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Stunning AI Breakthrough Takes Us One Step Closer to the Singularity

Remember AlphaGo, the first artificial intelligence to defeat a grandmaster at Go? Well, the program just got a major upgrade, and it can now teach itself how to dominate the game without any human intervention. But get this: In a tournament that pitted AI against AI, this juiced-up version, called AlphaGo Zero, defeated the regular AlphaGo by a whopping 100 games to 0, signifying a major advance in the field. Hear that? It’s the technological singularity inching ever closer. Read More >>

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Star Trek: Discovery Could Be The Best Star Trek Series Ever

We're five episodes into the latest instalment of the Star Trek television canon. Despite some weirdness about the Klingons appearance and the way they speak, I think Star Trek: Discovery has the potential to be the best Star Trek series put to air. Some, perhaps many, will disagree but after just five episodes, I've seen enough to make me think this could take the franchise into places Gene Roddenberry never went before. Read More >>

10 Obscure Cult Horror Movies Everyone Should Watch (and Re-Watch)

You’ve seen the horror heavy-hitters, like Halloween, The Shining, and The Exorcist. You’ve also seen the most-beloved cult horror flicks, like Evil Dead 2 and Re-Animator. Now, peel away one more layer and unearth some obscure horror gems that are primed to infect your nightmares with fresh terrors. Read More >>

US Federal Agencies Ordered to Adopt Basic Email Security Measures After Years of Doing Nothing

The Trump administration is now pushing federal agencies to finally adopt basic security protocols designed to protect government emails against spoofing and phishing attacks. Read More >>

Serialised Television Has Become a Disease

At New York Comic Con, during the Star Trek: Discovery panel, Alex Kurtzman said something that I’ve been thinking about a lot. He said that you couldn’t do “City on the Edge of Forever” now, because Kirk would have to spend a whole season mourning Edith Keeler. Read More >>

Twitter Hasn’t Done Enough to Fix Its Propaganda Problem

Twitter couldn’t drop the ball any harder this year if it tried. Death threats, continual harassment, and now this. Read More >>

Biggest Study of Police Body Cams Yet Finds No Change in Use of Force

A landmark new study following US police officers has found no evidence that body cameras reduce allegations of police misconduct or officer use of force. More than 2,000 police officers participated in the study, making it the largest of its kind in the US. Tracked over several months, Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers with body cameras received roughly the same number of civilian complaints as those without them and reported using force just about as often. Ultimately, the study by Washington, DC’s The Lab concluded that police departments “should not expect dramatic reductions in use of force or complaints, or other large-scale shifts in police behaviour, solely from the deployment of this technology.” Read More >>

Watch the Orionid Meteor Shower Peak This Weekend

The Earth is once again passing through the debris left behind by Halley’s Comet, producing the Orionid meteors that peak this weekend. Go outside! Look at space! Read More >>

Drone Video of Trump’s Border Wall Prototypes Accidentally Shows How Worthless the Wall Would Be

US Customs and Border Protection recently released video of President Trump’s border wall prototypes in San Diego. And we couldn’t help but notice something strange from the video. It shows a bird’s-eye view of the wall from the perspective of a drone. And the drone is much, much higher than the wall. Read More >>

Silicon Valley CEO Arrested for Battery, Attempted Murder, and Child Abuse

Zainali Jaffer, the co-founder and CEO of ad tech platform Vungle, has been placed on indefinite leave after being arrested for a litany of crimes. According to inmate information from the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, Jaffer is being held on charges of child abuse, lewd act upon a child, “oral copulation of a person under 14,” assault with a deadly weapon, battering an officer and emergency personnel, and attempted murder. Read More >>

A King Kong-Godzilla-Pacific Rim Movie Is Within the Realm of Human Possibility

There was a time when the Godzilla, King Kong, and Pacific Rim movies all shared the same home. A time when a crossover between those three worlds didn’t just seem probable, it seemed inevitable. That time has since passed—but the director of the upcoming Pacific Rim Uprising doesn’t want to dash all hopes and dreams just yet. Read More >>

The World Anti-Doping Agency Is Cracking Down On Gene-Editing In Sports

The promise of gene therapy has the potential to drastically limit the impact of human disease by altering the make-up of the body’s cells to fight back against deadly invaders. If used recreationally, though, gene therapy could also expand the physical limits of human strength and endurance. Like high-tech steroids, gene therapies could one day be a new way for athletes to dope. Read More >>

Dogs Make Facial Expressions, But Only When They’ve Got an Audience

Some dog owners claim to be able to read the face of their cuddly canine like a book, but it’s completely possible they’re just projecting. New research suggests it’s not just their imagination, and that dogs really do switch on the puppy eyes —but only in the presence of a captive audience. Read More >>

This Magical Girl Superhero Is Here to Teach You How to Not Be an Arsehole on Public Transport

There is no torture quite as horrible as having to deal with the sociopaths on public transportation who seem to have no idea how to exist in the world without taking up too much space. Manspreaders on the bus, people who stand too close on the subway, and those who block doorways all deserve extensive jail time. Read More >>

These Two Scientists Say the Time Has Come to Redefine ‘Glass’

“Glass is an amorphous solid that flows like a liquid,” you’d probably say if you were asked to define the stuff. Is that true, though? What if I told you, for example, that the old myth, that old windows are thicker at the bottom because the glass has flowed a little bit, was false? Glass is an incredibly complex physical idea that avoids easy definition. Read More >>

Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Has A ‘Patriotic’ Plan to Disrupt The Military-Industrial Complex With VR

Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey’s new tech startup isn’t just trying to ramp up US border security—it seems the company also wants to game-ify war and modernise battlefields with virtual and augmented reality. Read More >>