8 Questions We Have About (the Yet to Be Announced, But Inevitable) Stranger Things 4

Stranger Things 3 has been out for a few weeks, and now that we’ve had time to really digest the things we liked and didn’t like, our minds have drifted toward what’s next. So far, the Duffer Brothers have only offered some vague teases for season four—which Netflix has yet to officially confirm, though it sure feels inevitable—but we have some questions, suggestions, hopes, and demands to toss out there. Read More >>

An Interstellar War Looms in the Latest Trailer for Katee Sackhoff’s Sci-Fi Series Another Life

Just days after releasing the first teaser for Battlestar Galactica star Katee Sackhoff’s new sci-fi series, Another Life, Netflix has dropped a full trailer that reveals even more about the show’s crew of space explorers – as well as the mysterious (and apparently hostile) aliens that inspire their journey from Earth in the first place. Read More >>

Norse Mythology? Zack Snyder? Anime? Netflix? Sure, Why Not?

Netflix’s apparently insatiable appetite for all things anime continues to grow, as there’s yet another new program on the way. And though Zack Snyder (yes, that Zack Snyder) will create and executive produce the as-yet-unnamed show, it’s a little out of his usual superhero realm. The anime will be “set in the world of Norse mythology,” according to a Netflix press release. Read More >>

The Five Best Worst Jaws Rip-Offs

Summer classic Jaws was released back in 1975, and we’re still feeling its effects. It helped launch both the summer blockbuster and Steven Spielberg’s career; it influenced how we perceive sharks in real life; and it spawned a tsunami of inferior (but often stupidly entertaining) movies about shark attacks. With that in mind, here are our favourite so-bad-they’re-good Jaws wannabes. Read More >>

the walking dead
Turns Out, The Walking Dead Comic’s Most Shocking Death Is Its Own

Just last month, we were calling The Walking Dead #192 “the end of an era,” thanks to a stunning issue (spoilers at that link). But if you thought creator Robert Kirkman and artist Charlie Adlard couldn’t top that twist, here’s another shocker: The Walking Dead comic is ending tomorrow with issue #193. Read More >>

In This Excerpt From Chuck Wendig’s New Sci-Fi Thriller, Wanderers, a Scientist Begins to Realize the World’s in Deep Trouble

Chuck Wendig is a name you’ll recognise if you’re a fan of Star Wars novels (or follow the ins and outs of Star Wars comics). But he also does plenty of work beyond the galaxy far, far, away – including his epic new sci-fi thriller, Wanderers, which is coming to shelves this week. Gizmodo has a very intriguing excerpt to share with you today. Read More >>

That Animated Gremlins TV Show is Officially Happening

Remember back in February, when we learned that WarnerMedia was planning an animated prequel series based on Gremlins – one of its best-loved properties – as an enticement for its upcoming streaming service? We were excited then, and now we’re fed-after-midnight thrilled to learn that the show is officially on its way. Read More >>

A Familiar Face is Returning to Headline Netflix’s Haunting of Hill House Follow-Up, The Haunting of Bly Manor

Nell Crain lives! Well, sort of. Victoria Pedretti, who starred as the tragic future ghost in Netflix’s horror hit The Haunting of Hill House, will return to play a different role in the anthology series’ second season, The Haunting of Bly Manor. Read More >>

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In Sci-Fi Short The Replacement, a Man Faces a Future Filled With Too Many Clones (Including His Own)

In the near future, clones are common—but none have been so successful as all the new versions of Abe (Jeff Garretson), especially the one that just became America’s first clone president. Though most of Sean Miller’s The Replacement frames the situation as Abe’s personal hell, the story eventually reveals that all the remaining “originals” are in for some very grim times ahead too. Read More >>

8 Killer Zombie Movies That Didn’t Cost an Arm and a Leg to Make

The Dead Don’t Die, opening next month, is indie icon Jim Jarmusch’s first foray into zombie movies, but it’s by no means the first indie zombie movie—as fans well know, the horror genre is full of low-budget movies that still manage to make a huge impact. Before Jarmusch’s take on the undead shuffles into cinemas, here are 8 other movies that mix brraaiinns, action, and storytelling without breaking the bank. Read More >>

Taika Waititi Adds an Animated Flash Gordon to His Ever-Growing List of Projects

If you thought the next news item you’d read regarding Taika Waititi would be about his long-awaited Akira remake, or his involvement in The Mandalorian, or What We Do in the Shadows second season, or perhaps even that Time Bandits TV show, you’d be wrong. Because the in-demand writer, director, actor, producer, etc. has just added his name to another new project: Flash Gordon! Read More >>

Midsommar is a Gorgeous Nightmare Stuffed With Modern Horror and Old-World Dread

Ari Aster’s latest film, Midsommar, is as carefully constructed as his 2018 breakout, HereditaryThere are some shared themes, like families, grief, and cults; the main character is, again, a woman pushed to the edge. And it manages to be just as unsettling, despite the fact that it takes place almost entirely under brilliantly sunny skies. Read More >>

There’s Another Amityville Movie in the Works

Forget Freddy and Jason. There’s one horror villain that’s inspired more sequels and spinoffs than any other, and it’s not a masked killer – it’s a goddamn house. Read More >>

A Bride Realises the Bloodthirsty Truth About Her New Family in the Macabre Comedy Ready or Not

Haven’t heard of Ready or Not? Neither had we, but this first trailer for the horror comedy from directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillette (formerly of filmmaking collective Radio Silence, which made Devil’s Due and Southbound) suddenly has us intrigued. It’s about a bride who realises on her wedding night that her new husband’s old-money family has some very unusual traditions. Read More >>

A Dune: The Sisterhood Series Is Coming From Denis Villeneuve and WarnerMedia’s Streaming Service

We won’t get to feast on Denis Villeneuve’s much-anticipated cinematic take on Frank Herbert’s Dune until November 2020, but here’s some news that suggests Dune fever won’t be confined to the big screen: Villeneuve will also executive produce, co-write, and direct the pilot for a Herbert-inspired series, Dune: The Sisterhood, for WarnerMedia’s streaming service. Read More >>