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Let’s Not Rely on Billionaires To Fund Climate Action

Last week, the richest man in the world announced that he will give $10 billion (£7.8 billion) to the fight to stop the climate crisis. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced his new fund in an Instagram post last Sunday. Read More >>

One Form of Online Shopping Is Better for the Climate (It’s Not Amazon)

I use dry red lentils, black peppercorns, and capers a lot. And now, I’m out. Rather than walk to the store in the cold, I’ve been thinking about taking advice from Carla Lalli Music’s cookbook and ordering these pantry staples online. That might be more time-efficient for me, but is it more energy-efficient for the planet? The answer, according to new research, depends on where I do my online shopping. Read More >>

The Climate Crisis Is Causing ‘Dramatic’ Changes in the Pacific Arctic

Nowhere is safe from the climate crisis, but some regions are suffering more than others. The Pacific edge of the Arctic Ocean is one of those regions, and it’s changing in big, scary ways. The region has gotten warmer and lost ice over the past century, but in a paper published in Nature Climate Change on Monday, researchers say the region underwent a “sudden and dramatic shift” from 2017 to 2019. They fear the effects could be irreversible, in some ways mirroring a shift happening on the Atlantic side as well. Read More >>

We Need To Change Every Part of Our Food System to Fight the Climate Crisis

If the world’s population grows to 10 billion by 2050 as projected, the world will need to produce 70 per cent more food. Without major changes to the food system, that would result in a catastrophic increase in greenhouse gas pollution due to increases in agriculture and deforestation. New research shows that there’s a lot we can do to feed people without creating more carbon pollution, but it will require changing many aspects of the global food system. Read More >>

Many Plastics Aren’t Actually Recyclable, A New Report Shows

Companies say that a lot of single-use plastic items are recyclable: cups, trays, lids, cutlery, straws, stirrers. But it turns out those claims are misleading. Read More >>

New York Fashion Week isn’t Sustainable, But Neither is the Fashion Industry

Fashion Week is over in New York, and it’s clear there’s a big trend afoot: sustainability. Designers showcased collections made with recycled fishing nets, models walked the runway with reusable water bottles and one show was inspired by rising seas. Read More >>

climate change
It’s Straight Up Balmy in Antarctica

Picture this: It’s 20 degrees Celcius. You’re comfortably rocking a light denim jacket. You’re sipping a gin and tonic. You’ve got a picnic blanket and a spread of raw veggies and dips. The wind is in your hair. So nice to be in… the Antarctic. Read More >>

The New Frontiers of Farming Come With Huge Climate Risks

Not sure you’ve heard, but the planet is getting hotter. The heat is making farming harder in some places, but it’s also making it possible to bring agriculture into new areas. Farmers are growing food in northern Alberta, Canada. Russia plans to “use the advantages” of global warming to expand its agriculture northward. And by 2030, the northeastern US could have three times as much farmland as it does now. Finally, some good news! Read More >>

Discovery of ‘Invisible Oil’ Shows BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster Was Bigger Than We Thought

We already knew 2010’s Deepwater Horizon disaster was the biggest oil spill in history. When the BP rig exploded, it released 210 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico over the course of 87 days. Eleven workers died. So did thousands of marine animals. By all counts, it was horrible. Read More >>

Why Parasite is the First Climate Movie to Win Best Picture

Parasite, this year’s Oscar winner for Best Picture, is remarkable. It’s the first film in a language other than English to win the Best Picture award. It features exactly zero white people. It deals explicitly with the cruelties working class people face at the hands of South Korean neoliberalism. It’s equally hilarious and horrifying. And it also painfully and honestly depicts the climate crisis, a first for a Best Picture winner. Read More >>

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Cutting Fossil Fuel Subsidies Could Be Even More Beneficial Than We Realised

The world wastes trillions of dollars every year on fossil fuel direct and indirect subsidies. Trillions! The U.S. alone spends hundreds of billions of dollars on them, ten times as much as it spends on education. Read More >>

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The Climate Crisis Is About Right and Wrong

The World Economic Forum’s annual Davos gathering gives world leaders and rich people the chance to talk about their worst ideas and beliefs. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin really took the cake this year. Read More >>

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Climate Change Is Making It Harder for Polar Bears to Raise Babies

Polar bears are basically mascots of the environmental movement owing to the risks the climate crisis poses to them. And folks, they’re doing really, really badly! Read More >>

climate change
Interconnected Ecological Threats Could Trigger ‘Global Systemic Collapse’

Humanity is facing a number of grave threats. Climate breakdown and extreme weather are getting worse, we’re in the middle of the world’s sixth extinction crisis, and food and water shortages are affecting people all over the world. These threats are all serious on their own, but research shows that their combined effects could be even worse than the sum of their parts. Read More >>