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The Complete Guide to Tethering From Your Phone or Tablet When You Don’t Have Wifi

Phone or tablet tethering can give you some precious internet connectivity when you’re out of wifi range, and in terms of connecting on the go, it’s much more secure than the public wifi you’ll find in hotels, coffee shops, and so on. Here’s how to do it, simply and painlessly, whether you’ve got Android or iOS on your mobile device. Read More >>

The Best Websites and Web Apps for Making Use of Exactly One Hour of Free Time

It’s lunchtime—or maybe it’s just a break you’re taking from the world. Either way, you’ve got an hour to spare, and that could mean running errands or braving the outdoors, or it could mean snacking at your desk while idly clicking around the internet (employer IT policy permitting). If you’re looking for inspiration for your next 60 minutes of non-work web browsing, here are some of the best educational, entertaining, or downright weird options we know about. Read More >>

Rediscover the Magic of Browser Bookmarks – and How to Keep Them in Order

Between read-it-later services, social media feeds and the unbelievable speed at which a Google search can find the exact information you’re looking for, browser bookmarks have become a forgotten a relic of a previous Internet age. But the basic bookmarking tools built into your browser can still be hugely useful in the modern web era, and we’re going to explain exactly how to make the most of them. Read More >>

How to Get the Most From Your macOS Dock

If you’re serious about using macOS to its full potential, then you need to be serious about making the most of the Dock – and that means tweaking and customising it to suit your workflow, the apps you need, and the way you use your Mac. Here’s how to get the macOS Dock set up the right way for you. Read More >>

11 Things Your Phone Can Do That You Probably Never Knew About

You use your smartphone a lot, we’re sure of that, but you’re probably just touring round the same apps and the same settings day after day. Are you aware of everything your pocketable mobile device is capable of? Here are 11 features you might have missed that should come in useful somewhere down the line. Read More >>

How to Protect Yourself Against Digital Services Shutting Down

In the next few months alone, movie locker service Ultraviolet and social network experiment Google+ are closing their doors for good, while photo sharing platform Flickr is shifting the rules about free and paid-for accounts. The moral of the story? Even digital services don’t stick around forever—but you can protect yourself against your favourite app or site pulling down the shutters. Read More >>

How to Rediscover the Windows Start Menu’s Utility

The Start menu is your way into Windows and the web—it’s where you find your apps and start your searches, where you go to customise the system and organise your digital life. It’s the hub of everything you do on your Windows computer, so don’t settle for the default configuration: Make the Start menu your own. Read More >>

17 New Features Your Favourite Apps Added While You Weren’t Looking

It can be hard to keep up with all the features being added to all the apps you’ve got on your phone—which is why we’ve pulled together this rundown of recently added or particularly obscure features you might not have noticed in the apps you use every day. From staying safe in an Uber to undoing your Gmail mistakes, they should make your life that little bit easier or more productive. Read More >>

Speed Up Your Web Browsing With These Browser Extensions

You probably spend a lot of your computing time travelling across the web in your browser of choice, which means any ways of speeding up that browser time is going to add a serious boost to your productivity. Install these extensions to supercharge your browsing and get everything done on the web that little bit quicker. Read More >>

Here’s Where All the 4K Content for Your New TV Is Hiding

You’ve got your hands on a shiny new 4K television set, or a 4K computer monitor, or even a smartphone with a 4K screen... so where’s all the 4K content at? It can sometimes feel like its impossible to find good looking stuff for your brand new display. From the TV makers, to the set top box manufacturers, to the streamers, no one is making it super easy to find this stuff. But don’t worry, we’ve got some tips for making it a little simpler to find. Read More >>

Android TV is Good Now

While often derided as buggy, slow, and not as good as alternative options like the Apple TV or even the Chromecast, Android TV has been quietly fixing a lot of its problems and adding a pile of features that make it worth a second look. Nearly five years after launch, there are a lot of reasons Android TV might be worth a second look for your living room. Read More >>

10 Tricks to Try First on Your New Gaming Console

If you scored a brand new gaming console this holiday season (or any other time), you’re going to want to get it up and running as quickly as possible—here’s how to get started with your PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch, as well as some tips for customising your new gaming machine and exploring some of its features. Read More >>

10 Tricks for Quicker Multitasking on Your Smartphone

As our phones become ever more powerful and smart, their capabilities are increasing—so much so that we’re using them more and more like computers these days (quite literally sometimes). It also means Android and iOS are becoming better at multitasking, and here are the best ways of speeding through whatever it is you need to get done when you’re using multiple apps. Read More >>

Why Choosing Between Windows and macOS Still Matters

Sometimes it feels like the operating system doesn’t matter. Sure, the fans will always be there ready and willing for a debate, but for most of us, there’s little difference between using Windows or macOS. Most of our day-to-day computing is happening in a web browser—and those are pretty universal at this point. The really popular apps we might use, like Spotify, Slack, or Photoshop, are cross-platform too. But it really does matter which OS you use, and not just because there might be a learning curve if you make a switch. Here are some of the key reasons why your choice still counts. Read More >>

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All the Useful Stuff Your iPad and Other Gadgets Can Do With USB-C 

Apple decided to go with USB-C charging for its latest batch of iPad Pros, which means... well, what exactly does it mean? Whether you’ve got a new iPad or you’ve already got a USB-C device in your life, here’s how the emerging technology works and exactly what you can do with it. Read More >>