Silence of the Lambs Would Be a Ton of Fun as a Romantic Comedy

Most of us know The Silence of the Lambs as that seemingly family-friendly film about an FBI agent trying to make a name for herself that our parents mistakenly let us watch when we were way to young to learn about cannibalism. But did you ever wonder what the horror movie would look like as a rom-com? Read More >>

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Why Does North Korea Play Blade Runner-Style Music Every Morning?

North Korea is a weird country. Heck, so is the United Kingdom. But the UK doesn’t play creepy, Blade Runner-like Theremin music in the capital each morning just after dawn. North Korea does. Read More >>

Apple’s Microsoft Office Killer Is Free Again (If You Dare)

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the perks and perils of Microsoft Office, especially the program you begrudgingly used to write your college papers: Word. In what appears to be an unrelated move, Apple just made a whole host of productivity apps free. Get excited for Pages! (Borat voice: “Not!”) Read More >>

Apple Is Buying All the Good Trees for Its New Campus, and the Tree People Are Fighting Back

A tough truth about Apple is making headlines, and you’d better hold on to your butts, because it is salacious. Apparently, Apple is snatching up all the very best trees for its new campus, leaving local tree purchasers scrambling for solutions. Read More >>

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This Is the Best Music Video I’ve Seen in Years

After too many years on the internet,I thought nothing could surprise me any more. And then I saw this face-melting Cassius music video. My face actually melted into a beautiful puddle of tears and teeth. Read More >>

Why You’re Still Using Microsoft Word

On Tuesday, I asked Gizmodo readers why they’re still using Microsoft Word. And a lot of people answered the call. Like, hundreds of people expressed some rather powerful opinions about the aging office tool — so many that I had to share some of the best. Read More >>

Sorry, But Your iPhone 5 Is About to Become Obsolete

Apple’s pulling the cord on its iOS guillotine a little early this year. The next operating system update will only be available for the iPhone 5S and newer devices. That means if you have an iPhone 5 or an iPhone 5C, your expensive slab of aluminium and glass is about to become obsolete. Read More >>

Why Are You Still Using Microsoft Word?

So you’re still using Microsoft Word. Seems like an odd decision in the year 2017, but I didn’t come here to judge. I’m legitimately curious why some people continue to pump their money into the MS Office Suite, despite mounting evidence that the software offers shitty security and a historically terrible user experience. So why bother? Read More >>

How Not to Protect Your Privacy Online

Privacy advocates across the country let out a collective sob a few weeks ago week when the US Congress dismantled a set of Obama-era internet privacy rules. In effect, the US government just just gave big telecom companies unfettered access to residents' browsing history and will even let ISPs sell that data for profit. While this won't affect us here in the UK, things like the Snooper's Charter mean we have our own privacy concerns to worry about. Read More >>

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This Stunning Drone Footage of South Africa Made Me Feel Things Again

For the past couple of years, mediocre drone videos of dramatic landscapes have littered the internet. Like, we get it, drone pilots. Your camera flies and stuff looks pretty from the sky and the whole conceit is pretty trite at this point. And then I saw these four minutes of magic, filmed in South Africa. Read More >>

Why You Should Always Walk on Escalators

On Tuesday, The New York Times decided to reignite the age old debate of walking versus standing on escalators. And do you know what the paper concluded? “You shouldn’t walk on escalators.” This is a patently incorrect and essentially silly conclusion for at least four reasons. Read More >>

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Dude Turns His Weird Cat’s Meow Into an Awesome Electro Track

“Cat music” is a funny YouTube search, filled with lullabies for kittens and clips of cats singing. But what happens when you take a cat’s meow, cut it up, and turn it into a club banger? Great things, my friend. Great things. Read More >>

Scary Uber Driver Arrested for Impersonating a Cop, Packing Heat, Using Sirens

There are stories about vigilante Uber drivers that are funny, and there are stories that are scary. The latest news from Charleston, South Carolina is a little bit of both—but with an extra dose of the psychotic. Read More >>

Someone Finally Hijacked Deep Learning Tech to Create More Than Nightmares

It’s been almost two years since Google liquefied our brains with its Deep Dream neural network and the nightmare-inducing images the technology created. But now, a team from the University of California, Berkeley is sort of doing the opposite—emphasis on “sort of.” Read More >>