Is Twitter Notifying Users When Their Tweets Are Shared in DMs? No. What? Of Course Not.

Twitter is a lot of things, but where it consistently excels is as at being a petri dish to watch context collapse in real time. Take, for example, a very obvious joke turned nightmare scenario circulating credulously across the platform today via a celebrity news account. Read More >>

‘We Want YouTube to Remove Crowder’: Googlers Gear Up to Protest at Pride Events

YouTube dug a great big hole for itself earlier this week when its PR bungled its response to the ongoing harassment of a journalist by a far-right pundit. Internally, the backlash from employees at its parent company is growing as LGBTQ and allied workers mobilise to demand a satisfactory response. Read More >>

YouTube Bravely Bans Nazis Hours After Throwing LGBT Users Under the Bigot Bus

The best place online to lead us unsuspecting sheep from an innocent recipe video to either a defence of racialist pseudoscience or pushes paedophiles towards videos of kids has decided maybe, just maybe, it doesn’t want to be known for those things anymore. So it’s taking the most obvious step there is: banning blatantly pro-Nazi content. Read More >>

Uber Lit £791 Million on Fire Last Quarter Because That’s What Uber Does

In its first earnings as a public company, Uber posted losses of $1 billion (£791 million) over the previous quarter, more or less matching investor expectations, because sending the GDP of Vanuatu off a cliff every three months is Uber’s current business model, more or less. Read More >>

Happy Belated Birthday, Bing!

Microsoft’s Bing – a search engine that literally bribes people to use it and still (still!) can’t seem to grow its witheringly small four per cent market share – has been around for an entire decade. As of yesterday. We forgot its birthday and seemingly so did virtually everyone else. Read More >>

Lyft Passenger Caught on Video Assaulting Driver Inside Moving Vehicle

Rideshare drivers don’t have it easy, but few have had to put up with the nightmare scenario Eduardo Madiedo experienced recently in the US state of New York. Read More >>

Facebook Scrambles for a Middle Ground on Misleading Video of U.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi, the 79-year-old speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, has been a frequent target for President Donald Trump and his political allies. This week, she became the subject of an unusual viral video intentionally slowed down to create the impression of slurred speech, which proliferated across Facebook and other social media platforms with the help of, among many others, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Read More >>

This Puckheaded Robot Won’t Be Delivering Your Packages Anytime Soon

That bipedal humanoid robot is named Digit. Say goodbye now, because you’ll never see one in person. Read More >>

Amazon Shareholders Fail to Limit Company’s Sale of Facial Recognition Software

Long-simmering concerns over Amazon’s facial recognition software came to a head this week during the company’s annual shareholder meeting, where activist investors put forward several agenda items that would increase oversight of the software and limit who could use it. Read More >>

Facebook Pilots Anti-Hate Speech Moderation Team Because of All the Nazis and Stuff

Four million. That’s the number of pieces of content on Facebook that the platform claims it took action against for containing hate speech from January to March this year, according to its most recent transparency report. (And to put a fine point on it, that’s just the content it actually caught.) In a press briefing yesterday afternoon, vice president of global operations Justin Osofsky teased a plan to pilot a subgroup of moderators who are specifically tasked with handling hate speech. Read More >>

Game of Thrones Star Joins Board of Cryptocurrency Startup for Vegans, and No We Didn’t Just Throw Darts at a Wall Covered in Buzzwords

In a post Thrones pivot, Jerome Flynn, better known as the Bronn of the Blackwater and one half of Robson & Jerome, has taken on an advisory position with a cryptocurrency startup aimed at promoting vegan lifestyle choices and ethical food production, because every single headline has to sound like it was produced by a Mad Lib these days. Read More >>

You Should Be Able to Stream Exactly One Thing

Are we living in a golden age of television? Quite possibly, if your idea of TV is “a piece of visual entertainment to be watched alone, enjoyed, and never thought about again.” Personally, I find shows themselves less interesting than talking about them – even if it’s just complaining about why bad episodes were bad – and the direct inverse of that conversation is being told: “Oh, I heard that’s good. I’ll have to watch it soon.” Read More >>

Poo-Testing Startup Founder Allegedly Lied About Her Age, Just About Everything Else

The founder of uBiome, an embattled startup claiming to employ “machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced statistical techniques” and probably a few other buzzwords to assess gut health, repeatedly misrepresented her actual age, Business Insider reports, landing her on several minimally-prestigious lists of influential young people. Read More >>

game of thrones
Do Dragons Ever Run Out of Fire?

Game of Thrones has clearly lost its own thread, and I can’t help but feel held captive by the eight years I’ve already sunk into this series as I begrudgingly plod through its mercifully short final season. And yet, something wonderful happened in the midst of last week’s episode – “The Bells” – that I’ve been unable to shake since. Read More >>

Google Recalls Physical Security Keys After Discovery of Bluetooth Vulnerability

Titan—the physical security Google rolled out last summer—was built to “protect high-value users.” Now those users who bought in on Titan are all eligible for free replacements of this device suite after the company discovered a vulnerability in the way it operates. Read More >>