Brian Bendis and David Walker Talk About How Their Friendship Created DC Comics’ Newest Superhero

For two decades, even after becoming friends, Brian Michael Bendis and David Walker worked in parallel spaces. This week, with the release of their new comic Naomi, the world gets to see what happens when two comics writers with very different backgrounds come together to create a new superhero story. Read More >>

The Creators of The Wicked + The Divine Talk About Making Beautiful Magic Together

The comics that Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie have done as a tandem have featured characters channelling a love for creativity, blasting away orthodoxies, and evolving into frighteningly powerful personas. When they talk about their working relationship, it sounds—no surprise—just like being in a band. Read More >>

The Everyday Weirdness of Xombi, One of the Most Under-Appreciated Comics Ever Made

In the mid-1990s, David Kim lived in a world where bicycle piranha would secretly feast on chained-up two-wheelers. He fought against incarnations of misdirected rage and rode in lifts where you had to read stories aloud to get to the right floor. He was the main character of Xombi, a comic about an unkillable man, an experiment that died too soon. Twice. Read More >>

Dakota North Became a Marvel Comics Cult Classic Because it Put Style Above Everything Else

Back in 1986, I subconsciously decided I liked a new Marvel Comics heroine without actually reading any of her books. Her name was Dakota North and, 32 years later, I’ve finally read her series. Read More >>

The Painful Poetry of My Favourite Daredevil Comics

In the 1980s, Marvel Comics editor Denny O’Neil had a problem: superstar writer Frank Miller was leaving Daredevil, the book he turned into a runaway sales hit. O’Neil had to find someone to write the book after Miller’s red-hot run. Ultimately, he started scripting the Man Without Fear’s book himself, turning out my favourite run on Marvel’s blind superhero. Read More >>

One of Comics’ Coolest Creators Returns Because ‘It’s So Hard to Do a Perfect Comic’

Ann Nocenti wrote some of the most inventive, daring, and pointed superhero comics of the 1980s. We’re all really lucky that she makes a triumphant return to the medium this week, with The Seeds #1. Read More >>

DC Comics’ Publishers Talk About the Controversy Around Batman #50 and Much More

The DC Universe is expanding, in both the fictional and real worlds. We recently spoke to co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee about what fans can expect in the near future. Read More >>

The Death of Superman Movie Changes Up a Classic DC Comics Story Just Enough to Work

The Man of Steel still dies in the new Death of Superman animated movie. The biggest surprise in the film is how he lives his life before Doomsday takes him out. Read More >>

We’re Going to Meet a Dark Knight of Death in the Upcoming Batman Who Laughs Miniseries

The canonical understanding of the Dark Knight is that Bruce Wayne hates guns. This fall, DC Comics is going to introduce a new, evil Batman who doesn’t have that problem. At all. Read More >>

Milk & Cheese Creator Evan Dorkin Talks About His Weird, Brilliant Career in Comics

Evan Dorkin can’t stop, won’t stop making comics. Or talking. In both instances, we are all very lucky that this is the case. Read More >>

Harlan Ellison Wrote One of the Best Daredevil Stories Ever

The first place I fell in love with the late, beloved science fiction author Harlan Ellison was in comics. Specifically, it was in Daredevil #208, a comic I obsessively read over and over again when I was a kid. After re-reading it last night, I can definitely state that it holds up extremely well. Read More >>

Luke Cage’s Focus on Families Gives Season Two a Big Upgrade

In the first season of Luke Cage, the nigh-indestructible man was, essentially, an island. He was a stranger living on Harlem’s fringes, butting up against enemies with strong ties to the historic neighbourhood. Season two tells us more about the families that spawned Luke, Mariah, and new villain Bushmaster, and does so in ways that make the series much stronger. Read More >>

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The Alien Ain’t Messing Around in the New Trailer for The Predator 

The newest promo clip for Shane Black’s upcoming Predator movie shows us the extraterrestrial hunter in all his bloody, click-noise-making glory. Read More >>

Tom Holland Just Told the World the Name of the Next Spider-Man Movie

We know that upcoming adventure featuring Marvel Comics’ iconic wall-crawler will have him swinging in places other than New York. Tonight, Tom Holland revealed a very apt title for the spider-sequel. Read More >>

Incredibles 2 Shows How Hard It Is to Be a Super-Parent

The first Incredibles movie invoked the time-honoured tradition of using superpowers as a metaphor for what makes people unique and special. In Incredibles 2, the tropes of being a superhero complicate the characters’ lives even more, especially the grown-ups who have to take care of children. Read More >>