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All 73 Episodes of Game of Thrones Come Together in This 73-Second Fan Video

Today we’ve spent a lot of time talking and thinking about Game of Thrones’ final season, especially last night’s finale. But it was a long road to get to the “winner,” and if you’re feeling a little let down by how it all ended, why not take a lightning-fast (but no less nostalgic) cruise through the show’s 73 episodes, one second at a time? Read More >>

Report: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Series Has a Director and Some Familiar Co-Stars

Now that all the Avengers: Endgame hype is starting to settle down, we’re finally getting more details on upcoming projects involving Marvel’s characters, like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series that’s coming to streaming service Disney+. We knew Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan would be reprising their movie roles as the title stars, of course – but now there’s more to go with that. Read More >>

5 Things We’d Like to See From The Orville Season 3

There’s a lot going on in pop culture at the moment, but somehow we’re still thinking about The Orville’s thrilling season two finale. This weekend brought the very welcome news that The Orville has been renewed for a third season, so it's got us thinking about all the wonderful things that we'd like to see the series do. Some of these things are silly, but also somewhat serious – come on, you know as well as we do that a musical episode would be incredible. Read More >>

Pennywise Returns to Spread More Fiendish Terror in the First Trailer for It Chapter Two

When we last saw the members of the Losers’ Club—the misfit kids of Derry, Maine—they had just made a vow to reunite when Pennywise, the sewer-dwelling demon who preys on their worst fears, inevitably lurches back to life. As the first trailer for the much-anticipated It Chapter Two reveals, the characters may be adults now, but that damn clown is just as horrifying. Read More >>

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Leia Finds a Pint-Sized Battle Partner in the Latest Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Short

The latest Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures short takes us to the forest moon of Endor, where Princess Leia gets separated from the rest of the Rebel Alliance and encounters a small but feisty native: Wicket the Ewok. Read More >>

8 Movies Featuring Reanimation (That Aren’t About Zombies)

It’s aliiiiive! The Bible gave Jesus an encore after death, but Frankenstein is what really brought reanimation to the horror-movie forefront, and the genre’s been embracing it ever since. We’re not talking standard-issue zombies here—in honour of Pet Sematary, we’re counting up our favourite corpses who’ve bounced back from beyond with a little something extra. Read More >>

Disney+ Will Highlight Both New and Classic Projects from the Animation Studio, Plus Live-Action Films

Yesterday was Disney’s “Investor Day 2019,” which for fans basically translates to “finally, we’re gonna reveal some solid intel about that streaming service we’ve been teasing for years.” And indeed, we learned a lot more about all the programming coming to Disney+ Read More >>

The First Episodes of Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone May Make You Cringe in Weird Ways

With Us fever spreading, the timing is perfect for Jordan Peele to launch his new spin on The Twilight Zone. It’s impossible to “review” the series based on its first two episodes — but there are some hints of what to expect from this anthology, and how it will speak to both modern and old-fashioned horrors. Read More >>

The Original Pet Sematary Movie Is All About Good People Making Bad Choices

Don’t do it. Just don’t. And then if you end up doing it anyway, for the love of Stephen King, don’t do it again. And then... again! Read More >>

10 Iconic TV Vampires, From Angel to The X-Files

We are very excited to see awkward vampires take NYC on What We Do in the Shadows, which debuted in the U.S. this week. But the show is merely the latest union of TV and vampires, a pairing that has yielded some of pop culture’s most memorable bloodsuckers. From a huge field of undead contenders, here are our 10 favourites. Read More >>

7 Perfectly Fine Songs Made Scary by Horror Films

If you’ve seen Us, you’ve had Luniz’s “I’ve Got 5 on It” stuck in your head ever since. Though it’s initially framed in a lighthearted context, the song becomes a crucial component in the movie’s escalating dread. Using an upbeat song to craft a creepy mood in a horror movie is not a new technique—but it rarely fails to freak us out. Here are seven songs we avoid listening to in the dark. Read More >>

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These New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Shorts Share Tales of Robots, Sinister Pizza, and a Strange Place Called Earth 

Last time we did one of these short film round-ups, we gathered 10 shorts all under 10 minutes. This time, we’ve got seven creator-submitted shorts, most of which run a little longer, but all of which tell some wonderfully twisted tales. So be careful who you go home with, beware that wormhole, and seriously...don’t eat that pizza! Read More >>

The Creators of Spooky Animated Series The Kirlian Frequency Talk About Their Big Leap to Netflix

Longtime Gizmodo readers may have noticed our love for animated Argentinian web series La Frecuencia Kirlian, or Ghost Radio. All five episodes are now on Netflix, which is cause for excitement – as well as an excellent reason to chat to creators Cristian Ponce and Hernán Bengoa. Read More >>

The Orville Season 2 Has Been All About the Characters, and the Show’s Never Been Better

The Orville’s first season obviously spent time introducing us to its quirky ensemble, but it also focussed a lot on the crew’s wild and often perilous space adventures. Season two, by contrast, has devoted far more energy to developing its characters – and it’s really paid off in rewarding ways for the series. Read More >>

The New Hellboy Trailer is as Gleeful as it is Gory 

The second trailer for Neil Marshall’s R-rated Hellboy reboot is here, and like the first trailer in December, it features glimpses at the main characters (especially David Harbour as you-know-who), and it’s gory and full of monsters. But this trailer’s also got way more of Milla Jovovich’s sinister sorceress, and – since this is a red-band trailer – some delightfully naughty language. Check it out: Read More >>