Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon is Soaring

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon is up. Way up. Read More >>

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RIP: Canada’s Last Ice Shelf Has Collapsed

Canada’s Arctic has been getting slammed by the climate crisis. The region hasn’t been this hot in at least 115,000 years, and its ice is suffering. But it had one intact ice sheet that was hanging on for dear life. Until now. Read More >>

Fukushima’s Contaminated Wastewater Could Be Too Risky to Dump in the Ocean

Almost a decade ago, the Tohoku-oki earthquake and tsunami triggered an explosion at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, causing the most severe nuclear accident since Chernobyl and releasing an unprecedented amount of radioactive contamination in the ocean. In the years since, there’s been a drawn out cleanup process, and water radiation levels around the plant have fallen to safe levels everywhere except for in the areas closest to the now-closed plant. But as a study from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution published in Science on Thursday shows, there’s another growing hazard: contaminated wastewater. Read More >>

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Extreme Heat Could Cause as Many Deaths as All Infectious Diseases Combined

If the world does not curb the rate at which it spews out climate-warming greenhouse gases, the death toll from extreme heat could nearly meet the current death rate of all infectious diseases combined, according to a new study from Climate Impact Lab, published by the US National Bureau of Economic Research on Monday. Read More >>

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It Was Over 50 Degrees in Baghdad Last Week

As the worldwide feast and celebration for Muslims around the world known as Eid wrapped up on Thursday evening, the Middle East has been trapped in a scorching heat wave. Read More >>

Poacher Who Killed a Rare Gorilla Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison

In Uganda, a man was just sentenced to prison for 11 years after he confessed to killing a rare silverback gorilla last month in a landmark decision for wildlife. Read More >>

Declining Bee Populations Are Threatening Crop Yields

Bees are on the decline. New research suggests that could have serious implications for global access to food. Read More >>

New Report Reveals the Shocking Toll Bushfires Took on Australia’s Wildlife

Almost 3 billion animals were killed or displaced by the devastating Australia bushfires of 2019 and 2020, new research shows. That’s roughly triple earlier estimates Read More >>

Vertical Farms Could Grow All the Wheat We Need – But at a Cost

For years, vertical farming has captured headlines, including on this very website. A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Monday shows the practice could revolutionise the world’s ability to grow wheat. Read More >>

We Still Have a Shot to Save Ourselves From Plastic Doom

The world is on track to triple the amount of plastic we dump into the ocean in just two decades. But if civic and business leaders get their shit together to curb the global plastics crisis, we could reduce that rate by 80%, according to two new reports on Thursday. Read More >>

Offshore Wind Is on the Brink of Becoming So Cheap, the UK Will Pay People to Use It

The fossil fuel industry and its allies love saying that renewable energy increases utility bills. But in the UK, new research shows that coming offshore wind farms could actually make bills more affordable. Read More >>

The Living Ghost Dogs That Haunt the Amazon

Deep in the Amazon rainforest, there are mysterious canines with short ears, pointy noses, and bushy tails that roam the undergrowth. The creatures, which are one of the least studied variety of dogs on the planet, are rarely seen even by scientists who have spent years studying the region. Read More >>

Obesity, Infertility, and Low IQ Are Just Some of the Ways Household Chemicals Wreck Our Health

A new analysis published in the Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology on Tuesday found that a growing number of endocrine-disrupting household chemicals have been linked to widespread health problems, including infertility, diabetes, and impaired brain development. The researchers examined hundreds of studies published in the past five years to come to their conclusions, which also include listing PFAS as an endocrine disruptor. Read More >>

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There Have Never Been This Many Fires in the Far Northern Arctic

The Arctic is normally a cold, cold place. But lately, due to the climate crisis, it’s literally been on fire. A new analysis took a deeper look at the recent Arctic fires to paint a clearer picture of where exactly all this burning is happening. Read More >>

‘We Essentially Cook Ourselves’ if We Don’t Fix Air Conditioning, Major UN Report Warns

A new United Nations report shows why it’s crucial to clean up air conditioning. In fact, the authors found that switching over to energy-efficient and climate-friendly air conditioning units could save the world up to 417 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions over the course of the next 40 years. For context, that’s roughly eight times the amount of greenhouse gases the entire world emitted in 2018. Read More >>