SpaceX Starship Prototype Collapses in Third Failed Test

Space is hard. We now have another reminder of this sad fact, as a prototype of SpaceX’s next-gen rocket collapsed in on itself during tests this morning, in what is now the third incident of its kind for the Starship program. Read More >>

New Research Exposes Horrific Conditions at Britain’s Forgotten Nazi Concentration Camp

An archaeological survey of a former Nazi concentration camp on the island of Alderney has revealed the frightful conditions endured by forced labourers and political prisoners during the Second World War. Read More >>

SpaceX Rival OneWeb Files for Bankruptcy, Citing Covid-19 as a Factor

Telecommunications firm OneWeb has filed for bankruptcy, leaving the status of its orbital internet constellation, which currently consists of 74 satellites, in doubt. The debt-stricken company said it failed to secure required funding on account of the covid-19 pandemic. Read More >>

Neanderthals Enjoyed Seafood, Too, New Evidence Suggests

Neanderthals living in Portugal during the last ice age consumed copious amounts of seafood, according to new archaeological evidence. The discovery suggests Neanderthals, like our modern human ancestors, made the most of marine resources. Read More >>

Ferocious Raptor Discovered in New Mexico Was a Speedy Hunter

As the Jurassic Park films made abundantly clear, raptors were not to be trifled with, owing to their medium build, speed and agility. A newly discovered raptor from New Mexico is further reinforcing our perceptions of these extinct predators. Read More >>

A Newly Discovered Microbe Feasts on a Particularly Problematic Plastic

Like other forms of discarded plastic, polyurethane waste threatens the environment and human health. In an encouraging new development, European scientists have stumbled upon a hardy strain of bacteria that appears to thrive off the stuff. Read More >>

Hundreds of Bottles of Toxic Beer Found Hidden Beneath Victorian-Era Staircase

Archaeologists in Leeds discovered more than 600 beer bottles at the site of an old Victorian brewery. Stacked neatly beneath a cellar staircase, the beer inside these 19th-century bottles contains dangerous concentrations of lead. Read More >>

Glowing Deep-Sea Squid Have a Complex Form of Communication, New Evidence Suggests

New research could finally explain how highly social deep-sea squid, with their glowing bodies and bioluminescent flashes, are able to coordinate their actions despite living in near-total blackness. Read More >>

Snake Venom Didn’t Evolve for Self-Defence, New Study Finds

Snakes use their venom for both offensive and defensive purposes, but new research suggests this ability initially appeared as a strategy for attacking prey, not for self-defence. Read More >>

Ancient Mercury Had the Right Stuff For Life, Surprising New Research Suggests

Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun, is one of the last places we think about when considering the potential for life in the solar system. New research suggests the planet’s interior once contained the basic ingredients for life, a finding that could change the way we view this toasty, tortured planet. Read More >>

NASA’s New View of Asteroid Bennu Transports Us Far Away From Our Troubles

To prepare for OSIRIS-REx’s pending touchdown onto the surface of Bennu, NASA used the spacecraft to photograph every nook and cranny of the weirdly shaped asteroid. The purpose of this exercise was to catalogue potentially hazardous geological features, but a side benefit is that we have a gorgeous new view of the asteroid’s tortured surface. Read More >>

Can Drugs for Malaria, HIV, and Ebola Treat Covid-19? New WHO Trial Aims to Find Out

The World Health Organization is launching a multinational clinical trial in which four existing drugs will be used to treat patients with covid-19. The project currently includes 10 countries and will potentially involve thousands of patients currently battling the coronavirus-caused disease. Read More >>

China Gives Half-Arsed Apology for Reprimanding Whistleblower Doctor Killed by Covid-19

A Chinese doctor who was reprimanded for warning of the novel coronavirus during the early days of the epidemic has been exonerated, in a report prepared by Chinese government investigators. Unsurprisingly, the report does not go far enough in identifying those responsible for this atrocious and mind-bendingly irresponsible incident. Read More >>

Covid-19 Means NASA’s Moon Mission Might Have to Wait

Effective immediately, NASA is halting the production and testing of its next-gen rocket and crew module in response to the covid-19 pandemic. The space agency wants to use both pieces of hardware in 2024, when it hopes to send American astronauts to the Moon – a target date that now appears to be in serious jeopardy. Read More >>

Study: Soot From Massive Wildfires Led to Dino-Killing Mass Extinction

When a gigantic asteroid struck the Earth some 66 million years ago, it triggered an “impact winter” that extinguished over 75 per cent of all species on Earth. New research suggests it was the resulting low light, and not frigid temperatures, that drove this horrific mass extinction. Read More >>