Twitter Offers Up Semi-Public Database of Known State-Sponsored Accounts 

Somewhat unexpectedly, Twitter announced today that a dataset of tweets, accounts, and media associated with state-sponsored efforts on its platform would be made public. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the data is available only to researchers. Read More >>

Something Bricked Twitter’s Notifications System

Huge numbers of Twitter users today found their push notifications turned to useless strings of letters and numbers, and so far no one—including CEO Jack Dorsey—seems to know why. Read More >>

Facebook Says Hackers Accessed Sensitive Personal Information on 29 Million Users

Late last month, Facebook disclosed a massive security vulnerability that it claimed affected some 50 million login tokens, but details were somewhat thin on its impact pending further investigation. In a blog post today, the results are in some ways better and worse. Read More >>

Google’s Failed Social Network, Google+, Will Be No More

Google+, a social network that we can certainly say existed and not much more, is slated for a long-overdue trip down the memory hole. Read More >>

Amazon Employee Shared Customer Email Addresses With Third-Party Seller

According to an automated email distributed this afternoon, an Amazon employee was fired for sharing customer email addresses with an unknown seller. It reads: Read More >>

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After Massive Breach, Facebook Says Hackers Didn’t Use Your Login to Access Third-Party Apps

Last week, Facebook disclosed a massive attack that compromised around 50 million login tokens – tokens that many feared could have been used to access thousands of third-party services, including Tinder and Airbnb. The social network’s ongoing investigation concluded today that this has not happened. Read More >>

Amazon’s Aggressive Anti-Union Tactics Revealed in Leaked 45-Minute Video

Amazon, America’s second-largest employer, has so far remained immune to any attempts by US workers to form a union. With rumblings of employee organisation at Whole Foods—which Amazon bought for $13.7 billion (£10.5 billion) last year—a 45-minute union-busting training video produced by the company was sent to Team Leaders of the grocery chain last week, according to sources with knowledge of the store’s activities. Recordings of those videos, obtained by Gizmodo, provide valuable insight into the company’s thinking and tactics. Read More >>

Facebook’s Already Getting Sued for Data Breach Affecting 50 Million Profiles

Earlier today, Facebook announced to the public that a series of vulnerabilities had allowed hackers access to an estimated 50 million user profiles. The company now faces its first class-action lawsuit over its apparent inability to protect this data, likely the first of many such suits to come if the legal fallout after the Cambridge Analytica scandal serves as any indicator. Read More >>

Payouts to Rideshare Drivers Have Shrunk By Half, Study Finds

Earnings for gig economy workers in the transportation sector—think drivers for Uber— plummeted by 53 per cent in the US, according to research from the JPMorgan Chase Institute. Read More >>

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Elon Musk Rejected US Securities and Exchange Commission Settlement at Last Minute: Report

Elon Musk is being sued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission for securities violations, but it appears this entire situation could have been avoided on two distinct occasions. Read More >>

50 Million Facebook Accounts Affected in Massive Security Breach

An estimated 50 million user profiles were affected by a security breach, Facebook confirmed in a blog post today. The breach allowed attackers to take over the accounts of affected users. Read More >>

Scientist Who Quit Google in Protest Urges US Senate to Investigate Project Dragonfly 

Yesterday, representatives from tech companies including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and Google testified before the US Senate Commerce Committee on issues of consumer data privacy at a hearing with the limply stated purpose of finding “what Congress can do to promote clear privacy expectations without hurting innovation.” A former Google senior research scientist who resigned from the company this month is hoping the committee will dig further. Read More >>

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US Securities and Exchange Commission Sues Elon Musk

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has opened a case against Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. Read More >>

Infowars and Prison Planet Belatedly Banned From PayPal for Obvious Reasons

Just when we thought Twitter was going to be the last one to hold the toxic bag that is Alex Jones, payment processing giant PayPal reminded the internet today that, yup, it was still helping Infowars make money, and that also it’s very sorry and plans to stop. Better late than never! Read More >>

Amazon’s Alexa Microwave Is as Dumb as It Is Brilliant

A voice-activated microwave is a terrible idea and a pointless frivolity, a device which solves a problem almost no one had. Why trust your lying eyes? Amazon’s Basics microwave (with Alexa!) is no such bauble, and as silly a creation as it may appear, it’s the company’s cutthroat business as usual. Read More >>