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July 23, 2019 - 7:00pm
By James Whitbrook
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star trek
Breaking Down the Familiar Faces and New Reveals of the Powerful Star Trek: Picard Trailer

On Saturday, Sir Patrick Stewart brought down the house at San Diego Comic-Con by revealing our first full look at his return to the iconic role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The trailer was laden with intriguing insight not just about the man of the hour, but the future of the Star Trek universe as we know itpost-Nemesis. Here’s what we spotted. Read More >>

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Gull Embryos Might Communicate With Each Other Through Their Eggshells

A new study seems to demonstrate that gull chicks can communicate information to their siblings—while they’re still in the egg. Read More >>

You Might Want to Uninstall VLC. Immediately.

Because of its free and open-source nature, VLC is one of, if not the most popular cross-platform media player in the world. Unfortunately, a newfound and potentially very serious security flaw discovered in VLC means you might want to uninstall it until the folks at the VideoLAN Project can patch the flaw. Read More >>

facial recognition
Test of Amazon’s Face Recognition by US Police Ends as a Devastating Flop

The US city of Orlando, Florida has ended its pilot trial of Rekognition, Amazon’s face recognition system, with no current plans for future tests. But the city hasn’t suddenly had a change of heart due to ethical concerns about the technology—they reportedly just couldn’t get it to work. Read More >>

Hackers Reportedly Break Into SyTech, a Contractor for Russia’s Federal Security Service

Hackers breached servers at a contractor for Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), SyTech, and stole about 7.5 terabytes of data after gaining access to the company’s entire network earlier this month, ZDnet reported on Saturday. Read More >>

Former NASA Intern Scores £1.46 Million for Moon Landing Tapes He Bought at Auction

Former NASA intern Gary George sold off three of the agency’s videotapes of the Apollo 11 moon landing for $1.82 million (£1.46 million) at auction house Sotheby’s on Saturday, the 50th anniversary of the event, CNN reported. Read More >>

Apple’s Fancy Photo Relighting Option Could Soon Be a Feature On Even the Cheapest Smartphones

Even the most expensive smartphones can’t match the image quality of the priciest digital cameras, but with a beefy processor at their disposal, smartphones let you do so much more with the photos you snap. The iPhone’s Portrait Mode is a good example, letting you tweak the lighting of a photo after you snap it, but it’s a feature limited to Apple’s high-end handsets. Researchers from Google and the University of California, San Diego have found a way to recreate this feature, with even better results, on even the most basic camera-equipped phones. Read More >>

5 Reasons It’s Still Worth Paying for a Dropbox Subscription

The cloud storage scene has changed a lot since Dropbox launched in 2007, propelled by the falling cost of storage, the rising speed of internet connections, and the proliferation of powerful mobile devices. There is no shortage of options for your storage needs, many of which are free. So why would you pay for it? Read More >>

At Snowpiercer’s SDCC Panel, All Anyone Could Talk About Was the Cows

The Snowpiercer TV show debuted its first trailer at its San Diego Comic-Con panel, along with an extended scene giving us a look at what’s to come. The action was impressive, making the audience feel just as jostled and terrified as the folks on the train. But the real victims were the cows—and after the scene was over, the panel seemed to transform into a memorial service. RIP cows. Read More >>

Don’t Toy With Me, Slack

Slack is one of those apps that needs to just work. But too often, especially when I’m on a mobile wifi connection, it barely works at all. Read More >>

Checking Your Phone at Night Won’t Necessarily Throw Off Your Internal Clock, Mouse Study Finds

People who only occasionally fall down an internet rabbit hole on their smartphones late at night might be able to rest easier – at least according to the results of a new study in mice. Researchers found that short bursts of light exposure at night won’t necessarily disrupt your internal clock, including sleep habits. Read More >>

lord of the rings
Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Series Has Its First Cast Member

We still know very little about Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series. It will take place sometime prior to J.R.R. Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring, director J.A. Bayona (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) and consultant Bryan Cogman (Game of Thrones) are involved, and the writers’ room is operating under intense security precautions. Now, we’ve got another vague morsel: the first casting news! Read More >>

Huawei’s Involvement in the UK’s 5G Network Remains Uncertain

The Huawei saga continues, this time on UK shores as the decision on whether or not to include the tech giant in building the country's 5G infrastructure gets delayed. Read More >>

Here’s Why The Witcher Auditioned 207 Other Guys for Geralt When Henry Cavill Was Right There

When Netflix revealed it was making a television adaptation of The Witcher, Henry Cavill immediately wanted in. However, producers still auditioned over 200 actors for Geralt before choosing him for the job. Why did it take four months and hundreds of actors before going with the leading man who wanted to be there in the first place? Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich explains. Read More >>

Ebike Renters Hope the People of Dundee Won’t Trash Their Machines

A new city is about to challenge its residents to hound-out a bike-sharing business, with Dundee set to host 350 electric bikes lovingly positioned about its streets by the city's incoming international partner Ride-On. Read More >>

Sob Along With Kristen Bell as She Contemplates the End of The Good Place

In June, we learned that The Good Place, a wonderfully witty series that has sustained its “dead people navigating a supremely complex afterlife” premise by flipping its script with breathtaking deftness, will end after its upcoming fourth season. We’re glad the show gets to wrap up on its own terms, but we are going to miss it very, very much. And so will star Kristen Bell. Read More >>