Facebook Will Keep Violent Videos If they ‘Raise Awareness’

There’s been a lot of discussion over the ethics of posting violent livestreams on Facebook, and the social media site has decided to release subjective guidelines: if a person posts violent content to “raise awareness,” the video can stay. If someone shared the same video to mock the victim, it will be removed. Read More >>

Now Scientists Are Teaching a Robot to Hunt Prey

Some scientists are hard at work making a “kill switch” to overpower a too-strong AI and protect us, if needed. Others are specifically teaching robots how to hunt prey, also to help us. What a world. Read More >>

The Weirdest Products Apple Tried to Sell in the 1980s

In 1986, Apple tried to turn itself into a beacon for the fashion world. Banking on the popularity of the Mac, the company launched an extensive catalogue of clothing and accessories known as the Apple Collection. And it couldn't have been more '80s if it tried. Read More >>

google glass
The Very Suspicious Similarities Between Google Glass and… Glass

At first sight, the two logos above look so similar that you might think they're the same product. But are they? Nope. The image on the right is the logo for Google Glass, the futuristic glasses from Google that just arrived in the hands of the first lucky explorers. The image on the left, however, is the logo of a Spanish start-up based in LA and founded in 2008 that now is thinking about suing Google for coping its name, logo and typography. Read More >>