Teesside Looks Like Winning the First e-Scooter Launch Battle

The mayor of the Tees Valley region is perhaps about to go down in history as the man who first introduced electric scooters to his people, and is expecting 100 of the newly-legal devices to hit the streets later this month. Read More >>

Grants of up to £10,000 Planned for Home Insulation Revolution

The government has set aside a seemingly rather large £2bn fund to pay for home energy efficiency measures to be rolled out across the nation, with the poorest homes able to qualify for as much as a £10,000 chunk to fund improvements. Read More >>

Boris Johnson Declares War on Underground Train Drivers and Demands a Driverless Future

The prime minister has fired a warning shot over the offices of Transport for London, threatening the London body's funding with a veto unless it agrees to speed up the transition of the Underground network to a driverless system. Read More >>

Tom Cruise Blags Exemption from UK Quarantine Rules

It will be a completely straightforward and routine mission for Tom Cruise to enter the UK soon, thanks to the government issuing a series of exemptions from quarantine rules for anyone able to convince authorities they're essential sports or film stars by gesturing at their faces while looking over the top of their sunglasses. Read More >>

Liverpool Drug Dealers Caught Running “Click & Collect” National Service

Those clever old drug dealers have come up with yet more new ways to shift product in these dark days, with Merseyside Police saying they've seen mules dressed up in Deliveroo rider cosplay in order to escape questioning as to why they're out and about, knocking on doors and accepting money. Read More >>

Wetherspoon Boosts Prices on UK’s Grand Pub Reopening Weekend

The Wetherspoon chain picked the date of July 4 for a series of price rises, with the entirely coincidental boost to the cost of everything it sells coinciding with the reopening of some of the nation's pubs to some of the nation's more unstoppable and won't-be-told drinkers. Read More >>

Potential Electric Truck Maker Plans UK Hydrogen Fuel Network

Electric transport startup Nikola -- you can see what it has done there and it's rather cringeworthy -- claims to be on the cusp of creating a hydrogen fuel network, and is saying it'll have an EU-wide network of 50 stations ready in time for the launch of some actual physical lorries by 2022 or so. Read More >>

Scots Attempt DIY Blockade of English Border

A group of what the Edinburgh Evening News describes as "Scottish nationalists" has attempted to tell the English they're not welcome in Scotland at the moment, as tensions over the differing handling of coronavirus restrictions north and south of the border spill over into the real world. Read More >>

Rail Industry Promises Longer Trains for Easier Social Distancing Upon Return

The rail industry sees you shitting yourself about going near a train again, and has preempted our national angst by introducing a Safer Travel Pledge to reassure everyone that standing armpit-to-armpit with others on the daily commuter run will be perfectly safe. Read More >>

Analogue Radio Given Another Decade Before Switchoff

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has decided it doesn't need to kill off analogue commercial radio just yet or even particularly soon, and will be issuing the major players with new 10-year licences to operate their FM and AM stations. Read More >>

UK Travel Quarantine Will End for 75 Countries, Leaks Suggest

The 14-day compulsory quarantine for arrivals in the UK is about to end, government sources claim, with a massive list of 75 or so countries about to be added to the safe list and exempted from any special rules. Read More >>

Next-Gen Windfarm Approved off Norfolk Coast

A massive chunk of additional renewable power will be joining the mix soon, thanks to the government approving the build of the 1.8GW Norfolk Vanguard project. That's an output not far away from the 2.4GW maximum offered by nuclear rival Hinkley Point C. Read More >>

UK Prime Minister Says England/Scotland Border Does Not Exist

Boris Johnson's transformation in a Trumpian figure of lies and ridicule continues apace, with the UK prime minister standing up in parliament yesterday and declaring that "There is no such thing as a border between England and Scotland." Read More >>

Charity for the Blind Not Keen on Looming e-Scooter Rental Legalisation

The sudden UK legalisation of electric scooters has found a surprising enemy in the form of the Royal National Institute of Blind People, which says it's shocked that the speed limit for the things has been set at 15.5mph. Read More >>

Essex Beaver Population Doubles Overnight

Two beavers that were reintroduced to an Essex wildlife hotspot and flood risk zone have shown off their babies to the media today, with the parents said to be doing well and thinking about names for the two kits. Read More >>