No Time To Die’s First Trailer Introduces a New 00 Agent and a Masked Villain

Daniel Craig’s James Bond has been just as ready for a change of scenery as the Bond fandom has been ready to meet some freshly-minted 00 Agents, and in the first No Time to Die trailer, it seems as if almost everyone’s about to get what they want. Read More >>

Black Widow’s First Trailer Promises a Deadly Family Reunion

Much like a deadly spy on a mission to eliminate its target, the first trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Black Widow standalone movie snuck up in the dead of night, and now it’s coming for all of our necks. Read More >>

It Seems Like One of Watchmen’s KKK Villains is Donald Trump’s Father

This week’s episode of Watchmen told the story of Hooded Justice, the first American masked vigilante. It detailed how he ushered in an era of superheroes by dedicating himself to an ongoing crusade to rid New York City of the Cyclops, an organisation of KKK members plotting to sow chaos amongst the city’s black population. But one minor player in the plot appears be a stand-in for a very specific real-world figure: Fred Trump. Read More >>

American Gods Season 3 Has Added an Interesting Trio to Its Cast

American Gods might have ended on a rather sour note in its second season, but that isn’t stopping the show marching forward, as Shadow and Mr. Wednesday journey to the mysterious Wisconsin town of Lakeside where things aren’t nearly as idyllic as they seem. Read More >>

The Watch’s Magical Cast of Cops and Criminals Is Getting Bigger

The BBC’s upcoming series The Watch based on Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books already has a rather robust cast playing a group of elite, though scrappy cops fighting to bring peace to their corrupt town where crime’s been legalised. But the show was clearly still in need of some proper villains to give its heroes adversaries to face off against. Read More >>

Watchmen Revealed the Big Lie That Changed the World and Destroyed a Man

Watchmen’s cast of masked cops playing at being superheroes were all shaped by different traumas that bowled them over at points in their lives when they were most vulnerable. The show’s spent a significant amount of time unpacking what it is that makes Angela Abar tick, but this week’s episode “Little Fear of Lightning” takes an interesting turn by focusing instead on Wade Tillman, who most often prefers to go by “Looking Glass.” Read More >>

Crisis Just Shared a Bunch of New Photos, Including Our First Look at Kevin Conroy’s Live-Action Batman

It’s great that the CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths is bringing back different actors who played various incarnations of Superman and Lois Lane, and that the event’s digging deep into WB history to give Smallville and Birds of Prey stans the kind of fan service they could scarcely dream of. But what everyone’s really hyped to see is Kevin Conroy as live-action Batman. Read More >>

The Expanse’s Season 4 Trailer Shows Us a Brave New World With Dangers at Every Turn

The Expanse’s fourth season drops on Amazon Prime in just a few weeks meaning that after months of being cryptic about what’s to become of the Roci crew on the strange, new Earth-like planet Ilus, the studio’s finally dropping the kinds of trailers that give you some solid information about what to expect. In this case, it’s one hell of a bumpy ride. Read More >>

The Witcher’s Second Season Has Just Been Given the Greenlight

The first season of Netflix’s The Witcher isn’t even out yet, but the studio knows that basically everyone is on-board to stare at Henry Cavill’s Geralt, which is why it makes all the sense in the world that the series has already been renewed for a second season. Read More >>

Watchmen’s Ideas About Trauma and Legacy Are Making the Show More Mystifying

Watchmen’s first three episodes were all carefully-crafted to keep much of this alternate Earth’s more fantastical elements just out of view in order to focus on establishing who the show’s power players are and what they’re fighting for. But now that Sister Night, Laurie Blake, and the rest of the Tulsa PD are all firmly within one another’s orbit and testing one another, things are starting to get weirder and more intense in the best of ways. Read More >>

The Reboots Will Continue Until Morale Improves

The past decade has demonstrated that no matter how much the general public gripes about Hollywood being a wasteland for new ideas – an accusation that’s popular despite the fact that it isn’t exactly true – reboots are here to stay whether we like them or not. Studios have little to no reason to ever stop rebooting classic stories about heroes and villains that have already become enshrined in the pop culture canon. Read More >>

The Case for Calling All Vampires Draculas

Myths about vampiric creatures that rise from the dead to feed on the blood of the living predate Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the modern concept of extravagant, seductive vampires by hundreds of years. But stories about aristocratic, sometimes campy vampires who vanish into puffs of smoke and must be invited into human homes have arguably been defined by it. Read More >>

HBO’s Watchmen Is Much More Connected to the Comics Than You Think

Even though HBO’s Watchmen is directly connected to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ seminal comic, the studio went to great lengths to emphasise that the series is telling its own story, one that’s only mildly related to the source material. As it turns out, though, that’s not at all the case, but you have to do a bit of reading to see that reality. Read More >>

Let’s Unpack Watchmen’s Explosive Premiere in This Spoiler Discussion Zone

HBO’s Watchmen is so packed with multiple meanings and pieces of social commentary about anti-black racism in America that it begs to be picked over and discussed, if only so that viewers can get a sense of how it’s possible that we all took completely different things away from the first episode. Read More >>