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New Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Shows More of the Dirty, Desperate Future

We just got a bunch of new footage from the hotly anticipated sequel to Ridley Scott’s dystopian scifi classic, courtesy of a brand new trailer. And Harrison Ford’s Deckard says something so potentially huge you’ll be reeling. Read More >>

The New Trailer for The Tick Shows Arthur in Action and Promises Glorious Absurdity

“Destiny’s on the line, Arthur. Accept the charges.” August 25th can’t get here fast enough. Read More >>

Netflix’s Castlevania Turns the Video Game Series Into a Bloody Great TV Show

Castlevania became a classic video game franchise on the strength of labyrinthine level design, endearingly stilted dialogue, and bombastic aesthetics. The Netflix series based on the Konami property doesn’t use those elements in exactly the same way but finds its own path to being a great adaptation of the games’ whip-cracking, demon-killing lore. Read More >>

Conversations With God: How Chris Obi Deals With (Playing) Death on American Gods

Most times when we see the personification of death in fiction, it’s presented as a cold or grim persona. Not so for Anubis on the TV show adaptation of American Gods. Here, the Egyptian god of the afterlife is stoic but unexpectedly warm; he has a job to do, one that fills most people with dread, but he doesn’t seem like that bad a guy. And that’s largely due to the performance of actor Chris Obi. Read More >>

Conversations With God: Pablo Schreiber Talks About Becoming American Gods’ Giant Arsehole Leprechaun

Quick, think of the character you hate the most on American Gods. Did you answer Mad Sweeney? Well, the guy who plays him has a strong argument for changing your mind about the oversized wee man of the hills. Read More >>

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Let This Video Remind You How PG Movies Messed You Up As A Kid

The first time I saw faces melt in Raiders of the Lost Ark, I thought it was cool. The nightmares that came after? Not so much. Take a gander at some PG scenes from yesteryear and marvel at what filmmakers got away with in work that was designated suitable for young audiences. Read More >>

Genre-Blending Genius Edgar Wright Talks Ant-Man, Baby Driver and Grand Theft Auto

At first glance, Baby Driver doesn’t look like it uses genre conventions in the way that Edgar Wright’s other works have. While you can easily see the homages to zombie horror and paranoid sci-fi in Shaun of the Dead and World’s End, the fusion at the heart of Baby Driver’s DNA is initially more elusive to parse. But once you put sunglasses on and deconstruct it, it’s right there: the new movie is a musical where car chases are the “songs.” And it rocks. Read More >>

New Valerian Featurette Shows How Luc Besson Makes the Space Crazy Happen

If you haven’t been paying attention to the next movie from the director of The Fifth Element, then let this new behind-the-scenes teaser try and convince you to do otherwise. Read More >>

The Importance of Adam West’s ‘Bright Knight’ Batman

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Adam West helped save Batman and changed what was possible with DC Comics’ Dark Knight Detective. Read More >>

The Wonder Woman Movie Understands Why Superheroes Exist

I saw Wonder Woman over the weekend and, like my co-workers and millions of other people, thrilled to the sight of a well-realised DC Comics superhero. To me, the best part of Patty Jenkins’ movie was its deep understanding of Diana of Themyscira’s symbolic importance. Read More >>

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The First Full Trailer for Batman and Harley Quinn Marks a Return to Classic DC Animated Style

The Dark Knight and the woman formerly known as Dr. Harleen Quinzel are usually trying to punch or—in the latter’s case—kill each other. Now, in DC’s latest direct-to-video animated feature, they’ve got to work together so that humanity doesn’t get turned into fertiliser. Read More >>

Amazon’s The Tick TV Show Premieres on August 25th

Citizens of the world, I say to you: get hype! The new Tick TV show starring Peter Serafinowicz starts airing on Amazon Prime this summer. Read More >>

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We Got an Emotional Glimpse of General Leia in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

If you’re a Star Wars fan, it can still be hard to believe that Carrie Fisher is gone. We got a little reminder today that we’ll see her as Leia Organa at least one more time. Read More >>

The Newest Injustice 2 Trailer Sets Up Something Really Bad Happening to a Major DC Superhero

Things aren’t looking so good for one member of the Justice League in this teaser for the DC Comics-based fighting game. The hero in question is someone who’s died in the comics but later came back. Really narrows it down, huh? Read More >>

Ghost in the Shell Delivers a Beautiful but Ultimately Empty Adaptation of an Anime Classic

Major Mira Killian doesn’t remember who she was before. Now the character played by Scarlett Johansson is living inside a different kind of body about to start a different kind of life. She effortlessly leaps and shoots across a deliriously oversaturated cityscape with power and purpose. There’s something wrong at the heart of it all, with her sense of her (own) self. It’s a problem that Ghost in the Shell never really explores in any satisfying way. Read More >>