existing Echo devices to a Fire TV for better hands-free control over what you watch. Read More >>

Flying All Good Again as EasyJet Promises to Plant Some Trees

Greta Thunberg has been given the OK to jet back from that environmental conference she's currently sailing to, as the UK's unofficial national flyer EasyJet has made aeroplanes totally fine again thanks to agreeing to plant some trees. Read More >>

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The Best Christmas Gifts for PC Gamers

Purchasing Christmas gifts for PC gamers can be difficult. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to brands and gaming needs, so it's important to canvas your options, and potentially even discuss it with your intended recipient before you head out and buy something. Read More >>

BBC War of the Worlds Review: Rafe Spall Frowns for an Hour With Good Reason

OK look, I'm not a TV reviewer. I don't get things weeks in advance on DVD, or a special link to a password-protected iPlayer, or invited to advance screenings with a director/cast Q&A and herby sausage rolls after at the Bafta HQ in London. I watched the BBC's new adaptation of War of the Worlds on the telly, like a normal person, and found the experience so harrowing I felt I must immediately pen a warning for the pages of my local newspaper. Read More >>

Black Friday at Oppo Saves You up to a Third off Flagship Handsets

The Black Friday sales are coming thick and fast, and Oppo joins the fray with big discounts on its mid-range smartphones. Read More >>

Black Friday
Samsung’s Black Friday Sale Is Here With Price Drops on Smartphones, Tablets and More

Samsung is slashing prices on a bunch of its products right now, and with trade-ins on top of that, you can save hundreds of pounds. Read More >>

Hey Roku, Maybe User-Created Screensavers Are a Bad Idea

Humans can be wonderful. We can also be gross, horny, and prone to abusing any type of power given to us. Like, for instance, the ability to create Roku screensavers. Read More >>

Black Friday
Hive’s Black Friday Sale Offers up to 25% off Smart Home Gadgets

There's also a free Amazon Echo Dot to be had if you splash out on Hive Active Heating. Read More >>

Vin Diesel’s Daughter is Among the Cast for an Animated Fast and Furious Show

Months after the Fast and Furious franchise finally said “screw it” and went straight sci-fi, it’s changing lanes once again. Read More >>

How to Register to Vote in December’s General Election

It's official: we're heading into yet another general election. It's only been two and a half years since the last one, where Theresa May gambled her majority and lost but somehow managed to stay in Downing Street. Now it's Boris' turn to try and win back seats in parliament, because that's probably the only way he's ever going to manage to get his Brexit deal through the door. Read More >>

Captain Pike Fans Are in for a Treat With This Majestic Star Trek Bust

If you're a Star Trek: Discovery fan, you can now get a your very own bust of Anson Mount for just $149.99. Read More >>

Rev CEO: ‘We Got a Few Things Wrong’

Transcription platform Rev quietly slashed the minimum pay for its contractors earlier this month, and its workforce has been vocally pushing back against what it sees as unlivable wages since then. Read More >>