How to Use the Magic Mouse as Apple (Presumably) Intended

For many years, I’ve found it pretty easy to just ignore the Magic Mouse—whose sleek design is strangely missing a few parts that Apple, an ergonomically-minded company, must’ve meant to include to support a user’s palm, thumb, and pinky finger. But now that I’m working at a real desk inside a real office at a company that hands out Magic Mice by default, I can no longer look the other way as Apple continues this charade. Read More >>

This Is the Best Gaming Controller You Can Buy

I resisted the urge to fling the controller across the room as I tried, once again, to beat the first damn level of Cuphead. I’d been making my attempts using what is currently one of the best PC game controllers to date, the Microsoft Xbox One Elite. But it wasn’t happening. Then I switched over to Razer’s ridiculously-named Wolverine Ultimate. The buttons on the Razer controller seemed to have the same response time, but they also had a nice snap to them and were so much more pleasant to press. I finally beat the level. Read More >>

One Crazy Way My Mum Can Share Photos With Me, Her Daughter

The email arrived in my personal inbox, mysteriously and poorly titled: “Heidi ‘s christening.” I was not sure who Heidi was, but after noting it came from my mother’s rarely used email address, I assumed it was a relation I’d heard mentioned in weekly phone calls. I clicked and there was a single image about the size of a stamp with a caption noting some grandmothers were involved. Read More >>

virtual reality
HTC Kills Its Google VR Headset

Today HTC announced a cool new completely standalone VR headset for China, and then promptly dashed hopes in this hemisphere by confirming the cancellation of the standalone headset intended for US and other Western audiences. If you’re based in the West and want the next wave of VR headsets, then it seems you’re going to need to look elsewhere. Read More >>

I Hate How Much I Love the iPhone X

I’m a total gadget nerd, and it’s been five years since a new smartphone made me nod to myself with the understanding that, “Yes, I need that thing more than I need air.” But the buzz around the iPhone X has had me a little more hyped than usual. Not just because the iPhone finally ditched the bezels and got an OLED display—Samsung’s Galaxy S8 lost its bezels in March—but because the iPhone X is the line’s first significant overhaul since the iPhone 4. I should know better than to fall for the hype, but after spending nearly a week with the device, I’ve actually convinced myself that spending £1,000 on a phone seems like a good idea. If you hate me for saying that, that’s okay, I hate me too. Read More >>

The Xbox One X is the Perfect Console for Lazy PC Gamers

Here’s a fact rarely discussed outside of super nerdy gaming circles. The guts of your video game console actually matter. Once upon a time games were designed to run the same on every console and, in some cases (like the massive multiplayer first person shooter Destiny 2), games are still designed that way. But most games have what is called a “dynamic resolution” with the resolution shifting on a spectrum from as 720p to 4K depending on the scene. Thus the more powerful the console the higher and more consistent the resolution of the game you are playing will be. Want something close to consistent 4K without spending a grand on a PC gaming rig? You need a powerful console. Read More >>

The Razer Phone is Here, But is it For Real?

As the folks at Razer would tell it, the plan was always to make a phone. No one at Razer was quite sure what that phone would look like, or precisely how it would be a “gamer” phone—Razer’s peripherals and laptops are built primarily for gamers—but the phone was a distant dream. Now it’s a distinct reality, and at £699, the new gaming-focused Razer Phone could even be a solid alternative for people tired of slick glass backed OLED phones like the iPhone X and Galaxy S8. Read More >>

Watch Me Try to Break Face ID a Bunch of Different Ways

I’ve now had the iPhone X for just 24 hours—the majority of which have been spent trying to break Face ID. For the most part, Face ID has worked as described—opening my phone when I’m sitting in the dark, or wearing a variety of glasses. It works whether my hair is up, down, or in my face. But today, while shooting a Facebook Live illustrating the technology, I managed to kind of break Face ID. Read More >>

iPhone X First Look: Let’s Talk About That Whole Face ID Thing…

The iPhone X’s Face ID camera module has received a bit more press than Apple probably intended. The facial recognition security tech was the whiz-bang feature that caught everybody’s eye during the Tim Cook and friends keynote—and later it was repeatedly fingered as the culprit behind the long-rumoured iPhone X shortages and delays. So what’s the deal with it? Read More >>

Amazon Echo Has Come a Long Way Baby

The original Amazon Echo was an ugly black tube — a speaker meant to be set back in the corner, hidden from view. It was a cheap imitation of the computer from Star Trek. The new Amazon Echo is a much prettier device. It’s not suddenly faster or smarter, and your old Echo will do the exact same thing as before, but this one actually looks pretty nice, sells for cheaper, and boy does that make a difference. Read More >>

The Google Pixelbook Made Me Rethink My Existence

I had to change how I think because of Google’s new £1,000 Pixelbook. This gorgeous 2-in-1 is some of my favourite hardware for the price, but it’s loaded with Chrome OS, the worst operating system you could put on your computer. If you’ve grown up a power user of MacOS, Windows, or Linux than Chrome OS feels like getting cut off at the knees, and hardware can’t possibly distract you from how hamstrung Chrome OS is compared to its more mature competitors. So, in order to not spend another Chromebook review complaining about the severe inadequacies of Chrome OS, I decided to think like an ideal Chrome OS user. It was worse than that time I tried to stop drinking soda, but as painful as living a wholly different existence was it made one thing very obvious: If you are an ideal Chrome OS user this is the very best laptop you can buy. Read More >>

AMD’s New Chips Could Finally Offer a Good Alternative to Intel in Laptops

AMD, buddy, we’ve missed you. A few years ago there was a genuine choice between laptops with Intel inside and those with AMD. Then Intel continued to update and improve its processors while AMD did not. It was a big bummer if you wanted options when picking out a laptop, and it was particularly painful for cheap laptop fans, as AMD-based laptops tend to be less costly than their Intel rivals. Now, finally, AMD is coming back into the mobile space and it claims it’s built the fastest processor you can fit into an ultra-thin notebook. Read More >>

What Happens to Facebook’s Mind Reading Project Now That Its Leader Is Gone?

Regina Dugan, a tech exec with roots in the government sector as the former director of the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), is leaving Facebook and her departure calls into question the status of one of the craziest things Facebook has been working on. Read More >>

This New Mac App Makes Navigating Your Contacts Less Nightmarish

I have not organized my contacts in the Apple Contacts app in nearly a decade. For every meticulously maintained contact (usually people I mail gifts to for the holidays) there are hundreds of other contacts polluting the field. So many it would take me a few days and a lot of wine to finally sort through them all. This is a problem, and one that Flexibits, the makers of the very excellent calendar app Fantastical, has been promising to fix. Finally, after years of development CardHop is here, and it’s a pretty damn good solution for anyone tired of messing with Contacts. Read More >>

Microsoft Made Pricey New Surface Books, Including a Giant One – They Seem Nice!

Microsoft is finally dragging its ambitious Surface Book line into the present day, refining the striking design and making this a laptop you can covet for reasons besides that funky hinge. Read More >>