Legion’s Noah Hawley Is Definitely Making a Doctor Doom Movie

FX Legion’s debut San Diego Comic-Con panel largely went as expected—that is, until the closing minutes, when creator Noah Hawley dropped a giant bomb about a movie he’s developing for Fox. He only gave the hint “Doctor Doom” at the panel, but now Fox has confirmed to us it’s a film about the villain, and not a new Fantastic Four. Read More >>

Shazam Is DC’s Next Movie, and Now It Has a Director

DC has confirmed that the Shazam movie will be the next live-action superhero film on their docket. And we’ve also learned who will direct the debut of the young Billy Batson, who gains the ability to become an adult superhero when he yells “Shazam,” too. Read More >>

A Complete Guide to the Religions of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is an incredibly dense show, filled with hundreds of characters, families, legends, and everything else under the realm’s sun. With all the information fans have had to absorb over the years, it’s easy for some things to fall on the wayside. That includes the show’s plethora of religions. Read More >>

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This Game of Thrones Fan Theory Could Reveal Westeros’ Saviour

Everyone is gearing up for Monday's return of Game of Thrones, and one of the joys of the show is that there are all sorts of fan theories that can help us guess where the show is going in its final two seasons. Our latest video series examines the ones most likely to come into play in season seven. Read More >>

HBO is Working on Game of Thrones Prequels, But Robert’s Rebellion Probably isn’t One of Them

The end of Game of Thrones is in sight, with just 13 episodes remaining in the groundbreaking fantasy series. So, it wasn’t much of a surprise when HBO announced it was looking at four (or five) possible spin-offs, which are all prequels to the original show. However, anyone eager for Robert’s Rebellion is probably going to be disappointed. Read More >>

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Animated Game of Thrones Prequel Tackles the Mystery of the Doom of Valyria

Game of Thrones will be over in two years, but HBO is already peering around the corner for what’s next. The network is working on at least four spinoffs, with George R.R. Martin pitching in on a couple of them. We have no clue what they’ll be about yet (although Dunk & Egg seems like a shoo-in), but one animated video is making a case for one of A Song of Ice and Fire’s most mysterious tales: The Doom of Valyria. Read More >>

These Custom Game Of Thrones LEGO Figures Are Both Cute And Deadly

Game of Thrones and LEGO seem to be a perfect match — well, except for the whole murder and mayhem thing, which isn't exactly part of LEGO's modus operandi. Now, in addition to all the great LEGO builds for Game of Thrones over the past several years, we have some awesome new figures. Read More >>

Man Arrested After Star Wars Vs Star Trek Feud Became An Actual Fight

Star Wars versus Star Trek is a decades-long conflict that stretches across the galaxy, turning brother against brother, tearing lifelong friendships apart. In one case, it nearly turned lethal. Read More >>

Star Wars Goes Medieval In This Clever Art Print

Star Wars might be in a galaxy far, far away, but it also takes place a long time ago. You know what else was a long time ago? The Middle Ages. It's one of the reasons this artistic pairing is a perfect fit. Read More >>

Westworld Season Two Site Update Hints At The Nightmare To Come

Westworld is gearing up for season two and a new promo GIF for San Diego Comic-Con is bursting at the seams with hints and secrets for what we can expect next season. Though it doesn't look like anything to me. Read More >>

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10 Questions We’re Worried Game of Thrones Is Never Going to Answer

Game of Thrones returns for season seven on July 16th (17th in the UK), and there are plenty of major questions fans have had for years that will likely be answered during its seven-week run. However, there are still some confounding moments that have fled north of the Wall, and we’re beginning to suspect their explanations might never return. Read More >>

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Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman Gets a 1990s Makeover in This Parody Trailer

The ’90s were a mixed time for superheroes on film and TV. Sure, there was Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, but there was also Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin. Then you had Lois and Clark: the Corny yet Harmless Adventures of Superman. So, you can imagine that Zack Snyder’s ultra-mega-dark Batman v Superman would have looked a tad bit different back then. Read More >>

If There’s a Deep Blue Sea Sequel Without LL Cool J, It Should Be Thrown Back

There are reports Syfy is working on a sequel to 1999 shark film Deep Blue Sea, only without any of the original cast. For that reason alone, they shouldn’t bother. Deep Blue Sea’s legacy, which stretches past other shark flicks like Open WaterThe Shallows, or even Sharknado, is thanks to one man: LL Cool J. Read More >>

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Butch Hartman Draws Up Some Cool Ideas for Pixar TV Spinoffs

Someone get Pixar President Edwin Catmull on the phone. Fairly Oddparentscreator Butch Hartman’s got some awesome ideas on how to bring some of Disney Pixar’s most popular movies to television. Read More >>

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Will Stop Selling Women, and it’s Long Overdue

Pirates of the Caribbean, the Disney Parks ride that later became Johnny Depp’s regular paycheck, is finally getting rid of the intensely creepy moment that is the Wench Auction, and the only real issue is why it didn’t happen sooner. Read More >>