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How to Purge Social Media ‘Friends’ So You Can Have Fun Online Again

It now seems to be a truth universally acknowledged that social media is bad—bad for our well-being and privacy, too much of a time-sink, and so on. But does it have to be? Can it be made good? Or, slightly less bad? Shaking up who you follow and share with can do wonders for your social media life, and here’s how to go about it. Read More >>

How to Reset All of Your Browsers Back to Square One

Like an operating system reinstall, resetting your web browser can fix all kinds of problems and improve performance at the same time—squash annoying bugs, clear out dodgy and outdated extensions and get a browser that’s good as new with a hard reset. Here’s how to carry it out on all the major browsers. Read More >>

How to Spot Genuine Discounts While Christmas Shopping

It’s shopping season, and you’re likely to be on the look-out for gifts for friends and family in the next few weeks. To limit the damage to your bank balance, you will, of course, want to do your business as cheaply as possible – but how can you spot the genuine discounts from the marketing tricks? And how do you know when a bargain really is a bargain? We’ve got some tips and some tools that can help. Read More >>

How to Pick the Right Memory Card for Every Device You Own

As with a lot of tech purchasing decisions, when it comes to buying a memory card you can’t just click on the first result that appears on your online retailer of choice and that’s that—today’s memory cards, with their small sizes and huge capacities, have features and specs all of their own. Here’s what you need to know. Read More >>

Want to Quit Facebook? These Are the Best Alternatives for Most of What Facebook Does

After the discrimination, the creepy advertising practices, the data breaches, the political mess, and the sense that the world’s biggest social network just isn’t much fun to use any more... maybe you’re finally considering leaving Facebook. But what are you going to replace it with? And will your friends come with you? Read More >>

The Essential Guide to Using Your Oversized Phone with One Hand

Bad news for those of you with small hands or small pockets (or both): It looks like phones are staying big for the foreseeable future. But owning a handset with a big screen doesn’t mean you can’t operate it with just one hand if you need to—these are the software tricks and apps you need to familiarise yourself with. Read More >>

How to Get Your Console Games Streaming to Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS

In a perfect world, you would always be able to sit down in front of your console and living room television when you had some gaming to do, but other members of the household will sometimes get in the way. When that happens, you can stream games to another computer or mobile device — and it’s easier to do than you might think. Read More >>

Tip: Keep Notifications From Constantly Interrupting You

Notifications keep you in touch with your friends, breaking news, the weather, and much more, but you don’t necessarily want them arriving all through the day—when you can be interrupted at any moment, your attention and productivity are always going to take a hit. Here’s how to get notifications delivered on a schedule of your choosing. Read More >>

The Best Note-Taking Apps for Any Task

Being a notepad and pen replacement is just one of the roles that smartphones fill for us now—alongside being a digital camera, a musical jukebox, an address book, and an ever-expanding encyclopedia. Not all the options are created equal, though. Whatever the reason you need to take down notes, these are the best tools to do the job. Read More >>

5 Specs You Shouldn’t Ignore When Choosing Your Next Phone

What do you look for first when picking out a new smartphone? Android or iOS? The processor chip inside? The size and resolution of the screen? How many cameras? You probably have your spec of choice, but don’t sleep on these less-considered differentiators. Read More >>

Learn How to Use Siri Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier

Announced as part of the iOS 12 update and now available as a separate app, Siri Shortcuts (or just Shortcuts) lets you do more with Apple’s digital assistant—you can wrap up a bunch of different tasks and launch them with one voice command. If you’re not sure exactly how this can be of use, keep reading. Read More >>

Google’s ‘Squoosh’ Image Compression Tool Shows Off the Power of Web Apps

Google has a new, experimental web app for you to try: Squoosh. It uses the latest in image compression technology to cram your pictures into smaller file sizes with a minimal loss of quality, but what really impresses about the app – coded in the WebAssembly programming language – is its speed, even under a relatively heavy load. Read More >>

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How to Get All Your Local Media Files Streaming to a Chromebook

While you can replace a lot of desktop apps with online equivalents when using a Chromebook—and even run Linux apps—you can’t exactly transfer your local media library wholesale from Windows or macOS to your thin and light laptop. Here are some of the smartest ways to take your media library anywhere. Read More >>

19 Tips and Tricks to Make You an Apple Watch Master

Three years and four hardware revisions down the line, and it’s clear that the Apple Watch is here to stay – but are you squeezing all the functionality you can out of your Apple wearable? Here we present 19 tips and tricks for the Apple Watch, many of which will work across multiple models, to help you really master your wrist-based mini-computer. Read More >>

9 Cool Tricks for That You Can’t Do in Gmail

For years Gmail has ruled the land of web-based email services, but slowly and surely Microsoft has been making a force to be reckoned with. We’re not yet at the stage where we can confidently declare is superior to Gmail for your online email checking—but what we can say is here are nine cool tricks for Microsoft’s webmail service that Gmail can’t quite match. Read More >>