Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ Director on the Movie’s Biggest Spoiler

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A Trip to Godzilla’s Home Made Us Want to Stomp Through its Amazing Sets

Last month in Tokyo, Toho Studios opened its doors to the assembled press, providing a rare look at Godzilla props of yore. We got an up close and personal look at some of the coolest kaiju around – and the cities they’ve destroyed over the years – and we’ve got the pictures to prove it! Read More >>

Ryan Reynolds Didn’t Immediately Say ‘Yes’ to Detective Pikachu

When Ryan Reynolds was first offered the role of Detective Pikachu, Legendary Pictures didn’t just send him the script. The studio also sent him a fully-rendered version of the character paired with his voice. “It was pretty mind-blowing,” Reynolds told Gizmodo late last month in Tokyo. Read More >>

Chinese Game Site Censors Winnie The Pooh in Kingdom Hearts III

When Chinese game site A9VG recently covered Kingdom Hearts III, it decided to remove one thing: Winnie the Pooh. Read More >>

game of thrones
Visiting Game Of Thrones’ Real-Life Locations

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