A Melted Duck Has Driven Japanese Twitter Users Completely Bonkers

It’s hot in Japan. Hot enough to melt a dashboard rubber duck into a forlorn pool of gooey plastic. And hot enough to make thousands of people intent on proving or disproving the authenticity of a now-viral tweet. Read More >>

Study: The Internet Is Still Full of Arseholes

A nationally-representative US study on online harassment released by Pew Research today confirms what most of us already know: the internet is absolutely chock full of abusive shitheads. Read More >>

We Asked Corey Taylor to Listen to the Internet’s Best and Worst Slipknot Mashups

If the internet has one positive attribute, it’s that it connects people: coworkers building the future together; families living on opposite sides of the world; future lovers flirting over instantaneous chat programs; and, late last week, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor and me. Read More >>

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The Sexless Rubbermen Are Back, and They’re Hungry

After nearly four years, David Lewandowski has created a new entry in his highly successful rubbermen videos. Now they’re hungry. Read More >>

Facebook Unveils New Buzzwords

Last night in an interview with CNN, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a major overhaul to the largest social media company on earth, one that might finally fix many of the lingering issues its leadership has been hesitant to address. Read More >>

Newsweek Writer: I’m Not Horny, I’m Just Researching Tentacle Porn For My Wife

What we know to be true: Newsweek (an American news publication) senior writer Kurt Eichenwald had a 212-page hentai comic called B-Chiku open on his computer. Read More >>

NASA Astronaut Explains How to Drink Space Coffee: ‘Suck the Balls’

In space, it is crucial for even the most basic of human tasks to be carried out with a high degree of skill and for astronauts to remain alert. That is why Air Force Colonel and ISS crewmember Jack Fischer sucks the balls. Read More >>

Watching Apple’s New Dragons Den-Inspired TV Series Is Like Slowly Dying

On Tuesday night, Apple premiered its first attempt at an original TV show, Planet of the Apps, a Dragon's Den meets The X-Factor unscripted series where app developers appeal to a panel of celebrity judges for outside funding. The first episode is currently available for free on Apple Music. It is also very bad. Read More >>

Putin Praises ‘Patriotic’ Russian Hackers He Definitely Doesn’t Know or Employ

Vladimir Putin, who apparently had nothing better to do this week, decided to throw water on claims that Russia had direct ties to the DNC email leaks during last year’s US election. Simultaneously, the strongman who has helmed Russia for the better part of two decades endorsed the hacks as being in his country’s best interest. Read More >>

“Porm” and Other Hilarious One-Handed Typos, Thanks to Pornhub

As the internet’s preeminent archive of loud, naked people so often does, Pornhub reminded the world this week that, yes, they’re logging all the weird shit we look at to get our kicks. This time, the porn site released a cheerful infographic mapping out America’s most frequently misspelled pornographic search terms by state. Read More >>

This Is Why Reddit Can’t Have Nice Things

After rolling out a new social profile feature to a whopping three users back in March, Reddit finally opened up a limited beta version to a select (significantly larger) group of users last week. It took exactly five days for them to ruin it. Great going, everyone! Read More >>

Goodbye and Good Riddance to Voat, Reddit’s Gross Clone

Three years ago, a website was created as a refuge for the communities deemed too hateful or toxic to exist on the lenient-to-a-fault social aggregator Reddit. That site was a knockoff called Voat which was identical in purpose and design, only its founding communities were groups like v/FatPeopleHate and the anti-black v/CoonTown. Read More >>

World’s Worst Website Goes Down (Again)

Let’s breathe a sigh of relief: For now, at least, Wesearchr is dead. Again. Read More >>

Facebook Will Add 3,000 More People to Watch Murders and Suicides

Facebook has a problem. Not the one where they admitted to being a megaphone for propaganda and psy-ops. Or the one where they narced on at-risk teens. No, today’s news concerns how the social giant/massive data collection scheme has (increasingly) become an unwilling platform for users to broadcast violent crimes, sexual acts, child exploitation, and suicide. Read More >>

Facebook Shruggingly Admits It’s a Tool for Propagandists

Back in January, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he was “quite proud of the impact that we were able to have on civic discourse,” doubling down on his stance that the rise of misinformation, spread of outright propaganda, and rapid erosion of trust in the fourth estate were anyone’s problems but his. A whitepaper from the world’s largest social media platform—where an estimated 66 per cent of the site’s American users get their news—casually mentions that Facebook is also fertile soil for “subtle and insidious forms of misuse, including attempts to manipulate civic discourse and deceive people.” Read More >>