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Justice League Trailer Unites the Team, and World

The full Justice League trailer is here, and things are about to get epic. Read More >>

Game of Thrones Almost Gave Stannis a Much More Remorseful Death Scene

Big shocker: turns out Stannis Baratheon felt really bad about slaughtering a bunch of his family members on Game of Thrones and was certain he would go to hell for it, as shown in some recently excised dialogue from his season five death scene. Good, because sacrificing a child to a fire god is a pretty awful thing. Read More >>

Batman v Superman Funder Claims Rotten Tomatoes Is Ruining Movies, Mostly the One He Paid For

Brett Ratner, the Rush Hour and Hercules director who co-financed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, thinks the real problem with Hollywood isn’t that people don’t like bad movies. It’s the damn Rotten Tomatoes score that confirms it. Read More >>

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Game of Thrones Is Getting a Tabletop Miniatures Game… of Thrones

A new tabletop miniatures game is coming, starring your favourite Game of Thrones badasses, just in time for winter. CMON Limited has announced its plans for A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game, a new miniatures wargame that lets fans of the books and show fight to the death in their quest to control the Seven Kingdoms. Read More >>

Skull Island Director Originally Wanted to be a Total Dick to Previous Kongs

You’re not supposed to bite the hand that feeds you, but Kong: Skull Island was originally going to chew it up, spit it out, and dance on that poor hand’s grave. Thank Kong it didn’t happen. Read More >>

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‘BBC Dad’ Interview Gets Inevitable Star Wars Parody

Dammit, all Darth Vader wants to do is sit down with Emperor Palpatine for a nice chat about squashing the Rebellion, but those darn droids won’t leave Papa Darth alone. Read More >>

‘It’s For the Fans’ Isn’t a Defense, Iron Fist’s Finn Jones, It’s an Insult

Over the past couple of years, there’s a phrase that’s accompanied several poorly reviewed comic book films or TV shows: “It’s not for the critics, it’s for the fans.” Iron Fist’s Finn Jones is the latest star to use this as a defence of his Marvel show. This group of words has become a crutch to deflect attention from a bad Rotten Tomatoes score, and fans deserve better. Read More >>

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New Wonder Woman Trailer Shows How the Girl Became a Legend

The latest Wonder Woman trailer is finally here, and it takes us into Diana’s past to show how it shaped her amazing future. Read More >>

20 Things We Still Love About Buffy the Vampire Slayer 20 Years Later

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is celebrating its 20-year anniversary today, and while the story (and the fashions) might technically be dated, the show is somehow more relevant than ever. Creator Joss Whedon tapped into a world where myths and monsters could be used to represent real problems, with a brilliant dash of his signature humour and heart. In celebration of 20 years of Buffy slayage, let’s travel to Sunnydale and celebrate this incredible show together (hopefully before the school blows up again). Read More >>

Ridley Scott Already Has a Script Ready to Go for the Alien: Covenant Sequel

The much-anticipated latest Alien series prequel, Alien: Covenant, isn’t out for another two months, but veteran director Ridley Scott is already planning his next entry in the franchise. In fact, he already has a script in hand and is hoping to begin filming as early as next year. Read More >>

Logan Director Explains Lack of Post-Credits Scene, Though It Should Be Obvious

Director James Mangold is letting audiences know exactly why Logan, the final X-Men film for both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, doesn’t have a post-credits sequence. Although, honestly, it kind of goes without saying. Read More >>

Sci-Fi Short ‘Rise’ Is Being Turned Into A Movie

Rise, the impressive robot uprising short film starring the late Anton Yelchin, is being adapted into a movie... with the original director on board to helm the production. Read More >>

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Ryan Reynolds Releases That Deadpool Teaser

Ryan Reynolds has made our collective dreams come true by unveiling the clip that teases Deadpool 2's impending arrival. Freak-out time! Read More >>

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Deep Space Nine Documentary Says Screw It, We’ll Make Some HD Scenes Ourselves

CBS and Paramount might not think it’s worth their time to make an HD version of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but the folks behind the DS9 documentary are determined to present the show at its best. They’re working on getting the negatives for some of the show’s best scenes, so they can do the job themselves. Read More >>

Logan Continues to Mutate into Johnny Cash Music Video With Possible B&W Version

Old Man Wolverine might finally achieve his dream of starring in a two-hour-long Johnny Cash music video. Logan director James Mangold announced he’s working on releasing a black and white version of the film. Read More >>