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The First Reactions to Solo: A Star Wars Story Are (Mostly) Very, Very Good

The first reviewers have just seen Solo: A Star Wars Movie, and the social media reactions are here! We’ll know even more when the review embargo breaks on 15th May — and, of course, everyone can make up their own mind when the film’s out on 25th May — but for now, here’s the early Twitter buzz. Read More >>

That Was a Most Violent and Delightful Westworld

Last week, we got our first extended look at human life outside Westworld. This week, on “Virtù e Fortuna,” we finally got a peek at some of Delos’ long-hinted-at other parks, with callbacks to reveals in the season one finale and the season two premiere. Violent delights abound, of course. Read More >>

Westworld Reveals More About the Park’s Origins, But Offers Far More Questions Than Answers

After last week’s exploration of the events immediately following the Westworld host uprising — and a short leap ahead, with untold mysteries sandwiched between — “Reunion” offers some juicy hints at the park’s real purpose, and how it ties into the journeys of both Dolores and the Man in Black. Read More >>

Guillermo del Toro’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Movie Is Creeping Ever-Closer to Your Nightmares

It’s been a few years since we heard anything about the planned big-screen adaptation of legendarily terrifying kid’s book series Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Since then, the project’s biggest champion, Guillermo del Toro, won a couple of Oscars—which no doubt helped it get a big push forward. Read More >>

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The Star Trek Movieverse Has Finally Hired Its First Female Director

If you thought the most surprising thing about Star Trek film franchise was that Quentin Tarantino was potentially penning an R-rated script for it, think again. The big news now is that the Star Trek movieverse will finally be adding a female director to its ranks. Damn, it’s about time. Read More >>

The Legendary Cult Movie Known as ‘Turkish Star Wars’ Now Has a Smashing New HD Scan

Back in 2016, a cult-movie miracle occurred when film historian Ed Glaser discovered the last remaining 35mm print of 1982's The Man Who Saves the World—better known as “the Turkish Star Warstucked away in a vault in Turkey. After two years of restoration, the film now has its own 2K digital scan. Read More >>

Here’s a Crash Course in Westworld Before the Season Two Premiere

Usually we title these kinds of guides “everything you need to know about XYZ show.” But HBO’s Westworld isn’t easily summed up or explained. A huge part of its appeal is that it’s so enigmatic, dropping clues and teasing out mysteries as its story builds. To fully appreciate season two, it’d be best to watch season one first—preferably twice—but if time is an issue (or if you just need a season one refresher), here’s a crash course. Read More >>

Hot Off Horror Hit A Quiet Place, John Krasinski Is Turning to Sci-Fi Next

Up until a few weeks ago, John Krasinski was best-known as that dude who starred on the American version of The Office. That all changed with the success of horror sensation A Quiet Place, which he directed, co-wrote, and also stars in. Now, we know the filmmaker will be moving from horror to Sci-Fi for his next project. Read More >>

Jeff Goldblum Reveals There Was Almost a Version of the Jurassic Park Script Without Dr. Ian Malcolm

Jurassic Park would not have been the same without Jeff Goldblum’s iconic performance as Dr. Ian Malcolm, chaos theory advocate and black leather enthusiast. But though Malcolm’s a character from the pages of Michael Crichton’s source novel, he almost didn’t make it into the film. Read More >>

Mute Is an Excellent Film Noir That Just Happens to Be Set in a Cyberpunk World

A scifi tale by virtue of its setting, but an old-school film noir at heart thanks to its story, Mute is a puzzle with eccentric pieces that eventually all fit together—perhaps a bit too neatly, given its fondness for jagged edges. But its love of sleazy neon and some unusual themes do much to make up for its contrivances. Read More >>

Doctor Who Has a Fresh, New Logo for Season 11

New star, new showrunner, new composer, and now a new logo—the next season of Doctor Who isn’t due until October, but it’s definitely shaking things up already. Read More >>

5 Times That People Claimed to Be Real-Life Time Travellers

Time travel as we see it in movies—using DeLoreans, phone booths, hot tubs, and the like—obviously doesn’t exist. But throughout history, people have insisted that they somehow managed to do it. Though most of their wild tales were eventually disproven, the stories are still incredible. Here are five of the most memorable. Read More >>

star wars
The Makers of Game of Thrones Are Writing and Producing New Star Wars Movies

If you thought the Solo trailer was the big Star Wars news of the week, think again. Breaking news from the galaxy far, far away tells us that the creators of another fantasy epic, HBO’s Game of Thrones, will soon be working on a whole new series of Star Wars films. Read More >>

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A Hero’s Journey Spans Just Two Minutes in This Hilariously Breakneck Short

A reluctant hero, a frantic wizard, and a hodgepodge of fantasy tropes (including a damsel in distress) make for what may be the fastest-paced adventure tale ever. It’s called Short and Sweet and you might forget to take a breath while you’re watching it, at least until it makes you chuckle. Read More >>

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A Self-Aware Drone Somehow Doesn’t Spark an Instant Robot Apocalypse in This Scifi Short

Watching Mackenzie Sheppard’s short Donny the Drone, you might assume that the title character (voiced by Guy Pearce) would become a killing machine soon after becoming self-aware. But Donny ain’t Skynet, and every sentient robot doesn’t necessarily have Judgment Day on its mind. Or does it? Read More >>