9 Michael Crichton Sci-Fi Movies That Don’t Involve Dinosaurs or Wild West Robots

Author, screenwriter, producer, and director Michael Crichton would have left an incredible legacy even if the only sci-fi works associated with him were Jurassic Park and Westworld (and their many sequels and related titles). But he had so many more movie and TV credits to his name. Read More >>

Ridley Scott’s Promising Sci-Fi Series The Passage Finds the World on the Brink of a Vampire Apocalypse

With the combined power of executive producer Ridley Scott, the best-selling novel trilogy by Justin Cronin, and what looks like a comfortable budget from Fox behind it, new sci-fi series The Passage has a lot going for it right out of the gate. The show premieres Sunday night, but we’ve seen the first three episodes—and they do not disappoint. Read More >>

A New Ghostbusters Movie, Set in Same World as the Original Film, Is Headed to Cinemas

The 2016 Ghostbusters reboot might have been a bit... divisive among certain audiences, but here’s some news to please the haters, and also anyone else who just happens to fervently love Ghostbusters: A brand-new Ghostbusters film, set in the same world as the 1984 original, is officially in the works. Read More >>

The Biggest Horror Movie Milestones Coming in 2019

There are some huge 40th anniversaries coming up this year for horror fans; as you’ll see (and probably already realised), 1979 was a mighty big year for the genre. But that’s not all. As long as you’re planning one party, might as well recognise these other spooky classics that are marking milestones in 2019. Read More >>

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A Would-Be Astronaut Dreams of Space Travel in This Charming Animated Short

A little boy obsessed with space travel suddenly sees exactly what he requires to make that longed-for journey: a coin-operated rocket ship ride sitting in front of a grocery store. Of course, those rickety things can’t really fly—or can they? Read More >>

Report to the Bridge for Your Crash Course in The Orville Ahead of the Season 2 Premiere

It’s been over a year since the first-season finale of The Orville, and while the sci-fi comedy doesn’t require a lot of backstory to enjoy, we still thought it’d be worth whipping together a primer so you can hit the ground running (and catch onto any inside jokes) ahead of Sunday’s season two premiere. Read More >>

Godzilla’s Kaiju Cohorts Grab the Spotlight on These Killer New King of the Monsters Posters

It’s been an outstanding week for Godzilla fans. First, we got a monster-packed new trailer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Then, we got a very fun fan-made remix trailer that looked at the upcoming movie through an old-school kaiju lens. And now, the movie’s supporting cast of “Titans” have their very own stunning character posters. Read More >>

Break Out the Peeps-Flavoured Chilli: The Good Place Will Return for a Fourth Season

The best sitcom on TV will return for more surreal ethics dilemmas, shrimp-cocktail feasts, Bad Janets, Jacksonville Jaguars shout-outs, and oddly plausible afterlife scenarios because NBC’s The Good Place just got renewed for a fourth season. Read More >>

Alita: Battle Angel’s New Trailer Digs Into the Heart of the Most Advanced Weapon Ever

It’s been nearly a year since the first trailer for Alita: Battle Angeldirected by Robert Rodriguez, co-produced and co-written by James Cameron, the project’s longtime champion – startled us with the main character’s exaggerated, distractingly creepy eyes. Read More >>

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Horror Short Salt Packs More Tension Into Two Minutes Than Most Movies Do in Two Hours

Rob Savage’s Salt is ultra-mega-short, but it will send a chill down your spine. It’s about a mum, her sick kid, and a demon that can only be contained by the titular substance. Pretty simple, but you won’t believe how much suspense is jammed into this thing. Oh god...not the fan! Read More >>

Horror Comedy Stan Against Evil’s Third Season is Gruesomely Great

When IFC’s Stan Against Evil premiered in 2016, it suffered a bit when compared to to Ash vs. Evil Dead. The two shows shared a similar premise, but only one had nearly four decades of horror history behind it. Today, though, Stan has finally found its own groove. Read More >>

Ease Your Game of Thrones Withdrawal With This Exclusive Sneak Peek at George R.R. Martin’s Fire and Blood

“You’re going to have to keep waiting for The Winds of Winter,” George R.R. Martin wrote back in April. No shock there. But in that same blog post, the Game of Thrones creator announced a different book: a detailed history of House Targaryen. It comes out later this month, and we’ve got an early peek. Read More >>

Report: Winter Soldier and Falcon May Team Up for Their Own Disney Streaming Series

Marvel may be dropping Netflix shows left and right, but the studio still has big plans when it comes to streaming series. Variety reports that yet another small-screen show about Marvel characters we’ve met on the big screen is in the works, this time focusing on the Winter Soldier and the Falcon. Read More >>

A Guide to Horror Master Dario Argento, Director of the Original Suspiria

In a couple of weeks, the Suspiria remake will be out in select cinemas, and Luca Guadagnino’s take on the 1977 horror classic will no doubt make you curious about the director behind the original film. And if you’re new to the gorgeously gore-streaked world of Dario Argento, we’re here to help you dive in. Read More >>

12 Movies Featuring Ghosts You’d Actually Want to Hang Out With

Ghosts can be very scary—if you need recent evidence of this rather obvious fact, set aside several sleepless nights so you can watch The Haunting of Hill House. However, not all spooks are trying to scare the crap out of you. Some of them are pretty cool! Here are our favourite friendly movie ghosts. Read More >>