Police Intervene After Amazon’s ‘Mrs. Maisel’ Promotion Is So Good, It Stops Traffic

Amazon’s latest promotion for its Emmy-nominated comedy The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel—dialling back prices around the US city of Los Angeles to reflect the show’s 1959 setting—proved so popular that police had to temporarily shut it down Thursday, according to a local ABC affiliate. Read More >>

Report: Huawei Could Get 90 More Days to Buy American Parts to Fill Pre-Blacklist Orders

Though US trade sanctions are still in effect, Huawei Technologies will have an additional 90 days to buy from American companies so it can wrap up work with existing customers, according to a Reuters report. Read More >>

Nintendo Says That Rumoured Switch Exchange Deal is Fake News

So you know all those reports earlier this week about a Nintendo Switch exchange program? Yeah, turns out it was all a bunch of crap. The Verge published an official statement from a Nintendo rep on Saturday debunking the deal. Read More >>

Report: Facebook Content Mods Say Company Therapists Were Forced to Share Session Details

Adding to an already ridiculously long list of complaints, now Facebook’s content moderators say a higher-up asked company-appointed counsellors to share their confidential information, according to a new report from the Intercept. Read More >>

Study on Amazon and Fake CDs Makes Sweeping Claims After Testing Fewer Than 100 Albums

It’s no secret that Amazon struggles to keep fake products off its online marketplace, and it has for a while now. So when a new study made headlines this week for supposedly finding that a quarter of CDs “Fulfilled by Amazon” are knock-offs, it wasn’t exactly a shocker. But this alarming statistic becomes decidedly less so when you realise how many counterfeits these researchers actually found: nine. In total. Read More >>

Twitter’s Testing Another New Message Filter to Weed Out Abuse in Your DMs

In Twitter’s ongoing crusade against the rampant abuse on its platform that it keeps promising to address (no, legit guys) (this time for realsies), the company recently announced it’s testing a new filter to hopefully help keep trash out of your DMs. Read More >>

Microsoft Confirms Your Cortana and Skype Recordings Aren’t Private Either, Surprising No One

At this point, if you don’t want strangers to listen to recordings from your devices, it’s looking like you may just have to go off the grid. On Thursday, Microsoft became the latest tech giant to admit it uses human contractors to review its users’ audio. So in case you’ve lost track by now, that list also includes Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google. Read More >>

So, Salmon Cannons are a Thing

A viral video’s been making the rounds this week of what looks like some kind of pneumatic tube coaster/aquatic Uber service to help transport fish to wherever the hell fish need to go. It’s an invention of the Washington-based company Whooshh Innovations, and their other fish-handling gadgets have similarly goofy names such as the FishFaucet, the Burst Buster, and the FishL Study Buddy. Read More >>

Amazon Plans to Open an Off-Licence Because Hey, Why Not

Amazon is trying to set up a physical off-licence in San Francisco, Business Insider reported Saturday, which means soon you may get to act out your drunk Amazon purchases in real-time. Read More >>

north korea
Trump Says North Korean Dictator Sent Him An Apology Note for Country’s Recent Missile Tests

Hours after North Korea purportedly launched its fifth round of short-range missile testing in the last few weeks, President Donald Trump let the world know in a series of Saturday morning tweets that at least the country’s dictator Kim Jong Un wrote him a letter apologising for it. Read More >>

Ring Promised Swag to Users Who Dob on Their Neighbours

On top of turning their doorbell video feeds into a police surveillance network, Amazon’s home security subsidiary, Ring, also once tried to entice people with swag bags to snitch on their neighbours, Motherboard reported on Friday. Read More >>

YouTube’s Moderators Say It’s Not Your Imagination: Popular Creators Do Get Away With More

Content creators have a lot of complaints about YouTube, but one you’ll hear most often is how the platform seems to give its high-profile accounts more leniency when it comes to content moderation. But there’s a simple explanation for this: that’s because it does, according to nearly a dozen YouTube moderators interviewed in a Washington Post [paywall] report released on Friday. Read More >>

French Inventor Hoverboards Across the English Channel, Manages Not to Crash This Time

We all know that age-old adage: if you don’t succeed, try, try again. Sometimes you’ve just got to pick yourself up by your bootstraps, get back on your hoverboard, and give crossing that English Channel another go. Read More >>

climate change
Greenland Lost 12.5 Billion Tonnes of Ice in Record-Breaking, Single-Day Meltdown

After Greenland spent a good portion of July on fire, last week’s heatwave similarly scorched the country’s ice sheet, triggering a meltdown affecting roughly 60 percent of its surface. On Thursday alone, new data shows the ice shelf lost 12.5 billion tonnes to surface melting, its largest single-day loss in recorded history, the Washington Post reported. Read More >>

Amazon Adds Option to Keep Contractors From Eavesdropping on Your Alexa Requests

Alexa users who don’t want their recordings reviewed by third-party contractors finally have an option to opt-out thanks to a new Amazon policy implemented amid mounting criticism against the company and its voice assistant competitors, Apple and Google. Read More >>