7 Gadgets and Accessories to Give as Ganja Gifts

For all the bath smellies and boxes of chocolate in the world, there will always be some people who would rather be granted a gift that’s a little more...alternative...this Christmas. So if there’s a person in your life who enjoys a bit of bud now and again, here are some ideas that go a bit further than the usual Christmas-gift fare. Read More >>

The Dopest Vapes, Bongs, and Cannabis Gadgets

Roll up, Roll up! It's nearly Christmas present-giving time and with weed being the most widely consumed recreational drug in the UK there is a good chance you know someone who would love to be given a gift to go with their ganja. Read More >>

‘World’s First’ Speed-Vaping Event to be Held in Hackney

E-cigarette company Blu UK will next week descend on a hotel in Hoxton, pack a room full to the brim with singletons and vape sticks, get said singletons to chat and mingle while consuming nicotine vapour, and hope some of them hit it off. Read More >>

Jon Snow: “Skunk Robbed Me of My Soul”

Jon Snow, that nice old guy who presents the news with a soothing voice on Channel 4, inhaled some high-grade cannabis vapour as part of a lab test, verged on having a whitey, and now wants us all to know about it. Read More >>

High Tech: The Science and Gadgets That are Reinventing Weed

Due to the law of averages and a relatively small set of variables, there is a very high chance that somewhere on the globe there is someone vaporising butane-extracted weed concentrate in a portable vape stick, made from plants that were grown under LED lights, all of which they purchased from the Deep Web. That person is the most up-to-date cannabis consumer out there. Read More >>