The Original Gmail Was Garfield Mail

Back when a brand-new company called Google was getting its first trickle of angel investment from the likes of Jeff Bezos and others, early netizens could already use a service called G-mail in 1998. Mainly, it was used by fans of a certain obese, lasagna-loving cartoon cat. Read More >>

You Know Logan Paul Is Gonna Keep Doing This Shit Forever, Right?

Logan Paul returned from the month-long hiatus related to his “suicide forest” video, which cost him his YouTube RED show and preferred advertising status. Paul made it a whole two days before doing something else reprehensible, and now the video platform has temporarily cut off all advertising to his channel. Read More >>

Paul Allen’s Got Licks!

Legendary producer and arranger Quincy Jones has worked with everyone from Dizzy Gillespie to Michael Jackson, and he’s old enough now (almost 85!) not to give a shit about saying what, for non-legendary folks in a cutthroat, moribund industry, could be a career-ending gaffe. Various revelations from an interview published in Vulture this week include: Read More >>

Report: Facebook Tests ‘Downvote’ Button For Some Users

Facebook has begun testing a “downvote” button with some users, available only in a limited number of post types, the Daily Beast reports. Read More >>

Unicode Knows Its New Skateboard Emoji Is Bad and Is Asking Tony Hawk for Help

Emoji 11.0 is fixed and prepped for delivery in June. Some of them look promising—useful even. But Anthony Hawk, long-time purveyor of fine video games, has taken umbrage with the Unicode Consortium’s depiction of his stock in trade. He’s also been given the opportunity to fix it. Read More >>

Is a Potentially Fraudulent Crypto Company Behind the Bitcoin Rebound?

After a precipitous crash, cryptocurrency enthusiasts have been heartened to see a steady climb in the value of frontrunner coins since Tuesday night. What’s driving the rebound in an increasingly harsh regulatory climate might be a so-called “stablecoin” widely suspected to be fraudulent. Read More >>

Reddit Bans AI-Powered Fake Porn

Following Twitter, Pornhub, Discord, and Imgur, Reddit has taken action to ban the posting of AI-generated fake porn—commonly called “deepfakes.” Read More >>

As Bitcoin Crashes, US Regulators Still Have No Clue What They’re Doing

The heads of the Securities Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission sat before a congressional committee this morning to restate their intent to regulate—but not stifle—cryptocurrency and its related offerings. During questioning, however, it became clear that foundational issues are stalling progress in cracking down on fraudsters. Read More >>

YouTube Is Very Sorry for Spamming Users With Logan Paul’s Stupid ‘Comeback’ Video

Yes, Logal Paul is back. Even if you’re not subscribed to his channel or interested in his varsity ice hockey meets self-help cult schtick, you might know that already thanks to YouTube. Earlier this week, the site decided to push a notification about Paul’s new video to scores of users who had never opted into receiving them. Read More >>

There’s a Reddit Clone Phishing People Who Type Too Fast

People make mistakes, and that’s why,, and redirect to the websites you’d hope they would point to. We don’t recommend you visit it. Read More >>

YouTube Will Warn Users When They’re Watching State-Sponsored Propaganda

Confirming an unusual screenshot which circulated last week, YouTube has officially announced its intentions to mark content from certain news agencies as “funded in whole or in part” by whatever state happens to be their patron. In short, the platform is calling out propaganda. Read More >>

Actually, Mark Zuckerberg Is GLAD You’re Using Facebook Less

Facebook, a “disruptor” in the classic sense, has always been about rewriting the rules. Today it decided that earnings reports—usually a time to show of healthy metrics to stockholders and investors—is actually a really good time to admit you made your own product worse. Read More >>

Facebook Bans All Cryptocurrency Ads for Being ‘Frequently Associated’ With Financial Grifts

In a sweeping change to site policy, Facebook yesterday opted to ban all advertising on its platform pertaining to cryptocurrency. Read More >>

Cryptocurrency Scam Site Disappears, Leaving Only the Word ‘Penis’ Behind

A short-lived and relatively unknown cryptocurrency project built on Ethereum called Prodeum disappeared this weekend—along with the money a small number of hapless investors sunk into it. All that remained of its website was a white page with the word “penis” written on it. Read More >>

£280 million Goes Missing From Japanese Crypto Exchange Coincheck

Through means currently unknown, approximately 500 million NEM tokens were exfiltrated from leading Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, valued at approximately £280 million. Bloomberg reports that, aside from Bitcoin, all trading on the platform has been suspended. Read More >>