Xiaomi Mi 5: Great Specs, Awesome Display and Cheap as Chips

Xiaomi has a reputation for making good phones at incredible prices. That’s never been more true than with the new Mi 5, a phone with specs to compete with the iPhone or Galaxy S7 — but for comparative peanuts. Read More >>

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Two New Accessories Give LG’s Modular Smartphone Super Powers

You probably know by now that the LG G5 is a modular phone. The bottom of the device is removable and can be swapped with different accessories that multiply the phone possibilities. A couple of them caught our attention: a little module that will amaze audiophiles, and a bulky module that adds physical camera buttons. Read More >>

I Controlled An RC Car With My Mind And It Was Amazing

Many car accidents happen because the driver gets distracted or is too tired to drive. In order to help solve this issue, a company called Alchemy Technology has teamed up with Acer to develop a security mechanism, which uses EEG headsets to detect a driver’s brain activity, and slow the car down if it seems like the driver might not be paying attention. After a quick demo of the technology implemented on an RC car, all I can say is I’m psyched for the future of brain driving. Read More >>

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LG 360 VR Is One of the Shittiest Virtual Reality Headsets I’ve Ever Tried

LG is jumping on the VR bandwagon with the release of its new LG 360 VR headset, designed exclusively for the new G5 phone. We had a chance to try it during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and ended up with some pretty strong feelings. The LG 360 VR is way less immersive (and impressive) than other headsets like the Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive—and it’s hard to imagine who on earth would want a headset like this. Read More >>

Sony’s Latest Concepts Imagine a Creepy Future

Sony showed off three new concepts at the Mobile World Congress today, but they all share one thing in common: They’re a little bit creepy. Read More >>

Sony’s Ear Puts an AI Inside Your, Er, Ear

Sony clearly watched Joaquin Phoenix in Her. Its latest announcement is an earpiece that interacts with your phone to inject the sweet mutterings of an AI straight into your skull. Welcome to the future. Read More >>

Samsung Put Me in an Absurd Hell Chamber of Virtual Reality Headsets

Today was weird. Samsung’s events are not something that usually fall under the definition of normal, but today was particularly crazy. See, I sat in a gigantic dark room filled with 5,000 other people while we watched the new Galaxy S7 phone being revealed—through a VR headset. It was terrifying and cool, but mostly terrifying. Read More >>

CAT S60 Hands-On: The Phone That Lets You See Like Predator Is Awesome

Most of phones these days are basically the same. A little gimmick here, a pinch of innovation there—but essentially they’re all identical. That’s not the case with the Cat S60, which is the first to have FLIR thermal imaging built in. We’ve tried the little beast here at MWC and boy, this thing is insane. Read More >>