Zombieland: Double Tap Is Exactly the Film You Think It Is

When Zombieland opened in 2009 it felt fresh. The meta, comedy spin on the zombie genre kicked several tried and true formulas in the pants and the film went on to be a huge success. Ten years later, Zombieland: Double Tap does all the same things the original did. And that’s pretty much it. The result is a suitably entertaining follow-up that’s fun but forgettable. Read More >>

The Writers of Deadpool Are Thinking About His Next Movie a Lot

Thanks to his first two films, Deadpool already has a pretty wide-open world to play in. With Disney’s purchase of Fox, that world, hypothetically, is about to get a lot bigger. Read More >>

Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard Is Scary AF in the Trailer for Gothic Horror Tale The Turning

The Turning, as you’re about to find out, is about a mysterious haunted house. And yet all the ghosts and jump scares combined don’t come close to the straight creepiness Stranger Things and It star Finn Wolfhard exhibits in this trailer. Read More >>

CGI Will Smith Has More Life in Him Than Gemini Man

Will Smith is a huge movie star in part because of his infectious charisma. He’s a great actor, too, but it was his charm and personality that aided him in becoming one of the biggest stars on the planet. Gemini Man, the latest film from Oscar-winning director Ang Lee, has not one but two Wills and neither has any of that presence. Instead of double the Wills making the movie double the fun, it’s almost like they cancel each other out, resulting in a complete zero. Read More >>

James Wan Will Attempt to Breathe Life Into Dylan Dog

Few names in horror inspire more confidence than James Wan. Saw, Insidious, The Conjuring, the man has done it all. So, when any news breaks that Wan and his company are going to produce a new version of a classic comic book, fans have a right to be excited. Dylan Dog fans, we’re talking to you. Read More >>

The Latest Zombieland: Double Tap Trailer Pokes Fun at How Long It Took to Get Made

When Zombieland: Double Tap opens in cinemas later this month, it’ll be a decade since the original was released. That’s not an unheard-of amount of time between original and sequel, but for a goofy horror comedy like Zombieland, it certainly feels that way. And it seems like the movie is well aware of that. Read More >>

Joaquin Phoenix Seems Open-Minded About a Joker Sequel

Joaquin Phoenix has never done a sequel. And though his latest movie, Joker, is set in an expansive comic book world, the idea of a second film always seemed unlikely. That just wasn’t the way it was constructedJoker is a character piece. A provocative, standalone ode to ‘70s cinema. But then this weekend happened. Read More >>

The Filmmaker Behind How to Train Your Dragon Will Venture to Treasure Island

If there’s one thing we know for a fact that filmmaker Dean DeBlois can do, it’s bring sweeping adventures on land, air, and sea to life on the screen – and that’s what he’ll soon try to do with a literary classic. Read More >>

John Wick’s Writer Will Next Tackle the Fantasy Series A Darker Shade of Magic

After creating his own wild world of assassins and gunfights, Derek Kolstad will next adapt another writer’s magical multiverse. Read More >>

An Inspector Gadget Reboot Is in the Works From Disney and a Pair of SNL Writers

Go-go-Gadget remake! Disney is working on a new live-action version of the popular 1980s cartoon Inspector Gadget, with Aladdin producers Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich on board along with Saturday Night Live writers Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell, who’ll tackle the script. Read More >>

star wars
The Third Time Was the Charm for Star Wars Triple Force Friday

Every few years, Star Wars has its own toy holiday. It’s a day for fans to buy merchandise for a movie they haven’t seen yet – and a day collectors prepare for like it was a final exam. I’m talking, of course, about Force Friday, when Disney releases the first wave of merchandise for its next Star Wars movie. Read More >>

In the Creepy Trailer for Eli, a Mysterious Illness Is Way Less Scary Than What Happens Next

Eli is not doing well. He’s got a mysterious disease that necessitates he stay in a bubble, and when his parents find a hospital that allows him to be out of the bubble, the place is haunted and his doctors may be trying to kill him. So yeah, things are not going great for Eli. Read More >>

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The New His Dark Materials Trailer Is Jaw-Droppingly Epic

We can’t quite say that His Dark Materials is going to be HBO’s next Game of Thrones, but the latest trailer...kind of makes it feel like it could be HBO’s next Game of Thrones. To put it another way, things just got much, much bigger. Read More >>

Joker is Powerful, Confused and Provocative, Just Like the Character

If Joker wasn’t called 'Joker' you’d never know it was a DC movie. Though there are characters with the last name 'Wayne' and it takes place in a city called 'Gotham', there’s little else that distinguishes Todd Phillips’ latest film as a comic book movie. It’s a solid, well-made film that, ultimately, has a bit of an identity crisis. Read More >>

Tom Holland Reportedly Helped the Spider-Man Truce Come to Fruition

Spider-Man is known for saving the world – but this time, he saved himself. Read More >>