Hospitals in U.S. Turn to 3D-Printed Donations for Sorely Needed Supplies in Covid-19 Outbreak

A network of 3D printer-users has stepped in to help hospitals in the U.S. grappling with critical shortages of protective gear and other vital medical supplies during the Covid-19 pandemic, NPR reports. It’s the latest unorthodox emergency measure American health workers, who are pleading for equipment, have been increasingly forced to rely on as their country has soared past all others in total confirmed cases. Read More >>

U.S. Lawmakers Demand Amazon Gets Serious About Worker Safety Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

Following several alarming reports about Amazon’s meagre response to the Covid-19 pandemic, U.S. lawmakers are demanding answers regarding how the richest corporation in the world plans to keep its employees safe. Read More >>

Google Boots InfoWars App Off Play Store Over Bogus Coronavirus Claims

Google has finally kicked the Infowars app from its Play Store, the company confirmed to multiple outlets on Friday. The tech giant’s app store was one of the last major bastions for conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, as his show (and all the extremist views and tainted supplements it touts) has been booted from nearly every mainstream online platform. Read More >>

Haven’t Grabbed Your Apple Store Pickup Yet? You’re Screwed Until Further Notice

Though all Apple retail locations outside of China technically closed on March 14 in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the company provided customers with a two-day window to collect in-store pickups or any devices previously left for repairs. That grace period expired last week, and if you haven’t already visited an Apple store to retrieve your device, sad to say, you won’t be able to for the foreseeable future. Read More >>

Twitter Uses Its Blue-Checkmark System for Good and Streamlines Verification for Covid-19 Experts

Twitter has announced that it’s ramping up the verification process for its infamously arcane blue-checkmark system and prioritising qualified health professionals in the face of this ongoing pandemic. Read More >>

Google Assistant Now Sings You Through the Proper Way to Wash Your Hands

As part of a collaboration with the World Health Organization, Google announced a new Assistant command Friday to walk (or, rather, sing) users through one of the most basic yet crucial defences against spreading potentially fatal contagions: washing your hands. Read More >>

YouTube Launches Verified Coronavirus Coverage Hub on Homepage

In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, YouTube announced Thursday that its homepage will now feature a news shelf of trustworthy COVID-19 coverage for users to easily source up-to-date news. Read More >>

TikTok Says It’ll No Longer Moderate Overseas Content With China-Based Staff: Report

In an effort to assuage US national security concerns, TikTok announced that it’s no longer relying on China-based moderators to screen content from overseas. Instead, it will shift those jobs abroad, according to a recent Wall Street Journal Report. Read More >>

Trump Extends Travel Ban to UK and Ireland, Tests Negative for COVID-19

Now if only he would stop shaking so many people’s hands. Read More >>

Trump Blindsides Google With Announcement That It’s Building a Nationwide U.S. Screening Site [Updated]

During a press conference on Friday to declare the novel coronavirus outbreak a national emergency in the U.S. – “two very big words”, mind you – President Donald Trump and other White House members touted a coronavirus screening website supposedly being developed by Google that would soon be available nationwide. According to Trump, 1,700 Google engineers are working on this project and “they have made tremendous progress” so far. Read More >>

Disney to Stream Frozen 2 Early Because the World’s on Fire

The Mouse might have had a rocky start with its foray into the streaming world, but bringing Frozen 2 to Disney+ early amidst a health emergency that has tonnes of people across the world cooped up inside is one heck of a power move. Read More >>

Google, Facebook Contractors Still Expected On Site Amid Outbreak While Full-Time Staff Works Remote

The tumultuous divide between full-time staff and contract workers at Facebook and Google has come to a head recently, with this distinction now purportedly determining who deserves to work from home amid an ongoing global pandemic. Read More >>

The Coronavirus Outbreak Has Airlines Running Empty ‘Ghost’ Flights

Europe employs a “use it or lose it” system to determine an airline’s flight slots, so what are operators to do when a global outbreak tanks flight demands? The answer: “ghost” flights. Read More >>

Dozens Trapped After a Chinese Hotel Being Used for Coronavirus Quarantine Collapses

A hotel in southeastern China collapsed Saturday, trapping about 70 people among the wreckage, Reuters reported. According to local media outlets, the building had recently become a quarantine centre due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. Read More >>

These VFX Artists Made a Tupac Deepfake to Rap with Snoop Dogg

I’m going to go ahead and file that under “headlines I never imagined I’d be writing in 2020.” Read More >>