Six Electric Car-Share Programmes Better Than a Billion Teslas on the Road

Tesla is finally taking the wraps off the Model 3, its first mass-market electric vehicle (EV). The car is expected to push EVs into the mainstream and reduce carbon emissions around the world. The only downside? Many cities don’t have enough charging stations to support widespread adoption of such vehicles. Read More >>

Toshiba Just Recalled Over 100,000 Batteries That Are Melting Laptops

If you’re the owner of a Toshiba laptop, there’s a chance its battery could overheat and go kaboom and melt your machine—which is why the Japanese electronics giant recalled a bunch of Panasonic battery packs this week. Read More >>

Crazy Transparent Wood Could Replace Glass in Future Buildings

Wood is a great material because it’s cheap, renewable, and versatile. But this crazy transparent wood that scientists in Sweden brewed up is nuts. It could replace glass for some seriously eye-catching architecture, and even be used in cheap solar panels or windows. Read More >>

This Supercomputer Mimics a Human Brain Using Just 2.5 Watts of Power

IBM and the US government teamed up to develop a new supercomputer for use on US national security missions. It makes decisions like a human brain, and uses less power than a hearing aid. Read More >>

The Secret to Stopping Foodborne Illness Might Be Lasers

Researchers have developed a laser that spots illness-inducing bacteria before it makes you sick. Read More >>

New Camera Tech Snaps Reflection-Free Photos Through Windows

Taking photos through windows is annoying because light bounces off it and ruins the picture. But scientists at MIT just developed new technology that could fix the pesky reflections. Read More >>

Violent Volcanoes Knocked the Moon Off Its Axis Three Billion Years Ago

A bunch of lunar volcanoes heated the Moon up so much, they changed its density, causing it to wander off its original axis aeons ago. Read More >>

The Hidden Trick in Almost Every Classic Hitchcock Scene

Hitchcock is the unquestioned master of suspense. But what is it about his scenes that makes them so gripping, and why do they stand up to repeated viewings, even when you know the twist? Read More >>

Fukushima Farmers are Using Soil Made From Polyester

It’s been five years since Japan’s Tohoku earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown in Fukushima — and some consumers are still wary of produce grown in the region. That’s why some farmers aren’t growing plants in soil that might be contaminated and are growing plants in polyester instead. Read More >>

YouTube Won’t Ban a Guy Who Crushes Animals to Death

Among the many prolific channels on YouTube is bootsmade4crushing (BM4C) which for four years has featured videos of someone using expensive boots to stomp and crush everything from remote-controlled toys to food to boomboxes. Despite a modest 987 subscribers and videos that rarely break a thousand views, BM4C has churned out over 650 clips. Read More >>

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What Happens When You Pour Molten Tar on an iPhone 6s?

There is no shortage of gadget mutilation videos on YouTube. Especially videos of iPhones. And especially on TechRax’s channel: Read More >>

Waze Now Tells You the Best Time to Drive, Days Ahead of Time

Traffic sucks. It makes driving frustratingly unpredictable, but a new feature in the Waze app aims to kill all that guesswork. Read More >>

This Portable Shower Reuses the Same Water for Two Whole Weeks

Indoor plumbing and unlimited clean water aren’t available everywhere. That’s why this clever, compact shower that recycles the same water several times—after purifying it after each use!—seems very handy. Read More >>

Delightful App Turns Humming Into Sheet Music

This new app is musical wizardry: hum into your phone, and the humming is instantly transformed into a digital song, complete with onscreen sheet music. Read More >>