Inside the ‘Wild and Almost Unimaginable’ World of Cave Diving

If one thing’s clear from Jill Heinerth’s breathtaking new memoir on her life as a professional cave diver, it’s that this unusual career path requires serious mettle. Read More >>

Underland Reimagines Nature Writing About an Increasingly Unnatural World

Traditional nature writing explores the majesty of earth’s topographies—its fields and streams and mountains—those sunlit places bursting with blues and greens. Such writing reminds us of the beauty of pristine nature and evokes a desire to get out of our concrete cities and into the wild. In the extraordinary Underland: A Deep Time Journey, Robert Macfarlane offers a different view of earth. He goes where sunlight can’t—into the interior of the planet —to excavate our relationships with darkness and the unknown. What he reveals is both chilling and wondrous. Read More >>

How We Turned Gulls Into Trash Birds

For most of his life, British author and BBC radio producer Tim Dee has been a birdwatcher. But it’s not finches and sparrows that have captured his heart—it’s gulls, those large, squawking sea birds with a fondness for discarded chips. While many of us think of gulls as little more than flying rats, Dee is loves to study gull behaviour in landfills across Britain. He also helps to net and ring them for scientific research. Read More >>