An Australian University Has Made Bendy Concrete From Waste

Concrete is, quite literally, the foundation of our society. Now scientists at Swinburne University in Melbourne have developed a new type of "bendable" concrete that could better withstand earthquakes. What makes this even sweeter is that it's made out of industrial waste. Read More >>

Google Cancels Google I/O Due To Coronavirus

The number of tech conferences actually going ahead right now is astonishingly slim, with Google the latest company to scale back its plans. Its annual Google I/O conference will instead take an "alternative format", most likely online. Read More >>

Your Netflix Habit Probably Isn’t Harming The Environment

Remember those reports that said the use of streaming services was generating billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide a year? A new analysis of figures suggests that they might have been out of whack – and not by a small proportion. Read More >>

You Can Pause Music With Google’s Motion Sense – But It Doesn’t Work All That Well

Google's tricky Motion Sensing radar can now see your hand hovering above your Pixel 4 phone and pause your music on command. It does work – sort of – but it's still very much in the "party trick" school of mobile phone gimmicks. Read More >>

Nokia 9.2 Leaks Hint at Quad Lenses and In-Display Selfie Shooter

Farewell, creepy spider-eyed lenses on the Nokia 9.1 Pureview. It looks as though your successor is going for a more traditional camera array at the back. It could be a very different story around the front, however. Read More >>

Latest Leaks Of Huawei’s P40 Suggest It’s a P30 Clone

Huawei's biggest innovations in recent years in the mobile space have tended to focus strongly on camera features and quality. The latest leaks surrounding its upcoming Huawei P40 Pro suggest it's not slowing down in that respect, even if it's going to produce a phone that looks a lot like the P30 Pro. Read More >>

Surface Duo Will Make Notifications Available With Just a Peek

How do you solve the problem of a folding dual screen phone with no external display? If you're Microsoft and you're hyping up the Microsoft Surface Duo, you do it by allowing simple details to be discerned simply by opening the device slightly. Read More >>

Microsoft Expects to Lose Money Due to Coronavirus

The impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus continues to hit tech companies, with Microsoft revising its profit forecasts for its OEM and Surface businesses as a result of the disruption it's causing in China. Read More >>

Samsung’s Next Foldable Phone Might Be 4G Only

Samsung's next foldable phone might skip out on 5G altogether, with US FCC filings pointing only to the existence of an LTE model. Read More >>

Would Huawei Return To Google? It Depends Who You Ask

Huawei is currently blocked from including Google apps and services on its smartphones, but if the trade ban was lifted, would it go back to the full Android phone? It depends on who at Huawei you ask. Read More >>

The EU’s Vote To Dump iPhone Lightning Cables: Everything You Need To Know

An EU vote to develop a standard smartphone charging cable standard totally did not go Apple's way this week, putting intense pressure on the smartphone giant to drop its proprietary lightning connector for iPhones and other iOS devices. It may be some time coming, but this could be the beginning of the end for the Lightning connector. Read More >>

Ring Confirms the Use of Third Party Trackers in its Mobile App

Ring has a strong reputation as a solid choice for home security, built largely around the Amazon-owned company's signature video doorbell. However, in recent times it's received just as much attention for the potential privacy issues surrounding the use of its products as it has for its engineering prowess. Read More >>

Google is Changing How Chrome Handles Payments, Starting With iPhones

After reports of fraudulent transactions, Google has decided to suspend paid Chrome extensions and switch to an interoperable W3C standard that will roll out on iOS first. Read More >>

Google Will Soon Translate And Transcribe Languages In Real Time

Google's upcoming Android app will be able to transcribe and translate as you go. However, you'll only be able to use it while connected to the internet at first. Read More >>

Tesla’s Autopilot Can Be Fooled With a Projector

Tesla's autopilot tool is generally considered the current gold standard in autonomous vehicles, although we learned in 2018 it can be fooled into thinking there's a human behind the wheel by simply placing an orange in the steering wheel. This is a human-introduced problem for autopilot, though, and Gizmodo Australia's reviews of Tesla's autopilot suggest that humans are often the issue. Read More >>