The Man in the High Castle’s Final Season Trailer Teases the War to End All Worlds

The multiverse is on the brink of war, with the Third Reich yearning to invade and dominate all realities. But in the new trailer for the last season of Amazon Prime’s The Man in the High Castle, the rebels who’ve been fighting this alt-history world aren’t going down without a last fight. Read More >>

Big Mouth Co-Creator Nick Kroll Addresses ‘Woke Culture’ and Comedy

Joker director Todd Phillips has had some...things to say. Recently, the Hangover architect faced backlash for explaining that he switched from comedy to drama because “woke culture” killed comedy. But there are plenty of comedians producing excellent work. This includes Nick Kroll, the co-creator and star of Netflix’s Big Mouth, who shared his thoughts at NYCC on keeping comedy thoughtful – even when it’s about sending dick pics to your cousin. Read More >>

8 More Stories About People Battling Their Own Clones

Will Smith’s new film Gemini Man may not be wowing critics, but it’s based on a storytelling conundrum that’s as old as time: What would you do if you had to fight your own clone? We’re looking at some of our favorite examples of duplicates who’ve had to duke it out. Read More >>

In the New Charlie’s Angels Trailer, ‘Bad Girls’ Never Looked So Good

You may not be able to call them angels, but there’s something else you can call this trio of femme fighters: bad girls. “Toot toot, yeah, beep beep.” The new trailer for Charlie’s Angels amps up the fun, with a look at Patrick Stewart’s Bosley and a fun Easter egg from the original film. Read More >>

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Star Says Working on It, Sadly, Didn’t Make Him Immune to Clowns

Actor Jeremy Ray Taylor has had his share of scary clowns. First with It and It: Chapter 2, and now with the latest Are You Afraid of the Dark? series. The latter may not involve Pennywise and his sewer full of children’s body parts – at least I hope it doesn’t – but Taylor said his fear of clowns is still alive and well. Along with a new appreciation for horror. Read More >>

Weathering With You Gets a Gorgeous New Trailer Ahead of Its Western Release

Filmmaker Makoto Shinkai has followed up Your Name with another smash hit, Weathering With You, which has already earned nine figures in Japan and will be the country’s pick for Best International Feature at the Academy Awards. In this new subtitled trailer, it’s easy to see why it’s made such a splash. Read More >>

In This Sci-Fi Short Film, a Man Uncovers a Powerful Secret Inside a Bank Vault

As we saw in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, strange things can be hidden inside bank vaults. Sometimes, they have the ability to change the world. Dust has released a short film where a man is given a key to a mystery that threatens everything he ever knew. Read More >>

X-Men’s Theme Song Faces Lawsuit Over Similarities to Hungarian Police Drama

The theme song to X-Men: The Animated Series is undeniably amazing, but now there are accusations that it was stolen. A Hungarian man has filed a lawsuit against Marvel, Disney, Fox, Apple, Amazon, and others – along with folks from Saban Entertainment – claiming that the theme song was plagiarised. Read More >>

Some of Disenchantment Part 2’s Coolest Teasers, Nods, and Easter Eggs

Disenchantment is a different type of Matt Groening show. Unlike The Simpsons and Futurama, Disenchantment is playing a very long and purposeful game. Most of the second season was about teasing bigger stories and plot lines – sometimes to the detriment of the series itself. But there’s a lot of stuff to pick apart in Part 2 of the Netflix fantasy series... as well as some solid jokes and Futurama references. Read More >>

In a Splendiferous New Birds of Prey Trailer, Margot Robbie Is Emancipated as Hell

The Harley Quinn rises. Margot Robbie is here to kick ass and shimmy some shoulders in the first official movie teaser for Birds of Prey (and the Emancipation of One Fabulous Harley Quinn). Read More >>

star wars
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Explores Kylo’s ‘Nakedness’ With Rey

The door isn’t totally closed, folks. Rey may have physically and metaphorically cut herself off from Kylo Ren at the end of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but further developing their “complicated relationship” is still a big part of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Read More >>

the good place
10 of the Sweetest Moments (So Far) From The Good Place

The Good Place may be about four previously unpleasant people trying to avoid eternal damnation in the pits of hell, but it’s also chock full of sweetness – that every-flavor frozen yogurt deliciousness that shows just how forking awesome our deceased (and demonic) protagonists actually are. Read More >>

Game of Thrones Ends Its Emmys Run as the Best Drama on Television But Not Much Else

It was a complicated night for Game of Thrones. The eighth and final season may have taken home the award for Best Drama at the 2019 Emmy Awards, as well as quite a few technical wins last week but it got snubbed elsewhere. All in all, the series has ended its reign on a divisive note – good enough to be called the best but not much else. Read More >>

This Toy Story 4 Alternate Ending Would’ve Screwed Over Bo Peep

After spending some time away, Bo Peep made her badass return in Toy Story 4She introduced Woody to the idea that toys don’t have to stay devoted to one kid, but can do lots of things – like help other toys find their own path. It was a message the franchise needed, about how we all have a choice about what we do with our lives. And it could’ve been squandered. Read More >>