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Extinction Rebellion Protesters Kick Off a Week of Global Climate Action by Shutting Down London

Protesting climate change and treating it like it’s an emergency isn’t just for children. Today, thousands of protesters around the world took to the streets as part of a wave of coordinated action led by climate activism organisation Extinction Rebellion. The most visible protests took place in London, shutting down traffic around the city. Read More >>

Netflix’s Our Planet Delivers Thrills, But Something’s Missing

In the opening episode of Our Planet, Netflix’s new nature documentary, there’s a scene where a glacier tumbling down from the Greenland ice sheet begins to cough up chunks of ice. Zoomed in aerial footage, overhead shots, and a water-level view all set against detonating cracks show cliffs collapse and shards of jagged white and blue ice breaking apart. Read More >>

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Watch Five Cheetahs Take Down a Wildebeest in a Heart-Pounding Exclusive Clip From Our Planet

The premise of Our Planet, Netflix’s new nature documentary, is to include humans in the story of Earth. It’s a radically simple concept, and one that makes sense given our increasingly major role in shaping the natural world. But at the end of the day, any David Attenborough-voiced documentary worth its salt better deliver the goods of stunning wildlife footage, too. Read More >>

Alarming Study Concludes Frogs Are Undergoing a ‘Catastrophic’ Global Die Off 

Scientists aren’t known for being alarmists. And that’s exactly what makes a new study released Thursday on amphibians so, well, alarming. Read More >>

Labour Party Declares National Climate Emergency in Likely Political First

UK politics is more than a seemingly endless Brexit slog. On Thursday, for instance, the Labour Party declared a climate emergency. It likely marks the first major party declaring a climate emergency at the national level anywhere in the world, in yet another sign that climate politics are rapidly shifting. Read More >>

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New Climate Change Visualisation Presents Two Stark Choices For Our Future

Last year, a visualisation that turned data on our planet’s temperature into a gradient of colourful stripes made a splash by showing how severely the world has warmed to-date. Now, a new visualisation riffs on that by showing what the future holds depending on when and how fast humanity cuts its greenhouse gas emissions. And folks, the choice is pretty stark. Read More >>

The Climate Strike Movement Has Officially Gone Global

On Friday, students around the world woke up knowing that sometime between math, English, biology or some other rote class, they would stand up and walk out. From the tiny island of Vanuatu to Europe to the U.S., the climate strike movement is officially a global phenomenon. Up to a million students in 123 countries are expected to strike on Friday. Read More >>

‘Why Go to School When the World Is Burning?’ We Asked Students Why They’re Striking For Climate Change

The school climate strike movement that has roiled Europe and Australia for months on end is about to land on U.S. shores. A handful of climate strikers across the country have been building momentum for months, but students will be walking out of class on Friday across the U.S. to protest inaction on climate change. Read More >>

Scientists: Maybe If We Only Dim the Sun a Little It Won’t Backfire Horribly

When it comes to geoengineering the planet to cool the climate, there’s rightfully a lot of hesitation. Blocking incoming sunlight might seem like a quick fix to rising temperatures, but doing so could quickly tie up humanity in a decades-long project with alarming side effects like shifting precipitation patterns and changes in hurricane season. Read More >>

How My Month-Long Diet to Save the Planet Collapsed Under a Mountain of Doughnuts and Pizza

I’ve now spent four weeks eating a diet that scientists crafted to demonstrate how all of humanity could eat sustainably in 2050. And over the past two days, things went off the rails. Sorry, Earth (also sorry, body). Read More >>

I Can’t Eat Much Meat on the Planetary Health Diet—But I’m Feeling Better When I Do

I love meat. But as a climate reporter, it’s one of my biggest struggles, because I know that our love affair with meat takes a huge toll. The planetary health plate diet I’ve been eating for the past few weeks, however, has really helped me put in perspective what less conspicuous animal consumption looks like—and helped me recognise when a little meat is okay. Read More >>

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Four Things That Could Kill Us Before the Cloud Apocalypse Does

If you read the news on Monday, you may have heard people freaking out about how climate change is finally coming for the clouds. A study released in Nature Geoscience chronicles how stratocumulus clouds, those low hanging clouds that lend themselves well to daydreaming, could one day disappear if we keep emitting carbon. Their disappearance could, in turn lead to skyrocketing temperatures, raising the heat more than 8 degree Celsius around the globe. Read More >>

The Northern Hemisphere Just Experienced Its First-Ever Category 5 Cyclone in February

We’ve seen a lot of weird-ass tropical cyclones in recent years. This week, we can add another one to the list. Read More >>

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The Uninhabitable Earth Wants You to Panic Over Climate Change

The first time climate change hit home for me, I was at the top of a ski run. I don’t recall the exact date or even the exact mountain I was on (hell, maybe it was a dream), but I remember looking down the slope of untracked powder and wondering how long it would be there. It stuck with me, and my life swerved from park ranger-ski bum-waiter to, well, this. Read More >>