At Least One Dead After Hotel Partially Collapses in New Orleans

Portions of an under-construction Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans collapsed Saturday, killing at least one person and trapping several contractors inside according to local reports. Read More >>

Facebook’s Being Sued Over Look-A-Like Logo

Looks like Libra’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week isn’t over yet. In addition to major backers like PayPal, eBay, Stripe, Visa, and Mastercard dropping support for Facebook’s cryptocurrency project, now its logo has become the centre of a legal battle over alleged trademark infringement. Read More >>

space exploration
Check Out NASA’s Look for the Next Lunar Landing

With NASA’s new line of spacesuits, its next crew of lunar bound astronauts likely won’t look much different from Neil Armstrong et al. while hopping around on the Moon. They’ll be a hell of a lot more comfortable while taking that “one small step for man,” though. Read More >>

Microsoft Filed Patent for a Virtual Reality… Mat?

Microsoft might be working on a virtual reality mat to, at least in part, keep you from getting clotheslined by your coffee table yet again while ostensibly blinded by a VR headset. The company calls it a “virtual reality floor mat activity region” in the patent application it filed to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week. Read More >>

U.S. FDA Urges Consumers to Avoid THC Vapes Amid Lung Disease Outbreak

Don’t use vapes containing THC, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned Friday as it continues to investigate a recent epidemic of a mysterious lung disease that seems connected to vaping. Any vaping products purchased from illicit or unknown sources should also be avoided, the FDA said, which honestly is just a good rule of thumb for most drugs amid a burgeoning health crisis. Read More >>

Purported Leaked Pixel 4 Demos Show Off Improved Google Assistant

As the self-appointed “friend who looks everything up,” I’m open to any app or update that might make my constant fact-checking less of a production. With the “new Google Assistant” on the Pixel 4, issuing a command or query may become as simple as raising your phone and asking away. Read More >>

PayPal Drops Support for Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency Scheme

A few days after the Wall Street Journal reported that a few corporate supporters of Facebook’s cryptocurrency were considering bowing out of its so-called “crypto mafia”, PayPal became the first to do so Friday, announcing that it will no longer participate in the Libra Association. Read More >>

Apple Offers Repairs for Your Broken iPhone 6s So Long As It’s Affected by a Very Specific Fault

If you’re an Apple user who’s still rocking an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus and it suddenly started refusing to turn on, don’t worry: it’s Apple’s fault, not yours. Read More >>

Zuckerberg Livestreams Facebook’s Internal Q&A in Response to Audio Leaks

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the unprecedented call to publicly livestream the company’s weekly Q&A session with employees Thursday after audio recordings from similar meetings in July were leaked and published earlier this week. Read More >>

TikTok Kicks Political Ads Off Its Platform Because Screw That Noise

Looks like there will be at least one online safe haven from the flood of political ads our feeds see: TikTok, of all places. Read More >>

Elon Musk’s Tweeting Broke the Law This Time, Judge Rules, And His Isn’t the Only Bad Take

These past few weeks have not been great for arsehole bosses on Twitter. Read More >>

ASOS Is Selling Useless Earbuds, But, Hey, They Kind of Look like AirPods

Love them or hate them, AirPods have quickly become an iconic flex among the millennial and Gen Z crowds. Apple’s wireless earbuds are a not-so-subtle way to broadcast you’ve got money to burn on their high sticker price and any subsequent replacements after you inevitably lose one of the ridiculously tiny buggers. Read More >>

Nintendo’s Week-Old Switch Lite Added to Joy-Con Drift Lawsuit

In the ongoing saga of Nintendo’s Joy-Con drift problem, it appears even the Switch Lite isn’t immune. On Saturday complaints about the barely week-old system were added to a class-action lawsuit against Nintendo. Read More >>

Microsoft, Cisco Talos Discover Malware Campaign That Turns PCs Into “Zombie Proxies”

A newly discovered strain of malware transforms PCs into what Microsoft ominously calls “zombie proxies” using otherwise legitimate programs, and the company claims it’s infected thousands of computers across the U.S. and Europe. Read More >>

Sorry, Google Play Music, YouTube Music Is Now Android’s Default Player

It looks like Google’s dessert-themed naming scheme isn’t the only thing getting replaced with Android 10. YouTube Music is kicking Google Play Music aside as Android’s prepackaged music player, YouTube announced on Friday. The app will come bundled with all devices launching with Android 10. Read More >>