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Alphabet CEO Sides With EU on Facial-Recognition Tech Moratorium, But Microsoft Isn’t Convinced

Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently came out in support of a European Union proposal for instating a temporary ban on facial-recognition technology until officials beef up privacy regulations. Read More >>

SpaceX Blows Up Rocket, Aces Emergency Escape Test

Just over a minute into its flight, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket exploded in a fiery burst some 12 miles above the ground in what CEO Elon Musk later described as a “picture perfect mission.” That’s because the crew capsule atop it had ejected exactly as planned, successfully simulating an emergency escape and thus bringing the company one step closer to shuttling astronauts to the International Space Station. Read More >>

Lexus Designers Draw Up Some Sweet Lunar Rides

Even if NASA does somehow end up making its 2024 Moon landing deadline, it still has another big problem to reckon with: How to get its astronauts around in style. Because let’s face it, Boeing’s bare-bones moon buggy of yesteryear is so mid-century gauche. Read More >>

Check Out the Historic Weekend Blizzard Canadians Are Still Digging Out Of

It’s been one hell of a weekend in eastern Canada. Less of a “snow day,” more of a – and, yes, this is a real weather term – “bomb cyclone.” The capital of Newfoundland, St. John’s, was hit with 30 inches of snow in 24 hours, shattering a previous record, the Weather Channel reported. Officials also recorded snowdrifts as high as 15 feet on some highways, more than a few of which required help from Canadian armed forces to clear. Read More >>

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Puerto Rico Struck by 5.9-Magnitude Shock Amid Week of Devastating Seismic Activity

A magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck Puerto Rico on Saturday morning, one of three powerful shocks to wrack the island recently following weeks of smaller quakes. The shake further exacerbated the devastating effects left from last week Tuesday’s 6.4 magnitude earthquake, the strongest the area’s felt in nearly a century. Read More >>

Why Won’t Jeff Bezos Send Dick Pics to Help Save the Koalas?

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been making headlines lately after giving £531,000 (1 million in Australian dollars) to help Australia recover after devastating bushfires burned 26.4 million acres (and counting). Read More >>

After Saving a Species Through Sheer Horniness, This Tortoise is Heading Home

One absolute unit of a tortoise is retiring from his rampant sex crusade after practically single-handedly saving his species from extinction. Read More >>

Pokémon Go Somehow Still Relevant in the Year of Our Lord 2020

Remember the bygone era of 2016? Oh, to return to that sanguine time, where instead of fretting over deadly vaping illnesses and the possibility of World War III, we all held hands and sang kumbaya united by a serious case of Pokémon Go fever. Read More >>

Iran Says It “Unintentionally” Shot Down Ukrainian Airlines Flight

Iran’s military admitted to “unintentionally” shooting down a Ukrainian International Airlines passenger jet that crashed shortly after takeoff earlier this week, per a recent Associated Press report. Read More >>

Amazon Employees Leak Customer Data to Third-Party Agent (Again)

Online retail giant Amazon fired several employees this week after they leaked private customer data to an undisclosed third-party. If reading that gives you some serious déjà vu, it’s probably because the same damn thing happened less than six months ago. Read More >>

Trump Starts 2020 With a New Bid to Ignore Climate Change

In its first environmental rollback of the new year, the Trump administration aims to weaken regulations that require U.S. federal agencies to consider climate change when assessing the environmental impacts of new infrastructure projects, the New York Times reported Thursday. Read More >>

Google Suspends Xiaomi’s Nest Integration After User Appears to Pick Up Strangers’ Camera Feeds

Google has cut off access to its Nest Hub and Assistant for Xiaomi devices after a user was reportedly able to view still images from other camera owners upon linking his Xiaomi camera to his Google account. Android Police first reported on the incident after a Reddit user posted about the disturbing encounter. Read More >>

Google Search Now Has a (I’ll Probably Never) Watchlist

There is entirely too much content out there – so much so that plenty of people find it quite literally overwhelming. And trying to keep track of all those horror movies and melodramatic reality shows and whodunnits starring Chris Evans in a cable knit sweater (oh ok, fine. There’s only one of those. But I’m optimistic for the future.) Read More >>

Samsung’s Incubator Lab Is Making Indoor Sunlight and a Robot Friend That Definitely Won’t Murder You

Samsung’s in-house incubator programme, Creative Lab, has developed a reputation for brewing off-the-wall innovations it feels like few people, if any, asked for. Since opening its doors in 2012, it’s spawned projects like a 360-degree wearable camcorder, an AI-driven desk lamp, and a recording app specifically geared toward the ASMR crowd. Now the company’s pulled back the curtain ahead of next month’s showcase at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, revealing several new creations from its C-Lab cohorts. Read More >>

More Galaxy S11 Leaks Appear to Settle the Samsung Flagship’s Most Debated Feature

Are you tired of all these Galaxy S11 rumours yet? Well too damn bad. Because it looks like we’re rounding out the year with a purported first look at the Samsung flagship’s final camera configuration following other leaked details about its size and, possibly, a new naming convention to match the new decade. Read More >>