Android Users Blessed With Dark Mode Support for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

I have made a terrible mistake. I, the owner of an Apple-made miniature computer I carry with me everywhere, am experiencing a profound feeling of regret over the decision to procure this particular gadget over one that runs on Android. Because beginning this week, Android users will officially have access to a beautiful dark mode in Docs, Sheets, and Slides – apps many of us use regularly, if not constantly. Read More >>

Amazon Prime Adds Watch Party for Co-Viewing With Up to 100 Friends

Amazon’s streaming service is introducing a co-viewing option to stream movies and TV shows with up to 100 other Prime Video account holders, a nifty feature that’s already officially available on platforms. Read More >>

Dark Sky Won’t Be Disappearing From Android Just Yet

When news broke earlier this year that Apple had snapped up Dark Sky, the weather app said at the time that while the app would continue working for iOS users, it would be shut down for Android and Wear OS users and subscribers beginning 1 July. Read More >>

European Union May Quarantine the United States

As if we needed any further reminders that the United States has spectacularly botched its response to the covid-19 crisis, member states of the European Union are reportedly weighing whether to include American travellers on its ban list as European borders begin reopening next month. Read More >>

Apple Rolls Out a Bunch of New Home Updates

Apple’s super-stuffed developer’s presentation today brought new announcements for wearables, overhauled iOS interview, and a new macOS with the debut of Big Sur. But Apple dropped a bunch of updates coming to the Apple tech we use in our homes – a place where we’re now spending more time than ever. Read More >>

Apple Reportedly Set to Pull Thousands of iOS Games from App Store Over Chinese Licensing Issue

Apple is reportedly gearing up to pull thousands of games from its App Store in China because they lack licenses from Chinese regulators, a move that could see the removal of popular games like Grand Theft Auto. Read More >>

Amazon Introduces Social Distance Software at Warehouses, but That Won’t Fix Its Coronavirus Problem

Amazon is debuting a new software that will send its warehouse employees real-time visual cues about their physical proximity to other workers, one of the company’s latest initiatives in response to covid-19 – a problem the company has been struggling to address in its facilities. Read More >>

Apple’s App Store Is Due a Reckoning

The long-standing controversy over the so-called “Apple tax” the company imposes on apps in its App store has resurfaced in a new standoff with recently launched email management app Hey, a dispute that brings into sharp focus the unchecked dictatorial power Apple wields over apps and their creators – and one that’s long overdue for a sweeping overhaul. Apple’s only hurting its own users with its app tax and subscription terms, and with WWDC next week it’s time for it to fix itself. Read More >>

Facebook Pitched an Internal Union-Busting Tool That It Swears Was Really Just for Bullying

As Mark Zuckerberg continues to cement himself as CEO of one of Silicon Valley’s most amoral tech titans – namely by profiting of the slow erosion of democracy – his company has managed to sink to a new level of abhorrent by pitching a tool that could be used to blacklist hashtags related to organised labour. Read More >>

Github to Remove ‘Master’ and ‘Slave’ Coding Terms Widely Seen as Racially Insensitive

Github is preparing to overhaul coding terminology that has long been criticised for being racially insensitive, the company’s chief executive said. Read More >>

When Silicon Valley Micromanages Hollywood, the Results Are Boring as Hell

With everyone clamouring to get into the streaming wars – from tech titans to industry veterans to Silicon Valley newbies with stupid amounts of funding to pump into something new that nobody asked for – one thing has become very clear: The big tech dweeb contenders are fucking it up, specifically by micromanaging the talent and opportunities they do have to create a product that doesn’t supremely suck. Read More >>

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Blackout Tuesday Is Backfiring

A seemingly well-intentioned gesture of posting black boxes for Blackout Tuesday has backfired spectacularly, unintentionally – or perhaps even purposefully, depending on who’s doing the posting – drowning out information related to the Black Lives Matter movement and its associated hashtags. Read More >>

Roku Is Rolling Out a New Live TV Channel Guide and Adding More Free Stuff to Watch

Roku is making free, ad-supported TV channels a greater focus of its Roku Channel offerings, an attempt to lean into the kind of channel-flipping, sit-back-and watch experience you typically get with cable. And while its free TV offerings are still relatively meagre at around 100 channels, the addition signals a greater focus on improvements to the Roku Channel’s overall offerings. Read More >>

It Seems Like Apple TV+ Wants to Be the New HBO

As HBO pivots to whatever it’s trying to achieve with its messy streaming service that's just launched in the US, Apple appears to be shopping for content and talent to help make it a standout giant in quality streaming. Read More >>