A New Trinity of Wholesome Heroes is Coming to DC Comics

DC’s always had a fondness for pitting its heroes against bizarre, alternate reality versions of themselves in epic death matches. But in its upcoming JLA/Young Animal: Milk Wars event, the publisher’s trying something a little different by straight up rewriting the origins and identities of its iconic Trinity to create something new. Read More >>

Making Justice League’s Aquaman Sexy Is the Smartest Thing Warner Bros. and DC Have Ever Done

Even though he’s a founding member of the Justice League, Aquaman’s never really enjoyed the same kind of widespread cultural significance other characters like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman have. Aquaman’s had a long-standing image problem, but with Justice League, DC’s finally trying to fix it in a very compelling way: by making him sexy as hell. Read More >>

Netflix’s The Punisher is a Brutal Humanisation of Frank Castle That Can’t Face Its Own Demons

The last time we saw Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, he’d fully embraced his Punisher persona and taken to doling out his personal brand of justice even after he’d killed the people directly responsible for the death of his family. It’s interesting, then, that that man is not the Frank Castle we meet in the opening moments of Netflix’s The Punisher. Read More >>

DC Has Fired Editor Eddie Berganza Over Claims of Sexual Harassment

Over the weekend, DC Comics suspended group editor Eddie Berganza after BuzzFeed published a report with interviews from multiple women accusing Berganza of having sexually harassed them while working for the comics publisher. Today, DC announced that it had officially let Berganza go. Read More >>

Amazon’s New Lord of the Rings Series Will Feature ‘Previously Unexplored Stories’

After weeks of reports and rumours about Amazon and Warner Bros. negotiating over the possibility of a Lord of the Rings television series, Amazon has finally announced that Frodo and the gang are definitely coming back. Read More >>

DC Comics Has Suspended Editor Eddie Berganza Amidst Allegations of Sexual Harassment

This week, BuzzFeed News published the accounts of multiple women who alleged that they were sexually harassed by DC comics group editor Eddie Berganza while working for the publisher. Today, DC acknowledged the accusations being levelled against Berganza and made its first official statement. Read More >>

Universal’s Shared Monster Movie Universe Has Been Put on Hold

Universal Studios had high hopes for its 2017 reboot of the Mummy franchise, with planned to use the movie as a launchpad for a sprawling, shared universe of monster movies starring characters like the Bride of Frankenstein and the Wolf Man. According to a new report, though, those plans have been on hold. Read More >>

Stranger Things Almost Killed Off One of the Kids

Even though they easily could have ended up being insufferable, the young actors at the centre of Stranger Things are actually endearing and charming as hell. But back when the Duffer Brothers were first dreaming the series up, they had every intention of killing one of those lovable kids on screen. Read More >>

Disney May Buy Fox, Which Could Change Everything About the Marvel Cinematic Universe

CNBC is reporting that Disney is in talks to buy 21st Century Fox, an entertainment arm within the larger Fox company that is reportedly looking to focus its efforts more on news and sports. If the deal were to go through, it could have potentially huge ramifications for a number of Marvel characters. Read More >>

For the Last Time, Aquaman’s Weapon in Justice League Is Not His Trident

Aquaman has emerged as one of the great hopes for Warner Bros.’ upcoming Justice League film. This Arthur Curry likes to drink and not cut his hair and fight with weapons that have more than three tines! Suffice to say, this Aquaman is a far cry from his comics counterpart. Read More >>

The Original Pitch for Stranger Things May Hold Clues About the Show’s Future

Long before it became known as Stranger Things, Matt and Ross Duffers were hard at work on their pitch for “Montauk,” an “epic tale of sci fi horror inspired by the 80s and the works of Steven Spielberg and Stephen King. Read More >>

AMC Threatens Us With 50 More Years of The Walking Dead

It’s a television executive’s job to put the most optimistic spin on their network’s performance while speaking with members of the press about the future and upcoming projects. But during a recent call with the Wall Street Journal, AMC CEO Josh Sapan took things entirely too far. Read More >>

The Flash Is About to Go All Rick and Morty on Us

Despite both featuring teams of super scientists who’ve spent more than their fair share traversing the multiverse, The Flash and Rick and Morty aren’t exactly two shows that people immediately associate with one another. That’s all about to change, though, and it’s Harrison Wells’ fault. (Of course.) Read More >>

Welp, There’s a Stranger Things Dildo Now

Whenever there’s a new, popular sci-fi movie like Avatar or television show like Stranger Things that features otherworldly creatures, there’s a certain number of the people who see the strange beasts and think to themselves “I wanna have sex with that alien demon thing or whatever it is.” Read More >>

Here’s the Reason You Can’t Find Some of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s Coolest Easter Eggs

James Gunn is notorious for hiding clever, fantastic Easter eggs in his two Guardians of the Galaxy of the films. Gunn’s always made a point of making the inside jokes incredibly difficult to find, but the director recently revealed the reason some of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2's best gags are impossible to spot: They were straight up cut out of the film. Read More >>