What Will Break First, Your iPhone or Your Wireless Charging Ikea Furniture?

Known for innovating by employing technology and features other companies have had in use for years and treating them as Brand Fucking New, Apple is now rolling out wireless charging on its new line of iPhones. Despite hideous initial sales, there’s likely to be a rush to buy up charging stations and IKEA—Sweden’s most famous non-idiot export—is pulling a comfortable, flat-packed chair up next to Apple’s money avalanche. Read More >>

Twitter Rewards Bad Behaviour, Says Twitter Co-Founder

Why does the internet feel so fundamentally broken? Ev Williams, the co-founder of Twitter, Medium, and Blogger, gave his two cents while speaking with CNN Money today. Read More >>

Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Has Set a New Bar for Tech CEO Weirdness

This is a golden era for rich nerds who make people uncomfortable. Remember Tesla CEO Elon Musk posing with maracas next to a mariachi band? Remember sentient ball of pizza dough Mark Zuckerberg doing his best normal guy impression? Okay, now forget those guys, because Jack Ma set the new high watermark for inscrutable technocrat behavior at this year’s Alibaba Annual Party in Hangzhou. Read More >>

Tim Cook: Steve Jobs Once Spent Millions on a Textbook ‘to Show What Was Possible’

This morning Fortune published a lengthy interview between its executive editor Adam Lashinsky and Apple’s own turkey bacon-wanter, Tim Cook. Did Tim say some highly questionable things? Let's find out. Read More >>

Trolls Hijacked a Racist Reddit Page With Dozens of Posts About Actual Racing

Activist trolls have taken ownership of Reddit’s r/race_realism, finally establishing a safe space on the “frontpage of the internet” to discuss politically incorrect opinions about NASCAR and cycling. Read More >>

Some Crypto-Capitalists Just Want to See the World Burn

“In battle, the commander is the first one to go over the top,” Joe McKinney, shirt unbuttoned, wearing a shower cap and one of those aeroplane neck pillows, exclaims over music swelling from every direction. He’s having a great time, romping around San Francisco as part of a “distributed dance party”—a roving DJ set controlled by an FM transmitter, beamed to dozens of boomboxes, and led by men who look like Road Warrior extras drenched in neon paint. One of them advises through a megaphone not to step on or trip over a homeless man in the path of revelry. Read More >>

The Guy Who Claims He Invented Email Just Lost His Bogus Lawsuit

A libel claim on the part of Shiva Ayyadurai, the self-identified “inventor of email,” was tossed out by a Massachusetts judge today, concluding a baseless suit filed against Techdirt back in January. According to the site, the judge also “rejected Ayyadurai’s request to file an amended complaint.” Read More >>

There’s a Good Reason This Weird, Old Cassette Format Didn’t Work Out

Before optical and then digital storage, magnetic tape was the standard. In the rush to develop dominant formats, we know Betamax lost out of VHS due to price (and because VHS captured the burgeoning porn market). But why did Phillips’s compact cassette become the standard while almost no one has ever heard of the Sanyo Micro-Pack? Read More >>

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Stormfront, the Internet’s Oldest Neo-Nazi Site, Follows the Daily Stormer Down to Hell 

The massive crackdown on the internet’s festering white supremacist contingent claimed another victory this weekend: Stormfront. Read More >>

YouTube Begins Quarantining Extremist Videos

The world’s largest video sharing platform has started rolling out measures to restrict the reach, visibility, and profitability of “controversial religious or supremacist content.” Is it working? Let’s find out. Read More >>

game of thrones
We Finally Know How Characters on Game of Thrones Keep Getting To the Wall So Fast

Season seven of Game of Thrones as been exciting and dreadfully sloppy in equal measure. Important character arcs are rushed, motivations are confusing, and reality has gone out the window in terms of how quickly characters move between locations—particularly the route from Dragonstone to the Wall. Read More >>

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The Right Is Falling for Its Own Fake Antifa Accounts

Will a time come when the right doesn’t actively try to deceive its own base? Perhaps. But this weekend wasn’t it. Read More >>

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GoDaddy Gives Daily Stormer 24 Hours to Live

Early this morning, GoDaddy—the world’s largest internet domain registrar—sent five identical replies to critics who condemned its role as the host of one of the most prominent neo-Nazi websites, the Daily Stormer. Read More >>

How Medical Woes Turned a Retired Professor Into the Face of Fatalism Online

You’ve probably seen it: a stock photo of a white-haired old man in a plain red turtleneck with the words “guess I’ll die” scrawled across his chest. But the story of how Mike Baldwin, a 76-year-old retired chemistry and biochemistry professor, actually became the internet’s preeminent expression of fatalism has remained a mystery. As it turns out, an ailing artist’s late-life career shift collided with an American man from Atlanta and his frustration over healthcare costs, resulting in a meme about dying that found life online. Read More >>