Hackers Find Stolen US Government Exploit Useful Again, Compromise Tens of Thousands of Routers

A Microsoft exploit made public last year after being pinched from the US National Security Agency has now been used by hackers to compromise more than 45,000 internet routers, according to researchers. Read More >>

Legal Threat Looms Over Israeli Cyber Firm Accused of Helping Saudi Spies

Amnesty International said today that it had submitted a formal request to Israeli authorities two weeks ago asking that the export license of a Herzliya-based hacking firm be revoked over reported efforts to sell Saudi Arabia sophisticated surveillance software. Read More >>

Former Equifax Manager Gets Home Confinement for Insider Trading Amid Data Breach

A former Equifax manager who tried to profit off the company’s horrendous 2017 data breach with a little insider trading will spend eight months on home confinement, forfeit his ill-gotten gains, and pay an additional $50,000 (£38,365) in fines. Read More >>

MindBody Exposes Data Belonging to Millions of Fitness App Users

The fitness company behind popular performance-tracking app FitMetrix reportedly left the personal data of more than 100 million users exposed. Read More >>

Google Not Sure Which Google+ Users Had Personal Data Exposed

Following a report Monday alleging that Google kept secret a data breach potentially impacting hundreds of thousands of former Google+ users, the company is offering only a meagre defence of why it kept silent for so long. Read More >>

Uber to Pay Record £113 Million Fine for Concealing 2016 Data Breach

Uber will pay a $148 million (£113 million) fine as part of a settlement reached with state law enforcement officials over allegations it attempted to conceal a 2016 data breach affecting millions of its users, the company said. Read More >>

Twitter Bug That ‘May Have’ Exposed Direct Messages Probably Didn’t Expose Anything

Some Twitter users received an alert on Friday warning that a bug “may have” allowed their direct messages and protected tweets to be viewed by developers who weren’t authorised to see them. But the conditions needed for that to happen seem so far-fetched, it’s unlikely anyone was actually impacted. Read More >>

EU Antitrust Officials Investigating Whether Amazon Misuses Seller Data for Profit

The European Union is informally investigating how Amazon uses the data it collects from third-party sellers hosted on its website, Europe’s antitrust chief said today. Read More >>

Amazon Confuses Bob Woodward for L. Ron Hubbard, Sending Reviews for Fear Tumbling

A mysterious (hilarious?) bug appeared to temporarily drag down the Amazon customer rating for Bob Woodward’s new book about the Trump administration’s first year in office. Read More >>

Simple Hack Turns India’s Massive Biometric Database Into a Profitable Counterfeit System

India’s controversial biometric database, Aadhaar, has been once again compromised, according to a three-month investigation launched by HuffPost India. Read More >>

Microsoft Seizes Domains Imitating Right-Wing Groups Controlled by Kremlin Hackers

Last week, Microsoft took control of six internet domains allegedly being used by Russian hackers, the company said. The domains included one website apparently created to mimic an organisation led by six Republican senators, the International Republican Institute, on whose board also sits Senate hopeful Mitt Romney. Read More >>

cambridge analytica
US Hired Cambridge Analytica’s Parent Company to Undermine Terrorist Recruiters Online

New details have emerged regarding the no-bid US State Department contract awarded last year to SCL Group, the parent company of the now-defunct data analysis firm Cambridge Analytica. Read More >>

Amnesty International Targeted by Israeli-Made Spyware via WhatsApp

Human rights nonprofit Amnesty International on Tuesday disclosed what it says was a plot likely carried out by a hostile government to infiltrate its network by infecting a member of its staff with sophisticated spyware. Read More >>

Simulated Attacks Reveal How Easily Corporate Networks Fall Prey to Hackers

Over the past 10 months, software firm Rapid7 has conducted hundreds of penetration tests: simulated cyberattacks that test how a network holds up against actual threats. The results were compiled in a study called “Under the Hoodie 2018,” which not only perpetuates the stereotype of darkly cowled hackers but makes for some pretty interesting reading. Read More >>

Hack Can Turn Robotic Vacuum Into Creepy Rolling Surveillance Machine

Buying a robotic vacuum cleaner probably sounds like a great idea. Who the hell likes to vacuum? But if it was marketed as an internet-connected device with a microphone and camera that wanders your house at all hours of the day, you should probably skip out. Read More >>