We’ve Got Booze, Dames, and Robots in the First Episode of Scifi Noir Automata

Automata is a classic story of two hardened detectives solving crimes and scoring ladies in Prohibition-era New York City. Except this time, one of them’s a robot, played by Doug Jones. Read More >>

The New Mortal Engines Trailer Brings Monstrous Cities and a Major Conspiracy

It’s man against machine against even bigger machine in the new trailer for Peter Jackson-produced steampunk saga Mortal Engines. Read More >>

The Director of Kick-Ass Reveals Reboot Plans, and Hints at Connections to the Recent Comic Run

Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn is a busy bee. He’s currently setting up a new production studio and is working on two exciting projects: a Kingsman cinematic universe, and a reboot of Mark Millar’s Kick-Ass... possibly starring the newest face behind the green-and-yellow mask in the comic series. Read More >>

Stranger Things Is Launching a Book Franchise, Including a Prequel About Eleven’s Mum

Netflix and Penguin Random House are teaming up to expand the Stranger Things universe with a series of books, which will soon include a prequel all about Eleven’s mom and her involvement in the totally real CIA experiment Project MKUltra. Read More >>

Everything is Intergalactic (But Still Awesome) in Lego Movie 2 Debut Trailer

Taco Tuesday may have left Bricksville an apocalyptic wasteland, with cutesy hyper-intelligent aliens threatening to destroy anything left — but at least they’ve got Frappuccinos! The first trailer for The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is here, and it’s definitely awesome. Read More >>

star trek
Feast Your Eyes on the Original Design for Star Trek: Discovery’s Saru

Even though Star Trek: Discovery is a prequel to the original series, it’s added quite a few new aliens and creatures to Star Trek’s database. The most notable would be Saru (Doug Jones), a Kelpian with serious fear instincts and a strut like a gazelle supermodel. However, the original plan for Saru’s look didn’t include a butt-like nose and a lunchmeat-tinted face. It was more akin to something out of Pan’s Labyrinth. Read More >>

Yes, the Maleficent Sequel Is Officially Happening

The first Maleficent movie was a surprise smash, raking in a tonne of money and inspiring Disney to dive headfirst into creating a slew of live-action adaptations of its beloved animated films. Now, four years after the pointy cheekbones that started it all, we’re finally getting the long-promised sequel to a story that, honestly, kind of felt over already. Read More >>

RIP Rick Grimes: Andrew Lincoln Is Leaving The Walking Dead

It may be a zombie bite, a rival group’s attack, or just a lone walk toward the great unknown. No matter what you call it, Rick Grimes will soon be gone from The Walking Dead. Several news outlets are reporting that Andrew Lincoln will be exiting the series sometime in season nine. Read More >>

star wars
Han Solo and Luke Skywalker Should Totally Kiss

Solo: A Star Wars Story has gotten some shippers psyched about “Hando,” or the pairing between Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) and Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover). Read More >>

star wars
Thandie Newton Wears a Fabulous Homage to Her Star Wars Debut at Solo Premiere

Solo: A Star Wars Story actress Thandie Newton wore a custom Vivienne Westwood dress to the film’s Cannes premiere that featured action figures of all the black characters in the Star Wars universe. And yes, they’re all from her collection. Read More >>

A Westworld Actress Says Fans Keep ‘Mansplaining’ the Show to Her

For the past year, Westworld actress Shannon Woodward has been inundated with fans sharing their own theories. So much so, some have been implying that a star of the show knows less than they do. Read More >>

star trek
Report: The Wrath of Khan Director Reveals He Was Making a Star Trek Trilogy, But It’s Been Delayed

Last year, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan director Nicholas Meyer perked the Spock ears of fans everywhere when he hinted that he was working on a new Star Trek project. Now, the Tribble’s out of the bag. Meyer has shared news about this top-secret project, mostly because he’s not sure if it’ll happen anymore. Read More >>

For Zombieland’s 10th Anniversary, the Traditional Gift Is a Sequel

We’re nearing Zombieland’s tin anniversary, but you don’t have to worry about getting the screenwriters a present. In fact, to celebrate the horror comedy’s 10-year anniversary, they’ve decided to give us something: Another Zombieland. Read More >>

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In The Predator’s Debut Teaser Trailer, the Hunt Sets a Crash Course for Suburbia

It’s a real jungle out there, even in the suburbs. The debut trailer for The Predator is here, and things aren’t looking too good in this neighbourhood. Read More >>

This Clever Westworld Sleuth Found the ‘Raj’ Park Months Ago, and There’s Still More to Uncover

Westworld’s latest park reveal may have seemed like a surprise to many viewers, but there have been hints about Park 6 for months. Of course, they weren’t easy to find, but someone did. We’ve got an interview with the fan who first came across the code to “the Raj,” and what he’s since found that hints at the future of Westworld. Read More >>