The First Aquaman Photos Are a Vision of a Sunken Majestic Atlantis and a Mysterious Black Manta

Aquaman is Warner Bros.’ latest entry into the ever-expanding DCEU, but it’s also something much more fascinating on a technical level. It’s an action movie that takes place mainly underwater, something that could either be brilliant or absolutely terrible. While the first images from the film don’t give us an idea of which way the tide will turn, they are pretty to look at. Read More >>

Stan Lee’s Saga Continues With a Restraining Order Against His Manager Keya Morgan

As more reports detailing Stan Lee’s recent financial woes and allegations of elder abuse have surfaced in past weeks, it’s become increasingly clear that the 95-year-old comics legend has been in desperate need of someone to protect him from those seeking to take advantage. Read More >>

The Looney Tunes Are Set to Invade All Your Screens With a Brand New Series

It’s been a while since the Looney Tunes have actually starred in a good old-fashioned TV show about their madcap antics, but Warner Bros. has a plan to change that in 2019. Read More >>

Fans of The Expanse May Have Annoyed Amazon Into Bringing It Back

Within hours of Syfy cancelling The Expanse, diehard fans of the space opera swarmed the internet to make as much noise as they possibly could about why the show needed to be picked up by another network. Much to fans’ delight, Amazon was listening. Read More >>

The First Halloween Trailer Sets Michael Loose Once More But Jamie Lee Curtis Is Ready for Vengeance

To call the first trailer for Universal and Blumhouse’s Halloween reboot “scary” is an understatement. It isn’t just horrific or unsettling — it’s something much more that’ll leave you feeling cold, terrified, and hyped as hell to see the movie. Read More >>

Into the Spider-Verse Could Connect All of Sony’s Spider-Man Movies

Into the Spider-Verse is Sony’s first feature-length animated Spider-Man film, and it’s the first time we’ll see Marvel’s Miles Morales on the big screen. Though it could appear on the surface to have no connections to the live-action films, there’s a very real possibility the movie could establish some major connections between all of Sony’s Spider-Man flicks going back to the Tobey Maguire era. Read More >>

The First Bumblebee Trailer Is a Heartfelt Blast From the Past

The first trailer for the Bumblebee movie is finally here and against all odds, it actually looks rather charming for a Transformers film about a robot that can’t really speak. Read More >>

All the Hints and Details We Uncovered in the New Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Trailer

The great thing about Sony’s new trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is that while it’s (wonderfully) light on specific details about the plot, it’s chock-full of little hints and clues about what we can expect to see in the film. The trailer’s dense in the best way possible — so dense that we had to break it all down and highlight the most exciting and fascinating parts. Read More >>

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People in Positions of Power Need to Help Shut Down Vitriolic Fan Behaviour

If you’ve spent literally any time on the internet interacting with fans of pretty much any genre franchise, like Ghostbusters, Star Trek, or Star Wars, then you know that what begins as an impassioned debate can quickly descend into hostile, vitriolic trolling. Read More >>

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The Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Trailer Drops Marvel Bombs That’ll Have You Screaming

We’ve been waiting for years to see Miles Morales on the big screen and from the looks of things, when we finally see him in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse later this year, it’s going to be downright incredible. Read More >>

Suspiria’s First Trailer is Exactly How Terrifying All Horror Movies Trailers Should Be

What is it about dance companies that makes them the perfect subject matter for horror movies? Read More >>

Marvel’s Editor-In-Chief Really Wishes We Could All Just Forget Him Pretending to Be Japanese

Before he became Marvel’s newest Editor-In-Chief, C.B. Cebulski, a white man, spent months writing as “Akira Yoshida” in order to circumvent Marvel’s company policy that barred staff employees from working in editorial. Read More >>

The Wonder Woman Sequel Just Got a Cryptic Update

It’s always fun to play the guessing game about comic book movie plots based on the carefully selected tidbits of information that studios decide to disclose in the months leading up to the project’s release. The Wonder Woman sequel is no exception. Today, DC Entertainment president and Wonder Woman producer Geoff Johns gave us a totally radical clue to where the Amazon warrior is headed next. Read More >>

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Why Don’t We Know More About Star Wars’ Droids?

Some of the most interesting bits of world-building introduced in the most recent Star Wars spinoffs have come from the films’ droid characters. Sure, droids have always been a part of Star Wars’ mythos, but what’s been so surprising about Rogue One and Solo is how they gave us a glimpse at the inner lives of droids—which inadvertently highlighted how much we don’t know about them. Read More >>

This Aggretsuko Lego Playset Turns the Existential Dread Lurking Inside All of Us Into Fun

You can learn a lot about life from playing with Lego, like how to build a house or car, but what if there was a playset designed to help you come to terms with the reality of living in a constant state of existential dread? Read More >>