What’s the Worst Way You Ever Screwed Up on an Aeroplane?

Flying is, in theory, meant to make long distance travel a faster and more streamlined experience. In reality, flying is often hectic, cramped, and perhaps even terrifying, depending on your flight’s particular model of flying metal tube and other factors mostly out of your control. Read More >>

YouTube CEO Says She’s ‘Really Sorry’ She Can’t Ban the LGBQT Harassment, It’s Too Hard

As we continue to watch social media giants fumble their half-baked policies around hate speech and harassment, one of the most visible blunders recently has been YouTube’s mishandling of videos with homophobic and racist comments about one of its creators by another. During an interview at Code this week, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki offered a weak defence of the company’s inaction by claiming the platform needs to have “consistent policies.” Read More >>

Why Seemingly Every Company Is Launching a Gaming Subscription Now

Much in the way that streaming has too many damn options now, gaming services are flooding the market as companies increasingly position themselves to compete for attention over singular domination of an entertainment medium. Netflix, for example, disclosed in an earnings report earlier this year that it viewed itself as competing with “Fortnite more than HBO.” If a recent survey is to be believed, they may be on to something. Read More >>

Apple’s iOS 13 ‘Silence Unknown Callers’ Feature Is Sounding Pretty Good

Many of us are familiar with the uniquely infuriating hell that is automed calls, or robocalls, and, I hate to say it, but the problem isn’t getting any better. A recently announced iPhone feature arriving with iOS 13, however, might help quiet some of those unknown callers by kicking them straight to voicemail. So far, I’m loving what I’m hearing. Read More >>

Walmart’s Robots Don’t Appear to Be Going Over So Great With All of Its Workers

Retail giants are increasingly turning over jobs and tasks performed in the past by human workers to a growing workforce of robots. A new report on this automation of jobs by US retail overlords Walmart says it’s led to a greater sense of tedium and unease among some human employees, even as the company insists that its robots are meant to benefit them. Read More >>

Instagram Is This Close to Ruining Itself

You know what we definitely need more of on social media? Influencers and ads. And lucky for us, Instagram has announced a new tool for surfacing a hybrid of the two in your feed. Your Insta has never looked more #sponsored, baby! Read More >>

Social Media Screening Will Now Affect Nearly All U.S. Visa Applicants

U.S. State Department requests for some visa applicants to hand over information related to their various social media accounts will now extend to nearly all applicants, including those travelling to the U.S. for education or business, the Associated Press reported Sunday. Read More >>

Boeing Reports Up to 148 Parts For Its Aircraft Were ‘Improperly Manufactured’

Adding to an ever-growing list of Boeing public relations issues, the aircraft manufacturer has informed the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that some of its 737 jets may have “improperly manufactured” wing parts that don’t meet strength and durability standards. Read More >>

Those ‘Death of iTunes’ Rumours Are Starting to Look More Real

Apple appears to be giving us even more indication that those rumours about the death of iTunes may hold water. Read More >>

mark zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg’s Head of Security Accused of Sexual Harassment and Other Misconduct by Two Former Staff

Two employees who previously worked as personal staff for Mark Zuckerberg have levelled alarming allegations of misconduct against the head of Zuckerberg’s security detail, including sexual harassment and racist, transphobic, and homophobic comments. Read More >>

Uber Will Start Booting Terrible Passengers From Its App

Uber is finally going to hold its riders to the same standard of common decency that it holds its drivers—via their ratings. Read More >>

Google Maps is Going to Piss Off Police Around the Globe With Its Latest Update

Folks, I’ve got some great news if you’re a driver and some bad news if you’re the police: Google has confirmed it’s rolling out the ability to see speed and mobile cameras, as well as speed limits, in more than 40 countries in Maps. Read More >>

Pokémon Is Making a Game You Play by Sleeping and I’ve Never Felt More Sure of Myself

During an announcement-packed press event in Tokyo this week, the Pokémon Company unveiled a handful of new services and hardware, including what I believe is the clear standout in this collection of new products: a game called Pokémon Sleep. And based on the limited information I have about how it works, I’m confident that I’m going to absolutely kill it at this game. Read More >>

After Destroying Brick and Mortars, Amazon Reportedly Planning to Cut Ties With Thousands of Small Vendors

Amazon has long touted its relationships with the small businesses who sell on its platform as helping them “reach hundreds of millions of customers around the world.” But Bloomberg reported on Tuesday that the e-commerce giant is about to cease bulk ordering for “thousands of mostly smaller suppliers,” which could have a devastating effect for those independent operations. Amazon, however, disputes the report. Read More >>