game of thrones
George R.R. Martin Says Game of Thrones Could Have Ended With a Cinematic Trilogy

Game of Thrones’ series finale came, we watched it, and... that was that. But according to George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones’ final season could have potentially worked out much differently had an early pitch to HBO for the series gone differently. Read More >>

There’s Something Very Wrong With Pokémon: Twilight Wings

While Pocket Monsters, the primary Pokémon anime, has already followed Ash Ketchum into Galar, the newest region where monsters from Pokémon Sword and Shield can be found, The Pokémon Company’s also just dropped Twilight Wings, a supplementary web series that more deeply explores the culture and lives of Galarian people. Read More >>

Disney Has Officially Killed Fox

Remember when Disney bought Fox? Ever wonder what it was going to do with that brand name? Now we know. Read More >>

Dungeons & Dragons Is Taking Critical Role to the Next Level

One of the things that’s made Critical Role such a smash hit with both diehard Dungeons & Dragons fans and newcomers alike is the way the series’ voice actors infuse their campaigns with the kind of vibrant energy that you usually have to use your imagination to conjure up while playing the game. Now, Wizards of the Coast is inviting tabletop gamers to channel that same kind of magic into Critical Role campaigns of their own. Read More >>

The Spider-Verse Connections in Morbius Are Confusing as Hell

Morbius’ first trailer has arrived, and while it mostly focuses on laying out the origin story of its titular vampire, it also suggests that the movie’s going to have some rather direct and significant ties to Spider-Man, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and... perhaps Sony’s excellent Spider-Man game. It’s all a little confusing, but really, when haven’t comic book movies been kind of messy? Read More >>

Morbius’ First Trailer Is Here and Jared Leto Is Out For Blood

Wild as it is to believe, Sony really meant what it said when the studio announced its plans to move forward with a movie about Morbius, Marvel Comics’ most famous vampire who isn’t Blade. While Morbius might not have been the Spider-Man villain one would expect to make it to the big screen so quickly, it’s definitely happening, and there’s finally a trailer to prove it. Read More >>

Steven Moffat’s Dracula Was Like Good Sex That Got Bad Real Fast

Count Dracula is the iconic figure at the centre of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ newest televised drama that debuted on BBC One and is currently streaming on Netflix, and you know what? He’s alarmingly sexy throughout the show in a way that vampires should be. He’s alluring, seductive, and compelling, which makes sense given that he’s a demon whose whole schtick is convincing people to let him into their homes so that he might guzzle their blood. Read More >>

The New Mutants Trailer Reintroduces Us to X-Gene Horrors

The New Mutants is the last vestige of Fox’s take on the property that arguably paved the way for modern superhero movies, and even though the film’s been delayed and sidelined to hell as a result of Disney’s acquisition of the studio, a new trailer’s just dropped to remind us all that kids with x-genes aren’t just cool. They can be scary as shit. Read More >>

Who Put This Dragon in the New Dolittle Trailer?

When you think “Doctor Dolittle” a number of things like “talking animals” and “some of Eddie Murphy’s finest work” come to mind. What doesn’t tend to come to mind is “fire-breathing dragons,” but the latest trailer for Universal’s new attempt as turning the Dolittle brand into an action franchise wants to change that. Emphasis on “wants.” Read More >>

star wars
John Boyega’s Post-Star Wars Honesty is a Good Thing

Despite the fact that Finn didn’t get all that much to do in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and the first wave of heated discussion about the movie has come and gone, John Boyega’s name has been in the mouths of many a disgruntled Star Wars fan lately because of comments the actor made regarding his feelings about the franchise as a whole. Read More >>

Todd Philips Thinks It’s Joker’s Themes, Not the Character, That Made It a Hit

One of the most mindbogglingly strange things about Todd Phillips’ Joker is how unfunny the movie’s titular clown criminal is, something that’s in rather stark contrast with the character’s depiction in other media. The Joker’s a deranged mass murderer, yes, but he’s always been able to crack a legitimate joke here and there. Phillips’ Joker? Not so much, because he’s grounded. Read More >>

One of The Witcher’s Most Magical Scenes Was Surprisingly Practical

Despite being set in a world full of mythic dragons, demons, and brooding magic users, Netflix’s The Witcher often feels relatively grounded, given how chaos isn’t exactly something that just anyone can wield. Even in moments where heroes like Anya Chalotra’s Yennefer are performing wildly mystical feats, the reality of what’s going on behind the camera is often surprisingly practical. Read More >>

BoJack Horseman’s Creator Wants Netflix to Let the Credits Roll

All Netflix subscribers have had the experience of being suddenly accosted by the opening moments of the next episode of a series literally seconds after the final scene of the previous episode has ended, because the streaming service wants nothing more than to keep people watching whatever it is that they’re watching sans interruptions. This means that you’ve really got to work to see the credits before Netflix’s auto-playing feature serves you up more content. Read More >>

The Joker Script Is Now Online

Reading a film’s script is nothing like actually seeing the film in all its cinematic glory. But seeing the dialogue and direction of a movie like Joker all spelled out in black and white on the page does give you a distinct and interesting perspective on what the filmmakers were working with on a fundamental level – and what it was they were trying to achieve with the final product. Read More >>