Coronavirus Concerns Lead to the Cancellation of One of Tech’s Biggest Developer Conferences

The spread of coronavirus is prompting companies to cancel nonessential travel. That includes trade shows like the smartphone-centric Mobile World Congress, which was scheduled to be held in Barcelona this week but was called off. Now Facebook has cancelled its own annual event, the F8 developer’s conference, citing “growing concerns around COVID-19.” Read More >>

Samsung’s Buds are Probably the Budget AirPod Alternative You Want

Apple’s AirPods have become so ubiquitous that rival Bluetooth earbud makers have had to differentiate themselves with less-obnoxious designs, more features, or a lower price – or, as in the case of rival Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds+, a combination of the three. Read More >>

24 Hours With the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Has Me Convinced of a Folding Future

Samsung’s newest flagship, the £1,300 Galaxy Z Flip, might actually be the first foldable phone worth buying. The company gave me a Flip to use for 24 hours, which isn’t long enough to fully review the device, but I used the Flip as my main phone for a full day to see how it stands up to my daily life. Read More >>

I’m Convinced Samsung’s New Foldable Phone Is the Perfect Size

I love Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip, almost in spite of myself. Read More >>

Vertical Movies Are Coming Whether Anyone Actually Wants to Watch Them

Smartphone cameras have become so good that they’ve turned us all into amateur directors. But because social networks like Snapchat and Instagram encourage vertical videos, we don’t shoot the horizontal footage that makes sense for, say, a movie. That’s fine when an Instagram Story video is only 15 seconds long. But do you really want to watch an entire movie shot vertically? We’re about to find out. Read More >>

Essential Is the Latest Phone Maker to Fold

Former Google executive Andy Rubin’s smartphone startup, Essential Products, is officially done after years of circling the drain. Read More >>

Samsung’s Folding Phone is the Cheapest One Yet, and the Least Flimsy

Samsung believes deeply in the future of foldable phones, but its first attempt, last year’s Galaxy Fold, was a complete shitshow. Devices provided to reviewers ahead of launch were plagued with problems: debris that caught in the hinge, a plastic overlay that turned out to be part of the screen but was easily peeled off, and a crease that just wouldn’t disappear. Samsung fixed those issues and rereleased the Fold, but then the company also went back to the drawing board to create a next-gen foldable: the £1,300 Galaxy Z Flip. Read More >>

Coronavirus Fears May Bring Mobile World Congress to a Halt

The wireless industry’s biggest event of the year, Mobile World Congress, is still on the books for the end of February, but now the trade show’s future is in doubt after one of its largest exhibitors just pulled out due to the spread of Wuhan coronavirus. Read More >>

Seems Like the Motorola Razr Might Already Be a Mess

Motorola seemed poised to hit a home run with the rebooted Razr, which taps into early 2000s nostalgia while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of foldable display technology in ways Samsung only dreamed of doing. When I saw the Razr in person at a briefing in Los Angeles last November, I fell in love. Read More >>

How I Became a Peloton Person

Peloton’s advertising is bad. The pricey stationary bike’s TV adverts feature extremely attractive humans working out in the living rooms of their expensive high-rises or, even more improbably, in the same bedrooms where their partners are still sleeping. (You have the right to exact excruciating revenge on anyone who thinks pedalling or grunting with exertion are silent activities that won’t wake you.) Then there was the infamous Peloton Wife, who looked physically pained when starting her exercise journey. Read More >>

China’s Biggest Phone Makers Are Building an Alternative to Google’s App Store

Google Play may not be the dominant Android app store for much longer if China’s largest smartphone makers have anything to say about it. Read More >>

Apple Finally Makes App Purchases Universal Across All Devices

Apple usually waits until its annual Worldwide Developers Conference to make huge App Store changes, but software Christmas came early this year. The company just announced that effective March, devs can offer one app across all platforms. If you buy an app in the iOS App Store, you won’t have to buy a separate version of the app to work on your Mac. Read More >>

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LG Pulls Out of Mobile World Congress, Citing Coronavirus Concerns

Mobile World Congress, the biggest phone and wireless industry trade show of the year, is just weeks away, but the coronavirus outbreak is causing at least two companies to put their announcements on hold. Read More >>

No-one Wants to Pay for Apple News+

Apple is looking for a new exec to lead its Apple News+ business, because no one wants to pay £10 a month for magazines when there are so many things to watch on TV. Read More >>

Apple Is Never Going to Give Up On Its AirPower Dreams

We all know that Apple’s definitely going to put out a new iPhone (or four) this year, and probably a fresh iPad and Apple Watch, too. But the company is also rumoured to have a few unexpected accessories in the works, one of them being an attempt at a wireless charging mat. Again. Read More >>