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This YouTube Channel Takes You Inside a Museum’s Animal Dissection Lab

There’s always a lot going on behind the scenes at museums. For example, in the basement of Chicago’s Field Museum, researchers are skinning, gashing, and ripping apart animal specimens. Then they post it on YouTube for us all to wince at. Read More >>

Science’s Dirty Secret: All You Need to Know About Faecal Transplants

This is how far a mother will go. Your daughter has been sick for more than four years with a severe autoimmune disease that has left her colon raw with bloody ulcers. After multiple doctors and drugs have failed, you are frantic for her to get better. Then you send her disease into remission, virtually overnight, with a single act of love. "Who wouldn't do that for their daughter?" you say. It's like a miracle, you say. "An overnight magic wand." Read More >>