Travellers to This Sleepy US Airport Have Voluntarily Thrown Away Nearly 40 Pounds of Weed

Who, the world collectively asked, would willingly throw out perfectly good weed? As it turns out – kind of a lot of people. Read More >>

Facebook Guy Confused About Lord of the Rings, Many Other Subjects

Getting answers is, in part, what journalism is about, so it gives me no pleasure to state upfront that I have none where Facebook hardware czar and resident loudmouth Andrew “Boz” Bosworth’s recent staff memo is concerned. Read More >>

What Are the Best Tweets of the Decade That Still Haven’t Been Deleted?

Over a decade in, the value proposition of Twitter as a medium is murky, not easily defined – though one area it undoubtedly excels is allowing important people to show every embarrassing contour of their entire arse to the rest of the world. Albeit buried under months or years of less interesting posts, miraculously, many of these public faceplants remain available to this very day. Read More >>

artificial intelligence
Oh Good, the New Police Surveillance Vector Is Self-Driving Cars

Technologists have long speculated on the privacy implications of largely ungoverned, camera-enabled vehicle fleets roaming the roads. Now we’ve finally bumped up against the tip of that particularly worrying iceberg. Read More >>

That’s How It’s Done, Amazon

“If we don’t get it, shut it down” is a staple call-and-response of worker protests for good reason. Even without a clear antecedent, the meaning is obvious to bosses: these are our demands. Meet them, or you may find the usual means of extracting profit difficult. This week, Amazon saw the outcomes it set itself up for. Read More >>

Google Is Going to War Against Its Own Workers

At 19, Kathryn Spiers was hired on as one of the youngest Google platform security engineers in the company. Less than two years later, she’s been abruptly terminated for what she believes is her involvement in internal activism. Read More >>

Google Back Under Investigation Over Labour Practices

For a company associated with fast access to the sum total of human knowledge, Google is certainly struggling to retain even the broad strokes of US labour law. Read More >>

A Song Just for You

A phantom visited my voicemail last week – three minutes and fifteen seconds of hold music for a conversation no one initiated. Now I’m sharing it with you. Read More >>

You’ve Got to Be Kidding, Uber

Uber is often in the business of explaining why things aren’t what they are. For instance, if you merely ignore all the taxis it puts on the road, Uber is a technology company. And if you squint hard and run your head gently through a woodchipper, its drivers do look a lot more like contractors than employees. Read More >>

Everyman Sundar Pichai Picks Up Side Job as CEO of Alphabet

Like many people struggling just to stay afloat through stagnant wages in an uncertain economy, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced yesterday that he’s doing what so many of us have: getting a second job. Read More >>

Fired Google Organisers Accuse Tech Giant of Acting Unlawfully

A rash and highly publicised personnel decision has put Google in the crosshairs of its own workers – and soon, the National Labor Relations Board, which may well find the company broke the law. Read More >>

Some Pretty Good Twitter Handles That May Soon Become Available

Twitter is gearing up to remove scads of inactive accounts. That means one thing and one thing only: one lucky idiot might soon have rights to the handle @sexhaver, leaving the rest of us (losers; virgins) in their digital dust. Read More >>

Google Escalates Internal Crackdown, Firing Four Employees

An internal memo sent yesterday afternoon states that four Google staffers have been fired for “clear and repeated violations of our data security policies.” Read More >>

Did Google Wipe An Employee’s Personal Phone?

Google has found itself at the centre of considerable backlash once again, this time for placing two employees on administrative leave for uncertain reasons, as well as for contracting famous union-busting firm IRI. At a worker-led rally on Friday morning on the company’s San Francisco campus, another revelation came to light: the mobile phone of one recently disciplined employee was allegedly rendered mysteriously unusable. Read More >>

It’s Eagle Cam Time

While many of us spent the weekend unpacking winter coats of various thicknesses and draping our windows in that insulation film that never seems to work, the US state of Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources engaged in its own altogether better seasonal tradition: setting up its eagle cam. Read More >>