star wars
Pressure Cookers Get a Star Wars Makeover

As a franchise, Star Wars has been a pioneer of the merchandising business since its inception, so it's far too late now to complain about retailers shamelessly cashing in on the films. Which is a good thing, as these Star Wars-themed pressure cookers are weird as fuck. Read More >>

Lego Sent a Lego Space Station Into the Stratosphere

Lego has been making space-themed sets for 40 years. To mark the occasion, some lazy executive in their marketing department put the words "Lego", "space" and "set" on a whiteboard, drew a circle around them and hit upon the bright idea of sending a Lego space station set into space. Genius. Read More >>

giz uk
Google Slashes the Price on the Pixel 3a and 3a XL

It's Thursday, which of course means many retailers have already launched their Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, because time is an illusion and sales times doubly so. Read More >>

giz uk
BT Revamps Speech-to-Text Call Service for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired

Unless you're an estate agent or a prick who loves the sound of their own voice, nobody enjoys phone calls with strangers. Unfortunately, banks, GP surgeries, dickheads in shiny suits and restaurants that refuse to register with OpenTable still insist we call them – and speaking to somebody remotely whose voice we aren't familiar with and whose lips we cannot read is an especially daunting chore for those with full or partial hearing loss. Read More >>

A Drinking Game is the Only Sane Way to Try and Get Through Trump’s Impeachment Hearings

The first public hearings in the Trump impeachment inquiry begin today and they promise to be, if not explosive, then certainly mildly flammable, with Democrats and Republicans lining up on either side to tear a new dayglo-orange arsehole for or defend the US president to their dying breath. It’s bound to get ugly, and not only because most members of the US Congress look like they’ve just smelt a leak in their colostomy bag, so anyone tuning in would be forgiven for thinking inebriation will be the only way to make it through without throwing their TV/laptop/tablet/phone down the deepest hole they can find. Read More >>

WhatsApp Update Drains OnePlus Batteries

OnePlus users beware: WhatsApp will (probably) drain your battery. Read More >>

TalkTalk Thinks it’s Black Friday Already, and Has Discounted the Internet (Again)

That most unnecessary yet generous of sales seasons, Black Friday, might not be until 29th November, a good two and a half weeks away, but that hasn't stopped TalkTalk from unveiling its deals. Read More >>

Google Limits the Pixel 4’s Brightness to Extend its Battery Life

Since its launch last month, Google's latest flagship, the Pixel 4, early adopters haven't been shy about highlighting its issues, including face unlock that works even when the user is dead, the deliberately throttled 90Hz refresh rate and a possible bending snafu. Giz UK editor Tom Pritchard has a great rundown of these and other concerns in his comprehensive overview of where the Pixel 4 falls short. Read More >>

Black Friday
Lego Unveils One of its Black Friday 2019 Promos

It's no secret we're fans of both Lego and Black Friday here at Giz UK, so when the two come together we break out the party hats and put the champagne on ice. Last year, it saw Lego knocking 20 per cent off many of its best sets and Smyths taking £100 off the Lego Millennium Falcon. Read More >>

giz uk
Uber’s Temporary TfL Licence Infuriates London’s Black-Cab Drivers

More details have emerged on the conditions Transport to London attached in September to Uber's two-month licence to operate in the capital and black-cab drivers aren't happy. Although to be fair, they won't be happy until we're all paying £10 for the privilege of travelling half a mile. Read More >>

Apple TV+ is Available Now With a 7-Day Free Trial

The long-awaited Apple TV+ is finally here and you can grab it for a seven-day trial absolutely free. Read More >>

Uber and Audible Collaborate to Offer Free Short Audiobooks

Audible and Uber have teamed up to give you the perfect excuse not to talk to your driver. Read More >>

UK Decision on Huawei’s 5G Role Won’t Come Until After the General Election

Stop all the clocks, cut off the 5G phone, prevent Huawei from spying with a new postpone(ment). Read More >>

Black Friday
Get a Free Echo Dot with Tile Trackers Before Black Friday

With the Christmas-buying season kicking off officially with Black Friday at the end of next month, Amazon is offering a preview of the wallet-friendly deals that can be expected by slashing the price on one of its smart home device bundles. For a limited time, you can pick up a four-pack of Tile Stickers with a 3rd generation Echo Dot for £54.99, saving £34.99 (i.e. the current cost of the Dot) on the normal price. The online retail giant is also offering an Echo Dot with a four-pack of the Tile Mate and Slim Trackers for £69.99 (nice). Read More >>

Huawei Mate X Gets a Successor Before It’s Even On Sale

Fresh off confirming the Huawei Mate X is finally being released next month (but only in China), the company has announced its successor to the foldable smartphone, the creatively named Mate Xs, is coming. Read More >>