I’m Begging You Emoji Overlords, Rescue This Adorable Animal Horn Section

Newly proposed guidelines under consideration by the Unicode Consortium, the non-profit group that maintains Unicode as the international standard for symbols across software platforms, could soon radically change the way we use emojis. Yes, I mean that Unicode may finally update emoji standards to let your favourite symbols face either direction instead of just one way. Read More >>

Fieldwork Fail Shows How Science Is Sometimes a Hilarious Trainwreck

After long years of research, your efforts have paid off: the archaeological site you’re digging in has turned up a stash of rare, striking bones, no doubt the beginning of a groundbreaking discovery. Only then, you find the KFC wrapper, revealing that this “ancient burial ground” is just the leftovers of someone’s lunch. Read More >>

Oh Great, Another Way Humans Are Screwing With Pollinators

On Monday, the US Department of Agriculture brought us some much needed good news, when it reported data suggesting that honeybees might finally be bouncing back from colony collapse disorder. Today, a team of scientists countered with some bleak news. A new study published in the journal Nature indicates that artificial light pollution might be a much bigger problem for pollinators—and their plants—than we realised. Read More >>