Try Bruce Campbell’s Fake Blood Recipe…If You Dare

Halloween is the perfect time for horror, gore, and blood – but most of us are sadly limited to around five litres, which is not nearly enough supply to decorate a spooky party. That’s where the fake stuff comes in! Read More >>

5 of the Worst Halloween TV Episodes We’ve Ever Had to Sit Through

Halloween offers so many opportunities for our favourite genre shows to play with the spooky, strange, and supernatural…but it’s also an opportunity for all these interesting storytelling elements to crash and burn. Read More >>

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We Recast Detective Pikachu With Patrick Stewart, Ken Jeong, And More Because Why The Hell Not

Look, Ryan Reynolds is fine. But when we heard last week that Danny DeVito had been considered for the role of one Sir Detective Pikachu in the Pokémon movie, and that the producers of that film are hiding a test reel of DeVito voicing the electric mouse somewhere, the Gizmodo video team was crushed. Read More >>

Please Let Me Explain My BlackBerry

A week before CES, I finally pulled the trigger and swapped my SIM card from my sputtering iPhone 6S to a new BlackBerry Key2. The decision to switch to the BlackBerry, like many of the best decisions I’ve made in my life, was driven by a combination of whim, nostalgia, and spite. Given that we’re upon the 20th anniversary of the very first BlackBerry device, I thought I should explain myself. Read More >>