Tinder Is Getting a Panic Button Specifically Tailored to Dating

Tinder today has announced it’s rolling out new features to help better protect users both on and off the platform, including by releasing a kind of “panic button” for real-world meetups. Read More >>

Report Claims Apple Left a Backdoor Open at FBI’s Request

As tensions escalate in a public spat between Apple and American federal officials over the company’s apparent refusal to unlock two iPhones belonging to a mass shooter in the US city of Pensacola, Florida, a new report claims that Apple recently killed a plan to fully encrypt iPhone backups in iCloud following pressure from government agencies. Read More >>

Personally, I Would NOT Compare Journalists to Sexual Predators as the Quibi CEO Reportedly Did

Just a couple of months ahead of Quibi’s official launch, it appears the company’s leadership has already developed a, shall we say, fraught relationship with the press and its reporting on the company’s inner-workings. Read More >>

Instagram Is Testing a Tool That Will Let You Stealthily Send DMs at Work

Instagram is testing the ability for users to access their direct messages from the web, meaning that you may finally be able to send and share messages – on the low, of course – during work hours. Read More >>

Luggage Startup CEO Accused of Creating Toxic Workplace Won’t Go Away After All

After a controversial story last year exposed a toxic workplace atmosphere at luggage startup Away, the company’s chief executive Steph Korey was reported to be stepping down from the role while taking on a new title of executive chairman. But that decision evidently didn’t stick, and Korey will resume the CEO role alongside another incoming executive who was originally planned to take over the role. Read More >>

Lime and Bolt Abruptly Yank E-Scooters From Multiple Markets Across the Globe

Electric scooter company Lime is laying off more than 10 per cent of its workforce and pulling its scooters from roughly a dozen major global cities, while its competitor Bolt has yanked its e-scooters from city streets in multiple US markets, Gizmodo has learned. Read More >>

Google Teases Feature That Allows Assistant to Read Webpages to You in Dozens of Languages

Google has unveiled a potentially helpful new feature that will allow Google Assistant to read websites back to the user as well as translate them to more than three dozen languages. Read More >>

CES 2020: Plex Is Making Itself Impossible to Ignore as a Go-To Streaming Service

CES may be all about gadgets, but this year’s event is jam-packed with news from streaming services looking to muscle their way into the fray. Plex is one of them. Read More >>

How to Disable Those Cursed Website Notifications in the New Firefox

Firefox has officially introduced an anticipated feature to silence those annoying-as-hell website notifications that assault you while you’re browsing the web. Read More >>

ces 2020
CES 2020: Last Year It Was Sex, This Year It’s Weed Tech That CES is Censoring

Here we go again. In an incident that sounds oddly familiar to an embarrassing controversy during the Consumer Electronics Show last year, the trade organisation behind the massive tech event is once again under fire for honouring a product before turning around and censoring it. Last year, it was sex tech. This year, it’s a weed product. Read More >>

ces 2020
Here’s What to Expect From CES 2020

Because each individual day of 2019 felt like it stretched on for 100 years, you would absolutely be forgiven for forgetting that the largest technology show of the year immediately follows the start of the new year. But readers, the Consumer Electronics Show is happening – mere days from now, in fact – which means that the Gizmodo staff will be heading to Sin City to cover the conference’s most innovative, peculiar and covetable tech at the event. Read More >>

The Current Heads of Apple TV+ Should Be Terrified

Apple just entered an exclusive partnership with Richard Plepler, one of the chief architects of HBO’s last two decades of success. According to the New York Times, Plepler’s new production company has a five-year exclusivity deal with Apple’s TV+. If Apple’s entertainment executives aren’t worried about what the incoming titan’s arrival means for their jobs and the platform’s future yet, they probably should be. At least from where I’m sitting. Read More >>

Music Streaming Jumped to 80% of the U.S. Market by the End of the Decade

Music streaming made a killing this decade as far as western market domination – and more and more users are willing to pay for it too, according to statistics from the Recording Industry Association of America. Read More >>

Juul Employees Reportedly Can’t Stop Vaping at Work

Who’d have thought the company that developed a discreet and highly addictive nicotine product would have trouble preventing its very own employees from using it in the workplace? Read More >>

Don’t Trust Netflix’s ‘Most Popular’ List

Netflix’s “best of” content rankings reek of bullshit. And based on Netflix’s own metrics for popularity, they are. Read More >>