Doctor Who’s Next Season Lands in 2020

On the heels of star Jodie Whittaker confirming that she’s staying on the TARDIS through season 12 of Doctor Who, the BBC has announced that the Doctor is coming back in early 2020. And she won’t be alone. Read More >>

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Doctor Who’s Jodie Whittaker Isn’t Going Anywhere

The Doctor is still in. Jodie Whittaker has confirmed she will return for another series of Doctor Who. Brilliant! Read More >>

We Asked a Researcher to Judge the Historically Inaccurate Junk in Robin Hood

I don’t care that Otto Bathurst’s Robin Hood played so fast and loose with history it basically exists in an alternate universe. On the contrary, it was one of the things I enjoyed the most about it. The movie was great when it was just having a good time, instead of trying too hard to make us take it seriously. But the historical inaccuracy, while not a deal breaker, is still something to discuss. And make fun of. Read More >>

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Game of Thrones’ Final Season Video Teases a Song of Ice and Fire

Winter may have already arrived around the globe, but next year we’ll also be getting a winter the likes of which we’ve never seen. We’re a few months away from the final season of Game of Thrones, where good will take its last stand against the forces of the undead, and we’ve gotten a gorgeously symbolic teaser for the final battle to come. Read More >>

Mortal Engines Is a By-the-Numbers Dystopian Drama That’s Several Years Too Late

Much like the toasters, smartphones, and Minions statues that decorate the London Museum, Mortal Engines feels like the relic of a bygone era – a time when audiences cared about dystopian fiction, and “strong female characters” were little more than toughened blank slates. Mortal Engines might take place thousands of years in the future, but it’s a movie that’s stuck in the past. Read More >>

Marvel’s Daredevil Writer: ‘I Thought It Was Too Big to Fail’

Netflix’s decision to cancel Marvel’s Daredevil was a surprise. No one knew it was coming. Not the stars, not Marvel’s executives. Not even the writers, who were already laying out plans for the next chapter of Daredevil’s story. We got a chance to talk with one of the writers who was working on season four, who shared her shock at the show’s demise and why she think it spells doom for the future of The Defenders TV universe. Read More >>

Guillermo del Toro Has a Tonne of Screenplays Lying Around, Here’s What We Know About Them

You can’t say Guillermo del Toro doesn’t know how to keep himself busy. The Oscar-winning director recently shared a list of screenplay projects he’s worked on over the past decade that are still waiting to be produced, including a previously unknown project and another that’s still top-secret. The list is massive, with at least a decade’s worth of stories, reminding us that there is a treasure trove of amazing del Toro content just begging to be taken on. So what’s the delay? Read More >>

Praise Be: Margaret Atwood Is Writing a Sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale

The streaming TV adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale won’t be the only property expanding Margaret Atwood’s dystopian world. The author has announced that she’s finally writing a sequel to her iconic novel, called The Testaments, and says it’s partially inspired by everything going on in our society today. Read More >>

Jordan Peele Confirms Candyman Sequel, With Nia DaCosta Set to Direct

Who can take a sunrise, and sprinkle with it bees? The Candyman sequel can. Jordan Peele has confirmed that he and creative partner Win Rosenfeld are working on a “spiritual sequel” to Candyman, with Little Woods writer and director Nia DaCosta coming on board to direct. Read More >>

We’ve Got to Talk About Robin Hood’s Wacky Ending

Robin Hood is a delightful disaster, a movie that would have been a fun ride if only it hadn’t taken itself so seriously. But the ending, which teases a sequel that will likely never come, is another evil entirely. Read More >>

Robin Hood Is a Beautiful, Befuddling Disaster

There’s a good movie in Robin Hood somewhere, hidden underneath that hood. Actually, I take that back—not a good movie, but a fun one. A film that coasts on Taron Egerton’s undeniable charisma, lets Ben Mendelsohn’s teeth rot from too much scenery chewing, and doesn’t care about the fact that it’s so historically inaccurate it exists outside of time itself. I wanted so much for Robin Hood to be that movie. It is not that movie. Read More >>

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Game of Thrones’ Final Season: A Definitive List of Everyone Who Will Live or Die

Valar Morghulis. We’re approaching the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, and we’ve seen so many deaths over the years. Your Starks, your Lannisters, your zombie babies. And now we’re down to a trim, core cast of characters. Except not really. There are still so many people alive on this show who could die in season eight. Read More >>

Captain Marvel Is Crash Landing Into Disney’s California Adventure Park

We’re all eagerly waiting for Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) to make her big screen debut in Captain Marvel, but it looks like folks wanting to meet her before then can head to Anaheim for a little one-on-one with the legendary hero. Read More >>

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Check Out John Williams’ New Score For Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

It wouldn’t be Star Wars without John Williams, and now his iconic music is coming to Disney Parks. Entertainment Weekly revealed that Williams has composed new scores for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and you can hear a musical preview of what’s in store. Plus, a new look at Galaxy’s Edge’s first rides, along with their official names. Read More >>

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The Doctor Gets a Very Special Delivery in This New Doctor Who Clip

“What do you think, still me?” That’s right, it’s never too late for the Doctor to get her (or his) fashions! The first extended clip from the next episode of Doctor Who gives a tip of the hat to Matt Smith’s Doctor... while also hinting of hidden danger on a planet dedicated to shopping. Read More >>