Is Parallels Still the Best Way to Run Windows on a Mac in 2019?

A new version of Windows virtualisation tool Parallels is out, bringing with it support for upcoming macOS Catalina features, amongst other improvements. Is it still the best way to run the Windows OS on an Apple computer? We’ve been taking the latest Parallels 15 out for a test drive to find out. Read More >>

11 Incredibly Useful Websites You Might Not Know About

The internet is a big place, and there’s no shame in not having explored every last corner of it – but just in case you’ve missed out on some of the very best sites the web has to offer, we’re going to pick out a few lesser-known highlights from our travels that are well worth adding to your bookmarks. Read More >>

How to Find Spyware Your Employer Installed on Your Computer and What to Do About It

There are employers and IT departments out there that take an extreme approach to monitoring what the staff gets up to on company-owned equipment. You may not be able to change the policies of the firm that you work for, but you can at least check if and how you’re being watched. Read More >>

The Complete Guide to SSDs in 2019

The solid-state drive or SSD has evolved from an expensive luxury available only to the professional power user to standard issue for anyone picking up a laptop. At the same time, many more standards and technologies have developed around SSDs, meaning picking one isn’t as straightforward as it once was—but we’re going to bring you right up to speed here. Read More >>

How to Use Your Laptop to Send Messages From Your Phone

You don’t always have to squint at a 6-inch screen and tap out your communications on a little touch keyboard. Most messaging apps now let you use your laptop or desktop computer as well as your phone. Here are all the options you’ve got across SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, and more. Read More >>

The Best Ways to Cut Down on Spam in Your Inbox

Email, which is simple, convenient, and cheap, has a downside: Spam messages continue to bother just about anyone with an inbox to their name. While fighting back against the tide might seem futile, you’d be surprised at just how much you can cut down on unsolicited email without having to dedicate too much time or energy to the effort. Read More >>

Is Jailbreaking and Modding Still Worth It in 2019?

The modding and jailbreaking community is not as vibrant as it once was, as the tech giants lock down their code with increasing efficiency, and amateur tinkerers are left wondering if the benefits outweigh the time and effort when it comes to unlocking a device’s default operating system. Is it still worth it in 2019? Read More >>

The Next iPhone Might Have a Time-of-Flight Sensor – But What the Heck is That?

As if you didn’t have enough phone specs to consider when choosing a new phone, here comes another one: Smartphone cameras are now being augmented with what’s called a time-of-flight or TOF sensor, as well as the standard wide-angle and telephoto lenses you might be familiar with. Even Apple might join in next year. If you want to know whether this is an essential feature or an unnecessary luxury for your next handset, read on. Read More >>

Should You Get a Laptop With a 16×9 or a 3×2 Display?

There’s a lot to think about when you’re buying a laptop (how much power it offers, how big it is, whether or not the keyboard detaches) but what you might not consider is the aspect ratio of the display. You’re faced with a choice between 16x9 and 3x2 screens, and your pick makes more of a difference than you might think. Read More >>

How Google’s Lightweight Go Apps Work – and Why You Might Need Them

You may have noticed Google launching a succession of cut-down, lightweight, basic apps under the Go label. The idea is they’re intended for countries where a combination of spotty internet and tight data caps makes using all the cool apps on your phone a chore. Only those issues aren’t just happening abroad. Which means Android Go apps can be just as useful here. Read More >>

5 Reasons It’s Still Worth Paying for a Dropbox Subscription

The cloud storage scene has changed a lot since Dropbox launched in 2007, propelled by the falling cost of storage, the rising speed of internet connections, and the proliferation of powerful mobile devices. There is no shortage of options for your storage needs, many of which are free. So why would you pay for it? Read More >>

The Nine Best Hacks to Make Your Internet Feel Faster

Your time is precious, and you spend a lot of it inside a web browser – so shaving off seconds and minutes that you don’t need to waste can give you back a chunk of time in your day. These are the best ways to speed up your web browsing no matter what your browser or platform of choice. Read More >>

DisplayPort 2.0 Is Finally Here, and This Is Why It Matters

You might not have heard much about DisplayPort, as the HDMI rival is limited mostly to high-end monitors, dedicated graphics cards, and other premium, professional tech. A new version of DisplayPort is upon us though—the standard’s biggest upgrade yet—and it could be enough to earn the technology a place in more devices in the future. Read More >>

7 Ways OnePlus and OxygenOS Beat Google’s Stock Android

OnePlus phones just keep getting better and better, but what’s not often talked about very much is the software that comes pre-installed on board. It’s Android, but it’s OnePlus’ own brand of Android called OxygenOS and it’s getting very close to beating Google at its own game. Read More >>

How to Take Control of Where Every Link on Your Phone or Computer Opens Up

Links make the digital world go round—links to your Twitter profile or the daily headlines or a file stored in the cloud. Being able to manage those links and open them more efficiently can be a bigger time-saver in your day than you might think... and so we’re going to outline how you can take more control over your links on mobile and desktop. Read More >>