You’ll Need Over 7,000 Pieces and 32 Motors to Build This Lego Go-Kart You Can Actually Ride

If you haven’t been able to scrounge up a few hundred quid to improve your daily commute with an electric scooter, there might be an alternative hiding in your parents’ basement. This electric go-kart is made entirely from Lego, so if you’ve got bins and bins of plastic bricks left over from your childhood, it might be time to dust them all off and get building. Read More >>

A New Skill Could Let Smart Speakers Monitor a Sleeping Baby’s Breathing and Movement

For the first few months, life with a new baby at home is filled with stress and worry. Are they sleeping okay? Have they rolled over too far? Are they still breathing? But there could soon be some relief to all the anxiety as researchers have come up with a clever new trick for smart speakers that allows them to monitor an infant’s sleeping without any hardware upgrades. Read More >>

The Ultimate Game Boy Clone Perfectly Plays Every Classic Handheld Game You Ever Loved

It’s become painfully clear that Nintendo has no plans to release a throwback console to celebrate the Game Boy’s 30th birthday this year. But you won’t lament the Game Boy Classic Edition not happening now that the Analogue Pocket has been revealed. It’s a portable console that flawlessly plays cartridges from almost every portable game system every made on a glorious hi-res screen: and without sloppy emulation. Read More >>

My Brain Needs This Hack That Syncs Your Car’s Windshield Wipers to the Beat of Your Music

When driving in the pouring rain, I usually stick to talk radio — or turn the car’s stereo off completely because my brain gets really unhappy when the rhythmic motion of the windshield wipers doesn’t match the beat of a song. I guess I’m not alone, though, because Ian Charnas, who I’m declaring the greatest inventor of all time, hacked his car’s wipers to sync to the music blasting inside. Read More >>

Lego’s New Dinosaur Fossils Turn Your Desk Into a Miniature Natural History Museum

You can claim to be interested in historical artefacts like pottery, suits of armour, and maybe even a mummy, but the most compelling reason to visit a museum, even as an adult, are the dinosaur fossils. If your hometown happens to be lacking in museums, however, Lego’s new Dinosaur Fossils set, out 1 November, puts a small collection of thunder lizard skeletons on your desk, no admission required. Read More >>

Everything Google Announced Today

In a somewhat unconventional spectacle that included a fireside chat about the company’s environmental initiatives and photographer Annie Leibovitz dropping by to talk about smartphones, Google’s Pixel 4 event in New York today included few surprises, and at times, even fewer details on its new hardware. Read More >>

A Smooth Ride and Built-In Tracking Make Cannondale’s Treadwell a Bike for the Rest of Us

For some people, a bicycle provides nothing more than a casual cruise on a lazy Sunday afternoon. For others, it’s a reliable daily commuter, and a bike can even be a great way to stay in shape and shed a few pounds. Cannondale’s new Treadwell EQ makes a strong case that a bike can be all three of those things, and at a price that doesn’t make you feel like you should be competing in the Tour de France to justify what you spent. Read More >>

This Incredibly Customisable Controller Will Make You Better at the Switch

Nintendo makes an excellent standalone controller for those who prefer gaming with something more substantial than the Switch’s Joy-Cons. The Pro Controller was always what I recommended to anyone looking for a Switch gamepad, but not any longer. 8BitDo’s SN30 Pro+ isn’t perfect, but its biggest draw – its ability to be completely customised and reprogrammed – more than makes up for its few flaws. Read More >>

Dyson Kills Electric Car Development Saying It’s Too Hard to Make a Profit

Despite developing an expertise in batteries and electric motors over the years with all the R&D behind its cyclone vacuums, in an email sent to staff today that was shared with The Verge, CEO James Dyson announced his company would abandon its plans for an electric car, citing concerns it couldn’t find a way to make it commercially viable. Read More >>

MIT Confirms a Bridge Leonardo da Vinci Designed 500 Years Ago Was an Ancient Engineering Marvel

Some 500 years after his death, researchers are still discovering just how talented and brilliant Leonardo da Vinci was. Architects and civil engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology used a 3D printer to create a replica of a bridge da Vinci designed, but never built. To their surprise, not only did it work, but it would have also revolutionized bridge design five centuries ago. Read More >>

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You Can Connect an Iomega Zip Drive to Your Apple Watch Like It’s 1994

As Ian Malcolm in Spielberg’s Jurassic Park famously said, “...your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” YouTuber napabar should have heeded that advice before trying to get his Apple Watch to connect to an old Iomega Zip drive. But surprisingly, he succeeded. Read More >>

Researchers Created Lenses a Thousand Times Thinner to Hopefully Eliminate Ugly Smartphone Camera Bumps

Smartphones are currently plagued by a host of ugly design features that compromise aesthetics for functionality, including holes and notches in their screens, and protrusions on the back to accommodate camera optics. But those bumps might soon go away thanks to a team of researchers at the University of Utah in the US who’ve developed a radically thin camera lens. Read More >>

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The Creators of That Flying Iron Man Suit Are Subtly Hinting It’s Great For War

To date, Gravity Industries’ flying jetpack has been demonstrated as a tantalising glimpse of the future where daily commuters take to the air instead of sitting in traffic. But the company recently called on James Bruton, a talented engineer and hacker, to upgrade the suit with a helmet-controlled shoulder-mounted toy rifle, making the future suddenly feel more concerning than exciting. Read More >>

The North Face’s Futurelight Fabric Finally Makes Raincoats Feel Less Like a Plastic Bag

I’m never going to suit up in a highly-engineered spacesuit that NASA spent millions of dollars developing, but heading out into a thunderstorm in a jacket made from The North Face’s new Futurelight material genuinely made me feel like I was wearing an engineering marvel. It’s a waterproof fabric that feels nothing like the rubbery materials typically used to make raincoats. It’s light, breathable, comfortable, and promises to keep you dry both inside and out. Read More >>

This Nintendo Switch Emulator for the PC Might Finally Be as Good as the Actual Console

For whatever reason you turn to them, emulators have always offered a gaming experience that was almost as good as the real thing, although not quite perfect. But the developers of Yuzu, a Nintendo Switch emulator for the PC, recently released an update that allows games like Super Mario Odyssey to run at a full 60 frames per second, which is the same performance as you’ll get on the actual Switch hardware. Read More >>