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What Would Happen If Everyone in the World Lost Their Sex Drive?

Online dating apps, pornography, advertising, and the continued existence of the human race all testify to a healthy, ongoing interest in sex among human beings, despite the fact that millennials appear to be having less of it. Until the day pills or radiation extinguish the last embers of human horniness, sex will likely continue to shape and govern society in all kinds of ways. Read More >>

If You Eat an Animal That Ate Drugs, Will It Affect You? 

Some of the cows and chickens we eat are on drugs. The relative safety of those drugs is the subject of ongoing debate, and some are more common than others. Last month, Bloomberg reported that American food manufacturer Sanderson Farms is being sued for allegedly dosing its chickens with ketamine. Read More >>

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Why Does Dog Poo Smell Bad to Us but Good to Dogs?

There are some things we can all agree on. For instance: the fact that shit smells bad. There are some contrarians out there—fetishists, middle school class clowns, etc.—but for the most part this issue transcends the usual divisions. Read More >>

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Can Superhuman Mutants Be Living Among Us?

After millions of years of evolution, our species has, like an aging rock band, settled into a comfortable, familiar groove: Your classic bipedal, theory-of-mind-having Homo sapien. Then, there is another class of human. This class of human has spectacular powers, such as mind control or the ability to manipulate electromagnetic waves, and exists mostly in big-budget global superhero franchises, like X-Men (or in mid-budget Ben Stiller-starring cult classics from 1999, like Mystery Men). Read More >>

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Can You Be Friends With a Bear?

Late last year, a photo of a bear officiating a wedding in Russia went viral. The picture turned out to be fake, but its popularity says something significant about our conception of the species: Despite thousands of years of contrary evidence, and at least one harrowing documentary, human beings still on some level want to view bears as big, cuddly, forest-dwelling dogs. Read More >>