Batman and the Scooby-Doo Gang Are Teaming Up Again for a New Movie

Roly reunion, Raggy! The not-so-Dark Knight from Batman: The Brave and the Bold and the Mystery, Incorporated crew will be crashing into each other’s lives once more, decades after their first onscreen meeting. More importantly: THE QUESTION WILL BE THERE, TOO. Read More >>

The Secrets Behind Blade Runner 2049’s Most Surprising Special Effect

Most fans knew that there’d be important connections between this year’s Blade Runner movie and the one that came out 35 years ago. But one of those links was a major shock and took a lot of work to pull off. Read More >>

The New Battlefront II Trailer Connects a Whole Lot of Star Wars Lore

The last Battlefront game that EA put out didn’t have a single-player mode, which bummed out a lot of folks. Battlefront II looks to have a rather beefy one, which will be doing a lot of heavy lifting in terms of showing how the Empire changed after the second Death Star blew up. Read More >>

This is Apparently the Exact Moment That Harrison Ford Punched Ryan Gosling For Real in Blade Runner 2049

At this point, it seems like everyone’s enjoyed the story of how Harrison Ford accidentally punched Ryan Gosling during an action sequence. Now, because cameras were rolling, we can all look at a still image capturing the frozen awkwardness of the point in time right after contact. Read More >>

It’s Official: The Next Terminator Movie Will Be Out in Summer 2019

Hot on the heels of new plot and character details in the next instalment of James Cameron’s time-traveling AI apocalypse comes a release date: Terminator 6—or Terminator 3: For Real This Time, or whatever it’ll be called—is coming out on 26 July 2019. (No word on whether that's a worldwide release date or a US-only one, but we'll update once we know.) Read More >>

That Famous Watchmen Panel You Keep Seeing This Year Isn’t Actually From the Comic

I am tired of meme. These tweets. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lies. Read More >>

Get Your First Look at Black Mirror’s Freaky Fourth Season Right Now

Oh man, is that a Star Trek parody/pastiche/homage? The next season of Black Mirror needs to get here ASAP. Read More >>

Report: WB Working on Joker and Harley Quinn Film By Creators of Crazy, Stupid, Love

Thought yesterday’s Joker-centric movie news was a huge surprise? Today’s newest development makes that look ho-hum: Warner Bros. is reportedly developing a Joker and Harley Quinn film, with Jared Leto and Margot Robbie coming back as Mr. J and Dr. Quinzel. Read More >>

The Tick Brilliantly Deconstructs Our Modern-Day Superhero Obsession

I thought I knew what to expect after seeing the pilot and, months later, the second episode of Amazon’s re-imagined Tick TV show. But, having now seen all six chapters of the series’ first season, the show still amazed me with how cleverly it cuts into the hyperdense muscle of superhero genre conventions. The Tick wields more than enough strength to wrestle your love into a big, sloppy hug. Read More >>

Newest Blade Runner Footage Shows Surprises in the Future

Those flying cars you wanted? They’re coming in 2049, with guns and missiles and drones. Too bad the world will have gone to hell by then... Read More >>

Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman Leaving AMC, Signs New TV Deal With Amazon

The Walking Dead has been a big money-making success at AMC, pulling in an impressive amount of viewers for the network. But Skybound—the entertainment company founded by The Walking Dead co-creator Robert Kirkman—just announced that Amazon will be the home of all their new TV content moving forward. Read More >>

Atomic Blonde is a Kick-Ass Super-Spy Movie That’s More Dramatic Than it Looks

In many ways, aspects of Atomic Blonde will be really familiar to fans of high-octane action movies. It invests a lot in ambitious set pieces and fight choreography, and features many predictable character archetypes. But it manages to tie together its Cold War setting and character arcs into a larger theme very, very well. Read More >>

Blade Runner 2049 Director Says Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott Are Still Arguing About What Deckard Is

Depending on what version of Blade Runner you’ve seen or preferred, it’s possible to make strong arguments that main character Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) is a human or an artificially created Replicant himself. It’s a question fans have debated since the movie came out in 1982—and it’s a debate the star and director are still having to this day. Read More >>

We Saw the Second Episode of The Tick and It’s Going to Be Your Favourite Superhero Show All Over Again

Folks who went to the Tick panel at Comic-Con 2017 got to hear creator Ben Edlund and the show’s cast and producers talk about the upcoming series. Attendees also got a big surprise: a screening of the second episode of the Big Blue Superguy’s Amazon series. Fellow citizens, it was freaking great. Read More >>

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New Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Shows More of the Dirty, Desperate Future

We just got a bunch of new footage from the hotly anticipated sequel to Ridley Scott’s dystopian scifi classic, courtesy of a brand new trailer. And Harrison Ford’s Deckard says something so potentially huge you’ll be reeling. Read More >>