Surprisingly, Pilot Errors Are Not the Main Cause of Drone Crashes

It wasn’t my fault that I crashed my drone. It was the drone’s fault! Read More >>

LSD Can Mess With the Language Centers in Your Brain

The stereotype of late 1960s authors and musicians is that certain drugs can help to expand the mind and make the user more creative. As someone who has never taken psychedelics, I can’t know this for sure, but a recent study seems to be the first step in displaying scientific evidence in support of that claim. Read More >>

These Glowing Rocks Capture One of Nature’s Most Beautiful Phenomena 

Looks at first like somebody threw a bunch of glowing beads on some rocks, but what you see here is actually alive. Read More >>

We Will Get ‘Justice for Barb’ in a Second Season of Stranger Things

Oh Barb with your coke-bottle glasses, your mum jeans, and your perfect eye rolls. There’s something in your charm and wit that made you so endearing to us, the viewers of Stranger Things. Read More >>

NASA Just Found a Lost Spacecraft

If movies about space have taught us anything, it’s that no one can hear you scream. If you get lost in space, nobody’s going to find you. Unless you’re a spacecraft with a direct link to NASA. Then there is hope for you yet. Read More >>

Why Men Shouldn’t Be the Sole Breadwinners in Families

Traditional gender roles have been shifting over the past few decades and that’s probably for the best. Not just because society’s expectations for a binary gender system are outdated, but because it might be bad for you. Read More >>

Scientists, Inspired by Skin, Find a New Way To Encrypt Messages

This is certainly a much better idea than a message that self-destructs after you read it (we’re looking at you, Inspector Gadget). Read More >>

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How To Give Wood The Ultimate Paper Cut

It’s like a Bizzaro World version of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” where the paper manages to beat everything and scissors are pissed off. Read More >>

Good Job Humanity, NASA Has Accepted Sad Levels of Sea Ice As a ‘New Normal’ 

The Arctic Ocean is seeing a rapid amount of ice loss this season, but NASA scientists aren’t too alarmed. Read More >>

Don’t Throw Out Your Game Boy Classic; Use It To Pilot a Drone Instead

What do you do with your old Game Boy? Some of us try and boot it up for the first time in decades, while others look at this brick that we played with in our childhood and make something of it. Read More >>

The Next Big Solar Eclipse Is A Year Away But Americans Are Already Planning A Party

With this much planning, you’d think Americans were putting together a wedding. Read More >>

This Is What The Perseid Meteor Shower Looked Like Around the World

Looks like the logo for our 1950s film production company. Actually, it’s more complicated than that (even though we would still like to use it when we go back in time to take down Universal). Read More >>

According to Airbus, A Flying Car Reality Is Just Around The Corner

The flying car is just one of a group of futuristic technologies that are like science’s White Whales—along with jetpacks and a machine that can record our dreams (just me?). Plenty of startups have tested their own versions and now, one major company says that future will be here sooner than you think. Read More >>

When Martin Shkreli Calls A Pharma Company Out, You Know It Screwed Up

The extensive price hike for a vital, life-saving drug for many with allergies is causing concern among doctors, patients, and politicians—along with a guy responsible for an extensive price hike himself. Read More >>

In 1898, Nikola Tesla Predicted Drone Warfare

Nikola Tesla was both of his time and ahead of it (he has a car company named after him, after all). Besides his contributions to alternating current electrical systems, the inventor predicted smartphones, television, and apparently drones, which he thought could cause humanity’s destruction. Read More >>