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April 4, 2020 - 12:00pm
By Shoshana Wodinsky
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Zoom Bombings Started Off as Pranks. Now Someone Could End Up Dead

For those unaware, Zoom officially has a porn problem. The multibillion-dollar video messaging mainstay among employees at Johnson & Johnson and the Department of Homeland Security – not to mention a household name among currently house-bound citizens across the country – has been rocked by story after story of pranksters popping into video meetings with clips of graphic porn or Nazi memorabilia. None of Zoom’s clients, seemingly, are safe: These zoom bombs have hit city council members and churches alike. Read More >>

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Scientists Made A Drone To Capture Whale Snot

Right now, whales are facing myriad threats, from pollution and getting tangled in fishing gear, to warming and acidifying oceans. To understand how those threats are affecting whales, scientists need data. And to get that data, they’ve come up with a drone that can capture whale snot. Read More >>

rick and morty
The Final 5 Episodes of Rick and Morty’s 4th Season Are Going to Be Wild as Hell

Though Rick and Morty’s been on a bit of a hiatus as of late, the Samurai & Shogun short film made it obvious that the creative team behind the series has been hard at work getting the remaining episodes of the fourth season just right before rolling into production on the dozens more episodes Adult Swim’s already put an order in for. The new trailer for season four’s final episodes suggests that the wait might just have been worth it. Read More >>

Interstellar Comet Borisov Just Lost a Chunk

Recent images of the second interstellar comet known to have visited the solar system appear to reveal a fragment or fragments falling off of its core. Read More >>

Our Fascination With Canon Is Killing the Way We Value Stories

As the pop culture we love becomes increasingly dominated by vast franchises of interconnected worlds and stories, so does it become dominated by one, singular question from diehard fans: Is the thing we’re about to consume canon to everything else we’ve consumed before? It’s an attitude that’s turning our love of stories into some bizarre, archival competition. Read More >>

star wars
The Rise of Skywalker Could’ve Given Us a Giant Tank Shaped Like BB-8

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker already had so much going on, but our exclusive look at some of the concept art behind making it reveals the film could’ve had even more, including something truly delightful. Three words, my friends: BB-8. Battle. Tank. Read More >>

Discovery of Living Microbes Deep Beneath the Seafloor Offers Hope for Life on Mars

Surprising quantities of bacteria have been found living in clay-rich rocks under the Pacific seafloor. The discovery raises the possibility of equally resilient microbes living deep beneath the surface of Mars. Read More >>

Siri Might Be Getting a Huge Improvement

Apple regularly acquires artificial intelligence startups to build up Siri’s capabilities, but its latest purchase might make Siri more conversational. According to Bloomberg, Apple just bought Voysis, an AI startup that makes it easier to use a voice assistant to buy stuff in shopping apps. Read More >>

Disney Decides on New Marvel Movie Dates, Drops Artemis Fowl to Streaming

Because it’s still unclear if and when countries across the world will manage to get on top of the covid-19 pandemic, there is no way of knowing when it will once again be safe for the public to return to everyday life and pile into cinemas. This has led to Disney pushing back the release dates of a number of its big-budget movies that were meant to premiere this spring, like Mulan and Black Widow, as well as make some other drastic movie release decisions. Read More >>

When Banality Was Exciting on the Web

The covid-19 museum closures have made abundantly clear that accession committees and the web’s corporate overlords don’t have much love for net art. While museums spent the past decade and hundreds of millions of dollars colonising the earth and sky to make space for hoards of painting and sculpture, the web’s billboard-plastered renovations have threatened to steamroll it into oblivion. (Nowhere is this more obvious than Google’s Arts & Culture, an online repository for work from 2,000 museums and collections, whose media include “vitreous enamel,” but not “video”–much less “HTML” or “GIFs.”) Read More >>

video games
One of the Xbox Creators Is Suing Atari Over Unpaid Work on Its Long-Awaited Retro Console

While other companies have been regularly churning out hardware that lets ageing gamers enjoy retro titles, Atari has turned the production of its own throwback console into a drawn-out soap opera, with the latest episode featuring a lawsuit from the console’s designer over unpaid work. Read More >>

Extreme Experiment on Mexican Volcano Challenged the Speed of Light

New measurements from an experiment near the top of an extinct Mexican volcano have placed a stringent new limit on whether light can exceed the universe’s well-known top speed. Read More >>

Hacker Figures Out How To Capture Horrible-Quality Video on Audio Cassettes

Compared to the audio quality of digital files and CDs, analog cassette tape was kind of awful. And as YouTube’s Kris Slyka discovered, it’s an even worse medium for recording and playing back video, but quality issues don’t make Slyka’s clever hack of an old cassette recorder any less impressive. Read More >>

disney plus
Disney+ Will Fix Borked Aspect Ratio on The Simpsons by May

Disney+, home of the first 30 seasons of The Simpsons, says its promised fix for the aspect ratio that cropped some visual jokes from the series when it first arrived on the service should be implemented by the end of May. Read More >>

SpaceX Starship Prototype Collapses in Third Failed Test

Space is hard. We now have another reminder of this sad fact, as a prototype of SpaceX’s next-gen rocket collapsed in on itself during tests this morning, in what is now the third incident of its kind for the Starship program. Read More >>