UK Rail Line Electrified With Direct Solar Power

A small part of the national rail infrastructure near Aldershot is running on solar energy, provided not through grid arbitration and offsetting, but directly sourced from a trackside installation of panels that cut out the electricity grid entirely. It's the first step towards running trains on electricity generated specifically for the job. Read More >>

Monopoly Kingpin Hasbro Buys the Peppa Pig Farm

The dreamers-up of the Peppa Pig phenomenon have cashed out in glorious style, taking home the bacon equivalent of £3.3bn for rights-owning company Entertainment One. Read More >>

Scottish Sea Eagles Rehomed on the South Coast

A few descendants of the Norwegian sea eagles reintroduced to Scotland in the 1970s are about to be rehoused 500 miles or so further south, as a plan to repopulate the south coast of England with the massive white-tailed raptors has seen the first six birds released to find new homes on and around the Isle of Wight. Read More >>

Two Arrested for Stealing Irish Waxwork Heads

Two people are about to have one of the weirdest court appearances in recent memory, as they were apprehended leaving Dublin's Wax Museum with three unofficial souvenirs – entire life size wax heads torn off exhibits. Read More >>

Facebook is Taking Over UK Cafes to Offer Privacy Masterclasses

The world's premiere invader of privacy and taker of informational liberties is rather audaciously planning an attack on the moral high ground, with Facebook taking over five established indie coffee houses in the UK to launch a series of "Facebook Cafes" offering free advice on how to protect your privacy. Read More >>

Climate Change Will at Least Bring Interesting Trees for the Cockroaches to Shelter Beneath

There's good news about climate change out there today, if you squint a bit and try not to think about it on more than one level, as botanists are reporting that an unusual plant is really enjoying our warmer weather. Read More >>

Channel 4 Televises Tag

Channel 4 has said it intends to bring "the thrill" of popular childhood game tag to our TV screens this summer, as it's signed a deal with the organiser of the World Chase Tag Championships to televise highlights of its 2019 tournament. Read More >>

Mini Quake Gives Lancashire Frackers the Day Off Again

The pumps of Cuadrilla that sit atop its Lancashire fracking testbed have been switched off again, thanks to the ground activity triggering the largest seismic event yet last night. Read More >>

Morrisons Tests 30p Plastic Bag Price Rise

Morrisons is about to enrage the people who get enraged about plastic bags so much that they have to breathe into one for a while to calm down, with a trial in some stores seeing the cost of a disposable carrier upped to 30p. That'll surely make it one of the chain's most profitable items. Influencers will want to be seen with the aspirational shopping transport solution. Read More >>

HS2 Could Yet be Cancelled as Government Launches Full Review

The government is about to embark on some serious pretending-to-listen, as it's launched a full inquiry into the plan for HS2 – even going so far as to ask whether the rail line should be built at all. Even though plenty of stuff's already been started so we'll look pretty silly if it's all binned off now. Read More >>

Auto Trader “Tests” Car Vending Machine

This, Auto Trader would like us to pretend, is how the cars of the future may be sold: straight out of the container on your debit card, with no pressure sales from a man called Steve or the need to make it look like you understand what a good and perfectly functional engine is supposed to look like. Read More >>

National Grid Tries to Blame God/Lightning for Mass Power Cut

An initial report into the cause of the enormous power cut that stranded commuters and inconvenienced the tea-making arrangements of home workers on August 8 has been released, with National Grid trying to ease blame away from itself and get a rogue lightning strike in trouble instead. Read More >>

Homemade Car/Motorbike Hybrid Caught on Motorway

Some sort of homemade motorised vehicle was caught trundling down a motorway by police in Bedfordshire, who clearly thought they'd have to turf the owner out and make him or her get a taxi home while the recovery team came out to tow the weird creation to a nearby dump. But no, this amazing and seemingly taped together vehicle was deemed roadworthy and allowed to continue, bread flapping in the wind and all. Read More >>

Welsh Council’s Anti-Sex Toilet Declared a Mistake

The bizarre plan to take toilet sex off the menu from a holiday in Porthcawl is over, as the town council has said that a scheme to install onerous security measures within a new public toilet building were somehow attached to the planning documentation in error. The toilets will be normal toilets and you will be able to spend longer than usual in a cubicle with a German motorcycle tourist should you arrange to do so via a mobile phone app. Read More >>

Model Railway Vandals Basically Get the Naughty Step For a Year

The perpetrators of one of the UK's worst rail tragedies (model) in recent years have had their day in court, with the judge doing little more than grassing the vandalous teens up to their parents and forcing them to attend some meetings to hear about how bad they have been and to make various promises about it not happening again. Read More >>