Beware Sending a Fax Online – It Might Not Be as Private as You Think

On top of being laid off or furloughed, hordes of people have had to figure out how to send a fax while on lockdown. According to Google Trends, in the last month, online searches for versions of “how to send a fax online” have skyrocketed as people turn to an untested ecosystem of online services to digitally submit the paperwork that their state’s unemployment office requires. Yet Gizmodo has found that data supposedly safeguarded by several of these online fax services is often irresponsibly stored and can be viewed by anyone who knows where to look. Read More >>

The Mystery of ‘Hacked’ Houseparty Users May Have Been Solved

By the end of March, things were looking good for the group video chat app Houseparty as quarantined young people, perhaps put off by Zoom’s relentless security failures, were looking for a less corporate-seeming platform to keep in touch with friends and family. Vogue gushed that it was “the quarantine app you need to download immediately,” as daily downloads for the Epic Games-owned app approached 150,000 on Apple’s App Store. Read More >>

Samsung, Rolls-Royce Information Exposed by Leaky Database, Security Firm Says

Hypothetically, if you, a criminal, wanted to steal millions of dollars from a corporation, one place to start might be figuring out who it owes money to. Does it pay rent on any of its offices? How often does it make payments on the expensive software or equipment it leases? Which overworked account executive handles these payments and what would it take for her – eager to get home to her three kids after a long week – to accidentally authorise payment to you instead of the accounts she manages? Read More >>

Horror Stories From Inside Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

The workers of Mechanical Turk, Amazon’s on-demand micro-task platform, say they have encountered mutilated bodies, graphic videos of botched surgeries, and what appeared to be child pornography. They say they have been asked to transcribe Social Security numbers and other personal data. Sometimes their temporary bosses, “requesters” in Amazon’s parlance, allegedly ask their anonymised employees to send along their underwear, take photos of their feet, or to draw pictures of their genitals. They say they have been paid to recount traumatic instances in their lives – a cancer diagnosis, severe depression, or the death of a loved one – often for less than a dollar. Read More >>

Ring and Amazon Sued for Security Camera Hacks They Blamed on Customers

Ring and its parent company, Amazon, are facing a class-action lawsuit over allegations of negligence, invasion of privacy, breach of contract, and unjust enrichment for the allegedly lax security standards that have left thousands of cameras vulnerable to hacking. This comes on the heels of several high-profile reports about security vulnerabilities, including by Vice and Gizmodo . Read More >>

Want to Really Block the Tech Giants? Here’s How

Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple move more money than many medium-sized nations. Their extraordinary profits are won through extraordinary reach – this is not a secret. That a few companies are afforded unprecedented and shamefully unregulated access into our homes is now an unremarkable fact of living with tiny computers everywhere. Read More >>