Princess Diana’s Lionel Richie Cassette Tapes go on Public Display

Buckingham Palace is opening its doors to the public tomorrow, as the annual Royal Collection show gets underway. The Queen's using her stand in a bit of the room to show off some of the presents she's been given from overseas visitors, while a separate area in the palace's Music Room concentrates on artifacts left from the time of Princess Diana. Read More >>

Airpaq, the Upcycled Car Seatbelt and Airbag Rucksack

Of the thousands of quirky rucksacks to have appeared on Kickstarter in the last 48 hours, this one has the most potential to bestow an aura of interestingness onto its wearer. It's made from seatbelts and old car airbags, and who wouldn't want to close a rucksack with a satisfying clunk-click? Read More >>

Scotland Will Have a Polymer £10 in September too

Scotland's Clydesdale Bank, one of several Scottish banks that issues its own brand of bank note, is about to join the rush to make the tenner plastic. It'll launch its polymer £10 on September 21, just in time for baffled English tourists to take one home and have an argument in a Hemel Hempstead Tesco garage about if they're legal tender in England or not. Read More >>

Bouncing Bomb Dredged up After 70 Years

One of the original bouncing bombs created by the team of Sir Barnes Wallis has been recovered, 70 years after it sank to the bottom of a Scottish loch during testing. Read More >>

TSB and Samsung Launch Iris-Scanning Account Logins

The subset of UK civilians that own a Samsung Galaxy 8 and have a TSB bank account are going to have a fun toy to play with this September, as the bank and the phone maker are teaming up to allow iris identification to access their account details. Read More >>

Next-Gen Nissan Leaf Has a Bumper Car Style Stop/Go Superpedal

The next version of the Nissan Leaf is going to come with quite a fancy innovation in the form of its e-Pedal option -- an all-in-one power and braking control that Nissan says should be good for 90 per cent of your driving day. Read More >>

Oyster Card App Gets Top-Ups on Quicker

London's old contactless Oyster card technology has had its back ends tidied up, with a number of changes making it easier and faster to buy and add tickets to the system. Read More >>

Mercedes Recall Wants 3m Diesel Cars Back for an OS Update

The software handling the emissions of Mercedes cars needs a tweak, they say, so 3m of the cars sold across Europe need to go back to the garage to have someone plug something in, swear a few times, glance at a calendar of a lady, and refresh the cars' software. Read More >>

Poseidon* Declares Cod is OK to Eat Again

The panic about running out of cod is over, apparently, with the Marine Stewardship Council saying it's OK to have the nice old classic fish shop fish again instead of one of the weird soggy ones on the menu no one even really knows how to pronounce. Read More >>

BBC Pay Data Shows One Graham Norton = Four Clare Baldings

Today's the day the BBC reveals the salaries of its top talent, with the broadcaster and its presenting stars preparing to be shamed by the amount its top stars receive. Read More >>

Jane Austen £2 Coin Gazumps Polymer £10

Jane Austen is about to be the star of the forthcoming polymer English £10 note (to be revealed in its final form today), but she's also got another bit of money coming to her. She's the star of a new special edition £2 coin as well, and this one's going to beat the tenner to your pockets by quite a margin. Read More >>

Train Punctuality to be Measured by the Minute

Train punctuality stats will soon be measured by the minute, binning the current system where trains are said to have arrived on time if they're at their destinations within five or ten minutes of the scheduled time. Read More >>

Etiquette Expert Says Don’t Give Your Seat up for Children

Debrett's, a sort of informal posh people rules police, has come out with some advice that exonerates millions of businessmen staring into their current year Samsung phones and refusing to budge from their seats. It says it's OK not to give up a seat on train to a child. Read More >>

Dads Not Understanding the Washing Machine Adverts BANNED

The Advertising Standard Authority is happy that it's done enough to kick sexism aimed at women out of advertising, so now it's got another target in its sights -- the incompetent father figure struggling to multitask because mum's been out of the house for 40 minutes and dinner's burning. Read More >>

£2m up for Grabs in Government’s Anti-Terror Hackathon

The three-word brief summarising the government's new anti-terror competition is that it wants your methods of "improving crowd resilience" by whatever means necessary, as it looks to add yet more Orwellian colour to today's society by monitoring people and attempting to pinpoint potential troublemakers and neutralise them. Read More >>