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What Would Happen If the Whole Internet Just Shut Down All of a Sudden?

A world in which the internet suddenly stops: surely the TV show’s already in development. Sprawling cast, gorgeous visuals, tediously on-the-nose themes. Some handsome B-lister tearing around the country in pursuit of his wayward kids, or the shadowy sect that pulled the plug in the first place. A patch of prairie in Kansas with a weak but functional signal, people lining for miles to check texts, riots breaking out. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait for this show to be shot and streamed to get a decent idea of what the internet apocalypse might look like: for this week’s Giz Asks, we asked a number of experts to do the imagining for us. Read More >>

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Police Intervene After Amazon’s ‘Mrs. Maisel’ Promotion Is So Good, It Stops Traffic

Amazon’s latest promotion for its Emmy-nominated comedy The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel—dialling back prices around the US city of Los Angeles to reflect the show’s 1959 setting—proved so popular that police had to temporarily shut it down Thursday, according to a local ABC affiliate. Read More >>

Big Donors Are Pulling Out of Brazil’s Amazon Fund; That Could Spell Trouble for the Rainforest

Norway and Germany have been helping support the Brazilian government for its efforts to reduce deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest for some 10 years now. These financial rewards—the annual donations to the Amazon Fund, which the Brazilian Development Bank manages—have amounted to nearly $1.3 billion (£1.1 billion). Read More >>

Is Parallels Still the Best Way to Run Windows on a Mac in 2019?

A new version of Windows virtualisation tool Parallels is out, bringing with it support for upcoming macOS Catalina features, amongst other improvements. Is it still the best way to run the Windows OS on an Apple computer? We’ve been taking the latest Parallels 15 out for a test drive to find out. Read More >>

Make Jordan Peterson Say Anything You Want With This Spooky Audio Generator

People are really freaking out about deepfake videos, the technology that can make people say things they never actually said. But what about deepfake audio? Audio spoofing has gotten very good, and there’s no better example than this website which lets you say anything you want in the voice of self-help guru and Canadian professor Jordan B. Peterson. Read More >>

Apple’s Borked iOS Update Leads to New Jailbreak and Vulnerable iPhones

If you updated to iOS 12.4, you might want to think twice about the apps you download. Apple has unpatched a vulnerability with the latest update, and hackers have already used the opportunity to release the jailbreak for up-to-date iPhones in years, according to a Motherboard report. Read More >>

Little Known She-Ra Spinoff He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Is Being Rebooted by Netflix

Just so we’re all on the same page regarding the important information, there are currently no plans for Netflix’s excellent She-Ra and the Princesses of Power to somehow incorporate He-Man’s prince Adam into its story. But that’s not to say that He-Man’s not about to come back in a big way. Read More >>

Report: Huawei Could Get 90 More Days to Buy American Parts to Fill Pre-Blacklist Orders

Though US trade sanctions are still in effect, Huawei Technologies will have an additional 90 days to buy from American companies so it can wrap up work with existing customers, according to a Reuters report. Read More >>

Hurricanes and Climate Change Might Make Spiders More Aggressive

Hurricanes could make spider colonies more aggressive over time, according to a new paper. Let’s add “avoiding extra-evil spider colonies” to our list of reasons to fight climate change, please and thanks. Read More >>

Alienware’s Revamped Aurora Desktop Has a Clever Cooling System and a Fresh New Design

Earlier this year, Alienware overhauled its flagship laptop – the Area 51m – and now, Alienware has returned to finish the job by giving its top-spec desktop a full makeover with a new design, upgraded components, and way better cooling. Read More >>

Official Renders of the Huawei Mate X Show off a Few Welcome Changes

At last, we have an official photo of Huawei's upcoming foldable Mate X after getting a peek earlier this year, along with some of its specs. Read More >>

Alienware Made the World’s First 55-inch OLED Gaming Monitor, and it Looks Incredible

There are a lot of big and fancy gaming monitors on the market, but Alienware’s newest high-end display is something else. Not only is this thing eye-meltingly gorgeous, Alienware says its new monitor is the first 55-inch OLED gaming monitor in the world. Read More >>

Sonos’ New Bluetooth Speaker Leaks – Again

Say what you want about Sonos, the wireless speaker maker can’t keep its shit under wraps. The latest leak is its first-ever Bluetooth speaker. News of the device’s existence came earlier this month, but now there’s even more details and a name: the Sonos Move. Read More >>

The Lego Store’s Next Free Gift is a Little Hidden Side Set

Dedicated Lego fans will know that every so often the company will announce it's giving away an exclusive set if you meet certain criteria.Usually that means you have to spend money in the Lego store, and sometimes its on a specific set or theme. Well another one of those gifts is on the way, and it's a little set from the new Hidden Side range, which means it's going to be compatible with all the mini games in the Hidden Side app. Read More >>

Three Gets Embroiled in More 5G Drama as Its Recent Spate of Ads Gets EE’s Hackles Up

As the UK mobile networks start rolling out 5G, disputes are popping up left, right, and centre - mostly aimed at Three, who doesn't seem to give a shit. At all. Read More >>

Disney+ Announces First International Rollout Plans, UK Suspiciously Absent

Back in April Disney announced a load of details about its upcoming Disney+ streaming service, including the plans for its native US launch. The service would arrive on 12th November and cost $7 a month, though at the time there were zero details about when the service would launch internationally - which was a little weird. Today at D23 Disney announced some of those plans, but the UK availability is still suspiciously absent. Read More >>