US Airlines Will Offer New Gender Options Beyond ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ for Non-Binary Flyers

Many U.S. airlines say they’re in the process of updating their booking systems in order to allow non-binary customers to use pronouns other than “male” or “female.” Read More >>

It Sure Seems Like Apple Is Willing to Bend Its Own Rules to Promote Its Services

Apple seems to really, really want people to commit to its services. Read More >>

Google Plans to Make It More Difficult for Sites to Block Chrome’s Incognito Mode

For the privacy-minded among us, Chrome’s Incognito mode can offer at least some added peace of mind during browsing sessions. But some sites may know that you’re trying to access them in Incognito, and Google reportedly wants to put a lid on it. Read More >>

fyre festival
Ja Rule Claims He’s Planning Another Fyre Festival-Like Event, Which Seems Fine

Surely you haven’t forgotten about Fyre Festival, the event that scammed models, the rich, and many Bahamian vendors into believing it would be one of the greatest events of the decade – headlined by Blink 182 for god’s sake – before it all came crashing down. Read More >>

LG Has No Immediate Plans to Release a Foldable Smartphone, Head of Mobile Says

If you were holding out for a folding phone from LG in the near future, you may be waiting a while. According to the company’s head of mobile communications and home entertainment divisions Brian Kwon, LG thinks it’s too soon for a such a release. Read More >>

It Sounds Like It Could Be a While Until We Actually Get Apple’s Streaming Service

For months, reports have indicated that Apple was poised to give us a glimpse of its long-awaited Netflix competitor sometime this spring. Whether we will soon after have access to what increasingly sounds like an Apple Prime when the tech giant finally reveals it, however, is another story. Read More >>

Twitter May Be Holding On to DMs Long After You Think They’re ‘Deleted’

Twitter has had a number of privacy issues recently, from failing to protect private tweets to surfacing deleted location information. Now, it appears Twitter may be holding on to data it claims it deletes. Read More >>

Google Is Forcing Some Nest Customers to Reset Their Potentially Compromised Passwords

After Nest contacted its customers earlier this month urging them to better secure their accounts, it appears the company is now taking the reins. Read More >>

Facebook Tracks the Location Data of Some Users Who It Views as Potential Threats

Facebook wields unparalleled power when it comes to the amount of data it collects on its billions of users – this we know. But thanks to all that information it hoovers up across its various services, the company is also able to use said data to track individuals it deems as posing a threat to the company or its executives, CNBC reported Thursday. Read More >>

Twitter CEO Says Users Could Get a Feature to ‘Clarify’ Their Bad Tweets

Even Twitter knows there is something fundamentally broken about its platform. But what if users could just, uh, clarify their bad tweets? This was an idea evidently presented by Twitter CEO and witness to goat slaughter Jack Dorsey while speaking at a Goldman Sachs event in San Francisco on Thursday. Read More >>

We May Finally See Apple’s Streaming Service and Netflix Rival Very Soon

We may finally get Apple’s long-awaited streaming service in mere months. Bloomberg reported Wednesday that the company plans to (finally) introduce us to its video streaming competitor to Netflix at a March 25 event. Read More >>

PSA: The Temperature of Boiling Water Has Not Changed

It’s that time of year again when it’s time to talk about the dangers of boiling water. Read More >>

Chimps Use Branch as ‘Ladder’ in Bold Attempt at Escape From Belfast Zoo Enclosure

Some incredibly mischievous chimps put on quite a display for visitors at the Belfast Zoo over the weekend by attempting a big break from their enclosure – a daring effort that was captured on video as one managed to get beyond a wall. Read More >>

Google Maps AR Is Being Tested by Some Users – But the Rest of Us Will Have to Wait

Last year, Google I/O gave us a glimpse of what augmented reality in Maps might look like, teasing a future in which our phones orient us using our cameras. The demonstration showed us improved navigation tools to properly direct users as well as pop-ups indicating surrounding businesses and shops. There was even a bouncy fox guide. Read More >>

New Horizons Images Show Ultima Thule May Actually Be More ‘Pancake’-Shaped

The distant (486958) 2014 MU69, nicknamed Ultima Thule, made history on New Year’s Day for becoming the farthest object ever visited by a spacecraft. As it’s situated in the Kuiper Belt about 4.1 billion miles from Earth, there’s much about MU69 that scientists are still learning. Now, new images have raised even more questions about the mysterious object. Read More >>