Marvin’s iMagic Review: Can a Smartphone App Make You a Master Magician?

We’ve all dreamed of being a famous magician, performing every night to scores of screaming magic fans on the Las Vegas strip… No? Just me then. Either way, Marvin’s Magic has been helping young illusionists learn the secrets of the magic circle since 1987. Read More >>

Never Lose Your Kids Again with Tencent’s Trackable Tot’s Smartwatch

Are you the kind of parent that is forever losing your child? Sick of frantically wandering up and down Tesco’s aisles whilst your kid is stuck in a freezer chest, with only a turkey dinosaur for comfort? Well, Chinese tech giant, Tencent, has an Orwellian solution for you, a trackable smartwatch for kids. Read More >>

London Underground Defers Launch Date of Night Tube

In a move that's far more predictable than the service, London Underground (LU) has officially announced that the Night Tube will no longer be launched on 12th September. Read More >>

Daft Punk Ready for an Action Man Dance-Off With New Toys

Ever felt like something’s missing from your mantlepiece but never figured out what it was? Let us help. It’s mini Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter Daft Punk toys, of course! Read More >>

Got a Samsung Smart Fridge? Your Gmail Log-in Could Be Open to Cyber Attacks

One of Samsung’s snazzy new smart fridge models is the latest victim to feel the chill of cyber attacks, as it has been discovered that hackers can use the fridge to gain access to Gmail login credentials. Read More >>

monster machines
One Small Step for Man, One Giant Space Elevator for Mankind

Canadian space-firm Thoth Technology obviously didn’t think taking off in a jet-powered rocket is suitably thrill inducing, so they designed the ‘ThoX Tower’, a sky-high ‘Space Elevator’. Read More >>

Will Train Operators Finally be Forced Into Making Refunds More Simple?

We’ve all experienced train delays and cancellations but only 10 per cent of us claim compensation for it. Why? Because it’s a laborious task that takes up far too much time that could be better spent spending moon coins in Candy Crush Happy Joy Edition or whatever. Read More >>

Sing Along With Google’s Android M Guessing Game

The guessing game has begun. Google has released a video teasing what the company's next mobile operating system Android "M" will be named after, and it’s done it with a singalong tune that’d make the Sesame Street gang proud. Read More >>