The Devilish (and Dare We Say Brilliant) Way Australia’s Feral Cats Use Fire to Hunt Down Prey

It’s hard to imagine your housecat as a particularly savvy killer. Sure, it may swat at a shoelace dangled in its face, or bunny-kick its favourite fish toy when it’s in, you know, a mood. It may even catch a bug now and then. But your cat probably spends most of the day delicately curled up on the couch, seemingly content to do absolutely nothing. Read More >>

People Can’t Find the Stars They Paid to Name—and They’re Calling Astronomers for Tech Support

Professional astronomers are busy people. Some are mapping distant galaxies, others are listening for aliens, and more still are searching for habitable planets—which, it seems, we might one day need. But on occasion, they’re also called upon to do something that shouldn’t require a PhD: find the stars that people have “purchased” online. Read More >>