Germany Refuses to Let Boeing’s 737 Max Fly Over it

Boeing's troubled 737 Max aeroplane has been troubling German air traffic officials this week, who refused to let one of the controversial planes fly over the country. Read More >>

Engineers OK Switching Our Gas Grid to Hydrogen

The Institution of Engineering and Technology has been tasked with investigating the possibility of eliminating natural gas from our heating and cooking systems, and yes, they say we could switch to hydrogen without having to dig up and replumb the nation, drastically reducing the UK's burnt-stuff output in time for 2050's net-zero carbon target date. Read More >>

SSE Closes its Last Coal Burning Generator

The bit of Warrington you see from the train may soon be up for demolition, as the town's Fiddler's Ferry coal-fired power station is to be closed by the end of next March. Read More >>

Successful Footballers Handed £3.5k Gold-Plated iPhones

The winning footballers of Liverpool, who we have been led to believe emerged victorious from one sporting campaign this season by defeating their rivals with numerous exciting goals, have been handed another form of celebratory trophy item to wave about as proof they're best – a gold-plated iPhone X. Read More >>

Experimental Hoses, Hydrogen Trains and Obviously Drones Win Next-Gen Rail Funding

Teams behind a basket of solutions to a variety of rail transport problems have been handed portions of a £7.8m innovation fund, with everything from new leaf-blowing methods to automated track inspection drone systems winning a slice of the governmental money. Read More >>

So-Called Sleeper Train Wakes Everyone up and Puts Them on Buses

The occasionally lovely slow train option between Scotland and London has had another nightmare, with the brand new trains on the overnight sleeper line breaking down and forcing all passengers to decant, in the middle of the night, on to replacement buses linking to extreme early morning commuter services from Crewe. Read More >>

Whirlpool Told to Recall 500,000 of its Tumble Dryers

The Whirlpool combustible tumble dryer scandal is about to come to a close, with the government stepping in to order the white goods manufacturer to recall all remaining unmodified machines. Read More >>

Chemists Promise Breakthrough in Crisp Packet Technology

The difficulties of recycling crisp packets with the metallised films the makers use to keep our sandwich accompaniments fresh could be over soon, thanks to scientists working on new methods of stopping our beloved salty potato products from going soggy. Read More >>

Coke and Costa Launch Cold Canned Coffee This Month

They have indeed gone and done it, with the first results of Coca-Cola's acquisition of the Costa Coffee chain hitting the UK later this month. It is three types of coffee in cans from... the... fridge. Read More >>

The Future is a Poundland Tracker on Every Important Lego Piece

A previously aspirational piece of branded technology has hit Poundland for the price of literally £1, with the TrackR Pixel promising to end the misery of near-range lost items with its Bluetooth connectivity. Read More >>

John Lewis Will Build Your Poshbox Kitchen Extension as Well as Sell the Taps

Retailer John Lewis is getting into home refurbs and the loft conversion scene, if there are any unconverted lofts left in the country, and is about to launch a full planning and building service for its enthusiast customers, who will soon be able to have their lofts converted and their kitchens extended and renewed through a one-stop renovation option. Read More >>

One Welsh Street is So Polluted The Council Wants to Destroy it

The residents of Woodside Terrace in Crumlin, South Wales, could soon have their homes compulsorily purchased off them, as the council tries to come up with a quick method of reducing exposure to pollution in the area. Read More >>

Scotland Builds Giant Super Battery

Scottish Power is about to corner a significant amount of the UK's lithium stocks, as it's preparing to build a huge battery rated to store up to 50 MW of power. Read More >>

Virgin Plans Indie Budget West Coast Train Line for 2021

Virgin Trains is trying to stop itself being kicked out of the UK's rail scene by next year, and has asked rail bosses if it might be allowed to run an independent, franchise-rivalling service all by itself. Read More >>

Bank of England Close to Endorsing the Four-Day Week

It's a fairly massive open secret that most office workers could perform their allocated weekly work tasks in just four days, often three, sometimes two and in extreme cases may power through an entire week of work on the one Friday afternoon, so let's at least think about when to switch the nation to a four-day week, says a Bank of England economist. Read More >>