Pebble Is Dead, and Its Customers Are Completely Screwed

Pebble, one of the best-known smartwatch brands, is dead. Rumours about the company’s demise have been swirling since The Information reported a potential Fitbit buyout last week. Today in a post on Kickstarter, Pebble confirmed that Fitbit was acquiring “key Pebble assets” and that Pebble would “no longer be operating as in independent company.” Read More >>

Homemaking with Nazis: The Bizarre Domestic Underbelly of Race Hate Websites

What do you picture when you hear the word ‘racist’? Maybe a jackbooted skinhead marching with Nazi flag in tow? Or perhaps an old granddad who sits you on his knee and tells you about the time he first took a swing at someone of a different race? How about...a wholesome stay-at-home mum about to bake a fresh batch of cakes for you and your friends? Read More >>

Is This The End of The Line for Smaller, Cheaper iPhones?

“Hey Siri, we’re all exhausted. Where can we get some rest?” Read More >>

iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus…iPhone 3GS? Which iPhone is For You?

It may be called the iPhone 6S, but this is actually the ninth generation of iPhone. CHOICE! Rose gold, space grey, normal or plus sized, Apple has options coming out of every corner of its Cupertino campus. Not as much choice as Google's Android offers, of course, but that's another conversation entirely. It's the Lord's own annual iPhone day, so let's keep the focus there. With so many iPhone choices now available when factoring older models, picking the one for you can be complicated work. Read More >>

Apple’s New Cases Will Keep Your New iPhone 6S Nice and Safe

While your star-dazzled eyes were distracted by the shiny, shiny new iPhones, iPad Pro and more, Apple also announced some new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus cases to keep your new baby safe and sound. Read More >>

iPad Pro vs iPad Air 2 Specs, Size, and Features: What’s New?

After what seems like an absolute eternity of rumours and speculation, Apple has officially revealed the giant-sized iPad Pro to the world. It's a Surface-like device that's aimed at the people who want a work device that can replace their laptops, but just how different is it from the iPad Air 2 that Apple announced last year? Let's take a look. Read More >>