Ever Wanted to Meet a Famous 17th-Century Painter? Oculus Gear VR Has You Covered

No matter how hard you wish upon that star, you're never going to meet one Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn — or simply 'Rembrandt', as the kidz like to call him. That's mainly because the legendary Dutch artist died in 1669. Don't be too glum though, because thanks to Oculus Gear VR, you can now meet the famous painter in the reality-augmented flesh. Read More >>

Bing’s New Fact-Checking Feature Should Let Users Kick Fake News Squarely in The Keester

Are you the sort of free-thinking individual who shuns conformism at every turn? The kind of person who would rather pop onto Lycos than ever bow down at the feet of the all-conquering Google machine? Then good news: one of Google's main search engine competitors has just implemented new fact-checking features. Read More >>

Dude Gets Drunk, Proceeds to Drive Stolen Golf Buggy to McDonald’s. Because of Course he Does.

Everyone goes on a little bender now and then — I 'may' have lost a sock during a drunken stupor on a plane last week — but I can honestly say even my most inebriated self has never stolen a golf cart... let alone driven said pilfered buggy miles down the road to get a late night Big Mac. Read More >>

Gardener in Suffolk Finally Claims £1m Euromillions Jackpot After Forgetting About His Ticket For a Month

We've all had memory lapses at one time or another. Be it ruining the Sunday roast because you forget to turn off the oven, or leaving your other half waiting at the train station for an hour because the latest episode of Rick & Morty obliterated your memory banks, it's easy to forget stuff. Then again, failing to remember to check a £1m Euromillions ticket really is next level forgetfulness. Read More >>

New Email Malware Scam Tries to Lure in Users with Game of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers

Hackers reeeeeaaally dig Game of Thrones, don't they? The fantasy epic just can't catch a break this year. First hackers stole around 1.TB of data from HBO which outed several Thrones scripts, then entire episodes were leaked through a combination of naughty hacks and the general incompetence of HBO Spain. Following on from all of that Westeros-related unpleasantness, now there's a new email scam doing the rounds that looks to insert bad juju into your PC as it tries to lure you in with GoT spoilers. Read More >>

Reports Say the iPhone 8 Will Support Wireless Charging

My very frayed, very sad charging cable's heart skipped a beat earlier today with new rumours suggesting the iPhone 8 will have wireless charging. Apple's long rumoured, soon-to-be flagship device has been talked about and speculated on for months now, and it if not excited chitter chatter about a dual-lensed camera, folk are losing their shit over the prospect of a bezel-free iPhone. Still, an Apple device that didn't constantly need to be charged with cables would be a truly killer feature. Read More >>

New Scottish Bridge Could Last 150 Years. Although it Still Cost £1.5bn

The Queensferry Crossing is finally opening on August 30th, after six years of construction work. The £1.5bn Scottish bridge will be open to traffic from Wednesday onwards, and runs from South Queensferry (near Edinburgh) to the other side of the river Forth – a distance of 1.7 miles (2.7km). Seeing as it cost a fair chunk of change, local residents will be glad to know its technical director reckons the bridge could still be operating in 150 years. Read More >>

Microsoft Just Killed Off The Original Xbox One

If you're a fan of the brick-shaped beast above, but never got around to buying the launch version of Microsoft's video game console, bad news: production of the original Xbox One has finally ceased. Read More >>

You’ll Soon be Able to Tell Google Chrome to Shut The Hell up With New Mute Feature

There are few First World Problems quite as ear-offending as visiting a website that automatically loads up videos which then proceed to play obnoxious noises. Mercifully, future versions of Google Chrome look like they'll give users the option to mute all sounds permanently on a per domain basis via the Page Info bubble. Read More >>

Looks Like Microsoft is About to Announce a Minecraft-Themed Xbox One S

Uuuugh. My eyes! My beautiful eyes! If the alleged Xbox One S above is indeed real, Microsoft may just have a contender for history's ugliest video game console on its hands. Read More >>

Are You Smarter Than This 12-Year-Old? Answer: Hell no

Prepare to feel dumb. Reeeeeaaaally friggin' dumb. A super smart prodigy who hails from Barnet in North London has just won the latest series of Channel 4's Child Genius. Not only is the champion only 12, he's undoubtedly accumulated more knowledge and wisdom in his decade-and-a-bit on this spinning rock than most of us will ever acquire in our entire lives. Read More >>

Big Ben’s Loftiest Light is Getting Switched Off

It's been some week for Westminster's Great Bell. First, loads of people lost their shit when it was announced the gigantic timekeeper is to be silenced for four years. The clock-watching bad news didn't end there, either. Now it's been confirmed Big Ben's Ayrton Light is getting turned off. Oh the humanity! Read More >>

Hurricane Gert Could Bring Britain The Most Swelteringly Toasty Day of August

Hurricanes get a bad wrap. If they're not destroying people's houses, they're uprooting Barney's Bowl-A-Rama. But these blustering cyclones can also carry more positive side effects: they can bring about some seriously sunny weather. Read More >>

The Force Unleashed’s Sith Jerk Starkiller Almost Appeared in Star Wars Rebels

One of the worst characters in history almost appeared in Star Wars Rebels. Starkiller, the main playable character from LucasArts' Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game and its sequel, is a dreadful dullard. A horribly one-note moaner, it's a genuine joy to see him get barbecued by the Emperor. The fact the games essentially credit him with forging the Rebel Alliance is so unbearably insulting, I want to personally crowdfund a Men In Black memory wiper just to purge the hours I spent with that thoroughly average hack 'n' slasher from my mind. So thank the Sith Billy Buzzcut didn't appear in the show. Read More >>