Ring Video Doorbell 2 Review: Can a 24/7 Video Doorbell Give You Peace of Mind? 

To this day, I can remember how it felt to return home when I was 9 years old and discover that my family’s house had been burgled. It was the shock of the intrusion into our private space as much as it was the theft of all our belongings that upset me most as a child, and probably goes a long way in explaining why I’m now an anxious adult about home security. Read More >>

Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds: The Immersive Experience is Fun Immersive Theatre, But the VR Needs Work

Leadenhall Street in East London is uniformly lined with dull grey buildings but, for the next few months, you can step off the street and into Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds: The Immersive Experience – a fully-interactive guided performance, which looks fantastic but doesn’t yet deliver on some of its high-tech ambitions. Read More >>

The Matrix Still Has You: The Lasting Legacy of a Cyberpunk Masterpiece

On Easter weekend 1999, The Matrix debuted in US cinemas. Written and directed by the Wachowskis, The Matrix starred Keanu Reeves as Neo, Carrie Anne Moss as Trinity, Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus and Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith. It was a box office hit, received widespread critical acclaim and went on to win four Academy Awards. Read More >>

It’s Been 20 Years Since The Matrix Made Us Question Whether We’re Living in a Simulation

Imagine you’re about to make the biggest decision of your life and you’ve been given two options to choose from. One is comfortable and easy but would mean you’d spend the rest of your life in blissful ignorance. The other is painful and brutal but would mean you’d be granted access to unimagined freedom. This dilemma isn’t just one of the most powerful scenes in the 1999 movie The Matrix , but one of the most enduring science-fiction images of all time. Read More >>

Captain Marvel: Why We Need Female Superheroes Now More Than Ever

Captain Marvel is now playing on cinema screens across the country, bringing a dose of '90s nostalgia, alien space battles and a female superhero to us all. Not only is this good news for the Avengers, who are in desperate need of a super-strong, spacefaring hero after Thanos’ finger-snap of doom, but it’s also a refreshing and much-needed change to Marvel’s superhero line-up – because female audiences need superpowered leading ladies too. Read More >>

Defenders No More – Saying Goodbye To Marvel TV on Netflix

A little bit of time has now passed, so I can type the following without wanting to smash my keyboard into the desk – in a move which surprised no one, but disappointed everyone, Netflix officially called time on The Punisher and Jessica Jones . Read More >>

Visual Effects Expert Howard Jones on Early Man and the Future of Animation

Last January, Early Man was the latest release in a string of movies produced by stop motion powerhouse Aardman Animations. Also known as Aardman, the studio is the creative force behind popular animated films Chicken Run, Flushed Away and the Wallace and Gromit franchise. Read More >>

virtual reality
I Went Inside Someone Else’s Virtual World and Cried My Eyes Out

Imagine you’re standing in a driveway with no shoes on, just your socks, facing a house. The world unfolds around you in glorious illustrations – it looks like you’re inside a living comic book. A warm voice invites you to open the door in front of you and when you reach out, you can feel it. You open the door and step inside, and instead of hard floor you can feel carpet beneath your toes. You’re home. Read More >>

ces 2019
Feel the Force: Haptics Could Soon Make All Your Ready Player One Dreams Come True

Last year’s hit VR movie Ready Player One featured some fantastic future dream tech, from omni-directional treadmills that you can set up in your front room to a sprawling virtual world called The Oasis that everyone unashamedly prefers to the real one. Read More >>

A 45-Year-Old German Film Knew Things About Virtual Reality We’re Just Discovering Today

Imagine you’ve put on a VR headset and you’re about to enter a virtual world. When you get there, it looks just like the real one. So much like the real one that you get confused. You begin questioning everything, from whether the furniture and room around you is real to whether you’re real yourself. Luckily, you’ve got an escape route. You can get back to the ‘real world’ through telephone wires. Or can you? Read More >>

Netflix Set The Bar For Grown Up Comic Book TV, Will Disney Step Up?

A tortured hero in a mask torn between two lives, a sociopathic villain hellbent on power at all costs and plenty of prolonged shots of a dark and moody cityscape. Daredevil may have all the ingredients for a comic book story come to life on the screen, but with one major difference - it has a soul. Read More >>

virtual reality
Scaring Us Silly: How VR is Making Horror More Realistic Than Ever

Games developers and film-makers have been creating spine-chilling experiences within the horror genre for decades. Combining haunting soundtracks, shadowy threats, elements of surprise, otherworldly aliens, unsteady found-footage camerawork, grotesque imagery and so much more to scare us silly on big and small screens alike. Read More >>

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Welcome to Your Online Breakup: How to Handle IRL Heartbreak and Your Social Media Headache in 2016

Whether you’ve been together two months or two decades, I think we can all agree that breakups monumentally suck. Read More >>

The Bizarre Evolutionary Anomaly That is Travel Sickness

They say it’s not about where you’re going, but how you get there. And that you should enjoy the journey or the ride as much as the destination. But you know what makes that really hard? Feeling like you’re actually about to die when you’re travelling anywhere. At any time. In any conditions. Read More >>

Myths, Monsters and Heroes: How Comic Books Were Influenced by the Stories From Our Past

It doesn’t take an expert in ancient cultures to draw parallels between the stories of our favourite comic book heroes and the demi-gods from Greek myths, prophets from religious traditions and monstrous characters from folk tales all over the globe. Read More >>