Mark Zuckerberg Was ‘Sceptical’ About Risk of Leaks Like Cambridge Analytica, Emails Show

Internal Facebook documents published today by the British Parliament give us more insight than ever into the mind of the largest social platform’s CEO. Among those revelations: Zuckerberg’s cavalier attitude towards the possibility of data leaks. Read More >>

US Lawmakers Ask Jeff Bezos for Information on His Facial Recognition Software, Less Nicely This Time

Late in July, American lawmakers sent a letter seeking details on Rekognition, Amazon’s in-house facial recognition software. Amazon wrote back, blandly, in August, but according to this increasingly impatient group of congresspeople, the company “has failed to provide sufficient answers.” Read More >>

Google Employees Demand Company Kill Censored Chinese Search Product

Googlers have, over the past few months, been fighting for a louder voice and greater self-determination within a company that’s increasingly gone astray of its bare-minimum unofficial motto, “don’t be evil”—and more often than not, they’re winning. But there’s still one big fly in the ointment. Read More >>

Deplatformed Russian ‘News’ Site Sues Facebook, Days After Its Accountant Is Charged by US Special Council  

Earlier this week, Evgeniy Lvovich Zubarev, the sole shareholder and General Director of a “domestic and international news” corporation called Federal Agency of News LLC, filed a suit against Facebook for booting his page from its platform this April. In and of itself, the lawsuit is unremarkable. People sue internet services over deplatforming quite a lot, and usually don’t benefit much from it. FAN is different, in that one of its employees, Elena Alekseevna Khusyaynova, was just indicted by US Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team last Friday. Read More >>

Bezos Coughs Up £76 Million for Charity

Jeff Bezos, the richest man in modern history, finally announced the first recipients of his charitable Day One Fund. The initial round of grants total $97.5 million (£76.1 million), representing about 1/20th of his proposed investment in the fund, and about 0.0006 percent of his net worth. Read More >>

Amazon Exposes Customer Email Addresses (Again)

If it feels like just weeks ago that Amazon inadvertently shared the email addresses of some of its customers – it was. Read More >>

Tumblr Disappeared from the App Store Because of Child Porn

On Friday, niche blogging platform Tumblr became suddenly and inexplicably unavailable on Apple’s app store, and since then users posting adult-themed content have claimed their blogs are being deleted by the site without warning despite no official statement from either Tumblr, its parent company Oath, or Apple. The reason, as some had grimly suggested, was confirmed to be because of child pornography being hosted on the site. Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg: ‘I Didn’t Know’

Yesterday, Facebook set up a press conference addressing a bombshell report from The New York Times that alleged, among other things, that the company contracted a Republican opposition research firm called Definers to run interference on the company’s image, a job which reportedly included leaning on George Soros conspiracy theories. Read More >>

Amazon Breaks Silence on Aiding Law Enforcement Following Employee Backlash

During a company-wide meeting recently, Amazon addressed its relationship with US law enforcement agencies, including Immigrations Customs and Enforcement — its first direct response to employees concerns raised in June about the company’s often successful attempts to provide cloud infrastructure and facial recognition software for these government authorities. Read More >>

Following Google’s Lead, Facebook Ends Mandatory Arbitration for Sexual Harassment Claims

With employee action creating creating pressure in the tech industry, Facebook has finally opted to end forced arbitration for employees seeking to file claims of sexual harassment. Where those cases would previously have been handled behind closed doors, allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of Facebook workers can now be filed in open court. Read More >>

Amazon’s Dystopian HQ2 Reality Show May Get a Twist Ending

With the finish line of HQ2 drawing closer, Amazon’s metro region deathmatch took an unexpected turn today which indicated there would be no single winner. Read More >>

Waymo’s Automous Cars Are Coming to US Roads—Without Human Safety Operators

Drivers in the US state of California might want to watch out—Alphabet-owned autonomous vehicle firm Waymo won the right from the California DMV yesterday to deploy its cars to the cities of Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, and Palo Alto, without the characteristic human safety operators that have been a hallmark of AV testing. Read More >>

Twitter Offers Up Semi-Public Database of Known State-Sponsored Accounts 

Somewhat unexpectedly, Twitter announced today that a dataset of tweets, accounts, and media associated with state-sponsored efforts on its platform would be made public. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the data is available only to researchers. Read More >>

Something Bricked Twitter’s Notifications System

Huge numbers of Twitter users today found their push notifications turned to useless strings of letters and numbers, and so far no one—including CEO Jack Dorsey—seems to know why. Read More >>

Facebook Says Hackers Accessed Sensitive Personal Information on 29 Million Users

Late last month, Facebook disclosed a massive security vulnerability that it claimed affected some 50 million login tokens, but details were somewhat thin on its impact pending further investigation. In a blog post today, the results are in some ways better and worse. Read More >>