Fancy a Blockbuster? These Are the Films to Watch Until Next Summer

We've already had some cracking releases this year already haven't we? From a group of assembled Avengers, to planetary exploration with the spaceship Prometheus, we've been (relatively) amazed by a spiderman, seen the rise of a Dark Knight, oh and there have been a few more expendables too. But what's next? Read More >>

Projection Installation Shows How Your Living Room Would Look If Swarmed By Giant Spiders

Whether they scare the pants off you or not, to most of us, spiders are still plain old creepy. So imagine how you'd react as you walked past this installation from German designer Friedrich van Schoor. I'm going with full-blown freaking-out Eight Legged Freaks-style. Read More >>

Injecting Saline Into Your Forehead to Make You Look Like a Klingon Is Simply Insane

In the loveable lug Homer, The Simpsons gave us a man perpetually thinking of doughnuts. Now, the latest trend sweeping Japan has unleashed a horde of extreme-modification enthusiasts who quite literally have doughnuts on their minds, and all in the name of cosplay, apparently. Read More >>

PSY Gangnam Style
PSYs All-Round as Everything Imaginable Gets Gangnam-Styled

As parodies spawned from PSY's megahit continue to dominate the viral videosphere, help is on hand to keep you updated with all the 'Gangnamania'. Here's a quick selection of the best, most bizarre and mind-bendingly bonkers on offer. Read More >>

There’s Still Time to Enter the National Geographic Photo Contest, But the Competition Is Scary-Good

If I asked you where you could find an epic clash between some deer and some riot troops set aflame, in the vicinity of a nocturnal, cloud-covered skyline, you might think it was the start of a rather bizarre joke. Well, think again, as this is exactly what's on show in this year's amazing National Geographic photo contest. Read More >>

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The Inevitable Downfall Vs. Gangnam Style Mash-Up Will Have You Cubicle-Dancing All Day

The internet really is amazing isn't it; you always know that your next source of musical merriment is right around the corner. As if PSY's original K-Pop sensation 'Gangnam Style' wasn't entertaining enough, there's now a remix that combines it with one of the most unlikely collaborators imaginable: Downfall. Actually, scratch that -- this IS the internet we're talking about here. Read More >>