Just Who Do You Think Is the Enemy Here?

London has banned Extinction Rebellion protests, but that hasn’t deterred the climate activists from continuing their actions around the city. On Thursday, they shut down parts of the London Tube, climbing on train roofs and in some cases gluing themselves in place. Read More >>

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Climate Rage Is Working

On Monday, Reuters scored an exclusive interview with Ben van Beurden, the CEO of the Shell Oil Company. During the sit-down, he decried people demonising oil and said it’s “entirely legitimate to invest in oil and gas because the world demands it” and that “we have no choice” but to keep investing in dirty fossil fuel exploration. Read More >>

The UK Just Got More Power From Renewables Than Fossil Fuels, a First Since 1882

It’s been an eventful year for carbon-free energy in this country. First, Great Britain went a week without coal for the first time since the Industrial Revolution, then fired (wound?) up the world’s largest offshore wind farm. Read More >>

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Typhoon Hagibis Is Japan’s Latest Incredibly Costly Disaster

Typhoon Hagibis may now be a swirl of clouds near the US state of Alaska, but its impacts on Japan are still playing out. The country was walloped by the storm over the weekend, with some areas receiving 40 per cent of their annual rain in the span of a few days. Read More >>

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Greta Thunberg Didn’t Win the Nobel Peace Prize. Good.

On Friday, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali. He won for helping de-escalating long-simmering tensions with neighboring Eritrea. Read More >>

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The World Just Had Another Month of Record Heat

The summer of shocking global heat has continued into the autumn. New data released by the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), the European Union’s climate agency, shows that last month tied for the hottest September on record. This adds to the stunning string of record or near-record heat the world has been dealing with since June and underscores the growing severity of the climate crisis. Read More >>

Storm Lorenzo Blasts the Azores, Sets Its Sights on Ireland

Storm Lorenzo, the weirdest storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, struck the Azores on Wednesday and is forecast to continue its jaunt across the eastern Atlantic toward Ireland. It could make a rare landfall there with hurricane-force winds and crippling surf. Read More >>

Fat Bear Week Is Back

Hot girl summer is all but over, but fat bear autumn has arrived. Read More >>

Massive Climate Strikes Erupt Worldwide for the Second Week in a Row

On September 20, an estimated 4 million people turned out for a global climate strike. This Friday, millions more were at it again. Read More >>

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This Isn’t About Greta, Cowards

Greta Thunberg changed everything on Monday: She lit into the United Nations and then joined 15 other kids in filing a complaint against the world for screwing her life. Read More >>

‘Unprecedented Conditions’ Will Rule the Oceans This Century, Striking New Report Finds

Humans live on land, but it’s the watery parts of the planet that dictate our fate. The frozen ice at the poles and in high mountains and the vast swath of ocean that covers nearly three-quarters of the planet mean this place is primarily earth in name only. The ice – dubbed the cryosphere by scientists – and the oceans provide sustenance and livelihoods for nearly 20 percent of the world’s people, and yet climate change is putting them all in danger, according to a new groundbreaking report. Read More >>

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It’s Kids vs. the World in a Landmark New Climate Lawsuit

UNITED NATIONS – On Monday, Greta Thunberg and 15 other young people filed a potentially world-changing lawsuit. On an abnormally steamy day in New York, when sweat built on the brows of the dark-suited diplomats funnelling into the United Nations for a major climate summit, the group of teens cranked up the heat even further. Read More >>

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Why Families Were on Climate Strike Last Friday

I’ve reported on or otherwise worked in the climate field for 10 years. In that decade, I’ve watched failure after failure at international climate talks, rampant climate denial from legislators, and climate protests that built to something half-formed, clay tossed on the potter’s wheel but never quite shaped. Read More >>

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It’s Time to Listen to the Teens

Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg landed in the US earlier this month and has since injected a much-needed sense of urgency into the climate conversation. Her climate strike movement led to a huge global climate strike on Friday. Before heading to New York, Thunberg took to Washington, DC, including a stop by Capitol Hill to testify before the US Congress. Read More >>

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Ban Rich White Guys From Writing Their Thoughts About Climate Change

Inexplicably, Jonathan Franzen and the New Yorker have come back for another round of being complete dumbasses about climate change. Read More >>