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E.T. and the Real, Grown-Up Elliott Reunite… in an Advert?

We bet you didn’t expect to see an official E.T. sequel today – but that’s kind of what’s happened, just in a slightly unconventional, very commercial way. Read More >>

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Don’t Get Too Excited About the First Baby Yoda Merch

The best way to ensure that the secrets of a popular project remain secrets is not to have any merchandise. Many times, merch leaks are how fans find out specific characters or plot points. So, in the case of The Mandalorian, no merch was created that revealed the show’s big secret: Baby Yoda, aka the Child. Read More >>

There’s an Invisible Woman Movie in the Works, But It’s Not Sue Storm

As Universal Pictures continues to diversify and surprise with its upcoming slate of monster movies, Elizabeth Banks is stepping into the mix. Read More >>

The New Funko Hollywood Is an Essential Pop Culture Destination

We love Funko Pops. We write about them. We buy them. We’ve talked about them being decimated. We’ve even made a pilgrimage to Funko Headquarters in the US city of Everett, Washington to visit the flagship store. That place is incredibly epic, as it should be, but it doesn’t come close to touching the toy company’s new store in Hollywood, California. Read More >>

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This Important Last Jedi Meet Up Happened Thanks to Colin Trevorrow

Fans swooned when Poe Dameron introduced himself to Rey at the end of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and now we know who they have to thank for that: Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow. Read More >>

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Star Trek 4 Is Back On, This Time From the Maker of Legion and Fargo

Kirk and Spock may be coming back to the big screen and from a very exciting filmmaker too. Read More >>

Vin Diesel’s Daughter is Among the Cast for an Animated Fast and Furious Show

Months after the Fast and Furious franchise finally said “screw it” and went straight sci-fi, it’s changing lanes once again. Read More >>

There’s So Much More to Love in Frozen II

Like death and taxes, Frozen II was inevitable. There was simply no way any company would leave billions of potential dollars on the table by not making a sequel to one of the highest-grossing animated films ever. And yet, it was a risk too. Get the film wrong and it could damage the legacy of a franchise that’s become absolutely beloved. Read More >>

The 10 Best Superhero Films of the Past Decade

Over the past decade, one genre of popular film has risen to prominence like a bird, plane, and Superman all rolled into one. We’re talking, of course, about the superhero film. Though the train truly left the station in 2008 with the releases of Iron Man and The Dark Knight, 2010-2019 saw the genre explode into one of the most popular and financially successful subgenres in Hollywood history. Then it hit an all-time high when Avengers: Endgame broke seemingly every box office record imaginable, including the highest-grossing film of all time. Read More >>

Don’t Worry, Your Marvel Movies Aren’t Stopping Anytime Soon

This summer, Marvel Studios announced titles for all its movies coming out through 2021. A few months later, we found out what movie was coming out in May 2022. At that point, the last movie on the studio’s schedule was slated for July of that year. Now, it goes much further than that. Read More >>

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Pedro Pascal Awkwardly Said the Mandalorian’s Real Name in an Interview

The Disney+ show is called The Mandalorian. The toys call him “The Mandalorian.” And in the first episode, he’s referred to mostly as “Mandalorian.” Suffice to say, it seemed pretty clear the identity of the main character on the new live-action Star Wars TV show was being kept a secret. Or, was it? Read More >>

You Can’t Watch Any of the New Marvel Shows Yet, But Here’s Some Concept Art

Disney+ has finally arrived, at least in the US, and with it comes hundreds of classic Disney movies, some impressive original content, and zero new Marvel Studios shows. Which, of course, we knew. Those shows aren’t going to start rolling out until late next year. However, to tease fans of what’s to come, Marvel Studios did add a 12-minute featurette to the streaming service featuring lots of cool stuff. Read More >>

The Batman Just Added an Intriguing New Character

Yesterday, news broke that newcomer Jayme Lawson was joining the cast of Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Who was she playing though? No one knew. Now we do. Read More >>

How Disney’s Imagineering Story Gives Incredible Insight to the World Behind the House of Mouse

Disney is a famously secretive company. It’s so secretive, in fact, that some of its biggest mysteries have elevated into legend. Have you heard there’s a basketball court inside the Matterhorn ride? Are there really full cities underneath the theme parks? In the Disney+ show The Imagineering Story, many of those legends will finally be revealed and we have filmmaker Leslie Iwerks to thank. Read More >>

Dark Fate’s Tim Miller Helps Us Answer All Your Burning Terminator Questions

“If you have a story that lends itself to a continuation, that should kind of be there in it,” director Tim Miller told us. “It was in T2, even if you didn’t recognise it. I don’t think it was [James Cameron’s] intention to put it there but he really did leave an open-ended story because Sarah says, ‘I don’t know what the future holds.’” Read More >>