What Has the BBC Ever Done for Tech?

The Conservative Party is chock-a-block with free market fanboys who would like nothing more than to raze the BBC (that’s British Broadcasting Corporation, you filthy-minded beasts) to the ground. So it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that since their general election victory last year, the Tories have come out with proposals to strangle Auntie to death by either decriminalising the licence fee or scrapping it all together and replacing it with a subscription model. MP Julian Knight, the new Conservative chair of the digital, culture, media and sport select committee, has also admitted to being a Beeb-basher and talked about his support for “licence fee reform” (i.e. subscriptions). Read More >>

Netflix Can’t Count to Four (and We’ve Got the Receipts) 

It feels like Netflix is an established media heavyweight these days, the kind of TV and film industry giant that makes watercooler shows, big budget fantasy series with famous actors, reliably garners awards nominations with its prestige projects and throws money at Adam Sandler so he can make absolute turkeys, but the streaming service only debuted its own TV shows and movies seven years ago, with the premiere of Netflix Original House of Cards on 1st February 2013, an innocent time when we didn’t all think Kevin Spacey was an absolute monster. Read More >>

PIN Codes are Uber’s Latest Attempt to Convince Us Our Driver isn’t a Murderer

Beleaguered, cash-torching ride-hailing firm Uber has unveiled its latest probably-not-good-enough wheeze designed to shed its terrible reputation for passenger safety. Read More >>

CES 2020: This Self-Heating Lunchbox Promises to End the Queue for the Office Microwave

Most of us have two options if we want a hot lunch during the working week: a trip to the nearest Pret, Costa or KFC or joining the tedious wait to use the office microwave. Both eat into the precious hour we have to ourselves in the middle of the day. This smart self-heating lunchbox is designed to end all that and deliver you the warm lunch of your choosing, exactly when you want it. Read More >>

Percy Pig Sauce is a Thing Now

While it might sound like a niche fetish you'd find in the darkest corners of an adult interests website, Percy Pig sauce is in fact Marks & Spencer's latest attempt to capitalise on the popularity of their best-selling pig-shaped gummy sweets. Read More >>

CES 2020: Cat Updates its Budget Rugged Smartphone

If you're the kind of person walking around with a cracked phone screen and your personal brand is "builder chic," then the Cat S32 might be the mobile for you. Read More >>

Facebook Cracks Down on Deepfakes – Sort Of

Facebook has announced it is banning misleadingly manipulated videos - i.e. deepfakes - although, because it's Facebook, it's not banning all of them and people are pissed off at the exceptions. Read More >>

BrewDog Launches its First Alcohol-Free Bar

If you over-indulged on booze during the festive season and, amid that terrible hangover, committed to giving drinking a rest for Dry January, BrewDog is still eager for your custom. The craft brewer has opened its first alcohol-free bar, offering all the taste of alcohol with none of the brain-altering side effects. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S11 Might Have a 120Hz Display

Screens are about to get a whole lot smoother if you're a Samsung Galaxy smartphone user, with SamMobile reporting that the next iteration of the flagship device will feature a screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. Read More >>

Apple’s iPhone XR Won’t Play Nice With O2

If you're an iPhone XR user on O2 and your connection has been squiffy lately, it's not just you: Apple and O2 have confirmed the smartphone isn't working properly on Britain's second most popular mobile network. Read More >>

ces 2020
CES 2020: Charmin Wants You to Shit Better

It's not just tech giants who have wares to showcase at CES 2020: US bog roll manufacturer Charmin has got in on the action too, demonstrating three frankly ridiculous conceptual prototypes designed to give you a superior shitting experience. Or, if you're Rob Reinerman, the company's brand director, "bring people a better bathroom experience." Read More >>

Burger King UK Launches Plant-Based Whopper, But Vegans and Vegetarians Can’t Eat It

Veganuary. It's a thing now. And it means every January food chains jump on the bandwagon to offer their own meat-free spin on their most popular mouth fillers. This year we've already had KFC, AldiSubway and Greggs unveiling veggie products that promise to be just as good as the animal-derived option and now Burger King are getting in on the action with their plant-based Rebel Whopper. Read More >>

google pixel
There Might Not Be a Pixel 4a XL, Folks

Bad news if you were holding out for the Pixel 4a range to bring you a large-screen smartphone at an affordable(ish) price: Google won't be offering an XL version of its mid-range handset. Read More >>

Samsung is Unveiling the Galaxy S11 on 11th February

It's been almost a year since Samsung launched the S10 range of their flagship Galaxy smartphone, meaning it's about time for the Korean tech behemoth to unveil the next generation of handheld, big-screened eye candy we'll all be buying/coveting (delete according to bank statement). And the company has obliged by setting 11th February as the date for Samsung Unpacked, where it will showcase what might be called the Galaxy S11 to the world. Read More >>

A History of Digital Resurrection in the Cinema

Carrie Fisher’s untimely death in December 2016 created a tragic dilemma for the makers of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. She had already completed work on The Last Jedi, released a year with a touching dedication to her in the credits, but she was due to play General Leia one last time, in the concluding part of what Disney are now dubbing the Skywalker saga. Read More >>