What’s the Worst Thing You’ve Done Online?

Twitter recently “accidentally” banned a whole lot of users for joining the service before they were thirteen years old. The users, now “old enough” to use Twitter “responsibly,” have been upset, and Twitter has a whole thread on steps its taking to bring these “not children” back online. But here is something that is important to consider. Children on the internet are always bad. Read More >>

Fortnite Is Bad But Sony’s Refusal to Play Nice Is Worse

Earlier this week, Nintendo delighted Fortnite fans by announcing that the game, which might just be the most popular game being played right now, was coming to the Switch immediately. Even better, Switch players would be able to compete with PC and Xbox players, too—instant digital distribution and multiplayer open to all! Nintendo’s announcement felt like a dream come true after years of console makers refusing to play nice. But it isn’t a dream, because Sony continues to flip the bird to its competitors and Fortnite players on the PS4 are being left out in the cold, unable to play with Xbox or Switch gamers. Read More >>

These Tests Will Tell You Just How Good Your Eyes Are at Seeing Colour

Let’s talk about how you’re perceiving colour. The idea came to me when a coworker asked if they should get the computer with 100-per cent sRGB or 100-per cent Adobe RGB, which displays more shades of green. I jokingly told him to take this X-Rite colour perception test to see if he could even perceive colour well enough for the more expensive Adobe RGB display. He could — but some people can’t! Read More >>

Microsoft’s Super-Accessible Adaptive Controller Will Be Good For Cheaters, Too

The Microsoft Adaptive Controller might look like a drum machine, but it’s intended to be used by people with disabilities who cannot comfortably use the Xbox controllers currently available. However, the new controller could be a boon for cheaters, too. Read More >>

Intel Says Its GPUs to Rival AMD and Nvidia Will Be Here By 2020

Intel has stopped dancing around the issue and confirmed in a tweetas noted by Engadget, that it will be making discrete GPUs and that they will be here by 2020. Read More >>

This USB-C iPhone Rumour Is Too Much

A post by DigiTimes that’s making the rounds cites unnamed “sources at analogue IC vendors” who say that Apple could be moving the iPhone and iPad to USB-C by 2019. That move would spell the gradual demise of Apple’s proprietary Lightning port, which was introduced in 2012 and has been the connector for basically every iProduct since. Read More >>

You Can Link Switches Together In Nintendo’s Next Big Party Game

Details are scarce, but Super Mario Party, the next version of Nintendo’s popular party game series, is coming to the Switch, and it will enable you to pair at least two Switches together and play as though the screens were physically one. Read More >>

Heads Up, iOS Developers: Lots of You Are Flagrantly Breaking a Big NDA

WWDC 2018 is coming to a close, but that hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of developers, who continue to tweet, blog, and take to Reddit with the things they’ve noticed about the next version of iOS. There’s only one problem with that. It’s a violation of the agreement they signed with Apple to become developers in the first place. Read More >>

Sonos Finally Made a Cheaper Soundbar

Five years after Sonos delivered the original Playbar, still one of the best soundbars you can get for under £1,000, and easily the best in the £700 range, the company is back with a new and mostly improved model. The Sonos Beam. Read More >>

One of the Coolest Gaming Monitor Features Is Finally Coming to TVs

Samsung TVs just got a little more admirable. AMD announced that its FreeSync technology, previously only available for gaming monitors, is coming to Samsung’s 2018 QLED televisions. This means all your games played on the latest-generation Xboxes, or on a PC with an AMD GPU, should look a whole heckuva lot smoother. Read More >>

Hyperkin’s Duke Xbox Controller is Every Bit As Ridiculous as the Original

My tiny hands remember the original, enormous Xbox controller with fondness. Not because it was ergonomic or a joy to use, but in the same way I remember other absurd and outdated technology—with absolute amusement. The original Xbox controller was a beast, and the tweaked and high tech £70 Duke from Hyperkin, that works with both PCs and the Xbox One, borrows that same portly profile to create one of the biggest and most ridiculous controllers out there. Read More >>

Intel’s Got Some New Tricks to Try to Save Your Laptop’s Precious Battery

Intel seems to have figured out a very smart way to improve battery life on laptops. The processor maker announced its new Low Power Display spec at Computex in Taipei, Taiwan today, and claims adhering to the spec could improve battery life on laptops by anywhere from four and eight hours. Read More >>

This Asus Laptop Has a 5.5-inch Display Where the Trackpad Should Be

You know what is decidedly extra, but also frustratingly enticing? A laptop with a display in the trackpad. Razer hinted at it with its concept Project Linda back at CES. But Asus... Asus just went ahead and built a display into the trackpad of a laptop you can buy later this year. Read More >>

Memojis Killed Me

Besides introducing new animojis and photo effects Apple’s also brought personal avatars to Messages. The new avatars are called Memojis, and I am still dead from that name. Read More >>

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There’s a Treasure Trove of Ancient Video Games in This Underground Bunker

Mike Mika is a video game developer, so naturally he has a passion for video games. He modded Donkey Kong once so his young daughter could play as Pauline instead of just watching her flail as a damsel in distress. His first major paycheck went towards one of those Star Wars gaming cabinets from the ‘80s where you flew around in a X-Wing. But that wasn’t the first or last video game he owned. Read More >>