Can You Find the Perfectly-Camouflaged Snow Leopard Hidden On This Mountainside?

There’s a good reason it’s so difficult for photographers and film crews to capture the elusive snow leopard in the wild. The animal’s not only a master of stealth, it also sports a patterned fur coat that turns it nearly invisible in its natural habitat. Can you find the big cat sneaking up on its prey in this amazing photo by wildlife photographer Inger Vandyke? Read More >>

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Watching This Exterminator Remove a Gigantic Hornet’s Nest Sent My Heart Racing

If the sound of a single mosquito buzzing near your ear is enough to send you running, you might want to skip this video of a Louisiana exterminator battling what is easily the largest hornet’s nest I’ve ever seen in my life, hiding inside someone’s backyard shed. Read More >>

NASA’s New Titanium Airless Tires Are Nearly Indestructible

Stretch a Slinky toy too far, and eventually the metal coil will be warped so much it won’t be able to return to its original spring shape. That’s a problem also faced by the metal spring tires designed to roll across our Moon, and other planets our rovers are exploring. But NASA has created an alternative, made from titanium, that can tackle any terrain and always return to its original tire shape. Read More >>

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Hundreds of Perfectly-Choreographed Printers Are the Real Stars of This Fun Music Video 

By now the band OK Go is better known for its over-the-top, impossibly choreographed music videos than its actual music. So much so that you can enjoy the music video for its new song, “Obsession,” without actually having to turn your speakers up. It’s a visual treat starring a wall of 540 printers used to create a perpetually-changing backdrop. Read More >>

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Your Christmas Decorations Can’t Compete With the Light-Up Millennium Falcon on This Family’s Roof

If you’re the type of person who doesn't really care for holiday decorating frenzy, be thankful you don’t live near Colby Powell and his family. They built a light-up Millennium Falcon on the roof of their house that measures almost 29 feet long. Read More >>

This Double-Handed Glove Lets You Hold Four Beers Instead of Just Two

Federico Ciccarese and his company, Youbionic, imagine a not-too-distant future where everything we see is enhanced through augmented reality, and our body’s ability to interact with the world is upgraded through augmented physicality. What does that look like? For starters, a £1,600+ 3D-printed glove that puts two hands on the end of your arms, instead of just one. Read More >>

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Tesla Should Consider Building This Car Powered By a Giant Mouse Trap

On its quest to free the world from the burden of petrol, Tesla has unfortunately hit some speed bumps with the production of its Model 3. So instead of relying on batteries and electricity for power, perhaps the company should consider this four-wheeled contraption which runs on a gigantic spring-powered mouse trap. Read More >>

This Brilliant Peelable Paint Is a Screen Protector For Every Surface In Your Home

If you’re as protective of your gadgets as I am, you’ve probably got a screen protector ready to apply to your new phone as soon as you’ve taken it out of the box. But how do you protect all the other surfaces in your home you don’t want getting dinged and dented? You cover it with this perfectly clear screen protector paint. Read More >>

One of the Most Famous Movie Robots of All Time Just Sold for £4 Million

Long before robots like R2-D2 or the Terminator hit the silver screen, a 1956 movie called Forbidden Planet featured a humanoid automaton that, in all likelihood, blew your grandparents’ minds. Robby the Robot might be primitive by today’s movie prop standards, but the three-piece costume is so iconic that it recently sold at a Bonhams auction in New York for a staggering $5,375,000 (£4,043,613). Read More >>

I’m Completely Hypnotised by These Strutting Randomly-Generated Monsters

If you scroll through your phone, you’ll undoubtedly find a bunch of novelty apps you rarely use. The same fate could eventually befall a simple PC and Mac app called Random Access Character that generates an infinite number of bizarre characters using random shapes and textures—but only if you somehow get tired of watching them sassily stroll across your screen. Read More >>

Silly String Was Originally Designed to Be an Instant Spray-on Cast For Broken Bones

Some of humanity’s greatest inventions were created by accident. Corn Flakes were originally meant to be a dough made from boiled wheat, Silly Putty was supposed to be an artificial rubber, and Silly String was designed by a chemist to be an instant spray-on cast, but went on to become a fun way to ambush party goers and newlyweds. Read More >>

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Watch This Perfectly-Timed Bus Block a Livestream of the Georgia Dome, Right as it Implodes

A building implosion is a one-time thing; once a structure has been razed, there’s no resetting for a take two. That’s why The Weather Channel set up its livestream camera of the Georgia Dome’s demolition over half an hour before the first scheduled kaboom—except it forgot to double-check the local bus schedule. Read More >>

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This Guy Is Living My Fantasy of Flying Like a Bird

Even with the hours of preamble as I shuffle through the airport to my gate, flying is still an amazing experience for me. But taking off in a commercial airliner isn’t anywhere near as magical as the way Jean-Baptiste Chandelier takes flight in this stylishly-edited new video, which makes paragliding look as close to being a bird as any human can hope to be. Read More >>

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This Mind-Bending Archer Fires Arrows That Change Direction in Mid-Air

Archer Lars Andersen doesn’t post a lot of videos to his YouTube channel. But when he does, it’s to show off a mind-melting new trick he’s mastered, like getting arrows to change direction mid-flight so that he can hit targets hidden behind obstacles that he can’t actually see. Read More >>

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YouTube’s Craziest Inventor Built a Giant Sword-Launching Slingshot

Amateur life-risker Joerg Sprave has successfully built custom slingshots capable of firing everything from bowling balls, to Christmas trees, to lethal Lego bricks. His latest creation, a slingshot that can launch full-size swords, is as ludicrous-sounding as it is awesome to see in action. Read More >>