The Pixelbook Go Walks the Fine Line Between High Design and Great Value

The Pixelbook is the best Chromebook you can buy, but it’s also one of the most expensive Chromebooks you can buy. The big pitch for the Pixelbook Go is that it takes a lot of what you like about the Pixelbook and Google’s aesthetic in general, and charges only $650 (UK price TBC). That’s a damn fine idea, but my limited time with the Pixelbook Go suggests there could be a hefty Google tax for embracing its “affordable” Chromebook. Read More >>

Apple Opts to Contribute to the Hollywood Hellscape by Launching Its Own Studio: Report

Apple is reportedly making a Band of Brothers spin-off and launching its own in-house studio to do it. The Hollywood Reporter says the studio, which does not yet have a name, will be run by Apple’s new Worldwide Video heads, Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht. Read More >>

Sony Seems Ridiculously Proud of the PS5’s SSD

Wired has yet another exclusive look at the Sony PS5. Yesterday, Wired’s Peter Rubin detailed a recent visit to Sony’s California HQ where he checked out a dev console, played a few demos, and got a few more details on the PS5 – including release date and ray tracing facts. But the bulk of the piece – and seemingly the bulk of the message Sony is trying to convey – is that solid-state drives are brilliant. Read More >>

Intel Finally Seems to Be Taking Hardcore PC Gamers Seriously

Last week news broke that Intel had a whole new line of X-series processors, and this week the company has performance data, prices, and a shiny new Xeon processor to pile on top of that. All of it combines to suggest that Intel might be done gouging people who want a processor with a lot of cores. Read More >>

AMD’s Next Big Graphics Card Sure Sounds Like It Will Be Cheap and Powerful

While there’s no pricing available right now, AMD’s new Radeon RX 5500 graphics card certainly sounds like it will be both cheap and powerful. Which isn’t a shock – AMD’s modus operandi at this point is releasing products just a little more powerful than the competition but a whole lot less expensive. But if we believe AMD’s benchmarks, the RX 5500 is going to present an even more compelling value proposition. Read More >>

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What It Takes to Be a World-Record Puzzler

Luiza Figueiredo always loved puzzles – you have to if you collect so many you get the Guinness World Record for most assembled puzzles ever. Read More >>

A Story About Two Tiny, Fuzzy Photos of a ‘PlayStation 5 Prototype’

Short of the annual iPhone, few future devices get fans chatting like the next generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Both companies have teased what’s next recently – with Sony revealing some details about the PlayStation 5 in April, and Microsoft showing off a flashy video teasing so-called Project Scarlett at E3 in June. Both consoles are expected to launch by the holidays in 2020. In the absence of really robust information, speculation and rumours have proliferated on gamer forums, but why leave it to the forums when Gizmodo has a tipster blowing up our inbox claiming to have access to advance versions of both consoles – and showing us what they claim is photographic proof? Read More >>

Microsoft Doubles Down

I only got a little time with the Duo and Neo, Microsoft’s new dual-display devices, but that little time made one thing clear: Microsoft has a wildly different approach to the collapsible device than just about everyone else. Read More >>

AMD Actually Did It

Microsoft is making a 15-inch Surface Laptop for people who needed more screen and power than the 13.5-inch version, and beyond being bigger, the 15-inch Surface Laptop 3 will also offer AMD inside. Read More >>

The Surface Phone Is Real

No, that is not the just-announced Surface Neo in Panos Panay’s hand. That’s the Surface Duo, the long-rumored Microsoft Surface phone. Read More >>

Microsoft Surface Neo: Whoa

After years – YEARS – of rumours, Microsoft has finally announced its dual-screen Surface device, the Surface Neo. Panos Panay, chief product officer for Microsoft’s Devices Group, showed off the device at Microsoft’s annual Surface event as well as a whole slew of devices and a brand new version of Windows, Windows 10 X, that the Neo is expected to run on. Read More >>

The Nintendo Switch Lite Is a Pitch Perfect Remake

It’s fitting that the Nintendo Switch Lite launched the same day as a re-release of one of the best Zelda games of all time. The Switch line of consoles and the Zelda series of games feel inextricably linked. The original Switch is a remarkable and unusual piece of hardware unlike anything before it, and the Zelda game that launched alongside it, Breath of the Wild, is a remarkable and unusual as well. The Switch Lite and this year’s Zelda game, Link’s Awakening, are both beautiful, incredible remakes of previously existing and extraordinary pieces of work. You probably don’t need to buy Link’s Awakening if you’ve played it before – but you’ll enjoy it. If you already own a Switch, you don’t necessarily need the Switch Lite. But if you buy it, you’ll love it. Read More >>

The iPhone 11 Is Legitimately Great

The iPhone 11 is good. Some of its most touted features might feel more like gimmicks, and I definitely miss a few features limited to the pricier Pro. I still find myself reaching for the iPhone 11 even when my iPhone X, which fits in my hand a little better, is sitting close by. A brilliant camera and a handful of other new bits make this a phone you can upgrade to with little of the usual guilt. Read More >>

The Next Surface Laptop Might Have a Powerful Surprise

German website Winfuture is claiming that the next generation of Surface Laptop could be using AMD processors instead of the Intel CPUs found in every other Surface device. If true that’d be a big boon for AMD and a bit of an embarrassment for Intel. Read More >>

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A Peek Into the Soviet Computer Revolution

One of the largest and coolest collections of Soviet computers in the world resides in a flat in Mariupol, Ukraine. Dmitriy Cherepanov started Club 8-bit with a small collection of computers built when the Soviet bloc was crafting its own personal computers. Read More >>