Stan Lee Has Been Granted a 3-Year Restraining Order Against His Former Manager And Guardian

In the weeks since Stan Lee returned to the public eye and began distancing himself from his former manager and legal guardian Keya Morgan—a man Lee himself alleges tried to gain control of the Marvel legend’s considerable wealth—more details have come to light about Morgan’s behavior. Read More >>

Warner Bros. Considered a Catwoman Solo Movie Starring Michelle Pfeiffer

While there have been plenty of depictions of Batman on the silver screen to pick from, there’s really only ever been one cinematic Catwoman who captured the world’s imagination and it turns out that at one point in time, Warner Bros. considered giving her a solo movie. Read More >>

Voltron’s Complicated, Imperfect LGBQT Representation Is Tearing the Fandom Apart

Even if you weren’t there in the San Diego Comic-Con hall where it was first announced that Voltron: Legendary Defender’s Shiro is a gay man whose relationship would be explored in the show’s seventh season, fans made sure the world knew. Read More >>

Report: After Taking a Meeting With James Gunn, Disney Still Isn’t Bringing Him Back for Guardians Vol. 3

In the wake of Marvel cutting James Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 after controversial tweets of his were resurfaced by alt-right figures, the film’s tight-knit cast has been openly advocating for the studio to bring the director back. Long story short? Still not gonna happen. Read More >>

Runaways’ Second Season Will Arrive This Winter and Feature a Connection to the MCU

Runaways’ surprisingly solid first season ended with its titular heroes finally living up to their team name and trying to escape their villainous parents in order to be free. From the sounds of things, the gang’s lives are only going to get even more difficult in the show’s second series. Read More >>

DC Doesn’t Know What to Do With Cyborg

If you were to ask a casual comic book fan who the usual members of the Justice League are, you’d probably hear the standards: Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, the Martian, the fish dude, etc. But for the past few years, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. have been heavy-handedly trying to turn Cyborg into a core member of the League in a way that’s both narratively weird and optically questionable. Read More >>

Iron Fist’s Second Season Would Do Well to Put Danny in the Passenger Seat

Each of the four pillars of Netflix’s chunk of the Marvel Cinematic Universe plays a different role in telling the kinds of realistic, street-level stories that Marvel’s movies and other TV shows tend to shy away from. But with Iron Fist, there’s a lot of room for improvement. Read More >>

Venom Should Be a Horror Movie Where the Monster Wins

Diehard Spider-Man fans will swear up and down that there’s no way to make a movie about Eddie Brock and Venom without Peter Parker, but that’s really not the case. Sony’s upcoming Venom standalone movie is the perfect opportunity to prove that the character can be much more compelling and nuanced when it’s anything other than a Spider-Man villain. Read More >>

The First’s Teaser Trailer is Ridiculously Cryptic

Teaser trailers are supposed to give you just enough information about the actual thing they’re teasing to entice you to actually watch the thing when it’s released. Apparently, the folks working on Hulu’s upcoming series The First didn’t get the memo. Read More >>

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The Aquaman Trailer Is Even More Whimsical When It’s Animated

Against all odds, Warner Bros. has managed to make an Aquaman standalone movie that actually looks like it might be the most epic DC movie to date. But let’s all be honest with ourselves for a second: Hot or not, Aquaman’s still a goofy character, and this fan edit of the recent trailer using old animated footage reminds us of that fact. Read More >>

Steven Universe: The Movie is Coming and So is White Diamond

Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar and the rest of the Crystal Gems came to this year’s San Diego Comic Con with an all new episode of Steven Universe teasing what’s in store store for Steven in the next arc of their epic adventures and, well, the last of the Diamonds (and her Princess Leia-inspired Pearl) is finally going to make her long-teased debut. Read More >>

The First Young Justice: Outsiders Footage Stages a Dark Reunion For DC’s Youngest Heroes

Young Justice fans were happily surprised to hear Warner Bros. would be continuing the animated series from Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti after its supposed end back in 2013. At Comic-Con today, we learned more about what to expect from the unexpected third season which is set to air on the newly revealed DC Universe streaming service. Read More >>

Supergirl’s Next Season Will Feature TV’s First Transgender Superhero and a New Super Suit

The cast of Supergirl came to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con to present a brief glimpse at the impending alien invasion that will shake National City to its core, but soon after the Con-exclusive sizzle reel ended, the show’s newest cast member made a surprise appearance on stage and announced an important moment in TV history. Read More >>

The Trailer for Arrow’s Next Season Sees Ollie Deal With His Greatest Enemy Yet: Jail Time

The last season of Arrow concluded with Oliver making a surprising sacrifice (especially to his poor wife Felicity)—trading immunity for the rest of Team Arrow for publicly revealing that he really is the Green Arrow and a lifetime in jail. Now, we’ve got a look at how the team will move on without Oliver... for now at least. Read More >>