Moto Z2 Force Still Has Those Sad Mods, But Maybe the Phone Will Be Good This Time

Motorola stands alone. Last year LG and Google both killed their respective modular phones. So the new Moto Z2 Force, with its small array of magnetic attachments, is the closest thing we have to a smartphones with customisable modular hardware. No one actually wants this, but that’s not stopping Motorola from doubling down and insisting that the modular phone’s time has arrived. Read More >>

Just How Dead Is Microsoft Paint?

This morning, Windows users woke to terrible news: Microsoft was reportedly axing its beloved Microsoft Paint. The program, which has been annotating our memes, creating our webcomics, and teaching us how to art since 1985, is on Microsoft’s list of Windows features to be removed or deprecated in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Read More >>

If You Actually Want to Play Games Get the New Nintendo 2DS XL

The Nintendo Switch exists, and is a fantastic gaming system that you can, in a pinch, play in a bar, a car, or on the train. Phones exist too, and the games on them are better than ever. So why the hell should you own anything else? Because games. The Switch’s library is still small, and smartphones still lack those games you can get lost in for days. So if you want a mobile system that can go anywhere and play some of the best games ever designed, you need something from the Nintendo 3DS family, which despite being seven years old, shows no signs of being at the end of its life any time soon. Read More >>

Even Intel Thinks Wearables Don’t Stand a Chance

Wearables are out and augmented reality is in over at Intel. CNBC is reporting that Intel completely shuttered its wearables division just two weeks ago, and the New Technologies group that housed the division is now focused on augmented reality. From one fad to another, Intel is trying to chase the next big thing. Read More >>

PlayStation’s VR Gun is a Deeply Satisfying New Way to Slaughter Aliens

I played a lot of make-believe as a child. I’d take my dad’s spare gun holster and draw guns made of air from it, or steal my sister’s cape, emblazoned with an S for her first name, and fly around like Superman. But you reach a point where making pew pew noises becomes gauche. So as an adult, if you want to play make believe without getting committed, you’ll need something like PlayStation VR’s Aim Controller. Read More >>

augmented reality
This AR-Equipped Laser Tag Game Is Light on the AR, But Heavy on the Fun

The pitch was Pokemon Go meets Call of Duty. I couldn’t quite fathom how that would turn into a cool as hell game, but it involved augmented reality, a key feature of Pokemon Go, and laser tag, and those are both very fun things. Then I sat down with the team from Skyrocket and got to actually hold one of the guns from its new Recoil laser tag system. “It’s AR adjacent,players” the PR rep said. My interest plummeted, but I gamely let them set up the demo and tried to play for an hour. While it quickly became clear this was only Pokemon Go meets Call of Duty in the most high brow theoretical sense, it was also clear that Recoil could be the best backyard laser tag system built yet. Read More >>

Amazon’s Kindle Is King–Why Would I Buy This Other E-reader?

I’ve got a struggle, everyone. I’ve been using the new Kobo Aura H2O off and on for the last few weeks, switching between reading on it with reading on my overpriced but super damn slick Amazon Kindle Oasis. The two aren’t entirely comparable: The Oasis costs £270 and the Kobo goes for £140. But the big difference between the two has nothing to do with price, or even hardware—it comes down to how I get the books on the Kobo. And as I plug the Aura into my laptop, again, to load on another book, again, I’m really forced to ask myself, again, why am I enduring this? Read More >>

Shooting the Moon With a Game Boy Camera Is Really Hard

By modern standards the Nintendo Game Boy Camera is crap. It takes 2-bit 128×112 pixel photos in crisp black and white. Intended to be viewed on the simple display of a Game Boy, the images the Game Boy Camera takes are always super pixellated and often require squinting just to figure out what the heck the subject is. Read More >>

Why Are We Not Talking About How Much Fun Wynonna Earp Is?

Looking at my DVR for the coming weeks and things are bleak. American Gods and The Handmaid's Tale are done, Game of Thrones isn't on the air yet, and Preacher and Orphan Black are brutally murdering fun characters and all our feelings. Summer is supposed to be the fun time, when colourful superheroes punch each other and landmarks inexplicably explode in a CG orgy and shows don't take themselves too seriously. Which is why I'm so happy watching Syfy's Wynonna Earp. Read More >>

Netflix Finds It in Its Heart to Give the Sense8 Fans What They Want

Sense8 is getting a two hour “episode” to wrap the story up and give the people what they want—all the sensates boning in the flesh. Read More >>

I’m Glad Microsoft Cancelled This Surface Mini

Look at that chunky monkey above. You might be inclined to think that’s a photoshopped iPad Mini in a really thick case. But you are wrong. The photo above is supposedly a picture of Microsoft’s Surface Mini—a Windows tablet that Microsoft reportedly axed just days before its expected announcement in 2014. Read More >>

Canon Might Finally Fix All the Problems In Its Cheapest Full Frame Camera

Canon is finally launching a new full frame camera. The Canon 6D Mark II is the first ever refresh to Canon’s cheapest full frame camera, the Canon 6D (now Canon 6D Mark I), and it might actually fix all the Mark I’s problems. Read More >>

Has the Age of Powerful and Convenient Gaming Laptops Finally Arrived?

A couple of weeks ago I was braving the big crowds of E3 to meet with the Nvidia team, and while I was ostensibly there to check out Destiny 2 on a PC, what I really wanted to know was what the hell Max-Q Design was. Nvidia announced its new design philosophy back in May, and I’d spent the intervening weeks unable to shake the sense that this was all just a great big marketing ploy—an acknowledgement that Nvidia’s most powerful GPUs often end up in great big computing monstrosities. Read More >>

The iPhone Forever Changed How We Read Takes on the Internet

Before the iPhone was released, there were very few iPhone takes on the internet. 10 years ago, that changed. Now there are lots of takes. Read More >>

Someone’s Trying to Adapt Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Series Again

One of the most influential science fiction series of all time is coming to television: according to Deadline, David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman are developing Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series. Read More >>