Flying a Drone While Drunk Could Land You in Prison in Japan

You’d assume it would go without saying that operating any kind of machinery or vehicle after a few drinks is a dumb idea—even if it’s one navigated by remote control. But as reported by the BBC, this week, Japan’s parliament has passed a law making it illegal to pilot a drone while intoxicated. If you’re going to party there, make sure to bring a designated pilot with you. Read More >>

Adobe Shows Off First Research for Tools to Detect Manipulated Photos

Photoshop has long been one of the primary sources of manipulated photos and imagery, so in an attempt to counter the fake news epidemic, Adobe has also started developing tools that can both detect when an image has been manipulated, and reverse the changes to reveal the original. Read More >>

Kickstarter Releases New Rules and Guidelines to Help Protect Backers

After launching a little over a decade ago, it didn’t take long for Kickstarter to become more than a place for amateur inventors to sell their ideas to the public. It soon became fraught with failures, scams, and over-promises of countless products’ capabilities and worth. To help improve the reputation of the site, Kickstarter has released a list of new guidelines, recommendations, and enforced rules when it comes to promoting a crowdfunded item. Read More >>

There’s an Entire Nintendo Wii Packed Inside This Custom Jumbo Game Boy Advance

Nintendo didn’t give us any new hardware during its E3 2019 presentation, so you’ll instead have to lust and drool over Bill Paxton’s latest creation. He reinvented the clamshell Game Boy Advance, but with the guts of a fully-functional Wii packed inside, allowing the portable to run a huge list of games, including those played with the motion-sensing Wiimotes. Read More >>

Without Wires or Bluetooth, This Case Lets You Add Buttons and Scroll Wheels to Your Smartphone

It won’t be long before smartphones ditch every last physical button, but is that necessarily a good thing? Fewer components in a device means more profit for manufacturers, but users are left having to learn awkward touchscreen gestures to compensate. Researchers at Columbia University are bringing back the button with a customizable smartphone case that works without the need for batteries, wires, or even a Bluetooth connection. Read More >>

This Software Can Unwarp Your Friends’ Distorted Faces in Wide Angle Smartphone Photos

The wide-angle camera lenses that have become more prevalent in smartphones are great for capturing shots of large groups of people – assuming you’re not one of the people near the edges or corners of the photo whose face ends up getting unflatteringly warped. Computational photography researchers have come up with a solution that can automatically fix distorted faces, without affecting the rest of the photo. Read More >>

Which Eccentric Millionaire Will Buy This Nearly Complete Diplodocus Skeleton That’s Going Up for Auction?

Thanks to modern palaeontology techniques, finding dinosaur fossils isn’t as difficult or random as it once was. There are now more skeletons to go around, but unfortunately, based on an upcoming auction at the Parisian auction house Aguttes, you’ll still need a couple million dollars of disposable cash to add a dinosaur to your private collection. Read More >>

Nintendo is Just Messing With My Emotions Now

Last night, while catching up on everything Nintendo announced but didn’t reveal during its streamed E3 2019 presentation, something caught my eye and made my heart skip. Read More >>

Amazingly, This Vile Contraption Would Make Video Game Chats Better

Be forewarned: the civil, polite, and respectful discourse that accompanies many online games could potentially devolve into something childish, even bordering on vulgar, with Nyko’s new Sound Pad. It’s a keyboard-like accessory that attaches to a controller allowing players to trigger sound effects in a game’s voice chat. Sound effects that could even include (brace yourself) flatulence. Read More >>

Play This Devious Browser Game That Makes Pop-up Windows Infuriating in a Whole New Way

Despite being 43 years old, Breakout still manages to be an addictive game, challenging your reflexes as much as the latest first-person shooters do. A browser-based game called Brickception manages to make the game even harder with a pop-up window that you’ll quickly find immensely annoying—even though it’s not serving up any ads. Read More >>

I Love This DIY Arcade Machine You Build as Easily as Ikea Furniture

There isn’t a video game from the heyday of arcades you can’t play on a home console (or even your phone) now. But spending hours hunched over gaming cabinets in a seedy storefront was a wonderful childhood experience for many of us, and one that can now be easily recreated at home—minus the seedy. If you can successfully assemble an Ikea table, you can easily build Arcade1UP’s miniaturised arcade machines. Read More >>

A New Metal Foam Is as Bulletproof as Heavy Steel Armour, Researchers Say

Making a vehicle that’s completely impervious to bullets isn’t impossible, but it would be so bulky and heavy from its thick armour plating that it would barely be able to move. Unless you build it using a new bulletproofing material developed at North Carolina State University that mimics lightweight styrofoam. Read More >>

Modern Manufacturing Has Made It Nearly Impossible to Spot a Fake Rolex

At one point in time, it was easy to spot a fake Rolex, as most knock-offs used a non-mechanical Quartz movement inside that resulted in a stuttered ticking movement of the watch’s second hand. But as the experts at Watchfinder & Co. discovered, that’s far from the case today. The best Rolex fakes can be almost impossible to spot, even for expert collectors. Read More >>

A Built-in Breathalyser Lets This Grown Up Tamagotchi Toy Join You For a Night of Drinking

The Tamagotchi has come a long way in the past twenty years. There’s a lot you can now do with the virtual pets (get married!) but they’re still mostly targeted at kids. So the designers at MTN GODS designed and built a Tamagotchi that’s all grown up and ready to go shot for shot with you during a night out partying. But overdo it and you’ll be cleaning up virtual puke instead of digital poo. Read More >>

Ikea Designed a New Dresser Line With Improved Stability Features to Prevent Dangerous Tip-Overs

In July of 2015, Ikea finally acknowledged the increased tip over risk of several of its Malm dressers when drawers were left open; first responding with free anchoring kits, and then following up with a full recall in the US. Several children in America were unfortunately killed by the design flaw, which ultimately led to a $50 million (£39 million) lawsuit, several Malm pieces being discontinued, and the introduction of the company’s new Glesvär dresser line yesterday, with features specifically designed to reduce tipping risks. Read More >>