Useful Tool Lets You Secretly Rickroll Zoom Meetings So You Never Get Invited to Conference Calls Again

Creative technologist Matt Reed continues to make quarantine more bearable for all of us. First he blessed us with a tool that adds an AI-powered duplicate of yourself to Zoom meetings. His newest creation is perhaps even more useful, allowing you to Rickroll your co-workers. There’s a good chance your next Zoom meeting will be the last you’re ever invited to. Read More >>

Amputee Builds a Set of Incredibly Articulate Prosthetic Fingers All Powered by Wrist Movements

When Ian Davis was just 17-years-old, he built a myoelectric prosthetic arm and hand for a high school project. Almost 30 years later, he’s still using what he learned but for his own benefit now, after having four fingers on his left hand amputated in 2018. His prostheticdesigned and built all by himself, is astonishingly lifelike, despite containing no electronics whatsoever. Read More >>

There’s Now a Slimmer Xbox Controller For Microsoft’s xCloud Game Streaming Service

The obvious choice for playing your favourite Xbox One games through Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service is the Bluetooth version of the Xbox One controller, but it’s by no means a tiny gamepad. If you’re after something a little more svelte (and more affordable) 8Bitdo has created the which includes an adjustable clip for your Android smartphone. Read More >>

Sony’s Wearable Air Conditioner Is Finally Available to Help Make the Summer Less Sweltering

First revealed last Summer with an intended release to coincide with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Sony’s wearable personal air conditioner is finally available for sale to help you battle the Summer heat when you occasionally step outside to brave the sun’s rage and the ongoing pandemic. Read More >>

Razer’s First Non-Gaming Headphones Give You a Sony-Like Experience For Less

Countless companies have tried to dethrone Sony from its noise-cancelling headphone throne, but none have succeeded. Now Razer is taking a different approach with its first pair of headphones designed for a wider consumer audience – not just gamers – by paying homage to the Queen with a look that emulates Sony’s excellent and much-loved WH-1000XM3s. You can definitely hear the difference between the two, but with a price tag that’s £130 cheaper than Sony’s, the Razer Opus is a compelling alternative. Read More >>

Who Framed Roger Rabbit’s Most Traumatising Death Scene Recreated With Coloured Crayons

On paper, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, featuring cartoon characters from both the Disney and Warner Bros. worlds, sounds like the perfect kids film. In reality, it’s got some rather unsettling moments, including the death of the film’s antagonist, Judge Doom, which is made all the more horrific here thanks to melting crayons. Read More >>

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You’ll Look Forward to Cutting the Lawn When You Turn Your Ride-On Mower Into a Tank

A house with a sprawling lawn might be the aspiration of anyone stuck in a tiny apartment, but there’s a downside to that dream: your lawn doesn’t cut itself. To make the weekly chore more bearable, Jason Hibbs of Bourbon Moth Woodworking turned his riding mower into a miniature tank that mows down everything in its path – not just grass. Read More >>

Artificial Feathers Let This Robotic Bird Fly With Incredible Agility

Over the years, Festo, a German automation company with a penchant for robots, has designed countless Mother Nature-inspired automatons that swimhop, and fly like their real-world counterparts. That includes robotic birds, which have now been upgraded with fake feathers that allow the robots to soar through the air with the same manoeuvrability and agility as the real thing. Read More >>

Tape Storage Could Soon Crush Hard Drives With 400TB Capacities

If you’ve got a mountain of digital data to store but don’t necessarily need to access it every day, tape cartridges are the way to go. Twelve terabytes of storage will set you back a few hundred quid these days, but in the coming years, Fujifilm believes it can push the technology to 400TB capacities in a single cartridge. Read More >>

I Miss the Sony Watchman

A lifelong obsession with technology has left me with drawers full of gadgets, many of which I don’t even remember buying. But the very first? That memory remains crystal clear. It was a Sony, one of the company’s first truly pocket-friendly portable TVs, and it remains one of my favourite gadgets of all time. Read More >>

This £16 Rainbow Card Turns Your Smartphone Into a Highly Accurate Colour Picker

Designers often rely on their smartphones for snapping a quick photo of something that inspires them, but Pantone has found a way to turn their smartphone into a genuine design tool. As part of a new online service, it’s created a small card that can be used to accurately sample real world colours by simply holding the card against an object and taking a photo. Read More >>

The Creators of Pokémon Go Are Now Working on a Settlers of Catan AR Game

In a blog post on its website yesterday, Niantic, the company behind the somehow-still-popular Pokémon Go augmented reality smartphone game, revealed it was working on at least 10 new AR games including one that turns your neighbourhood and city into one of the most popular board games since Monopoly: Settlers of Catan. Read More >>

Disney’s Developed Movie-Quality Face-Swapping Technology That Promises to Change Filmmaking

In a few short years, neural-network-powered automated face swaps have gone from being mildly convincing to eerily believable. But through new research from Disney, neural face-swapping is poised to become a legitimate and high-quality tool for visual effects studios working on Hollywood blockbusters. Read More >>

A Special Effects Company Built a Robotic Dolphin so Aquariums Won’t Have to Keep Real Ones in Captivity

You don’t need to have seen documentaries like The Cove to feel uneasy about whales, sharks, and dolphins being held captive in tiny tanks at aquariums and theme parks. But instead of eliminating those experiences completely, which can help educate the public about these creatures, robots, like this self-contained swimming dolphin, could instead be the star attractions. Read More >>

The iPad Will Soon Allow Gamers to Play Using a Mouse and Keyboard

As Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference gets under way, we’re starting to see more and more features of its updated operating systems not revealed during yesterday’s opening keynote. That includes the ability to play games on the iPad using a mouse and keyboard instead of the touchscreen or a gamepad. Read More >>