Here’s When We Think Game of Thrones’ New Age of Heroes Spinoff Should Take Place

Game of Thrones may be ending in 2019, but the song of ice and fire will continue. HBO has greenlit a prequel series about Westeros’ Golden Age of Heroes, helmed by Jane Goldman (the Kingsman series, Kick-Ass) and A Song of Ice and Fire creator George R.R. Martin. This age spans thousands of years, and there’s no way a show is going to be able to cover all of it. So, here’s what we think this new show could be about — and furthermore, should be about. Read More >>

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A Star Wars Production Designer Says a Now-Halted Spinoff Was Headed to Tatooine

The future of Star Wars is very busy right now. Rumours have been swirling for months that Disney and Lucasfilm stopped production on some or all of the Star Wars Story spinoff films as they focus on the new franchises from Rian Johnson and the guys behind Game of Thrones. Lucasfilm insiders have denied this, but a Star Wars production designer confirmed that he was working on a project that’s been put on hold. A spinoff that included Luke Skywalker’s home planet Tatooine. Read More >>

In the Iron Fist Season 2 Trailer Danny Rand’s Got a New But Familiar Foe

Hey Immortal Iron Fist Guy, the calls are coming from inside the house. The new trailer is here for the second season of Netflix’s Iron Fist, and Danny Rand (Finn Jones) is facing an enemy that’s way too close to home. Read More >>

Dune Is Getting a Tabletop RPG, Just in Time for Denis Villeneuve’s Reboot

They who control the spice control the game. In anticipation of Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Dune, Legendary Entertainment and Frank Herbert’s estate (under the company name Herbert Properties LLC) have announced they’ve teamed up with Gale Force Nine to produce a series of board games set in the Dune universe. The first one, a tabletop role-playing game, is set to come out next year. Read More >>

Hail Satan! Bow Before These New Witchy Photos From The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The Dark Lord is calling, are you ready to answer? These new photos from Netflix’s charmingly terrifying new series, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, are ready to invade the mind and betwitch the senses. You’ve been warned. Read More >>

Watch the Alternate, Gruesome Climax of the Cult Classic Alien Film Mac and Me

Oh, you thought sending a kid in a wheelchair careening off a giant cliff was bad enough? A new clip has surfaced from the iconically bad ‘80s film, Mac and Me, and let’s just say child murder was apparently not off the table for this family-friendly fare. Read More >>

George R.R. Martin Remarks on the Lord of the Rings Death That Inspired His Own Murderous Rampage

George R.R. Martin is no stranger to killing off beloved characters. HBO’s Game of Thrones, and his A Song of Ice and Fire series that inspired it, are littered with the corpses of heroes, villains, and everyone in between. How did Martin become so comfortable with shocking his audience? Because when he was a kid, J.R.R. Tolkien did it to him. Read More >>

Watch Gal Gadot Get Fast and Furious as Vanellope’s Speed Racer Mentor in Ralph Breaks the Internet

Looks like Vanellope’s about to get some stiff competition (and a new best friend) on the racing circuit. Disney has just announced that Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, will be playing a character named Shank, a street racer in a tough online racing game, in Ralph Breaks the Internet. Considering her past with The Fast and the Furious, it’s basically like coming home. Read More >>

Ruby Rose Reveals She Grew Up as an Actual Batwoman

American TV network CW has enlisted Ruby Rose (The Meg) to be their live-action Kate Kane in the upcoming Arrow/Flash/Supergirl crossover special and next year’s potential Batwoman series from Caroline Dries. The moment her casting was announced, it immediately clicked. But now, the actress is sharing just how much like Batwoman she is. You see: Ruby Rose grew up with real bats. Read More >>

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A Game of Thrones Script Has Seemingly Settled That Big Ice Dragon Debate

It’s been over a year since Game of Thrones last aired, but the mystery of Viserion still lingers like a chilly breeze on a gross muggy day in midtown Manhattan. Now, thanks to a look at the script, we know the answers behind a couple of those key questions: Is he an ice dragon or a wight? Does he breathe fire or ice? And how did those stupid chains work? Okay, that last one’s unrelated but it’s still an important question, dammit. Read More >>

Who Is the Best Fictional Cat? 

Yesterday was International Cat Day, and it made us face the cold, hard truth: genre movies and TV have the best cats. They talk, they scheme, they creepily tell people when they’re full of bullshit. Normal cats don’t do any of that. Well, except scheme. They definitely scheme. Read More >>

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The New Extended Trailer for Maniac Gives Us ‘Some Multi-Reality Brain Magic Shit’

Netflix has released the first full trailer for Maniac, the surreal mind-numbing experience from The Leftovers’ Patrick Somerville and director Cary Fukunaga (Beasts of No Nation). Read More >>

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Cool Fan Film Envisions a New Chapter in the Cloverfield Sci-Fi Saga

The Cloverfield universe might have hit a major snag with the latest film, Cloverfield: Paradox, but a new fan film is (unofficially) continuing the saga in a way that makes me want to give J.J. Abrams a call and tell him: “Hey, J.J! It’s your cousin, Marvin Abrams. You know that new film you’ve been looking for? Well listen to this!” Read More >>

We Built This Massive Lego Voltron So You Don’t Have To

We love any excuse to foster our inner children. For Gizmodo video producer Tom Caswell, that opportunity came with Lego’s new Classic Voltron Set. It’s 2,300 pieces of 1980s Lego perfection that we put together over the course of eight glorious hours. Of course, we know not everyone has the time for that—so check out our timelapse video construction of the almighty Voltron, which went on sale yesterday. Read More >>

Thanos and Gamora Cosplayers Are So Cute You’d Almost Forget He Murdered Half Her Planet

Nothing like a little father and daughter bonding time! Hold on a second—Is this before or after Thanos butchered most of his adoptive daughter Gamora’s real family? What does it matter...look how adorable they are! Bonus points: These two cosplayers are actually father and daughter. Read More >>