50-Year-Old Time Capsule Improved by Being Completely and Inexplicably Empty

A time capsule sealed in 1969 that was set to reveal its secrets this year has mysteriously—albeit hilariously—wound up containing absolutely nothing, a puzzle that has stumped the township of Derry, in the US state of New Hampshire. Read More >>

Hell Yeah, Netflix Rolls Out Feature for Finding New and Upcoming Releases in Its TV App

The tsunami of streaming services that have sprung up like weeds in the last few years means we have more options than ever for on-demand entertainment. But if you’re not the kind of user who is content with watching reruns or hastily released garbage, staying on top of what’s coming to your preferred streaming services of choice can be kind of a pain in the ass. This is especially true of Netflix, which is constantly releasing new content. Read More >>

Plague-Infected Prairie Dogs Force Areas in the US to Be Closed to Public

Plague-infected fleas affecting prairie dog colonies have forced closures in parts of the US state of Colorado, including wildlife areas and a suburb of the city of Denver, as authorities say the fleas could spread the disease to pets and people. Read More >>

YouTube Decides It’s a Good Time to Get Its Shit Together

Following the fiasco over YouTube’s serving ads to kids, the company may be readying to end targeted ads on videos aimed at children – a move that, when taken together with other recent measures, would indicate that at least on some fronts, YouTube is getting its shit together. Read More >>

Woman Finds 3.72-Carat Yellow Diamond While Watching YouTube Video On How to Find Diamonds

A woman on a first-time visit to the Crater of Diamonds State Park in the US state of Arizona says she discovered a nearly 4-carat yellow diamond—while watching a YouTube video about how to find the precious gemstones. Read More >>

Facebook Begins Rolling Out New Tool to See Which of Its Data Pals Are Monitoring You

As Facebook works to undo the damage of years of user data scandals – ostensibly with an overhauled focus on “privacy,” or something – part of that effort has involved rolling out features geared at greater transparency that, quite frankly, should have been introduced years ago. But here we are. Read More >>

Disney+ to Crack Down on Password Sharing, and Now We’re Freaked Out

Well, folks, I hate to rain on your streaming services parade, but those of us who are hoping to skirt a Disney+ subscription and instead leach off a buddy’s account may run into some trouble. Read More >>

Capital One Really Dropped the Ball on the Anti-Hack Stuff: Report

Ahead of a massive data breach that exposed the personally identifiable information of more than 100 million people, a new report claims, Capital One may have failed to take measures to better detect potential hacks—which, from where now stand, seems like a pretty big misstep. Read More >>

Go Ahead, Share Your Most Revolting Bug-Eating Stories

Reader, let me ask you an honest question: When’s the last time you ate a bug, wittingly or otherwise? Read More >>

Google’s New ‘Reminders’ Feature Seems Like a Great Way to Piss Off Everyone You Live With

Google has announced a new feature for Assistant to that enables anyone in a given Google family group – be they family, friends, or god help us, roommates – to receive an “assignable reminder,” which Google says might include anything from completing chores to notes of encouragement. Read More >>

Apple’s Messy Teaser Prompts a Lot of Questions, Most Notably: Why?

It feels like it’s been years – rather than mere months – since Apple introduced its roster of original programming for its forthcoming streaming service Apple TV+. But even prior to its official announcement, reports were already swirling that its offerings were so dull that the product was being referred to internally as “expensive NBC.” And reader, if a teaser trailer for The Morning Show is any indication, it appears those rumours have been extremely generous. Read More >>

Man Accused of Hiding Spy Cam in Aeroplane Bathroom

A man has been accused of installing a surveillance camera in the first-class lavatory of a recent United Airlines flight before the device was discovered by a woman who noticed an odd-looking blinking light while in the bathroom. And it may not have been the first time. Read More >>

US Food and Drug Administration Is Investigating 127 Incidents of Seizures Possibly Linked to Use of E-Cigarettes

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced last week that it is investigating 127 reports of seizures or other neurological issues that may be linked to the use of e-cigarettes, a figure that has expanded by nearly 100 since the agency first announced its probe back in April. Read More >>

Humans to Start Working With Amazon’s Delivery Bots

Amazon’s roving six-wheeled delivery workers are headed to the US state of California, and they’re bringing their human babysitters with them. Read More >>

Uber Sets £4.3 Billion on Fire In Biggest Loss Ever

Well, well, well! If it isn’t our beleaguered rideshare giant Uber reporting yet another quarter of continued losses after its disastrous IPO earlier this year. In its earnings report released Thursday, the company said it burned through more than £4 billion – its largest losses to date. Read More >>