Intel’s 10th Generation is Confusing as Hell

Today Intel announced its new line up of 10th generation U- and Y-series CPUs. This is exciting stuff! Wait. Didn’t Intel already announce its new line up of 10th generation U- and Y-series CPUs in May? Yes, it did. But it also announced a second 10th generation of U and Y series CPUs today, and you are totally welcomed to be confused by that and what it all means, as I’ve been. Read More >>

You Can Check Out a Beta of the New Chromium-Based Microsoft Edge Right Now

Today, Microsoft is releasing a stable beta of the new Chromium-based version of Edge, its first-party browser intended to rival Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Developer and Canary builds of the browser have been available for months, but we’re told this beta is a more a polished version intended for wider release. Read More >>

The Age of Media Corporation Mega-Mergers is Robbing Us of Bolder, Fresher Storytelling

Disney isn’t just the first studio to have five pictures cross a billion dollars at the box office in a single year and it isn’t just the biggest film studio right now. It’s the biggest film studio in the history of Hollywood. While investors are likely very pleased with this fact, the company’s series of monster mergers has set off a chain effect with other studios doing their own monster mergers in an effort to keep up. Read More >>

Karls Urban, Ranked

Karl-Heinz Urban is good. His sneers are excellent, his range extends from grandiose to gritty, his look is fine and his appearances in Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys are numerous. But which version of Karl Urban is the best Karl Urban? Who among the Karls Urban is supreme? Read More >>

Wu Assassins Certainly Feels Like What Iron Fist Could Have Been

A quick glance and you’ll notice a lot of similarities between the new Netflix Original, Wu Assassins, and old Netflix Original, Iron Fist. Both are goofy shows about chosen ones out to stop bad guys with their fists. Both are about men facing a turning point in their personal lives. Both are set in coastal American cities. Both include a brother/sister duo who love the protagonist but might be toxic for them. Both feature Lewis Tan being very charming. But in Wu Assassins, everyone can actually fight. Read More >>

One Showrunner Actually Figured Out How to Hack Netflix’s Algorithm

When you log into Netflix one of the first things you see is a list of recommended shows. Sometimes its new episodes of shows you’ve liked and rated well. Often, it’s a whole myriad of shows you’ve never heard of or are only tangentially aware of. And if you’re like me one of those shows that Netflix repeatedly suggests you watch is Anders Tangen’s Norsemen, a silly little sitcom revolving around ancient Vikings with seemingly modern problems. There’s a reason Netflix suggests Norsemen even when there’s a new season of Derry Girls or She-Ra you’d like to be watching. Tangen figured out how to take advantage of Netflix’s recommendation algorithm. Read More >>

This is the Best Chromebook to Buy

Google’s Pixelbook might be the very best Chromebook you can buy. The £1,000 machine is a shining example of what a good combination of hardware and software can do when in perfect sync. But it isn’t the best Chromebook you should buy. Chromebooks aren’t supposed to cost a grand. They’re supposed to be cheap. So we’ve spent the last few weeks trying to find the best Chromebook to buy that doesn’t actually wreck a wallet. Read More >>

Amazon’s New Kindle Oasis: Easier on the Eyes, Still a Pain in the Wallet

No one needs a £230 ereader, but the Kindle Oasis is often good enough that you can convince yourself otherwise. Its display and backlight are better than average, and its asymmetrical design is purpose-constructed for the avid reader. Though it’s got its detractors, I’ve always liked it. I read a lot, and I love ereaders. Spending £110 more than I need to for the very best has felt like the kind of luxury I can safely budget for. The third generation of the Kindle Oasis, which isn’t very different from the last generation apart from having a backlight with adjustable warmth. So you might feel you can budget for this one as well. Read More >>

Holy Cavalcade of Cameos, Batman! Burt Ward Joins CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover

Ruby Rose might have not been able to attend the panel for her new show, Batwoman, at Comic-Con but creator Caroline Dries was on hand and still had plenty of announcements for the crowd. Read More >>

star trek
Star Trek Comics Unveil Janeway and the Voyager Crew of the Mirror Universe

I have some very important news. I have a wife. It is Captain Kathryn Janeway, Pirate Queen of the Quadrant. She is not the Janeway you know, a tiny scientist cast-off to a faraway galaxy and slowly driven insane by the task set before her: Trying to unite her crew and make her way home. She’s the Janeway of the Mirror Universe, and she may or may not have two all-metal arms. Read More >>

The Mediocrity of Batwoman Also Feels Like One of Its Biggest Strengths

It’s difficult to critique the pilot of Batwoman. There are certainly issues with it. There are criticisms to spare. But there’s something powerfully unique about the CW’s latest superhero show and it makes it really difficult to get too bogged down in the faults. This is the first solo superhero series centred on a queer character which makes it vitally important even if, sometimes, it gets caught up in its own mediocrity. Read More >>

The Big Difference Between Westworld’s New Robots and Old Ones Isn’t Just Skin Deep

Westworld isn’t due back until 2020, and we’ll definitely be getting more details Saturday when it takes over Comic Con’s Hall H (of which we’ll be in attendance), but some new information has already been released, including details about the new flesh free robots first seen in the teaser back in April. Read More >>

Apple’s Touch Bar Doesn’t Have to Be So Terrible

Apple killed a laptop that had a lot more fans than I expected last week. Around the Gizmodo office, my colleagues groaned when news broke that following a refresh of its laptop line, there would no longer be a standard MacBook Pro without a Touch Bar. Apple, in their eyes, was going all in on the little touch-sensitive OLED strip above the number pad, and it was a travesty. Read More >>

Has the Code Been Cracked on Key Switches?

I don’t know if there is a single holy grail for keyboard nerds. Every nerd is different. But some switches, like the IBM Beam Spring, are so beloved that even the most curmudgeonly keyboard fan thinks of them wistfully. “It’s the ultimate clicky switch as far as I’m concerned,” one member of the keyboard enthusiast forum Deskthority claimed in a post about them. Now Input Club, a company of opensource keyboard enthusiasts based out of the US state of California, thinks it’s cracked the code and figured out a way not just to bring the Beam Spring into the modern keyboard era, but also to create a keyboard so customisation that the input the keyboard reports changes depending on how hard you press the key. Read More >>

In Praise of the Glorious Bag Vacuum

We praise technology because it propels us forward into a future that, we hope, will one day result in a Jetsons-like utopia (absent the weird gender stuff). Technology is supposed to make things easier and improve upon necessary if annoying tasks. But that’s not always the case. We cut the cable cord only to plug into services hell, and manufacturing might have made clothing and furniture cheaper and more accessible, but at a significant cost to quality. Read More >>