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Harvard A Capella Group Honours John Williams With Medley Of His Best Scores

John Williams was recently presented with an honorary doctorate in music from Harvard University, and since they couldn't sneak an entire orchestra onto the stage, one of the school's most famous a cappella groups took it upon themselves to pay musical tribute to Hollywood's most iconic composer. Read More >>

Five ‘Fun’ Board Games About Real Disasters To Remind You We’re Completely Doomed

There are plenty of horror board games and tabletop RPGs that thrive on fantasy, whether it's helping a ghost solve its own gruesome murder in Mysterium, or helping to stop (or aid) the rise of evil gods with Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game. But of course, the biggest horrors are the ones humans actually face in real life. And yes, there is a board game for each one. Read More >>

Turns Out Joss Whedon Has Been Working on Justice League for Quite Some Time

We were all saddened to learn that Justice League director Zack Snyder and producer Deborah Snyder were stepping down from the film after a tragic death in their family. Joss Whedon agreed to take over the film — partially because, as it turns out, he was already working on it. Read More >>

Captain Marvel Gets an Unexpected Tie-In to MCU’s Ant-Man

Captain Marvel, the upcoming Marvel film starring Brie Larson, has largely been shrouded in mystery. Mainly, what will it be about, and how will Carol Danvers get her superpowers? We might finally have an answer—or at least a hint of one. And it’s all about a surprising connection with Ant-Man. Read More >>

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Here’s the First Look at Netflix’s Castlevania Show, Coming in July

We’ve known since February that Netflix was working on a Castlevania TV show due later this year. Now we know exactly when it’ll premiere (July 7th), plus we’ve got an official synopsis and a first teaser. Read More >>

Twin Peaks Has Evolved, But It’s Still as Surreal, Ominous, and Wonderful as Ever

Did you watch all four hours of Twin Peaks: The Return that became available yesterday? Is your brain still rattling around in your skull like mine is? It was violent, it was completely bizarre, and there was a lot of coffee drinking. And most importantly, it was totally worth the 26-year wait. Read More >>

Report: Resident Evil Is Getting a Six-Movie Reboot

The Resident Evil movie franchise may have recently come out with The Final Chapter, but the curtain’s not drawn on this series just yet. Variety is reporting that there are plans to make a six-movie reboot of the video game film series. Read More >>

Writer Says Dead Men Tell No Tales Had a Female Villain… Until Johnny Depp Made Them Change It

For Oscar-nominated actor Johnny Depp, female villains are like the Highlander... apparently, there can be only one. Read More >>

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Alcoholism Saves Rick and Morty From a Face Hugger in Alien: Covenant Crossover

You know what they say, kids: Don’t use drugs. That is, unless it would save you from getting killed by an alien. Read More >>

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Dunkirk-Style Trailer For ‘Battle Of The Bastards’ Proves How Damn Cinematic Game Of Thrones Is

Video: Game of Thrones is lauded for its unique fantasy world and the characters that live within it, but sometimes it's good to step back and truly appreciate how gorgeous the show is. Read More >>

Yo Ho, Pirates Of The Caribbean Fans, It’s Paul McCartney As A Pirate

Jack Sparrow, meet your match. Sir Paul McCartney has unveiled the first look at his character for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. And I'm kind of at a loss for words. Read More >>

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Incoming, A Sci-Fi Horror Short, Gives Body Snatchers Wi-Fi

What if an alien invasion could be done remotely, ordering humans to do all the dirty work for you from the comfort of your alien spaceship? A new sci-fi short is about humans achieving First Contact, but the signal basically turns you into one of The Infected from The Last of Us. Read More >>

New Board Game The Captain Is Dead Is All About Surviving A Sci-Fi Horror Scenario

The captain's been killed, the engines are dead, and aliens are at the front door just waiting to come in and make a bloody mess. New board game The Captain Is Dead is basically what you get when you fast-forward to the final disastrous minutes of any Alien movie. Read More >>

Rare Harry Potter Prequel Stolen, J.K. Rowling Pleads for Return

A one-of-a-kind Harry Potter prequel has been stolen, and author J.K. Rowling is eager to get it back in the right hands. Read More >>

Superman’s Mum Hates to Be Honest, But Justice League Is Worse Than Avengers

Looks like Superman’s mum doesn’t think he’s the most special boy in all the world, or at least shes’s not that impressed with his superpowered friends. When asked whether the Justice League movie will blow Marvel’s The Avengers out of the water, Diane Lane simply said: “No.” Read More >>