We’ll Have to Wait Longer for That Apple Car Than We Thought

Apple never officially confirmed that it’s building a self-driving car, but even so it seems that the launch of this “secret” project has been delayed by two years. Read More >>

RIP: Japan is Making its Last-Ever VCR

It’s the end of an era as the last Japanese company to make VCRs says it’ll throw in the hat and stop manufacturing them by August. But also: people were still making VCRs? Things really do stick around. Read More >>

pokemon go
Saudi Clerics Renew Fatwa Against Pokémon Go 

Some people playing Pokémon Go today are probably too young to remember that Saudi clerics declared a fatwa on Pokémon back in 2001. Unluckily for them, the resurgence of the augmented-reality version of the game has clerics renewing the ban to remind everyone that the pious do not wander around seeking imaginary animals. Read More >>

Crashing Into the Sun is Much Harder Than You Think

Turns out, all those films about spaceships going just a liiiiittle bit off course and crashing into the sun were filthy, filthy lies. The good people over at Minute Physics explain why most of us couldn’t crash into the sun if we tried. Read More >>

Scientists Are Trying to Figure Out If There’s a New Way You Can Get Zika

Zika is scary, but as long as we don’t travel to certain countries and don’t have sex with people who are infected, all is well, right? Nope, maybe not. Scientists are trying to figure out how a man in Utah got Zika when the state has no infected mosquitoes and he didn’t have sex with the infected person he was helping. Read More >>

This 3D Printed Robot Moves Using Muscle From Sea Slug

If you’ve ever enjoyed those horror movies that involve organ harvesting, you may be pleased to know that scientists are one step closer to using organic matter to power robots. Sea slugs are getting first honours though. Read More >>

Twitter Was Unusually Fast at Removing Extremist Tweets After Nice Terrorist Attack

Twitter, at one time more resistant to shut down accounts due to free speech concerns, seems to be turning around. Watchdog groups say that the social network was unusually fast in erasing extremist material on the site after the Nice attack in France this past weekend. Read More >>

US Government Will Use Drones to Release Vaccine-Covered M&Ms to Save Ferrets

The endangered black-footed ferret is dying out due to a plague, and the US government has a solution: Call in a “glorified gumball machine” attached to a drone to dispense M&Ms smeared in vaccine-covered peanut butter. Read More >>

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Learn How to Make a Powerful Parabolic Mirror That Can Burn Wood

This parabolic mirror isn’t quite as strong as the enormous mirrors on the world’s largest telescope but it can still be used for heating, cooking, and casually turning wood black and smokey. Plus, this version is made using the “space blankets” found at many shops and not fancy glass from a Japanese company. Read More >>

Pokemon Go Could Be Bigger Than Google Maps

Pokemon Go has been taking over our lives for a week already, but there are no signs of mercy. First it beat Tinder, but the hookup app was just small fish. The game’s daily active users have already skyrocketed to 21 million and looks likely to overtake Snapchat and Google Maps. Read More >>

In the Battle of Video Services, Vine Isn’t Doing So Well

Have you used Vine recently? No? You’re not alone. Once, Vine was the hottest thing around. Now, at least nine business leaders have left and the service that brought us “on fleek” (for which we will always be grateful) is struggling to keep people interested. The technology circle of life continues. Read More >>

Ashley Madison Embarassingly Tries to Pretend it’s Not Sleazy

Things haven’t been looking good for Ashley Madison, the dating website whose tagline was “life is short, have an affair”. Read More >>

pokemon go
Pokémon Go Maniac Refuses to Go to Hospital After Stabbing So He Can Keep Playing

It’s unclear whether Michael Baker is the very best Pokémaster, like no one ever was, but he might be the most dedicated. The 21-year-old was stabbed at 1 am while looking for pokémon, but refused medical attention because he wanted to keep playing. Read More >>

The US Army Wants to Make Body Armour Out of Genetically Engineered Spider Silk

We’ve always wanted body armour to look less like a chunky Kevlar vest and more like a sleek superhero suit. The US Army wants that too, enough so that it just awarded a $100,000 (£75,446) contract to a company to see if its genetically engineered spider silk can be used for body armour. Read More >>

Woman With Google Docs Name Has Been Getting Harassing Messages

If you’ve used Google Docs, you might have noticed that all the templates use the randomly generated fake name “Casey Baumer”. Turns out, “Casey Baumer” is also the not so randomly generated real name of a real 20-year-old food stylist who has been plagued with suspicious messages for years. Read More >>