Reddit CEO Confirms Racial Slurs Are Just Fine on His Site

In the midst of Mark Zuckerberg’s hours-long testimony before the US Senate Commerce and Judiciary Committees, Reddit dropped its 2017 transparency report. It contained a list of nearly 1,000 user accounts the company believed were involved with the Russia-backed Internet Research Agency—and unlike other social media companies, Reddit has also preserved those banned accounts’ posts for review by any user. But the more alarming admission was made by CEO Steve Huffman in the comments below. Read More >>

Did the US Congress Give Big Boy Mark Zuckerberg a Booster Seat for His Special Day?

America’s soft and sweaty boy, Mark Zuckerberg, is steeling himself to be imminently grilled before Congress. And in preparation, it appears the thoughtful legislators of this hallowed body have provisioned seating befitting the station of Silicon Valley’s milkiest son. Read More >>

This May Be What Facebook’s Delayed Smart Speaker Could Look Like

Since news of the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke, Facebook has been running damage control: public apologies, a hasty advertising campaign, and reportedly delaying the launch of its voice assistant-enabled home speaker. Now we know what that device might have looked like. Read More >>

Thousands of Google Employees Protest Company’s Involvement in Pentagon AI Drone Programme

A US Department of Defense partnership has drawn ire from Google’s employees, and thousands have now signed a petition urging CEO Sundar Pichai to shut it down. Read More >>

What We Know About YouTube Shooter Nasim Aghdam

On Tuesday, at approximately 12:46pm local time, multiple 911 calls were made from 901 Cherry Ave in San Bruno, California, the headquarters of YouTube. Police arrived, responding to an active shooter who we now know to be Nasim Najafi Aghdam, a 39-year-old from San Diego. Read More >>

Google Is Banning All Cryptocurrency Mining Extensions From Chrome Store

A post on Google’s Chromium blog today makes it clear: The search giant won’t allow any new cryptocurrency mining extensions on its browser’s web store, and those already on it will soon get the boot. Read More >>

Conservative Wingnuts Celebrate Easter by Complaining About Google Doodles, Like Jesus Would

This weekend, people of varying denominations gathered with friends and family to celebrate. Reciting from the haggadah, Jews congregated around the seder table to commemorate their ancestors’ passage from Egypt. Christians marked the death and resurrection of Jesus. And in a markedly newer observance, conservatives decried their persecution at the hands of search engine for not drawing a thing. Read More >>

MailChimp to Cryptocurrency Promoters: Your Fake Money’s No Good Here

Mass-email service MailChimp has updated their acceptable use policy, putting a moratorium on newsletters promoting cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings. As you can imagine, everyone’s taking it well. Read More >>

Former Engineer Suing Google: ‘It Sucks to Be a Woman in Tech’

Loretta Lee, an ex-Google engineer who filed a lawsuit against her former employer last month, posted a blog to her website Unicorn Techie today decrying the state of gender inclusion in software engineering and the tech industry in general. “The reason there are so few women in tech,” she writes, “is because it sucks to be a woman in tech.” Read More >>

data breach
Under Armour Says Breach of MyFitnessPal Exposed Data From 150 Million Users

The Baltimore Sun reports that information exposed by the breach includes usernames and email addresses, as well as encrypted passwords. It’s unclear at this time how much, if any, users biometric data was also affected. Read More >>

Reddit’s Big, Dumb Meme War Ends in Tears

An imagined war between dozens of meme communities on Reddit has been called off following the hacking of a chat server and the posting of a moderator’s personal information online. From start to finish, the entire conflict took less than a week. Read More >>

Here Are the Myriad Ways Facebook Is Getting Dunked on Right Now

The Zuckerberg empire is burning from all directions at once. Yes, the man who once called his users “dumb fucks” for entrusting him to be the steward of their personal data is in the midst of a disastrous and very public reckoning. Take a moment to process this unexpected turn of events if you must. Read More >>

This Definitely Looks Like a New, Unannounced GoPro

GoPro is rumoured to be releasing a new budget model soon—but it appears a Best Buy in El Paso, Texas has jumped the gun and accidentally stocked them onto its shelves. Look for yourselves: Read More >>

Reddit Bans Slew of Communities Amid New Rule Targeting Sales, Trades, and Giveaways

Reddit’s bread and butter may be links and comments, but the site has a long history as a facilitator of gift swaps, and a backwoods marketplace. New site rules enacted today make much of that behaviour prohibited. Read More >>

Facebook Shareholder Files Class Action Suit Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal Fallout

Facebook’s share value has been in a tailspin as the depths of its irresponsible data handling has become known to the world. Salting that wound is a class-action lawsuit, filed today in California’s Northern district, on behalf of the social media giant’s shareholders. Read More >>