Meet Instagram’s YouTube Clone: IGTV

Instagram’s YouTube era apparently starts now. Today it officially announced IGTV, a new home for up to hour-long videos that will live on Instagram’s explore page and in a separate, standalone app. Read More >>

US Librarian Wins $600 in Symbolic Lawsuit Against Equifax

If your personal data gets hacked, then why not file a lawsuit? That’s what Jessamyn West, a librarian in the US state of Vermont, did by successfully suing Equifax over its 2017 hack, which exposed the personal data of over 140 million Americans and nearly 700,000 Britons. Read More >>

Apple Maps Was Broken for Hours??

Earlier today Apple Maps was unusable for hours, apparently. Read More >>

Google Helpfully Reminds Us How to Turn Off Invasive Personalised Ads

Google, seemingly aware that people are unnerved by just how much ad networks know about us, today said it’s refining how it lets you control what ads you see. The company has updated its ad personalisation settings page, and in the process, has kindly reminded us that it’s easy to turn off personalised ads altogether. Read More >>

Google Says Its Translate App Is Now a Lot Smarter When You’re Stuck Offline

Translation apps can be incredibly useful tools when you need quick guidance on translating a phrase or word from one language to another, but tools like Google Translate often fall short when you’re travelling and can’t get online. Read More >>

Here’s the Secret Way to Listen to Apple Music in Your Browser Right Now

Apple Music has found a home in your web browser—sort of. On Sunday, a Reddit user discovered that if you log into the Apple Music tool for marketers with your Apple ID, the site will play full versions of songs instead of just the previews you might have previously seen on the web. The site also lets you search through the complete Apple Music catalogue. Overall, it functions like a slightly confusing, yet still pretty useful web client for Apple Music. Read More >>

YouTube Music Isn’t Even Close to a Spotify Killer

After trying and failing to launch a competitive music streaming service for years, Google released YouTube Music last month. You might’ve thought Google’s latest attempt to compete with the likes of Apple Music and Spotify would’ve pushed forward with new ideas. Nope. A quick browse through the app reveals that at the moment it’s simply a lacklustre Spotify clone. Read More >>

Spotify Backtracks on Controversial ‘Hateful Conduct’ Policy

Spotify doesn’t want to police the content on its platform and the company finally admitted as much in a press release on Friday. The Swedish music service has updated its ‘Hateful Conduct’ rules by effectively walking the entire idea back. Read More >>

Spotify Says Controversial ‘Hate Content’ Policy Was ‘Rolled Out Wrong’

Mistakes happen. On Wednesday night, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek admitted to a rather big one in regards to the company’s controversial “Hate Content and Hateful Conduct” policy. “We rolled this out wrong and could have done a much better job,” said Ek about Spotify’s decision to remove R Kelly and the rappers XXXTentacion and Tay-K from the company’s playlists. Read More >>

Apple’s Smart Speaker Almost Feels Competitive Now

Do you own a HomePod, Apple’s needlessly expensive smart speaker? Have you ever wished you could connect your multiple HomePods, the ones that sit lovingly in your magnificent house, so they could all play the exact same song at the exact same time? Does that kind of technology sound like it should’ve already been included when the HomePod launched in February this year? Well, better late than never — Apple today announced the ability to sync music between multiple HomePods. Two HomePods can also now work as a stereo pair. Read More >>

Record Labels Sensibly Decide to Wind Down Pointless Vevo Service

Vevo, the major label-owned music video service, is pulling back from the spotlight. On Thursday, the company announced that it will be shutting down its website and mobile apps over the next few weeks. Read More >>

Apple Is Going to Let You Download All the Data it Collects About You

Today, Apple announced a new privacy website to help users better navigate just how much of their data is collected by the company. Read More >>

Even the Obamas Work for Netflix Now

The Obamas are about enter into your Netflix cue. The New York Times reported on Monday that Netflix has partnered with Higher Ground Productions, a company created by the former president and first lady, to produce content for the streaming service. The content that will be produced remains up in the air, as last we heard, the couple was allegedly in talks with Amazon and Apple as well for the production deal. Read More >>

Is YouTube Music Already Doomed?

Google isn’t giving up on its quest to get you to pay it for music. That’s the main takeaway from Thursday’s announcement of YouTube Music, a re-imagining of how music-listening works on YouTube. The new streaming service will come in two flavors: a free tier called YouTube Music and a $10-per-month tier dubbed YouTube Music Premium, and it’s scheduled to debut on May 22 in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and South Korea. Read More >>

Tidal Reportedly Late on Payments to Record Labels

Waves of bad news keep crashing down upon Tidal. Today Dagens Næringsliv, a Norwegian newspaper, reported claims from Norweign record labels that the struggling music service has stopped sending out royalty payments. Read More >>