There May Still Be Hope for NASA’s Sleeping Opportunity Rover

It’s been months since NASA engineers have heard from the sleeping Opportunity rover, which powered down after getting caught in a massive dust storm on Mars that obscured its surface from the Sun. But all hope isn’t yet lost, as the space agency said in an update Thursday that a coming windy season on the Red Planet could help clear dust believed to be obstructing Opportunity’s solar panels. Read More >>

Investigators Told Not to Look at Phones With Face ID to Avoid Lock-Out: Report

It’s no secret that law enforcement often resorts to workarounds for Apple’s security features, but the Face ID technology of the iPhone X makes things tricky. According to a report from Motherboard, forensics company Elcomsoft is advising law enforcement to not even look at phones with Face ID. This is because with its Face ID feature enabled, failed attempts to get into the phone could lock investigators out by requiring a passcode that may be protected under the Fifth Amendment. Read More >>

Just Days After Hubble, NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory Also Enters Safe Mode

Mere days after the Hubble Space Telescope entered safe mode following a component failure, NASA said its Chandra X-ray Observatory entered safe mode on Wednesday. The space agency revealed on Friday that an investigation into the incident is currently underway, though it added data analysis indicated the safe mode transition to be “normal behaviour.” Read More >>

A Facebook Troll Pretended to Be a Despotic Barefoot-Running, Acorn-Hating Unicyclist to Mess With His Neighbours

There are a lot of things to be tired about in 2018—really, take your pick. But it’s possible that the most exhausting thing to surface in the frothing tide of tedium that is social media has made its way to Twitter in an obvious challenge to all of us to log off forever. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you an urban barefoot runner lodging apparent complaints about tree litter to test the limits of your patience. Read More >>

Please Don’t Post Your Potentially Felonious Crimes to Facebook

People do astoundingly stupid shit online. But for all the noise we make everything you should never post on social media, it should really go without saying that implicating yourself in a felony crime by way of a publicly available video is a no-go. Alas, such is the case for one man in the US state of Missouri who allegedly posted a how-to video of himself removing his police-issued ankle monitor to Facebook. Read More >>

Bing and Yahoo Are Surfacing Some Extremely Racist Search Queries

In yet another case of a search engine finding itself in hot water over racist, sexist, or otherwise problematic search results, it appears Microsoft’s Bing—whose technology also powers Yahoo’s search function—is returning wildly offensive related search suggestions in its image search function. A report from online tech blog How-To Geek published Wednesday surfaced a number of alarming returns on queries, including racist language and conspiracy theories. Read More >>

Razer Makes Laptops in White Now

You never realise how attached to a laptop’s colour a brand is until you see it in a new shade. Razer’s known for black and green fingerprint magnets, so it’s a bit of a (pleasant) surprise to learn that the company has a new white laptop you can potentially use without showcasing your affection for games next time you are at the library/meeting/coffee house full of Macs. Read More >>

Gwyneth Paltrow Isn’t Going to Let a £110,000 False Advertising Settlement Taint Goop’s Brand

It’s been a little more than a month since it was announced that Goop, the controversial lifestyle brand of actress Gwyneth Paltrow, settled a false advertising lawsuit over scientifically unproven claims about its vaginal quartz and jade eggs – you may remember the ones. However, in a new interview with BBC addressing criticism of the brand, Paltrow challenged claims that Goop sold products that veered into the realm of “pseudoscience.” Read More >>

climate change
Clean Energy Could See Explosive Growth by 2023 According to Report

The release of a damning report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change this week predicting unprecedented climate disaster within the next decade was no doubt a sobering reminder of the fragile state of our planet. But new forecasts from the International Energy Agency (IEA) for the future of global renewable energy capacity offers a far more hopeful picture, predicting a massive spike in clean energy over the next five years — if, that is, necessary policy and regulation are acted upon now. Read More >>