9 of the Best Worst Horror Movies Ever Made

If your horror-movie enjoyment requires high production values, plots delivered without yawning holes, and dialogue that always makes sense, well, best move along. If, however, you delight in horror that’s so “bad” it’s gone all the way back to good – and is genuinely entertaining – have we got a fun list for you. Read More >>

29 New Scifi and Fantasy Books to Add to Your Reading List

It’s the height of summer, so whether that means lazy holidays or a desperate need to stay indoors bathed in icy air conditioning, you’re going to need some reading material. Fear not, sci-fi and fantasy fans—we’ve got you covered with 29 new releases to choose from. Read More >>

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Short Film A Father’s Day Imagines a Gruesomely Sweet Zombie Family Reunion 

Most zombie tales are set just as the outbreak is happening, as desperate people — often families, as seen in recent films like Cargo and Train to Busan, but going all the way back to Night of the Living Dead — try to protect their loved ones. This short puts a refreshingly different perspective on the familiar. Read More >>

If You Loved Being Horrified by Hereditary, Check Out These 7 Other Freaky Films

Hereditary is no ordinary horror movie. It has some shocking frights, but its slow-burn dread is what burrows under your skin and haunts your nightmares. It’s a unique film, but there are other terrifying movies out there that also explore similar themes (like families being menaced by weird, twisted supernatural forces) — should you want to unsettle yourself even further. Read More >>

Turns Out Westworld Has a Heart After All

This week’s Westworld, “Kiksuya,” brought an oft-seen but mostly-silent supporting character into the spotlight, and used his incredible story to give us new perspective on the Hosts’ awareness. It was a poetic, and frankly rather refreshing, detour from the show’s main narrative. Read More >>

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Atmosphere Is Everything in This Creepy Horror Short

A few years back, filmmaker John Panton made waves with his short Line Signal, a chronicle of a lone woman’s spectacularly spooky trail run. Now he’s back with Surveyor, another tale of a regular person who just happens to stumble into some very unsettling surroundings. Read More >>

Westworld Just Took a Huge Step Closer to Revealing What’s in the Valley Beyond

Bernard’s been through a lot this season, but things took a turn for the even more intense — while explaining a bit about why his behaviour's been so erratic this season — in “Les Écorchés.” And while we’re now one big step closer to the Valley Beyond... we ain’t there yet. Let’s recap! Read More >>

If You Want More of Westworld’s Shōgun World, Watch These 7 Movies

Season two of Westworld has ventured into several new settings — including Shōgun World, a highly anticipated reveal since it was teased at the end of season one. The park recreates Japan’s Edo period with some heavy-handed nods to the Wild West — and unsurprisingly, the show’s creators drew inspiration from classic samurai films, as well as spaghetti Westerns. Want to spend more time in those vast cinematic worlds? Here are seven titles to get you started. Read More >>

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The First Reactions to Solo: A Star Wars Story Are (Mostly) Very, Very Good

The first reviewers have just seen Solo: A Star Wars Movie, and the social media reactions are here! We’ll know even more when the review embargo breaks on 15th May — and, of course, everyone can make up their own mind when the film’s out on 25th May — but for now, here’s the early Twitter buzz. Read More >>

That Was a Most Violent and Delightful Westworld

Last week, we got our first extended look at human life outside Westworld. This week, on “Virtù e Fortuna,” we finally got a peek at some of Delos’ long-hinted-at other parks, with callbacks to reveals in the season one finale and the season two premiere. Violent delights abound, of course. Read More >>

Westworld Reveals More About the Park’s Origins, But Offers Far More Questions Than Answers

After last week’s exploration of the events immediately following the Westworld host uprising — and a short leap ahead, with untold mysteries sandwiched between — “Reunion” offers some juicy hints at the park’s real purpose, and how it ties into the journeys of both Dolores and the Man in Black. Read More >>

Guillermo del Toro’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Movie Is Creeping Ever-Closer to Your Nightmares

It’s been a few years since we heard anything about the planned big-screen adaptation of legendarily terrifying kid’s book series Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Since then, the project’s biggest champion, Guillermo del Toro, won a couple of Oscars—which no doubt helped it get a big push forward. Read More >>

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The Star Trek Movieverse Has Finally Hired Its First Female Director

If you thought the most surprising thing about Star Trek film franchise was that Quentin Tarantino was potentially penning an R-rated script for it, think again. The big news now is that the Star Trek movieverse will finally be adding a female director to its ranks. Damn, it’s about time. Read More >>

The Legendary Cult Movie Known as ‘Turkish Star Wars’ Now Has a Smashing New HD Scan

Back in 2016, a cult-movie miracle occurred when film historian Ed Glaser discovered the last remaining 35mm print of 1982's The Man Who Saves the World—better known as “the Turkish Star Warstucked away in a vault in Turkey. After two years of restoration, the film now has its own 2K digital scan. Read More >>

Here’s a Crash Course in Westworld Before the Season Two Premiere

Usually we title these kinds of guides “everything you need to know about XYZ show.” But HBO’s Westworld isn’t easily summed up or explained. A huge part of its appeal is that it’s so enigmatic, dropping clues and teasing out mysteries as its story builds. To fully appreciate season two, it’d be best to watch season one first—preferably twice—but if time is an issue (or if you just need a season one refresher), here’s a crash course. Read More >>