Loaded Pokémon Go Accounts Are Selling for Thousands

Everyone rolled their eyes at those people willing to pay to be driven around to catch Pokémon. That was only the beginning. Laziness has reached a new level as people who want to play (but also not really) are paying thousands to buy Pokémon Go accounts on eBay. Read More >>

Old Man iPad 2 is Finally Allowed to Retire

It's had a good innings, right? 2011's iPad 2 is being sent to a tech care home, to be discontinued as sales have slowed to a point where Apple is now happy to focus on its most recent slates. Read More >>

Video Leak Suggests the Sony Xperia Z2 Could Have a Huge Battery

More than an ultra HD screen or an octo-core processor, more than a fancy camera or a paper-thin frame, I just want a decent smartphone with excellent battery life. Could the Sony Xperia Z2 be the answer to my prayers? Read More >>

An Xbox One Adapter for Your Old Headsets Will Go on Sale in March

If you'd just bought a new fancy-pants headset with which to smack-talk your friends over Xbox Live ahead of the Xbox One reveal, you'd have been pretty annoyed to to see that the next-gen console's controller would not support older audio gear. Good to its word though, Microsoft is preparing to launch an adapter that bridges the gap between the two generation's audio accessories. Read More >>

Flappy Bird “Gone Forever” as Developer Worries it was “Too Addictive”

The creator of mobile gaming sensation Flappy Bird has again addressed the world regarding his reasons for pulling the game, rather oddly claiming he did it because it was getting too addictive and people were playing it too much. That's, like, the whole idea of games, isn't it? Read More >>

Forget 4K: The Future of TV is “Wide Field of View” According to Netflix

As 3D TVs continue on their slow march to the bargain bin, all AV enthusiasts' eyes turn to the promise of ultra-high definition 4K screens. But for movie streaming dominators Netflix, 4K may already be yesterday's news. Read More >>