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We’re All Going to be Moving to Siberia by Century’s End

If you’re the type to speculate on real estate and humanity not getting its shit together to address climate change, may I interest you in a little corner of the world called Siberia. Read More >>

Scientists Just Installed the World’s Highest Weather Station in Mount Everest’s ‘Death Zone’

Scientists announced on Thursday that they successfully installed five automated stations, including the highest weather station in world, on Mount Everest’s flank. At 27,658 feet (8,430 meters) above sea level, the station is set to record some of the harshest weather anywhere on Earth. And with a satellite connection, anyone can monitor the weather in Mount Everest’s so-called death zone – where there isn’t enough oxygen to sustain human life for long – in real time. Read More >>

Creator of HBO’s Chernobyl Asks People Not to Snap Embarrassing Photos at Disaster Site

HBO’s Chernobyl has ignited a newfound interest in our relationship with nuclear power and the impacts of one of the worst nuclear disasters in history. It’s also wildly popular, which means it was only a matter of time people started looking to cash in on the moment on social media. Read More >>

Radiohead Is Selling Its ‘Hacked’ Archives In the Name of Climate Change

If you hate climate change but love Radiohead, man do I have a two-for-one deal for you. The band has released 18 hours of OK Computer-era recordings it says were being held for ransom after band member Thom Yorke’s minidisc archive was stolen. The band is donating the proceeds from the sale over the next 18 days will go to Extinction Rebellion, the activist group that locked down large parts of London earlier this year and was instrumental in forcing the UK Parliament to declare the world’s first national climate emergency while fighting to ensure we don’t end up living in a world full of fake plastic trees. Read More >>

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Climate Change Is Our Generation’s Chernobyl Moment to Tell the Truth

HBO’s Chernobyl miniseries has reinvigorated our collective fascination with the 1986 nuclear disaster that may have in part contributed to the Soviet Union unravelling. Read More >>

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Trump Both Sides-es Climate Change

There are many things where there are two (or more!) sides to the story. Nazis is not one of them. Neither is climate change. Read More >>

climate change
It Hit Nearly 51 Degrees Celsius in India This Weekend

India was the hottest place in the world this weekend. The northern state of Rajasthan was the epicentre of an extreme heat wave that very nearly broke the all-time temperature record for India. Read More >>

The World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Just Came Online off the Coast of Grimsby

The UK is quickly becoming the epicentre of the offshore wind industry. Point in case: On Monday, the first part of the world’s largest and furthest offshore wind farm came online. Read More >>

Natural Gas is Now Called ‘Freedom Gas,’ According to the US Department of Energy

Jingoistic nationalism and promoting fossil fuels go hand in hand for the Trump administration. But the Department of Energy took that connection to a new level on Tuesday with a press release touting natural gas as “freedom gas” full of – I feel stupid even typing this – “molecules of U.S. freedom.” Which I guess means we now definitively know the cost of freedom: According to the global market, it’s $2.64 per million BTUs as of Wednesday late morning. Read More >>

Scientists Have Pinpointed the Mystery Source of an Ozone-Destroying Chemical

The recovery of the ozone hole has been a quintessential environmental success story, as the world has worked largely in harmony for decades to phase out ozone-depleting chemicals. So last year’s discovery that emissions of CFC-11, one of those banned chemicals, was suddenly reversing course came as a shock. Read More >>

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Should We Be Calling Climate Change a ‘Climate Crisis’?

How we talk about climate change is rapidly shifting as the ramifications of unchecked carbon pollution become ever clearer. The Guardian sped that shift along last week, when it updated its style guide to encourage reporters to refer to climate change as a “climate emergency, crisis or breakdown” and using “global heating” in lieu of global warming. Read More >>

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A Quarter of West Antarctica’s Ice Is Now Unstable, Study Finds

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before but the ice is screwed. New findings released on Thursday reveal that a quarter of the ice sheets in West Antarctica, the most vulnerable part of the continent, have destabilised. Ice loss has sped up fivefold across the region’s most imperilled glaciers in just 25 years. Read More >>

How Can We Stop the Collapse of Nature?

Scientists warned last week that a million species could go extinct, and it’s all our fault. Well, not “our” as in you and I, but “our” as in humanity. Read More >>

Atmospheric CO2 Levels Just Hit a Scary New Milestone

It’s a foregone conclusion that as long as the world keeps emitting carbon dioxide, we’ll keep setting records for how much ends up in the atmosphere. But that doesn’t make the recent high water mark of carbon dioxide any easier to swallow. Read More >>

Here’s How Screwed by Climate Change the UK Will Be When the Royal Baby Turns 18

Archie Harrison Montbatten-Windsor, the new royal baby with a funny name and title, has sucked the oxygen out of the news cycle this week. If the headlines are any indicator, the Western world is far more concerned about the fate of a baby they’ve never met than about a million species facing extinction and fossil fuels being extremely bad. As Matchbox 20 frontman and apparently astute media critic Rob Thomas put it, “so happy for ole Harry and Meghan but maybe that short attention span doesn’t help our awareness about global warming?” Read More >>