Amnesty International Targeted by Israeli-Made Spyware via WhatsApp

Human rights nonprofit Amnesty International on Tuesday disclosed what it says was a plot likely carried out by a hostile government to infiltrate its network by infecting a member of its staff with sophisticated spyware. Read More >>

Simulated Attacks Reveal How Easily Corporate Networks Fall Prey to Hackers

Over the past 10 months, software firm Rapid7 has conducted hundreds of penetration tests: simulated cyberattacks that test how a network holds up against actual threats. The results were compiled in a study called “Under the Hoodie 2018,” which not only perpetuates the stereotype of darkly cowled hackers but makes for some pretty interesting reading. Read More >>

Hack Can Turn Robotic Vacuum Into Creepy Rolling Surveillance Machine

Buying a robotic vacuum cleaner probably sounds like a great idea. Who the hell likes to vacuum? But if it was marketed as an internet-connected device with a microphone and camera that wanders your house at all hours of the day, you should probably skip out. Read More >>

artificial intelligence
Thousands of Top AI Experts Vow to Never Build Lethal Autonomous Weapons

Hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals, many of them researchers and engineers prominent in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence, vowed on Wednesday never to apply their skills toward the creation of autonomous killing machines. Read More >>

‘Mega’ Data Breaches Cost Companies a Staggering Fortune, IBM Study Finds

IBM Security on Wednesday released its latest report examining the costs and impact associated with data breaches. The findings paint a grim portrait of what the clean up is like for companies whose data becomes exposed—particularly for larger corporations that suffer so-called “mega breaches,” a costly exposure involving potentially tens of millions of private records. Read More >>

Scientists Discover Hottest, Most Improbable Way to Steal Your Passwords

Scientists have discovered a new way to capture people’s passwords, though the circumstances needed for the attack to work make the odds of it being ever used in real life fall somewhere between “astronomical” and “no freaking chance.” Read More >>

Hacking Firm’s Ex-Employee Made Off With Menacing Spy Tools, Israel Says

NSO Group, an Israeli hacking company, is mostly known for peddling malware capable of remotely cracking into iPhones. But according to Israeli authorities, the firm’s invasive mobile spy tools could have wound up in the hands of someone equally, if not far more, devious than its typical government clients. Read More >>

Ticketmaster Discloses Breach That Impacts Nearly 5 Per cent of Its Customers

Ticketmaster on Wednesday disclosed a data breach reportedly caused by malware infecting a customer support system outsourced to an external company. Read More >>

Careless App Developers Leave Millions of Sensitive Medical and Financial Records Exposed

Thanks to poorly secured backend databases, a few thousand mobile apps are leaking substantially sensitive data, including personal health information, plaintext passwords, and financial transactions, researchers have found. Read More >>

‘Have I Been Pwned’ Integrates With Firefox and 1Password to Tell You When You’ve Been Pwned

With fresh data breaches surfacing nearly every day, it’s impossible for one person to keep track of it all. Thankfully, there’s an app for that, and starting soon, it will be even more accessible for millions of users. Read More >>

A Mix-Up Meant Malware Could Have Posed as Apple Software, and Nobody Noticed for Over 10 Years

Security researchers on Tuesday unveiled a method that could’ve allowed hackers to bypass a wide range of commercial products designed to protect Apple devices from malware. While there’s no evidence the bypass was ever used maliciously, the issue went unnoticed for over a decade. Read More >>

Weight Watchers Swears No Customer Data Exposed After Dozens of Servers Found Publicly Accessible

Dozens of servers containing Weight Watcher’s data were left exposed after the company failed to password protect software used for managing application containers, according to German cybersecurity firm Kromtech. Read More >>

Apple Declares War on ‘Browser Fingerprinting,’ the Sneaky Tactic That Tracks You in Incognito Mode

Apple is rolling out some new and much-welcomed privacy protections for Safari that it says will prevent third parties from tracking you, particularly when you’re already doing everything you can to fly under the radar. Read More >>

The Islamic State is Getting Rich Off Your Makeup and Baby Powder

Satellite images reveal extensive mining operations not far from the site of a 2017 US airstrike in the Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan — an attack most of us remember only because of the nightmarish nickname of the weapon employed: The “Mother of All Bombs.” The 20,000-pound GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast, or MOAB, was detonated above a massive tunnel complex as a group of suspected insurgents reportedly hid within. Read More >>

New PGP Encryption Exploits Are Being Discovered Almost Every Other Day

For more than a week, PGP developers have been rapidly working to patch critical flaws in the legacy encryption protocol used for sending and receiving secure emails that’s widely relied upon by lawyers, journalists, dissidents, and human rights advocates, many of whom operate at the highest levels of risk while in shadows of oppressive, unforgiving regimes. Read More >>