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The U.S. Case Against Assange is Looking Sort of Flimsy

When federal prosecutors last week announced that charges against Julian Assange included conspiracy to “break a password to a classified U.S. government computer,” one immediately assumed that the password in question had actually been broken. However, an indictment unsealed Monday indicates that may have not been the case. It also appears U.S. attorneys have been doing their best to minimise that fact. Read More >>

Microsoft Claimed a Security Breach Didn’t Compromise Email Messages—It Did

A series of security reports published over the weekend have raised serious concerns about Microsoft’s transparency in the wake of a recent data breach. Read More >>

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US Lawmakers Demand Social Network Execs Reveal What They Spend Fighting Terrorism

The head of America's House subcommittee on intelligence and counterterrorism is on a quest to find out precisely how much money YouTube, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter are spending each to combat extremism across their myriad platforms. Since representatives of the companies seemed unequipped to answer that question during a briefing late last month, their CEOs are now being asked to cough up those figures. Read More >>

Assange Charges Finally Reveal Why Chelsea Manning Is Sitting in Jail

Charges announced by the US Justice Department on Thursday against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange provide fresh insight into why federal prosecutors sought to question whistleblower Chelsea Manning last month before a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia. Read More >>

social media
Parliament Readies Crackdown on Social Networks for Enabling Terrorism, Child Abuse, and Self-Harm

The British government is preparing to publish its plans to clamp down on social networks that distribute and promote harmful content. According to a leaked document, the proposed measures include enabling regulators to hold company executives personally liable in cases entailing negligence. Read More >>

540 Million Facebook User Records Exposed Online, Plus Passwords, Comments, and More

Researchers at the cybersecurity firm UpGuard on Wednesday said it discovered the existence of two datasets together containing the personal data of hundreds of millions of Facebook users. Both data sets were left publicly accessible. Read More >>

facial recognition
Lawmakers Move to Block Companies From Using Face Recognition Without Your Consent

Lawmakers in the US have introduced bipartisan legislation aimed at prohibiting commercial users of facial recognition from collecting and re-sharing such data without the public’s consent. Read More >>

Hackers Snuck Backdoors Into ASUS Software Updates, Infecting Thousands

On Monday, we saw once again how criminals can exploit trust and use it as a weakness. Read More >>

Chelsea Manning’s Lawyers Say No Formal Accusation She Gave False Statements During Court Martial

Chelsea Manning’s legal team went into damage-control mode Thursday after a headline by the Daily Beast suggested that prosecutors had accused her of lying or mistakenly giving false testimony during her 2013 court-martial. Read More >>

Facebook: Cambridge Analytica? Oh, You Mean That Cambridge Analytica

The attorney general for the District of Columbia may have obtained internal company emails showing that Facebook had knowledge of Cambridge Analytica’s data-harvesting efforts months sooner than CEO Mark Zuckerberg let on last year. But the company is now in court arguing to keep the emails under seal, saying the firm’s data-scrapping is unrelated to that other breach of privacy for which it faced criticism for more than a year. Read More >>

Spy-Cam Ring Recorded 1,600 Hotel Guests for a Subscription Porn Site

South Korean authorities say as many as 1,600 hotel guests in the country were secretly recorded last year as part of an illegal spy-cam ring that included thousands of patrons. Tiny cameras were concealed inside of TVs and power sockets, among other locations, in 42 hotel rooms in 10 cities. Read More >>

It’s Scary How Much Personal Data People Leave on Used Laptops and Phones

In a dusty plastic bin under my bed lies at least four laptops, six cellphones, and a half-dozen hard drives. I have no idea what’s on any of them. Most of these devices predate the cloud-storage era, and so likely contain solitary copies of photos, texts, and emails, among other confidential files (porn?) that I’d probably be horrified to learn had fallen into the hands of strangers. Read More >>

The Botnet Malware Behind Some of the Biggest DDoS Attacks Ever Just Got an Upgrade 

Mirai malware, which can infect and grant even unsophisticated actors control over hundreds of thousands of IoT devices, is responsible for some of the most devastating distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks ever seen. Read More >>

chelsea manning
Why Chelsea Manning Decided to Go to Jail in Protest

Chelsea Manning is not accused of committing any new crime. But she is now a prisoner of the US government once again and may remain one for up to 18 months. Read More >>

New Adware With Destructive Capabilities Infects Over 200 Google Play Store Apps

Researchers have uncovered a new adware strain running rampant on the Google Play Store. More than 200 applications are said to carry the malware. Read More >>