Aw Yeah, Apple TV Is Now on Roku

Roku users are about to get two times the Apple – beginning today. Read More >>

Every Exciting Google Assistant Feature Announced Today

Made by Google 2019 is finally underway. And thanks to the Pixel 4 getting leaked to the point of exhaustion, we had a pretty good idea of what to expect heading in. But the tech titan still managed to unveil some surprises on the Google Assistant front, with new applications and integrations across Google’s devices. Read More >>

Google Is Funding Climate Change Denialism

Despite all its evidently performative public-facing climate change initiatives, Google is forking over “substantial” contributions to denier organisations and events. Read More >>

The Latest Disney+ Blow to Netflix Is a $5 Subscription Deal

You may have caught word a couple of months back of a limited-time, 3-year, discounted Disney+ subscription that shook out to about $4 (£3.22) per month, or roughly the cost of a cup of coffee. If that wasn’t enough to turn the heads of some wayward Netflix subscribers, maybe a second chance to score the streaming service at a deep discount ahead of its official launch will do the trick. Read More >>

Human Employees Are Viewing Clips from Amazon’s Home Surveillance Service

Recordings from yet another Amazon-owned smart home device are being reviewed by a team of human workers, again raising concerns that audio and video captured by such devices may not be as private as some customers might assume. Read More >>

Uber’s Making It Easier to Bring Your Pet for the Ride – and Don’t You Dare Ruin This for Me

One of the downsides of being a pet owner without a vehicle at your disposal is that getting around in a pinch typically means you’re at the mercy of someone willing to transport the two of you in good faith. Uber knows this can be tricky, and it’s launching a new pilot, Uber Pet, to help ease this process for all involved parties – assuming everyone’s on their best behaviour. Read More >>

dark mode
Instagram Goes Dark

Finally, Instagram is going dark.

Uber Seeks to Crush Souls of Greater Pool of Gig Workers

Uber, a company arguably just exploiting human workers while it figures out how to pivot to automation, is evidently looking to expand its labour pool beyond cab drivers and food delivery. Read More >>

Microsoft Will Still Make It Hard for You to Repair Its New Repairable Surface Laptop

During its October Surface event on Wednesday, Microsoft revealed something unexpected (besides the Surface Duo phone): A stylish, thin, repairable laptop. Read More >>

Google Begins Rolling Out Incognito Mode for Maps

Bolstering its claims of a greater focus on user privacy, Google is finally starting to roll out Incognito mode for its Maps app. Read More >>

Google is Baking-in a Tool to Help Break Your Terrible Password Habits

Google is rolling out its handy Password Checkup tool to a wider audience because let’s be honest: how good is your password protocol? If you share your login credentials, re-use passwords across accounts (whether or not you perceive those accounts as low-risk), or use easy-to-guess passwords for any of your accounts, the answer is: probably not as strong as you think. Read More >>