Symantec Data Stolen by Hacker Was Fake, Company Says

Data including a purported list of clients was reportedly stolen from the leading antivirus maker Symantec in a breach the company has downplayed as having no ramifications. Read More >>

China Telecom Swallows Huge Amount of European Mobile Traffic For Over Two Hours

For more than two hours on Thursday, one of China’s largest Internet providers forced a huge chunk of European mobile traffic to be rerouted through its own servers. Read More >>

Why Islamic State Recruitment Is Thriving on Telegram

New research coming out of George Washington University provides one of the most exhaustive looks yet at the vast and complex network of self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) supporters permeating the encrypted messaging platform Telegram. Read More >>

Watch Never-Before-Released Video From Cult of the Dead Cow’s Def Con 7 Reveal

When I was a little kid, there’s nothing I wanted more than to be a hacker. Of course, my 12-year-old brain’s perception of what it meant to be a hacker was horribly skewed by movies like The Lawnmower Man, Tron, and tabletop RPGs like Shadowrun. (If only, right?) Read More >>

Cyber Criminals Are Making Money Using Stolen Doctor Credentials on the Dark Net

A new report by a leading cybersecurity firm finds that healthcare organisations are becoming an increasingly attractive target for criminal hackers due to the premium that black markets place on private health information—and in particular, the credentials of physicians that can be used to facilitate health insurance fraud. Read More >>

Firefox Deploys a Slew of New Privacy Features, Taking Aim at Facebook and Invasive Online Trackers

There are plenty of browsers to choose from, but two of the most popular, when it comes to privacy at least, are headed down radically divergent paths. Read More >>

Here’s Every New Privacy Feature Apple Announced Last Night

Apple has been facing increased criticism of its privacy practices lately, and rightfully so. During CES 2019 last year, the company tried trolling visitors of the annual conference—which it famously does not attend—with a brazenly false piece of advertising: a massive outdoor ad declaring “What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Read More >>

Chelsea Manning’s Lawyers Ask Again For Her Release, Say She’ll Never ‘Betray Her Principles’

Attorneys for Chelsea Manning on Friday have once again asked the court to release the activist and whistleblower from her confinement in Virginia on the basis that she cannot be coerced to testify in the Justice Department’s ongoing investigation into Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange. Read More >>

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42 Million Dating App Records Exposed Online, Leaking User IP Addresses and Location Data

A database containing records of tens of millions of users of various dating apps has been found publicly accessible, according to a researcher who says it remains unclear who amassed the data. Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg to Ignore Canadian Parliament’s Subpoena, Maybe Get Found in Contempt

The hottest trend sweeping Washington, DC right now has officially arrived in Silicon Valley: Defying lawmakers’ subpoenas is all the rage and Facebook apparently has no plans to be left out. Read More >>

Powerful Earthquake Strikes Miles Below Amazon Rainforest in Peru, Limiting Casualties

An 8.0 magnitude earthquake rocked northern Peru on Sunday, killing at least one man and causing several injuries, the Associated Press reports. Read More >>

Teen Hacker Who Apple Reported to FBI Just Wanted a Dang Job

The lawyer for an Australian teenager who twice breached Apple’s internal security says he did so because he thought it might land him a job at the California-based tech giant, the Australian Associated Press reports. Read More >>

FBI Sued Over Files on Dead Hacker Who Turned In Chelsea Manning

A researcher seeking access to the FBI’s files on Adrian Lamo—a deceased hacker best known for informing on whistleblower Chelsea Manning—filed a lawsuit last week citing the bureau’s failure to properly respond to her request. Read More >>

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Charged With Espionage by US

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who was arrested in London last month after seven years in an Ecuadorian embassy, is now reportedly facing new charges of espionage in the United States. Read More >>

Julian Assange’s Electronics Reportedly Shared With U.S. Prosecutors, Despite Pending Extradition Hearing

WikiLeaks editor in chief Kristinn Hrafnsson has issued a warning that any information recovered by U.S. authorities from Julian Assange’s devices – seized following his expulsion from London’s Ecuadorian embassy in April – is likely to be tampered with, claiming that chain-of-custody procedures have already been violated. Read More >>