We Talk Star Wars, Sci-Fi and Supervillains With Katee Sackhoff

The Battlestar Galactica cast hold a special place in the hearts of all sci-fi fans, and perhaps none more so than Katee Sackhoff. Her Starbuck had the sort of impact that actors can only dream of, and whenever she returns to sci-fi it’s a big deal. Her six-season tenure on Longmire is over, and she’s immediately followed it up with sci-fi film 2036 Origin Unknown and a Netflix space series, Another Life, which is currently in pre-production. Read More >>

Making the VFX of Blade Runner 2049

The original Blade Runner was a milestone in sci-fi cinema, production design, and visual effects. Continuing it from a story point of view was tricky – but living up to it from a visual standpoint was damn near impossible. And so everyone was delighted when Blade Runner 2049 turned out to be even more of a visual feast than the original movie. Read More >>

star trek
I Want to Love Star Trek: Discovery But it’s an Absolute Mess

Star Trek has been part of my life since I was a baby. My Dad’s a Trekkie so I grew up watching it. My childhood cat was called Tribble, for crying out loud. I’m a Star Trek nerd. And, like all other Star Trek nerds, I was thrilled when a new series was FINALLY announced (I guess it took that long for the franchise to recover from Enterprise...). I want to love the show. I want it to bring Star Trek screaming into our morally complicated times, with a host of loveably odd characters and big damn heroes. Read More >>

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Forget Cersei, Littlefinger is Game of Thrones’ Ultimate Villain

Game of Thrones has never been short on villains – in fact, it’s usually the good guys that are thin on the ground. From monsters like Joffrey and Ramsay to scheming gits like Tywin and Maester Qyburn, Game of Thrones is full of wrong-‘uns. Over the years, Cersei has emerged as the show’s chief villain, plotting and murdering her way to the throne and driving her only nice son to suicide. She swans around, wearing black, drinking wine and being horrible to people. She’s obviously a baddie. But is she really the show’s ultimate villain? Read More >>

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Kill The Hound and We Riot – Why it’s Game of Thrones’ Supporting Characters Who Fans Really Worry About

There are certain things we Game of Thrones fans dread. One is weddings. Another is trials (by combat or by High Sparrow). But chiefly we fear loveable supporting characters signing up for dangerous missions. Read More >>

The Real-Life Inspirations Behind The Handmaid’s Tale

Famously, when Margaret Atwood wrote The Handmaid’s Tale she stated that nothing in the book hadn’t already happened somewhere in the world. The excellent TV series is continuing that tradition of keeping its horrors as grounded as possible. And those horrors aren’t drawing inspiration from medieval history – it’s all stuff that’s happened within the last 100 years, or is happening right now. Read More >>

How Professor Jim Al-Khalili’s Gravity App Went Wrong in Gravity and Me – And Why He Couldn’t Be Happier

It’s rare that a science documentary comes with a twist ending, but Gravity and Me: The Force That Shapes Our Lives does just that – except it’s not intentional. The Time Warper app that Professor Jim Al-Khalili designed and rolled out to thousands of people while making the documentary went wrong, thanks to an error in his equations. Read More >>

“It’s The 21st century And Yet People Still Deny Climate Change” – We Talk To Professor Jim Al-Khalili About Shouting At Science-Deniers

Even those who spent their secondary school science classes trying to melt their pen over a Bunsen burner knows what gravity is. It’s one of the basic scientific concepts that’s drummed into us from a young age. So no need for a 90 minute documentary on it, right? And yet people still get the classic hammer and the feather experiment wrong. Ask them why the hammer hits the ground first, and they’ll reply ‘because it’s heavier’ (of course, it’s nothing to do with weight – it’s all about wind resistance). “So even basic commonsense ideas of gravity sometimes are wrong,” Professor Jim Al-Khalili says, as we chatted to him ahead of his new BBC Four documentary, Gravity and Me: The Force That Shapes Our Lives. Read More >>

After Logan and Legion, are the Traditional Super-Heroics of Iron Fist Obsolete?

Do you remember back in 1999, when Star Wars: The Phantom Menace was being talked up as a mind-blowing new world of CGI that would change film forever? Then The Matrix came out of nowhere a month before TPM’s release and gave us a more modern, inventive and influential use of CGI than TPM could ever hope to top. Remember that? Well, that’s basically what Legion and Logan have done to Iron Fist. Read More >>

Forget Everything You Know About Comic Book TV Shows: Legion is Something Else

If you hear that Legion is a comic book adaptation set in the X-Men universe, then you develop certain preconceptions. There will be uniforms, there will be heavy-handed allegories about the people whom society ostracises, there will probably be Patrick Stewart somewhere, delivering a sage voiceover about evolution. Read More >>

24 Legacy: Does Jack Bauer’s Black & White Morality Still Work in 2017?

24 is back, even if Jack Bauer isn’t. With Kiefer Sutherland now saving America from the relative safety of the Oval Office in Designated Survivor, the job of kicking terrorists in the face now falls to Corey Hawkins as Eric Carter, 24: Legacy’s lead. Read More >>

artificial intelligence
How Humans Created an Even More Believable Vision of the Singularity Than Westworld

Late 2016 has been a great time to be a fan of TV shows about artificial intelligence. While HBO was putting out the glossy robo-violence of Westworld, Channel 4 was giving us season two of the far more low-key Humans, which comes to an end on Sunday. Both focus on human-looking robots created to serve and entertain humanity, and in both it goes predictably awry, leaving both humans and hosts/synths facing big questions about what it means to be conscious. Read More >>

“‘Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear’ Was a Slogan of the Nazi Party” – We Talk Surveillance, Privacy and Snowden With Joseph Gordon-Levitt

We couldn’t have picked a better time to be invited to a roundtable with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and a number of experts and campaigners from the worlds of human rights and online privacy. We sat down to chat in a swanky London hotel mere days after the Investigatory Powers Bill passed the House of Lords, and the mood in the room was sombre, to say the least. Read More >>

Planet Earth 2 is More Real Than You Realise: We Speak to Producers to Find Out how It’s Made

Back in 2011, BBC's Frozen Planet documentary attracted controversy after using 'fake' shots of a polar bear and its cubs that were actually filmed in a zoo. The BBC explained how they got the footage in a behind the scenes video on the Frozen Planet website and denied misleading the audience. Read More >>

Is Black Mirror Right to Worry About Social Media? We Talked to Cyber-Psychologists to Find Out

Netflix today brings us six more standalone tales from Charlie Brooker’s deliciously paranoid brain. Black Mirror is back, tackling topics including social media, video games, online hate and, erm, Nordic Noir. Read More >>