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Uber-rival Bolt Goes Large in London

Uber hasn't had a great time of it in London recently, with Transport for London in September granting the taxi app a measly two-month licence to continue operating in the capital. So the company's probably not going to be best pleased that ride-hailing app Bolt has today introduced an XL category to cater for large families and bigger groups. Read More >>

Boris Johnson Wants to Force People to Show ID Before Voting

In what future generations might hold up as the unsurpassable paradigm of "using a sledgehammer to crack a nut", the British government is expected to announce plans to force voters to show identity papers at polling stations before casting their ballot in order to "safeguard against electoral fraud." Read More >>

Pixel 4 Key Specs Leak Ahead of Official Launch Tomorrow

Another day, another dawn. The sun rises, the cock crows and more details leak on the Google Pixel 4. Where previous civilisations used such unsophisticated methods as flowing water, running sands and swinging pendulums to measure the passage of time, today we do so far more accurately by recording the seepage of information from Google. Read More >>

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Ofcom Confirm Scousers Love a Chinwag

The people of Liverpool spend more time talking on their mobile than those in other major British cities. Read More >>

Google Might Soon Let Huawei Use its Services Again

Google apps and the Play store might soon be returning to Huawei devices, according to a report from the New York Times. Read More >>

Bank of England Sets Rules For Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency

Facebook's cryptocurrency-powered global payment network, Libra, hasn't exactly won much support among government regulators on either side of the Atlantic since it was formally announced back in June. In the US, the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, House and Senate banking committee have all expressed varying degrees of concern, as has US president (ugh) Donald Trump, while the UK's Financial Conduct Authority, the European Commission and an international group of privacy regulators have also expressed scepticism and France has even vowed to block the scheme in Europe. Read More >>

BT Launches 5G Services in the UK

This morning BT Mobile became the fourth mobile provider to launch 5G services in the UK, rolling it out to the usual suspects, London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and Manchester, as well as 14 other cities and large towns, including Coventry, Leicester and Bristol. Read More >>

Google Reportedly Planning 5G Pixel Phone

Google's been leaking like a colander ahead of the unveiling of its Pixel 4 smartphone, with dozens of photosthe price and specs all out there before the official announcement on 15th October, but this latest rumour proves there's still scope for more. Read More >>

Bog Roll Might Run Out After a No-Deal Brexit

An entire nation faces being left with its pants round its ankles and one hand out the door, yelling for the delivery of some kind of soft, strong and thoroughly absorbent salvation, if no-deal Brexit goes ahead at the end of this month. Read More >>

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Trump Refuses to Pay Windfarm Legal Bill

US president Donald J. Trump (yes, coma patients who've just woken up, really) isn't a man known for law abidance or a sense of propriety, but you'd think he'd have the good sense to at least pay his legal bills. Read More >>

Wetherspoon’s Adds Fake Meat Vegan Burger to its Menu

Everyone's favourite pub-of-last-resort has hopped on the meat-like vegan burger bandwagon and added its own version to their menu. Read More >>

Fraudsters Making False Thomas Cook Refund Claims

As if the Thomas Cook refund process wasn't stressful enough, with the website crashing on its first day, the Civil Aviation Authority has announced they suspect they are being targeted with fraudulent refund claims. Read More >>

Lego Makes it Easier to Donate Old Bricks to Charity

It's no secret we love Lego here at Giz UK. You can build voice-controlled robots with them, recreate your favourite scenes from Star Wars and even make your own custom minifigure. But one thing you can't do, because of the type of plastic they are made from, is recycle them easily. Read More >>

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Gymbox Launches Climate Change and/or Zombie Apocalypse Training

If the Extinction Rebellion protests have got you worrying about how you'll cope when/if a climate emergency hits, then London-based fitness provider Gymbox is raring to get you ready with what they claim is the first gym class that will prepare you for the end of the world. Read More >>