This Typographic Analysis of ‘Alien’ is Terrifyingly, Wonderfully Geeky

You might consider yourself an Alien expert. You may be able to quote the entire film, backwards, or know who was the third assistant focus-puller. But I guarantee that not even Ridley Scott has knowledge of the movie's typography like this guy. Read More >>

This Exploding Bike Alarm Might Actually Be Effective

About ten minutes after the very first car alarm went off, the tech went from being a genuine theft deterrent to an annoyance that everyone just ignores. The makers of the Bike Mine have a better idea, at least when it comes to getting people to notice when a bike or motorcycle is being stolen: old-fashioned explosives. Read More >>

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Play With Ropes Near Helicopters

It’s basic common sense that ropes and fast, spinning blades don’t mix. But in case you need a reminder, recently released video of a near-crash from a rescue helicopter should scare you witless. Read More >>

A 29-Year Study Has Found No Link Between Brain Cancer and Mobile Phones

If, and by how much phones increase the risk of brain cancer is a long and disputed argument. No single study is going to settle anything, but one statistical analysis of data in Australia hints at mobile phones being reasonably safe. Read More >>

Police Use an Indiscriminate Phone Spy Tool to Find Chicken Wings Thief

Stingray is a controversial mobile phone tracking tool that sucks up information from all nearby phone users. It’s often sold as a vital tool for finding serious criminals and terrorists, an argument that is weakened somewhat when it emerges police in the States used it to try and find the culprit of a £30 chicken robbery. Read More >>

The Creators of Siri Are Releasing a New AI Next Week 

Although you might associate Siri with Apple, that particular pocket assistant wasn’t born in Cupertino. In fact, Siri was an independent app before its acquisition by Apple in 2010, and now its founders are back with a new and improved version, “Viv”. Read More >>

The World’s Largest Coal Supplier is Building a Giant Solar Plant

I suspect the Germans have an overwrought seven-syllable word for extreme irony, but even they’d have a hard time describing this. The Shenhua Group, the largest coal producer in China, the nation producing the most coal, is building a giant solar plant. Read More >>

This Bike Lock Does Double Service as a Tail Light

Cyclists love to bitch about the unnecessary weight involved with carrying a quality u-lock, but those same riders also really hate having their bikes stolen. So if you could incorporate a red light into a bike lock, saving a little weight and adding functionality, that really wouldn’t be a bad thing. Read More >>

David Bowie’s Blackstar LP Does Amazing Things When it Sees the Sun

David Bowie’s hauntingly beautiful Blackstar was the artist’s final gift to us all, shortly before he died early this year. But as it turns out, there was one final surprise hidden in the gatefold cover of his last LP. Read More >>

These Cute Robots Fix Problems In Nuclear Reactors

Unsurprisingly, humans and nuclear reactors don’t mix well. So what do you do when you have to maintain the inside of an experimental fusion reactor? Deploy Wall-E’s more competent cousin, of course. Read More >>

Apple CEO Very Insistent Everything is Fine

In the last quarter, Apple’s money-printing machine slowed slightly, recording the company’s first decrease in revenue in 13 years. But in an interview with CNBC, CEO Tim Cook was very insistent that it’s still smooth sailing. Read More >>

Early Graphics Effects Show How Far Special Effects Have Come

John Whitney was one of the earliest pioneers of computer graphics, most memorably known for his work on the opening sequence of Hitchcock’s Vertigo. But even in this educational video for IBM in 1968, the distance that computer graphics has come is startlingly clear. Read More >>

It’s Depressing That We All Needed a Lesson In Apple Grammar

Apple is known for harbouring a bunch of design freaks, but did you know that you’re never meant to speak of iPhones, just “multiple iPhone devices?” Read More >>

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Is Captain America’s Shield Really Bulletproof?

Cap’s shield has deflected all kinds of shit over the last few years, but outside the Marvel universe, vibranium is in short supply. So what can Captain America’s shield do when it’s made of titanium? Read More >>

This Bad Indiegogo Campaign Won’t Charge Your Phone Twice As Fast

Crowdfunding campaigns often get a bad rap for vapourware and scams, even though the vast majority come through in the end. That bad rep comes from projects that get creative with the truth and the laws of thermodynamics, such as this slightly glorified USB meter. Read More >>