Stop Doxing Yourself With Your Pet Photos

People are hyper-vigilant these days about protecting their personal information, all the little details about themselves that can lead to stalking or harassment online. But there’s one mistake they’re repeating so often it’s deserving of its own special reminder: leaving their home addresses and phone numbers exposed in photos of their beloved pets. Read More >>

Buttplug Hacker Talks Security, Consent, and Why He Hacked a Buttplug

Voting machines weren’t the only thing getting penetrated at DEF CON this year. Read More >>

chelsea manning
Chelsea Manning Can Remain in Jail for Another Year, Judge Rules

Chelsea Manning, a former Army intelligence analyst-turned-whistleblower, may remain behind bars for up to another year and face nearly a half-million dollars in fines over her ongoing refusal to testify before a grand jury about her disclosure of classified information to WikiLeaks. Read More >>

There’s Zero Chance Facebook’s ‘Historic’ £4 Billion Fine Prevents Future Abuse, Lawmakers and Privacy Advocates Say

Sure, $5 billion (£4 billion) sounds like a pretty big fine, and for most of us, the size of it is difficult to fathom. But for a corporation as massive as Facebook, it represents only around three month’s worth of profit, a proverbial drop in the bucket. Read More >>

US Treasury Secretary ‘Not Comfortable’ With Facebook’s Cryptocurrency as Bipartisan Hostility Grows

Facebook’s plan to launch its Libra cryptocurrency is facing considerable pushback from US federal officials who’ve raised concerns about the prospect of it being used to skirt anti-money laundering rules and fund other illicit activities. Read More >>

Civil Rights Groups Mostly Unimpressed by New Twitter Policy Against ‘Dehumanising’ Language

Civil rights organisations were, somehow, both pleased and exasperated with Twitter last Tuesday after the social network announced the latest update to its rules against “hateful conduct,” a change characterised by the New York Times, which first broke the news, as a “scaling back” of the company’s policymaking to focus solely on banning speech “insulting and unacceptable if directed at religious groups.” Read More >>

Austria on the Verge of Becoming First EU Country to Ban Controversial Glyphosate Herbicide

A popular herbicide currently in use worldwide, but controversially linked to cancer, is on the verge of being outlawed in Austria—the first European Union country to attempt an outright ban. Read More >>

Leading Civil Rights Groups Call Facebook’s Latest Internal Audit ‘Woefully Inadequate’ to Address Hate

Facebook on Sunday issued the first major update of 2019 on the progress of its ongoing civil rights audit, spurred more a year ago by a sharp upsurge in criticism over its permissive policies toward hateful and abusive content directed at people of colour and religious minorities. However, many civil rights leaders directly involved in discussions with Facebook say the company has only agreed so far to half-steps unlikely to effect substantive change. Read More >>

Facebook Cites Mass Shooting Streamed Live on Facebook as Proof Platform Has ‘Gotten Better’

Questioned over Facebook’s efforts to stop the spread of false information in the aftermath of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, a senior Facebook official called to testify before the US House Committee on Homeland Security on Wednesday said the company’s response to such incidents had improved. Read More >>

Cyber-Heist That Impacted Millions Bankrupts Medical Debt Collector

A billing collections agency in the US that was hacked last year in an incident believed to impact millions of medical patients is now seeking a federal bankruptcy court’s protection from its own creditors. Read More >>

Update Your Dell Laptop Now to Fix a Critical Security Flaw in Pre-Installed Software

If you own a Dell, now would be a good time to update your system. Even if your PC wasn’t manufactured by Dell, it’s possible that a new vulnerability affecting millions could apply to you. Read More >>

Symantec Data Stolen by Hacker Was Fake, Company Says

Data including a purported list of clients was reportedly stolen from the leading antivirus maker Symantec in a breach the company has downplayed as having no ramifications. Read More >>

China Telecom Swallows Huge Amount of European Mobile Traffic For Over Two Hours

For more than two hours on Thursday, one of China’s largest Internet providers forced a huge chunk of European mobile traffic to be rerouted through its own servers. Read More >>

Why Islamic State Recruitment Is Thriving on Telegram

New research coming out of George Washington University provides one of the most exhaustive looks yet at the vast and complex network of self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) supporters permeating the encrypted messaging platform Telegram. Read More >>