DVSA Says Thousands of UK Motorists are Driving Around in Diesel Cars Without Pollution Filters

Well, this doesn't sound too clever for our already pulverised environment. The UK's Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has informed the BBC that at least 1800 diesel cars have been driving around our island's roads without proper pollution filters over the past few years. Read More >>

Google no Longer Allows You to Switch Domains to Make Localised Searches Related to Specific Countries

Do you regularly switch Google domains to get localised searches related to a specific country? Bad news. The Big G has done away with this practice. Read More >>

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Watch This Electric Porsche Speed Around The Nürburgring And Marvel at Modern Engineering

Attention, all Prius fans. If you don't want to ruin your car for yourself, it's probably best you don't watch the following video, lest you be bitten by a certain green-eyed abomination. Read More >>

New Report Reveals a Drone Almost Crashed Into a Plane Landing at Gatwick Back in July

Well, this is kinda terrifying. A recent report from the UK Airprox Board has revealed there was almost a potentially fatal collision between a drone and a plane carrying 130 passengers back in July. Read More >>

Lost UK Hawk Found and Caught Thanks to Day-Old Chick

With talons so sharp they look like they could slice steel and a beak that could peck your eyes out in two seconds flat, the Harris hawk is not to be messed with. Recently, a chap by the name of Mark Render from the town of Washington, Tyne and Wear in Northern England lost one of these magnificent birds of prey. Happily, his winged chum – who's called Ares – has now turned up after being missing for two weeks. And you can thank a baby chick for the pair's reunion. Read More >>

Rumours Suggest Amazon Prime Could Come to Apple TV This Month

There's nothing like some tech-related tittle-tattle, is there? If a Reddit user by the name of "AmazonVideoEngineer" is to believed, Amazon Prime will soon pop up on Apple TV. Read More >>

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It’s Official: Fidget Spinners Have Now Made it to Space

Humankind's various ventures into space over the decades have been pioneering and humbling; giving us a glimpse both of our boundless potential as a species, and our utter insignificance in the grand cosmic scale of things. That, and zero gravity fidget spinners. Read More >>

Pigeon Panic is an AR app That Lets You Frolic With Everyone’s Favourite Flying Disease Bags

Pigeons truly are the feathered rats of the bird community. While certain parts of their anatomy may taste splendid when prepared by Michelin Star restaurants, the average pigeon you'll find on the streets is a gormless, disease-ridden popping machine. Thankfully, the stars of a new iPhone augmented reality app are much less objectionable. Read More >>

Google is Introducing a New Security Measure that Outdoes its Two-Factor Authentication System

Thought Google's two-factor authentication process provided the height of interwebs security? Pah! The current anti-hacker setup is nothing compared to what the Big G has planned for the future. Read More >>

Pilot Brothers End Their Careers by Landing their Final Flights Within 30 Seconds of Each Other

I hate flying like the Grinch hates Christmas. Somewhere, deep inside my wrong-headed Scottish cerebrum, lies a deep-seated fear of any activity that involves being strapped into a flying tube with wings 38,000 ft above terra firma. Still, even my inner aviation-hating nut has to admit the recent story of two twin pilots winding down their careers by landing more or less at the same time is pretty darn sweet. Read More >>

Ever Wanted to Meet a Famous 17th-Century Painter? Oculus Gear VR Has You Covered

No matter how hard you wish upon that star, you're never going to meet one Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn — or simply 'Rembrandt', as the kidz like to call him. That's mainly because the legendary Dutch artist died in 1669. Don't be too glum though, because thanks to Oculus Gear VR, you can now meet the famous painter in the reality-augmented flesh. Read More >>

Bing’s New Fact-Checking Feature Should Let Users Kick Fake News Squarely in The Keester

Are you the sort of free-thinking individual who shuns conformism at every turn? The kind of person who would rather pop onto Lycos than ever bow down at the feet of the all-conquering Google machine? Then good news: one of Google's main search engine competitors has just implemented new fact-checking features. Read More >>

Dude Gets Drunk, Proceeds to Drive Stolen Golf Buggy to McDonald’s. Because of Course he Does.

Everyone goes on a little bender now and then — I 'may' have lost a sock during a drunken stupor on a plane last week — but I can honestly say even my most inebriated self has never stolen a golf cart... let alone driven said pilfered buggy miles down the road to get a late night Big Mac. Read More >>

Gardener in Suffolk Finally Claims £1m Euromillions Jackpot After Forgetting About His Ticket For a Month

We've all had memory lapses at one time or another. Be it ruining the Sunday roast because you forget to turn off the oven, or leaving your other half waiting at the train station for an hour because the latest episode of Rick & Morty obliterated your memory banks, it's easy to forget stuff. Then again, failing to remember to check a £1m Euromillions ticket really is next level forgetfulness. Read More >>

New Email Malware Scam Tries to Lure in Users with Game of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers

Hackers reeeeeaaally dig Game of Thrones, don't they? The fantasy epic just can't catch a break this year. First hackers stole around 1.TB of data from HBO which outed several Thrones scripts, then entire episodes were leaked through a combination of naughty hacks and the general incompetence of HBO Spain. Following on from all of that Westeros-related unpleasantness, now there's a new email scam doing the rounds that looks to insert bad juju into your PC as it tries to lure you in with GoT spoilers. Read More >>