Mute Is an Excellent Film Noir That Just Happens to Be Set in a Cyberpunk World

A scifi tale by virtue of its setting, but an old-school film noir at heart thanks to its story, Mute is a puzzle with eccentric pieces that eventually all fit together—perhaps a bit too neatly, given its fondness for jagged edges. But its love of sleazy neon and some unusual themes do much to make up for its contrivances. Read More >>

Doctor Who Has a Fresh, New Logo for Season 11

New star, new showrunner, new composer, and now a new logo—the next season of Doctor Who isn’t due until October, but it’s definitely shaking things up already. Read More >>

5 Times That People Claimed to Be Real-Life Time Travellers

Time travel as we see it in movies—using DeLoreans, phone booths, hot tubs, and the like—obviously doesn’t exist. But throughout history, people have insisted that they somehow managed to do it. Though most of their wild tales were eventually disproven, the stories are still incredible. Here are five of the most memorable. Read More >>

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The Makers of Game of Thrones Are Writing and Producing New Star Wars Movies

If you thought the Solo trailer was the big Star Wars news of the week, think again. Breaking news from the galaxy far, far away tells us that the creators of another fantasy epic, HBO’s Game of Thrones, will soon be working on a whole new series of Star Wars films. Read More >>

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A Hero’s Journey Spans Just Two Minutes in This Hilariously Breakneck Short

A reluctant hero, a frantic wizard, and a hodgepodge of fantasy tropes (including a damsel in distress) make for what may be the fastest-paced adventure tale ever. It’s called Short and Sweet and you might forget to take a breath while you’re watching it, at least until it makes you chuckle. Read More >>

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A Self-Aware Drone Somehow Doesn’t Spark an Instant Robot Apocalypse in This Scifi Short

Watching Mackenzie Sheppard’s short Donny the Drone, you might assume that the title character (voiced by Guy Pearce) would become a killing machine soon after becoming self-aware. But Donny ain’t Skynet, and every sentient robot doesn’t necessarily have Judgment Day on its mind. Or does it? Read More >>

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Star Wars Meets High Fashion in These Sculptures Crafted Using Designer Bags

On his website, artist Gabriel Dishaw describes himself as an “upcycler/sculptor,” but looking at his work, it’s fair to assume he’s also a huge Star Wars fan, too. He has several series devoted to characters from the films, including a number of recent sculptures that cleverly repurpose Louis Vuitton handbags among their materials. Read More >>

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Brat Meets Christmas Serial Killer in This Gruesomely Funny Riff on Home Alone

April, the tiny star of Arthur Metcalf’s horror short He’s Watching, is an A+ hellraiser. When her parents foolishly leave her home alone, all kinds of mayhem, destruction, and cheese pizza-consumption ensues... some of it involving an axe-wielding intruder that April doesn’t seem to notice. Or does she? Read More >>

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For a Limited Time, Watch the 1967 Student Short That Launched George Lucas Into Scifi History

A long-ish time ago (1967) in a galaxy not so far away (the University of Southern California), a student named George Lucas was hard at work on a short film with a long title: Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB. This landmark early work is online for the first time, thanks to scifi channel Dust. Read More >>

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This Gremlins Fan Film is Guaranteed to Get You Into the Christmas Spirit

That is, if your version of “Christmas spirit” includes watching all the Christmas films with horror themes. (It does in our house!) Read More >>

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Let’s Have Fun Watching The Last Jedi’s Actors Learn to Kick Ass

As The Last Jedi release date draws near, every bit of new information only whips us into a greater frenzy of excitement—and this behind-the-scenes glimpse of Daisy Ridley, Gwendoline Christie, John Boyega, Adam Driver, and Kelly Marie Tran training to kick ass in the film’s fight scenes definitely qualifies. Read More >>

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Twin Peaks’ Blu-ray is Packed With Tonnes of Special Features

For David Lynch fans, the absolute highlight of 2017 was Showtime’s revival of his cult series Twin Peaks. It was gorgeous, terrifying, baffling, thought-provoking, and groundbreaking—and you can re-live it all, with the added benefit of tonnes of special features, when it hits Blu-ray next week. Read More >>

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The Post-Apocalypse is a Little Less Bleak When You Have a Beloved Game of Thrones Star on Your Side

The year is 2054, and humanity’s prospects are very bleak in the wake of a devastating virus. London’s become an unstable wasteland of junk peddlers and wild-eyed zealots, but one tough, determined woman keeps it together for her much younger brother—until he’s spirited away by an unknown foe. Read More >>

This New Rick and Morty Short Will Actually Make You Cry

Rick and Morty tearjerker? That’s unexpected. But we’re not kidding. New short “The Poop in My Pants,” starring fan-favourite Mr Poopybutthole (longtime Smith family friend, gun-violence survivor, new father), would make even the emotionally impenetrable Rick Sanchez well up. Ooo-wee! Read More >>

A New Take-Home Exhibit From the Museum of Science Fiction Celebrates the Women of Sci-Fi

After a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign, the finished product is here: Catalysts, Explorers & Secret Keepers: Women of Science Fiction. It’s a collection of new and reprinted works, framed as a take-home exhibit from the Museum of Science Fiction. Read More >>