Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries Is Both a Polished Update and Filled With Old-School Weirdness

True crime is riding a huge wave of popularity, so the timing couldn’t be better for an Unsolved Mysteries comeback. Netflix’s revival brings the 1990s staple into the current moment with a more refined production style, while also keeping things oddball enough to please longstanding fans. Read More >>

5 Alien Planets We’d Actually Like to Visit

Sci-fi movies and TV shows love to visit hostile planets filled with violent alien creatures, environmental perils, and an overall vibe of “get me the hell out of here” – not exactly the ideal components for a space vacation. But there are a few extra-terrestrial hotspots we wouldn’t mind visiting on our next getaway. Read More >>

Settle Down Beavis, and Come to Butt-Head: The Iconic ’90s Animated Series Is Making a Return

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Mike Judge’s head-banging, couch-dwelling masters of snark, but the animated teens of Beavis and Butt-Head – one of MTV’s biggest hits of the 1990s that spawned a 1996 feature film which was also a huge hit – are returning to the airwaves thanks to Comedy Central. Read More >>

Val Kilmer’s 14 Greatest Genre Movie Roles

Val Kilmer has made all kinds of movies throughout his long career, and many of his most high-profile performances (think Top Gun, The Doors, Tombstone, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and his groovy debut in Top Secret!) can be found in drama and action films. But when the Juilliard-trained actor – who’s had some health problems of late – goes genre, he makes some intriguing choices. Here are our 14 favourite Kilmer sci-fi and fantasy projects. Read More >>

Unsolved Mysteries is Back, and Of Course There’s at Least One Alien Abduction

It’s not the same without suave host Robert Stack (or almost-as-suave replacement host Dennis Farina), but new episodes of beloved 1990s true crime series Unsolved Mysteries are heading to Netflix, with a little on-brand assist from the producers of Stranger Things. Time to play spot-the-UFO with the trailer! Read More >>

In the First Trailer for The Rental, Terrors Both High-Tech and Creepy-Human Ruin a Seaside Getaway

Two couples travel to a gorgeous, totally isolated beach home. That sounds like the makings of a peaceful escape... or the set-up for a horror movie. Read More >>

Logan’s Run Is Somehow Both Fabulously Dated and Weirdly Timeless

Logan’s Run was released in June 1976. That means, according to the rules of the movie’s gleaming utopia, it expired 14 years ago – since ageing past 30 is simply unheard of. And while certain aspects of the sci-fi classic are indeed outdated, other elements feel as oddly relatable as ever. Read More >>

Max Brooks’ Bigfoot Tale Devolution Is Headed for the Big Screen

Author Max Brooks has a new book out called Devolution: A Firsthand Account of the Rainier Sasquatch Massacre, and it arrives with some exciting news: much like Brooks’ previous best-seller, zombie-apocalypse story World War Z, Devolution will be getting the feature-film treatment. Read More >>

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Bill & Ted Face the Music in a Truly Excellent Trailer

It’s been nearly 30 years since we were last in the presence of San Dimas, California’s most bodacious time-travelling rock stars. But at last, the trailer for Bill & Ted Face the Music, which sees Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves reprise their iconic Valley-guys characters, is here – and it introduces some new faces, too. Read More >>

Author Max Brooks on What Fascinates Him About Bigfoot

Max Brooks is probably best known as the author of World War Z – the excellent 2006 zombie apocalypse tale that was adapted into a so-so 2013 movie. He’s back with another outstanding survival story, Devolution: A Firsthand Account of the Rainier Sasquatch Massacre, and Gizmodo got a chance to talk with him all about it. Read More >>

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A Woman Hides From Something Evil in Ultra-Compact Terror Tale Beast of Prey

Beast of Prey, a new horror short from filmmaker Danny Donahue, runs just around three and a half minutes, and it’ll hook you in immediately. Amid a snowstorm, a woman barricades herself in a bathroom and frantically tries to figure out what she should do about the thing on the other side of the door. Read More >>

All 9 Planet of the Apes Movies, Ranked

The ongoing pandemic has taught us a lot about how selfish and greedy humans can really be. One might even start to wonder...maybe it’stime  to give another species their shot? With a new Planet of the Apes movie in the works, we decided to rank all the entries in the iconic sci-fi series so far. Read More >>

12 Delightfully Freaky Horror Movies From the 1960s

You’ve seen Night of the Living Dead, Psycho, and Rosemary’s Baby. But have you seen a pre-Star Trek William Shatner being chased by a succubus in a movie filmed entirely in Esperanto? Or a made-in-Japan (with a non-Japanese cast) alien creature feature with the grooviest theme song ever? Read on! Read More >>

In Search of Tomorrow’s Director Dishes on What Will Be the Ultimate Documentary for 1980s Sci-Fi Fans

Last year, director David Weiner made a documentary called In Search of Darkness, an epic celebration of 1980s horror films. His new project, In Search of Tomorrow, will do the same for 1980s sci-fi, compiling tonnes of interviews with the people who made these now-classic films. Read More >>

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Rick and Morty’s 22 Best Celebrity Guest Stars (So Far)

We’re counting down our all-time favourite famous guest stars who’ve dropped by Rick and Morty, giving voice to characters as varied as the Devil and a gaseous musical alien named Fart. Read More >>