The US Air Force’s New Robot Can Fly Any Plane and Turn It Into an Autonomous Drone

Unmanned aircraft are the future of military aviation, minimising the risks to human pilots during dangerous missions and hazardous operations. Autonomous planes have already been put into service but the US Air Force is now testing a robot that can pilot the military’s existing fleet of aircraft, making any plane autonomous with minimal modifications. Read More >>

This Company Claims to Have Invented an AirPower-like Charging Mat That Actually Works

Announced when Apple added wireless charging to the iPhone, the AirPower charging pad was never to see the light of day. The company was vague about why the product never panned out, simply claiming it did not achieve Apple’s high standards. Everyone assumed that if a company that spends billions on R&D couldn’t crack the tech, no one could, but it looks like a small outfit has at least come close. Read More >>

Thirty Years Later, This Handheld Version of the Original Carmen Sandiego Is Still Better Than School Work

Thirty years ago if you offered a kid the choice between playing Super Mario Bros. and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, the plumber would always win. But if asked to choose between studying fractions and playing an educational video game in the school computer lab, who wouldn’t go the Carmen route? It was the first computer game many kids ever played, and that experience can now be replayed anywhere with this handheld recreation of the original version of the game. Read More >>

THX’s New Deep Note Trailer Brings Back All the Cinema Feels

Do you remember how disappointed you were, years ago, when you got to the cinema only to find out the THX showing of the movie you came to see was sold out? THX-approved cinemas are few and far between now, but they’re still out there, and will soon be playing a new version of the brand’s iconic Deep Note trailer which you can preview on YouTube. Read More >>

Scientists Create a Healthier Butter-Like Spread Made from 80 Per Cent Water

As delicious as butter is—adding flavour and texture to almost any food—it’s not the healthiest thing to smear on toast. Oil-based spreads like margarine are often considered a better heart-smart alternative, but food scientists at Cornell University have come up with what could be the ultimate butter substitute made primarily from water. Read More >>

Typing on the iPhone Sounds Amazing With the Original Mac Keyboard Attached

One of the new features that will arrive with iOS 13 next month is support for a mouse. It should help push the iPad closer to being a true laptop replacement for many users, but YouTuber Napabar found an even better use for the feature: upgrading his iPhone X with both an original Macintosh computer and mouse. Read More >>

Yubico Makes It a Lot Easier to Use a Physical Security Key on Older iPhones For Super-Secure Logins

A hardware security key adds an almost bulletproof second layer of security for your password-protected accounts and info, but using them with mobile devices like iPhones has been less than straightforward. Today, Yubico is hoping to streamline that process with its new YubiKey 5Ci security key which is the first to feature both a Lightning connector for iOS devices and USB-C. Read More >>

Engineers Will Love this Dead Calculator Hacked Into a Wireless Keyboard

On the surface, hacking a broken calculator to serve as a Bluetooth ‘keyboard’ for a calculator app on a smartphone seems like hacking for hacking’s sake. But we all know how frustrating a touchscreen keyboard can be for anything but short messages, so for engineers or mathematicians crunching numbers all day, this hack might actually be genius? Read More >>

Nintendo Is Apparently Giving New Switch Owners a Free Upgrade to Version 2

Is there anything worse than buying something only to see the company release a new and improved version just a few weeks later? Nintendo feels your pain, and if you purchased a Switch, the original version, after July 17, the company will let you swap it for the newer version, as long as you pay for return shipping. Read More >>

Panasonic Hid a Security Camera Inside a Lamp That Will Stand Out Like a Sore Thumb

There’s certainly something to be said for cleverly hiding an object in plain sight, but Panasonic’s new incognito wireless security cameras are camouflaged inside a conspicuously tall floor lamp that doesn’t really look like a floor lamp, inevitably leading to visitors taking a closer inspection to figure out what it is, and discovering its secret. Read More >>

star trek
Patrick Stewart Might Be Responsible for How We All Say Data Now

Pop culture can have a huge effect on society, influencing how we dress, what we eat, what we say (“hasta la vista, baby”), and even how we pronounce certain words. Brent Spiner believes the way we all say the word “data” now was directly influenced by his Star Trek: The Next Generation co-star Patrick Stewart. Read More >>

Nintendo’s Latest Filing With US FCC Hints at SNES Games Finally Coming to the Switch

To coincide with the launch of the Nintendo Switch Online service which included a bunch of classic 8-bit games as part of the subscription, Nintendo also released a pair of NES gamepad shaped Joy-Cons to round out the retro experience. So putting two and two together, a recent Nintendo filing with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for a wireless Super Nintendo controller hints that 16-bit titles might finally be en route for the online service as well. Read More >>

A Sci-Fi Looking Robotic Neck Brace Lets ALS Patients Hold Their Heads High Again

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, better known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a neurodegenerative condition that affects muscle strength and control, eventually leaving patients unable to even hold their own heads up. To improve their quality of life, researchers and engineers at Columbia University have created a robotic neck brace that serves as artificial neck muscles so patients can lift their heads and perform day to day activities we all take for granted. Read More >>

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This Life-Size Dart-Blasting Turret From Portal Will Protect Your Cake

It’s taken a little over 12 years, but one of the amazing technologies featured in the game Portal has finally been recreated in real life. No, sadly not the actual portal-making gun, but the autonomous robotic turret sentries that can identify and dispose of targets. Instead of live ammo, however, this 3D-printed replica blasts Nerf darts at unsuspecting lab intruders or escapees. Read More >>

Adobe’s New Painting App Is a Tantalising Sneak Peek at the iPad’s Future

First announced last October, Adobe Fresco is the company’s next-generation painting and illustration app for tablets that harnesses AI smarts to allow artists to work with digital tools that behave and feel like traditional brushes and paints. We got an early look at the app before its release later this year, and while it’s missing a few key features, it’s still an exciting look at the next big evolution of mobile devices like the iPad. Read More >>