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July 20, 2018 - 7:00pm
By Sam Rutherford
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Why Apple’s Best MacBook Pro is Too Powerful for Its Own Good

After being long overdue for an update to new CPUs, last week Apple announced refreshed 2018 MacBook Pros with 8th-gen Coffee Lake chips from Intel, including the company’s top-of-the-line consumer laptop processor, the six-core 2.9GHz Core i9-8950HK CPU. And in theory, this option seemed like a great addition to the MBP lineup by giving high-level video editors and graphics artists a little extra performance without any added bulk. Read More >>

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How to Livestream From a Smartphone

Some moments in life demand a live stream: Protestors swarming down your street. The immediate aftermath of a World Cup final. Maybe even a best man speech. Livestreaming allows your friends, family, and followers unprecedented access to what’s going on around you, and nearly every major social network and video app seems to have some kind of livestream feature now days. So which one do you use and how the heck do you start streaming? Read More >>

New Toys Reveal Some of Into the Spider-Verse’s Newest Spider-Heroes

Sony brought the gorgeous-looking Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse to Comic-Con with news that Miles, Gwen, and Peter would be joined by even more Spider-heroes—but because the footage was never put online, we never got to see them. Thankfully Hasbro showed up with some upcoming action figures from the movie to make up for it. Read More >>

Sunken Russian Warship Rumored to Contain 200 Tons of Gold Discovered Near South Korea

A missing Russian Imperial Navy cruiser said to contain 200 tons of gold bullion worth an estimated $133 billion (£101bn) has been discovered after being lost at sea for 113 years. Read More >>

Marvel Offers Grief Counselling at Comic-Con For Fans Traumatised by The End of Infinity War

In one of the more fun, tongue-in-cheek installations at San Diego Comic-Con this year, Marvel Studios has been offering help for fans who were “traumatised” by the tragic end of Avengers: Infinity War, and emotional support for those “devastated” by the loss of (half of) their favourite superheroes. Read More >>

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All The Fantastic Cosplay we Saw at San Diego Comic-Con, Day 2

Things just keep getting better at San Diego Comic-Con—especially with the cosplay! Gizmodo is on the con floor and scouting all of San Diego in search of the coolest cosplay we can find, and the Friday crowd definitely raised the bar. We’ve got Black PantherStar Trek: Discovery, Disco Darth Vader, and many, many, many more. Check it out! Read More >>

Whale Sharks Can Live 130 Years, New Study Estimates

The world’s biggest fish is the mysterious whale shark, which can grow as heavy as 40,000 pounds and as large as 60 feet, though most top out a few feet and pounds smaller than that. It also appears these behemoths can live to be 130 years old, new observations and modelling have shown. Read More >>

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How Many Nukes Would it Take to Send The Earth Spiralling Off Into The Sun?

The modern age has brought one of the most nightmarish inventions in all of human history—the atomic bomb. These weapons harness the power of physics, releasing an immense amount of energy from a relatively small amount of mass to generate unfathomable fire, disease, and death. They have the power to end the world as we know it. Read More >>

Chelsea Cain Returns to Marvel For a Brand New Vision Miniseries

Tom King, Gabriel Hernandez-Walta, and Jordie Bellaire’s The Vision was a landmark series for the Android Avenger and Marvel at large. And now, following in its footsteps is a brand new series from Chelsea Cain, Marc Mohan, and Aud Koch. Read More >>

Deadpool 2 Brought Comic-Con to Its Feet by Killing Hitler

Marvel was, in fact, in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday night this year. Only, it wasn’t Marvel Studios teasing the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was Deadpool making its triumphant return since debuting the first footage from the first film back in 2015. And the return did not disappoint. Read More >>

Jodie Whittaker is Living Her Best, Most Extremely Fashionable Life at Comic-Con

The Doctor herself is attending the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con, and she’s doing so much more than just giving us a spectacular first look at the next season of Doctor Who. She’s doing that and making it fashionable, in the most delightful way. Read More >>

The First Young Justice: Outsiders Footage Stages a Dark Reunion For DC’s Youngest Heroes

Young Justice fans were happily surprised to hear Warner Bros. would be continuing the animated series from Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti after its supposed end back in 2013. At Comic-Con today, we learned more about what to expect from the unexpected third season which is set to air on the newly revealed DC Universe streaming service. Read More >>

Barry and Iris Meet Their Future Daughter in This Trailer for The Flash Season 5

The last season of The Flash concluded with one hell of a shocker: the mysterious future girl who had been cropping up all season was actually Nora Allen, Barry and Iris’ future child. And now Team Flash has yet another mess of time travel shenanigans to deal with. Read More >>

Here’s Your First Trailer for Disenchantment, Matt Groening’s Netflix Fantasy Cartoon

Matt Groening’s much-anticipated fantasy series, Disenchantment, debuts in less than a month, and the Simpsons creator, along with much of the show’s cast, were at Comic-Con to spill all the magic beans. In the process, they dropped an extended trailer showing off the medieval misfits of Dreamland. Read More >>

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Adds New Regulars and Looks Hell-a Good in the First Season 4 Trailer

If you thought the Legends had screwed up time before, well now they’ve really gone and done it. The first trailer for the fourth season of The CW’sLegends of Tomorrow has arrived via Comic-Con, and John Constantine (Matt Ryan) is here to help our favourite not-losers take on the magic kingdom. Read More >>

The Orville’s Second Season Promises Space Shenanigans Galore

The Orville’s first season wrapped up back in December, and it’ll be December again before we see any new episodes. But Seth MacFarlane’s Star Trek-inspired sci-fi comedy showed up at Comic-Con with an early peek at season two for its fans—including this extended trailer. Read More >>