Pancake Day: This Mathematical Formula Will Help You Make Perfect Pancakes

This article was originally posted on 9th February 2016. Read More >>

This is What UK Wankers Searched for on Pornhub in 2016

Pornhub’s Year in Review for 2016 is up, which means it’s time for us to put ‘UK Wankers’ into a headline again, in the hope that people snigger at it and share the article with their friends, saying things like “This is you” and “You’re a wanker.” Read More >>

Tinder Did a Joke VR Headset

So often the butt of the tech community’s jokes because its app values good looks, which aren’t common in our field, Tinder has hit back with a spot of trolling of its own, unveiling a joke ‘virtual reality’ headset that’s actually nothing more than a box with two face holes. Read More >>

Hot or Not?

Those things you see up there, dear readers, are the Air Jordan 4 Super Nintendos, a pair of mashup trainers we think are pretty great, despite the fact they’re actually hideous. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Sky Mobile

Sky has just announced that Sky Mobile is now open to everyone, and that means we can all get some of the most flexible features we've seen in the UK. It allows you to roll over unused data for free, switch between plans whenever you like and comes with a couple of perks for existing Sky customers. Read More >>

Super-Flexible Sky Mobile is Now Open to Everyone

Sky Mobile is now available to everyone in the UK, following its November unveiling. It was initially only open to pre-registered consumers and existing Sky TV customers, but now anyone can take advantage of its excellent data rollover feature. Read More >>

Gmail’s April 1 Launch Almost Ruined Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Job Interview

We’ve all screwed up in job interviews at one point or another, whether attempting to pass off being “a bit of a workaholic” as your biggest weakness or spluttering on that glass of water you so confidently asked for at the start. Read More >>

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We’re Giving Tim Baxter’s Latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Apology a 2/10

Samsung sensibly decided to use its flashy CES 2017 event as an opportunity to try to build some bridges with pretty much the entire world, with the company once again forcing Tim Baxter to put on his saddest face and tell everyone that he didn’t mean for the Note 7 to explode, before banging on about a load of souped-up tellies and fridges nobody can afford. Read More >>

Now’s Your Last Chance to See Dippy in Hintze Hall

Dippy the diplodocus (real name unknown) is set to be torn to bits really carefully by a team of experts tomorrow, ahead of the 292-bone, fake dead dinosaur’s 2018 UK tour. Read More >>

This Smart Wi-Fi Hairbrush Has to Be CES 2017’s Most Ridiculous Gadget

Withings, you’ve made day. The tech firm’s teamed up with L’Oreal brand Kérastase to create the Kérastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings, a device they all insist is “the world's first-ever smart hairbrush” -- a bona fide game-changer for the morning routine. Read More >>

Now HTC’s Expected to Drop the Headphone Jack

With HTC’s ‘For U’ launch event set for next Thursday, it’s a wonder that we haven’t seen too many ridiculous rumours about the company’s plans, even if the invitations only went out just ahead of Christmas. Read More >>

Sadiq Khan Axes BoJo’s Flawed, Funky-Looking London Buses

Transport for London has decided to “discontinue purchases” of those curvy, funky-looking London buses we all like the look of, because they’re really expensive and absolutely not worth it. Read More >>

Contactless Payment Jacket Created for Homeless People

For many of us, this particular period of the year is a time for overindulgence and pampering. However, for homeless people, it’s hell. Read More >>

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The Best Episode of The Grand Tour is Amazon’s Christmas Freebie

Amazon has got into the Christmas spirit by making the opening episode of The Grand Tour free to watch for everyone in the UK, but only temporarily. Here it is. Read More >>

You Probably Can’t Afford This Gold-Plated, Diamond-Encrusted Trump iPhone Case

Goldgenie, a store in the UAE that essentially slaps a golden coating on everything it possibly can before selling it to people with lots of money and exquisite taste, has created the product of the year -- we’re calling it -- a gold-plated, Donald Trump-emblazoned iPhone case studded with diamonds. Read More >>