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November 19, 2018 - 7:00pm
By Sam Rutherford
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Palm’s Ultra Tiny Phone Makes Me Happy

There’s just something about this phone. From the moment I laid my eyes on this thing, it just kind of made me happy. It’s small and adorable like a newborn puppy, and despite how petite it appears it photos, it looks and feels even smaller in person. And I’m not the only one that had this reaction. When I brought it into the office, people crowded around marvelled. One person cooed at it, another said, “it’s perfect,” while a third remarked that this is the exact sort of thing they’d wished someone would make for years. Read More >>

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Observations from Mariana Trench Show Inner Earth Is Sucking Up Far More Water Than Previously Thought

The Earth around the Mariana Trench, which contains the deepest point on the planet, could be slurping up at least 4.3 times more water than previously estimated, according to new research. Read More >>

Virgin Orbit Plane Completes Test Flight With Attached Rocket

A Virgin Orbit plane took off with a rocket under its wing on Sunday, marking a successful test flight for the company that hopes to provide satellite-launching services. Read More >>

This Online Emoji Maker Is a Legitimately Fun Way to Kill 5 Minutes

Sometimes words aren’t enough, and that’s where emojis come in. But even then, there are times you just can’t find the perfect little pictograph that encapsulates your exact mood. Even the slightly more expressive kaomoji can fail you when you need them most. Read More >>

You’ve Come a Long Way, Disembodied Robot Baby

Over the last seven years, Affetto, a “child-type android” created by researchers at the University of Osaka, has become far more lifelike. Read More >>

north korea
North Korea Brags About New ‘Ultramodern’ Weapons Test

North Korean state media announced recently that the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, recently oversaw tests of a “newly developed ultramodern tactical weapon.” The new report is extremely light on details, but it’s a reminder that very little has actually changed in the US-North Korea relationship since President Donald Trump took power. Both countries have nuclear weapons and both are on a hair trigger as they develop new capabilities. Read More >>

Once Upon a Deadpool, the ‘PG-13’ Version of Deadpool 2, is Still a 15 in the UK

Back when the first Deadpool movie was released there was a big fuss over the fact it was aiming for a 'R' rating in the US, rather than the PG-13 rating the studio wanted to try and maximise commercial appeal. So it was big news when it was announced that a PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2 was announced, containing less blood, less swearing, and fewer conversations about the 'prison wallet'. Sadly Once Upon a Deadpool, as it's now known, will not be getting a lower rating here in the UK. Read More >>

Upsettingly Large Fungus in USA Weighs 440 Tonnes and Is 2,500 Years Old

It’s nicknamed the “humongous fungus” – an unusually large fungal growth belonging to a single genetic individual. An updated analysis of this gigantic fungal beast shows it’s substantially larger and older than scientists initially thought. Read More >>

black friday
Upgrade to Sky Q This Black Friday and Get a Free 43-inch 4K TV for Your Trouble

Everyone has to celebrate Black Friday, and when all your biggest rivals are knocking money off their plans then you can't afford to ignore the annual shopping day. I'm guessing that's what Sky has been thinking, anyway, because it's just gone and announced a bunch of Black Friday deals. Deals on Sky Q and its own personal mobile network. Let's take a look at what's on offer. Read More >>

New Massive Phallus Planned for London’s Skyline

The architect behind this latest massive tower for London – which is obviously Sir Norman Foster's lot – has already thought up a nickname for it. They would like it to be known as the Tulip, because tulips have long shafts and huge bulbous ends at the top. Perfect. Read More >>

A V10 Designed for Kids is the Only Affordable Way to Buy a Dyson

Dyson vacuum cleaners are, by all accounts, pretty great at what they do. They suck, but in the only good way we're allowed to talk. Assuming we want to avoid being on the receiving end of some stern words from someone in management. The problem is Dyson knows they're good, and charges a goddamn fortune as a result. Well lucky for you there is an affordable way to get one, but the downside is it's a toy vacuum made for children. Read More >>

3d printing
Aldi’s Popular 3D Printer is Back

This time last year, discount grocery chain Aldi launched a £300 3D printer. It was immensely popular, selling out entirely and causing enough demand that the company is bringing in reinforcements this year. Read More >>

black friday
HTC Has Knocked £200 off the Vive Pro Bundle for Black Friday

If you want to go out and buy yourself one of HTC's fancy (albeit expensive) Vive Pro headsets, you're going to have to pay a lot of money. More so if you want the proper bundle that includes controllers and tracking pods. The good news is the headset and its bundle are now cheaper than ever before, even if that isn't a very difficult accomplishment. If you buy between now and 26th November, you can get up to £200 off the lot. Read More >>

London Scraps its Unusable Water Cannon Fleet

Here's some great news for anyone planning a mass campaign of civil disobedience in London -- the city no longer has access to three former German rolling water cannons. Not that it was legally allowed to use them anyway. Read More >>

A Man Called John Lewis Stars in Twitter UK’s Christmas Advert

Christmas means a lot of things to a lot of people. Things like weird food, spending too much money, and, of course, the adverts that are in a never-ending war to try and make people cry the most. John Lewis is the one that seems to have started this trend, and now Twitter has released an advert poking fun at it all. Plus how people don't check Twitter handles before they post. Read More >>

There’s Now 20% Off Everything On The Amazon Warehouse

Along with so many Black Friday deals we can't keep up, Amazon is also adding extra discounts to the Warehouse. From today until next Monday, 26th November, everything on Amazon Warehouse will have an extra 20% off its listed price. Read More >>