Scottish Island Has Electricity All Day Now

The internationally renowned knitwear hotbed that is Fair Isle is in the news today, and not because someone's bought a bespoke jumper for £200. It's because the island is finally luxuriating in an uninterrupted, 24-hour electricity supply. Read More >>

Two Pints of Baileys and a Packet of Brussels Sprouts Crisps, Please

Walkers is about to launch three new types of crisp packet that will eventually end up preserved at the bottom of the Mariana Trench for millennia, and one of them will divide the country like never before. There will soon be a Brussels. Sprout. Flavour. Crisp. Packet. Containing Brussels. Sprout. Flavour. Crisps. Read More >>

Four-Inch Pizzas Might be the Future’s Grim Healthy-Eating Norm

Public Health England may be about to trigger food rioting in the streets, as it's revealed that it's had discussion with the food industry about limiting calorie counts in some servings. The ambition is a 20 per cent reduction in calorie load in some of the most fat-carrying danger foods by the year 2024, and they're doing it for the kids apparently. Read More >>

NHS Doctors Can Prescribe Cannabis Products From November

A really tiny good thing has happened. In 2018. Seriously. After the heartbreaking cases of Billy Caldwell and Alfie Dingley – boys whose epilepsy would only calm down when treated with cannabis oil – hit the headlines, special measures were introduced to make their cannabis products available on a case by case basis. That's now about to change again, with the NHS able to widely prescribe cannabis-derived medicines from November 1. Read More >>

Danger Chilli Levels Expected in New Crisps Range

Cute and traditional crisps maker Seabrook has decided it's time to go dark and menacing on us, with the launch of three varieties of ultra-hot crisp designed to test the nation's newfound love of extremely hot foods. Read More >>

Cars Win £6bn in Government Support as New Thames Tunnel is Revealed

The English bit of the government's transport division has revealed altered plans for a new tunnel under the Thames, with the refreshed Lower Thames Crossing putting a 16 metre hole under the river to make life easier for the south-east corner's automobile leaseholders to drive about. The catch? They'll probably have to pay to use it. At least there'll probably be an app when it's ready in about 2025. Read More >>

Morrisons Humours Curry Moaners With New Hottest Supermarket Dish

Morrisons is looking to win the hearts, minds, and desensitised tongues of the serious curry eaters across the nation, as it's launched a new ready-made curry described as the flaming fiery phaal – an eight-chilli-rated threat to your throat containing a variety of scorpion chilli. Read More >>

There’s a Sushi You Can Have for Pudding Now

Today's weird foodstuff news is brought to you in association with Yo! Sushi, which has decided that what it really needs to appeal to people beyond its usual customer demographic is things that won't be immediately dismissed as containing raw fish. Like, for example, a chocolate type of sushi, that has definitely not got any fish in it whatsoever, and isn't even produced in a factory that also processes fish. It is only chocolate. That'll get them in from the pubs and Burger Kings. Read More >>

There’s a £110 Doctor Who Jumper Now it’s Popular Again

Doctor Who fans who shop in Selfridges is a pretty small niche, but that is the group of perhaps as many as 12 people about to be targeted by fashion duo Fyodor Golan, who have been granted the awesome power of an official BBC license to create very expensive fashion items for the adult Who enthusiast. Read More >>

Nissan Told to be Clearer About Leaf Charging Times

Nissan has got into some retrospective trouble about the way it promoted its second generation Leaf EV, with complaints lodged with the advertising police about various charging claims upheld. Read More >>

Branson’s Training up for a Virgin Galactic Trip Within Months

The man who used to be the world's most popular cross-disciplinary businessman and self-publicist until Elon Musk came along is preparing to fire himself into space to regain his self-love crown, as Richard Branson says his Virgin Galactic enterprise is mere weeks away from hitting space -- and he's putting himself atop the list of passengers. Read More >>

Tesco Scientists Can Tell if You’re Only Pretending to be a Foodie

Tesco is doing something weird to promote its Finest range of supposedly tastier and more aesthetically shaped and packaged foodstuffs, teaming up with arthouse foodies Bompas & Parr to build an edible exhibition. Madder still, everyone's going to pretend that brain scans can tell what foods you really like and can be used to build your very own personal taste portfolio. Read More >>

HS2 Reveals Designs for Birmingham’s Rebuilt Curzon Street

The remnants of Birmingham's once mighty Curzon Street station are being reconnected to the nation by HS2, and the rail planners and their architects have revealed what it'll all look like, should HS2 seriously actually happen for real. Read More >>

Maggots Spotted in McDonald’s Ketchup Dispenser

Maybe little single use plastic sachets are not such a bad idea after all, because the environmentally friendly alternative offered to a little plastic wrap of ketchup in one UK branch of McDonald's is... squirting your sauce out through a maggot-infested pipe. Read More >>

Tesco Will Leave it to You to Decide if That Carrot Can be Salvaged

Tesco has decided we are all grown up enough to be trusted with something, and is about to remove the "best before" dates from a wide range of the fruit and veg it sells; with the ambition of further reducing food waste. Read More >>