Game of Thrones’ Final Season Is Going to Be Very, Very Short, Like Arya

The past six seasons of Game of Thrones have all managed to spread their stories of love, lust, murder, and war over uniform sets of 10 episodes each. Season seven’s shaking things up a bit by cutting down its episode count down to seven (the Faith of the Seven will be pleased,) but a new report says season eight will be even shorter. Read More >>

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Racist Star Trek Fans Decry Discovery’s Diversity, Revealing They Know Nothing About Star Trek

When original Star Trek: Discovery showrunner Bryan Fuller and executive producer Heather Kadin were developing the series, they were both adamant about making sure that the show stayed true to Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s vision of social progressiveness and inclusion. But for a vocal contingent of racist “fans,” Discovery’s emphasis on diversity is tantamount to “white genocide.” Read More >>

Marvel Trolled Fans to Keep a Major Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Plot Twist Secret

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 features one of the most emotionally charged scenes in all of Marvel’s cinematic universe, and according to James Gunn, Marvel was able to keep it under wraps before the movie’s premiere by trolling fans. Read More >>

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Latest Trailer for The Mummy Confirms That Tom Cruise Will Have Monster-Fighting Superpowers

Universal’s hoping that its reboot of the Mummy franchise will be just the kind of hit that’ll sell the world on its shared universe of gods and monsters. The latest trailer for the film shows just how different this take on the Mummy story will be. Read More >>

Good News, Everyone! Futurama Lives on, This Time as a Mobile RPG

Try as the universe might, Futurama’s a property that seemingly can’t be killed — or at least stay dead for very long. Even though the show’s been officially off the air since 2013, Futurama’s getting yet another chance at life in the form of a Worlds of Tomorrow, a mobile video game that picks up after the series’ finale. Read More >>

Who Needs a New Inhumans TV Series When We’ve Got This Funky Inhumans Cartoon From the ’70s?

Later this year, the Inhuman royal family will make its debut in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe in a new series about how they... crash land in Hawaii and struggle to blend in, or something. You can wait to watch that or you can watch this fantastic vintage cartoon about Queen Medusa instead. Read More >>

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Actor Powers Boothe Has Died At 68

According to his publicist, actor Powers Both died in his sleep last night in his Los Angeles home due to natural causes at the age of 68. Read More >>

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GRRM Sets the Record Straight About HBO’s Five(!) Potential Game of Thrones Spin-Offs

Even though Games of Thrones will conclude after its eighth season next year, HBO is currently developing a whole mess of new shows set in Westeros. In a new Livejournal post, though, George R.R. Martin sheds new light on the five pilot scripts in the works and explains why he doesn’t like calling the projects “spinoffs.” Read More >>

First Full Trailer For Bryan Singer’s The Gifted Has Links To the X-Men and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

We’ve known for a while now that Fox’s upcoming X-Men spinoff tv show The Gifted would tell a classic story of mutant persecution with a handful of well known characters like Blink, Polaris, and Thunderbird thrown in for good measure. Read More >>

Five Episodes of The Twilight Zone That Are Only Slightly More Horrifying Than Our Current Reality

Donald Trump is president of the United States. Britain has left the European Union. Captain America is the new fascist supreme leader of Hydra. Unfortunately, this isn’t the Twilight Zone, a place where I’d much rather be right now. Read More >>

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The Latest It Trailer Shows Nobody Knows What’s Lurking in the Sewers of Derry

The true horror of Stephen King’s It was always that the adults of Derry, Maine, where the primordial evil lived, seemed to understand that their children were being periodically snatched and murdered. Read More >>

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The First Inhumans Teaser Hints at the Epic War Brewing Inside the Royal Family

There are scant few plot details describing just what sort of adventure Marvel’s Inhumans will get into in their upcoming live-action series. But this first trailer for the Inhumans—voiceover only, alas—suggests that Maximus won’t be hiding his disdain for his brother, and king, Black Bolt’s approach to politics. Read More >>

The First Look at Hulu’s Runaways Is Full of Angsty Teens With Terrible Parents

The Defenders trailer gave you a team of foul-mouthed adults with bad coping skills, and now the first look Runaways are its lighter teen equivalent. Less binge drinking, similar amounts of angst, and a whole lot more mommy and daddy issues. Also, one of these kids is clearly an outspoken feminist. Read More >>

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Feast Your Eyes On The First Defenders Trailer

We’ve seen Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist all individually do battle with the evil that plagues Netflix’s corners of the Marvel Universe. Now, for the first time we get a look at all four of them fighting together as the Defenders they were destined to become. Read More >>

Gal Gadot Filmed Her Wonder Woman Reshoots Five Months Pregnant Because She’s Wonder Woman

When you see Gal Gadot kicking ass (again) as Wonder Woman later this summer, you should try to remember there’s a pretty good chance that you’re seeing the actress doing her crazy stunts five months pregnant. Read More >>