Amazon Launches New Spotify Competitor With Ad-Supported Music Streaming for Echo Devices

Following rumours earlier this week that such a service was forthcoming, Amazon has officially announced its spanking new ad-supported music streaming service—not to be confused with its other two music services—for Alexa-enabled devices. Read More >>

YouTube’s CEO Responds to its Bad Content Problem, Exposes the Core of its Platform Problem

Seemingly with each passing week, YouTube faces another content moderation problem. And despite the companies own efforts at moderating its platform, it can’t seem to get its hands around the problem. Read More >>

I Have, Honest to God, Lost Track of Who Is Launching What Service

Have you heard the news? Someone is launching another goddamn service. This time, if I recall correctly, it’s Amazon. Read More >>

Pepsi Mercifully Spares Humanity From Its Space Billboards—for Now

If there is one thing no one needs, it’s additional spaces for brands to overwhelm humanity with even more advertising. But thanks to capitalism, the sky is evidently the limit. Read More >>

Twitter and its Experimental App Twttr are Toying With Some Goofy Changes to Tweet Replies

Twitter’s month-old prototype app twttr – its testing ground for platform tweaks – is exploring some significant changes to tweet engagement. Read More >>

disney plus
Disney Finally Drops All the Details on the Upcoming Disney+ Streaming Service

Joining the increasingly crowded streaming space, the Walt Disney Company on Thursday delivered more details about its anticipated service Disney+. And if there was any question that this product would directly compete with Netflix, there certainly isn’t now. Read More >>

Facebook’s Latest Changes Will Only Promote Well-Established Fake News

Facebook, in an attempt to clean up the mess it’s created, has announced yet another set of changes meant to help it be less awful. Read More >>

YouTube Has Plans for Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Shows – But Don’t Expect Bandersnatch

Well, folks, it appears the inevitable choose-your-own-adventure-style YouTube programming may soon be coming to a channel near you. Read More >>

You Can Soon Create and Edit Google Files in Dropbox

Dropbox has finally delivered on a long-awaited partnership with G Suite for native editing tools, and it definitely seems like it was worth the wait. Read More >>

Windows Is Giving Up on Getting You to ‘Safely Remove’ USB Drives

On Windows, at least, the era of living on the edge by recklessly ripping out your USB devices appears to be coming to an end. Read More >>

Hayabusa2 Spacecraft Blasts Artificial Crater in Asteroid Ryugu’s Surface

Japan’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft has completed yet another intense mission: It used an explosive to blast a crater in the surface of the asteroid Ryugu. Read More >>

Here’s One Small Way We Can Try to Make Twitter Less of a Hell Site

A neat tool for Twitter got some renewed attention this week, reigniting conversation around the problem of subconscious gender bias and the proclivity of men to follow other men on social media. It is, essentially, one way to help diversify your feed to make it less of an echo chamber and something more like what I imagine CEO Jack Dorsey wants it to be (and which, dear reader, it definitely is not). Read More >>

privacy and security
Tesla Hacking Report Is a Good Reminder of the Risks of Stored Data

It can be easy to forget how much personal data we share with the various technologies geared at streamlining our lives, be they voice assistants, smart home devices, or the phones we carry with us virtually everywhere. And if you own a car, that may go for your ride too. Read More >>

Man Pleads Guilty to Apple Phishing Scam Used to Hack iCloud Accounts of Rappers and Athletes

A Georgia man pleaded guilty last week to using phishing tactics to hack the Apple accounts and credit card details of a number of “high-profile” celebrities and athletes, scamming victims out of hundreds or thousands of dollars, according to the Justice Department. Read More >>