Black Panther Is Marvel’s First Shakespearean Epic

There are a great many things that make Black Panther a Marvel film like no other, but one of the most striking things about it is how thoroughly familiar the world of Wakanda feels. Not in the sense that you’ve seen anything like it before (trust me, you haven’t), but rather that seeing it feels like coming home. Read More >>

At One Point, Marvel Was Seriously Considering Making a War Machine Movie

Though Black Panther will be Marvel’s first film with a black lead and a predominantly black cast, the Wakandan king isn’t the first black hero to take center stage in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That distinction belongs to James Rhodes—War Machine—a character who almost got his own solo movie. Read More >>

A Brief History of Black Panther’s Wakanda Under T’Challa’s Reign

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s depiction of Wakanda is undoubtedly going to become the definitive take on the secretive nation for many people once Black Panther hits theaters, and that’s understandable. But there is so much more to Wakanda’s rich history in the comics that just won’t fit into the film. Read More >>

In Venom’s First Trailer, Venom Is Nowhere to Be Found

After months of secrecy and uncertainty about just what Sony’s Venommight look and feel like on the big screen, the first trailer has finally dropped. Read More >>

The Technology Behind Valkyrie’s Flashback in Thor: Ragnarok Can Make Anything Look Epic

When Loki creates a psychic link between himself and Valkyrie during Taikia Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok, he’s given the briefest glimpse into the warrior’s past. He witnesses the time when she and all of Asgard’s other Valkyries fell in battle against Hela. Though the scene was shot in live-action, it looks and feels like an epic painting in motion, and Waititi shared some behind-the-scenes visuals of it on Twitter. Read More >>

Netflix’s CEO Believes Critics Trashed Bright Because They’re Out of Touch

There’s a cornucopia of things to dislike about Netflix’s orc cop movie Bright like the writing, the plot, and the way it literally uses demons as stand-ins for people of colour to make a point about systemic racism. But from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’ perspective, the only people who weren’t really here for the film were critics and the only reason critics didn’t like it was because they didn’t get it. Read More >>

Netflix Is Officially Making a Sequel to Bright But Leaving One Player Behind

There’s a moment early into Netflix’s Bright, a cop movie that tries to blend social commentary about race with high fantasy, where Will Smith’s character beats a fairy to death with a broom while saying “fairy lives don’t matter.” Bright was not a good movie, but apparently, Netflix wants a sequel. Read More >>

Penn Jillette Considers Batman the ‘Ultimate Magician’

Everyone loves to make the same joke about how Bruce Wayne’s bank account makes him one of the strongest Justice Leaguers, but the fact of the matter is, he’s just a man in a bat suit who has no actual superpowers. Magician Penn Jillette knows this, but he still believes there’s something more to Batman. Read More >>

Ryan Coogler Wasn’t Ready to Direct Black Panther Until He Travelled to Africa

Like many black Americans, Black Panther director Ryan Coogler never had the opportunity to travel to Africa while growing up, but once Marvel made it clear he was their top choice to head up the film, he was adamant about finally going to, and experiencing, the continent for himself. Read More >>

game of thrones
There’s a Reason Game of Thrones’ Dragons Might Make You Blush

In George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, the author devotes a lot of time to fleshing out and differentiating between the various personalities of Daenerys’ three dragons. HBO’s Game of Thrones has done the same, albeit to a lesser extent, choosing instead to focus primarily on Drogon, the largest of the dragons. Read More >>

Guillermo del Toro Spent Years Making Sure The Shape of Water’s Fish Monster Had a Sexy Bum

Because The Shape of Water was always meant to be a romantic fairy tale for adults, director Guillermo del Toro knew that if he was going to sell audiences on the idea of an inter-species love affair, he would need to try (in earnest) to make the fish man at least somewhat conventionally attractive. Rather than focusing on the creature’s face, hands, or mouth, del Toro made the excellent decision to simply give the fish man a nice arse. Read More >>

If You Missed Justice League, Here’s Your Chance to See Superman’s Very Bad Face VFX

By now you’ve heard multiple stories about it: Henry Cavill’s epic moustache that brought Warner Bros. to its knees and the awful CGI work they did to edit the thing out of Justice LeagueIf, somehow, you haven’t actually seen Superman’s digitally-shaved face yet, now’s your chance. Deep breaths, people. Read More >>

star wars
Star Wars Fans Are Why I’ve Never Really Been Able to Love the Franchise

While discussing pop cultural blind spots with a co-worker recently, I admitted that Star Wars is something of a personal sore spot. I’ve seen all the films, watched my fair share of The Clone Wars, and thumbed through a comic or two, but I have never and probably will never be able to love the franchise because of one rather significant part of the Star Wars experience: The fandom. Read More >>

Of Course The Simpsons Predicted the Disney/Fox Deal

At this point, it shouldn’t be at all surprising that The Simpsons managed to accurately predict a wild bit of IRL news that none of us ever saw coming, but yes: The Simpsons totally called Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox. Read More >>