Patty Jenkins Is Grateful She Didn’t Direct Thor: The Dark World

If all went according to plan, Patty Jenkins would have been the first woman to direct a Marvel Cinematic Universe film six years before anyone else. The Wonder Woman director was set to make the Thor: The Dark World back in 2013 but left early in the process due to “creative differences.” Now, years later, she’s opened up about the experience and her thoughts shine a new light not just on the Thor sequel, but the role of gender in Hollywood. Read More >>

Ghostbusters: Afterlife and Morbius Among the Latest Films Delayed by Coronavirus

Sorry, but you won’t be vamping out with Jared Leto or busting ghosts with Paul Rudd this year. Sony Pictures just announced a major shake-up to its theatrical release schedule, bumping most of its biggest 2020 releases back to 2021. Read More >>

Fast and Furious Joins the Lego Family With Dom’s Dodge Charger

Lego has always been a family-friendly toy and now it’s getting friendly with a franchise that’s all about family: Fast and Furious. Read More >>

the mandalorian
The Mandalorian to Add Aliens and Terminator Star Michael Biehn

Michael Biehn. Star Wars. It kind of fits, right? The actor has already appeared in two of the best sci-fi series of all-time – The Terminator and Aliens – so what better way to complete a sci-fi trifecta of sorts than with The Mandalorian? Read More >>

The Walking Dead’s Current Season Will Be Cut Short

Fans who have been enjoying the current season of The Walking Dead are going to have to wait a bit longer to see how it ends. Read More >>

WB Finally Makes the Call to Push Wonder Woman 1984’s Release

Wonder Woman 1984 has been stunned but is still standing up to the forces of evil. Read More >>

Vampire Bats Will Share Blood With a Friend, but Only After Vigorous Grooming

To prevent starvation, vampire bats will share their blood meals with an underfed friend. New research uncovers the steps leading up to this remarkable prosocial behaviour and the importance of mutual grooming. Read More >>

Jumanji Director Jake Kasdan on How Next Level Continued to Pay Homage to the Original

The Jumanji franchise is both surprisingly simple and subtly unique. The simple part is that its two most recent films stand together as one story. Boom. Got it. However, those two films also serve as subtle sequels to the 1995 Jumanji film that, besides the title, seems completely unrelated. So when you’re talking about Jumanji: The Next Level, which was just released on Blu-ray, it’s both a part two and a part three simultaneously, depending on how you look at it. Read More >>

star wars
All the New Things We Learned From Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’s Home Release

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is finally home. With its release early to digital this past weekend, and the Blu-ray coming soon, fans can finally watch all nine Star Wars Skywalker Saga movies in the comfort of their own home. And just in time too. We may all be staying home for a while. Read More >>

star wars
This Animated Princess Leia Star Wars Short Is Just Pure Joy

Though the first two Star Wars trilogies were primarily Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader’s stories, the sequel trilogy made it very clear Leia Organa is right up there with them. Read More >>

star wars
The Mandalorian Has Picked Rosario Dawson to Play Ahsoka Tano

A potentially huge piece of Star Wars news is out there to end this terrible week which almost feels too good to be true. However, turns out it probably is. Read More >>

watch this
Shaun of the Dead Gets a Coronavirus Update Thanks to Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

...Right. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are the latest celebrities to take to social media with a clever coronavirus-themed video, but theirs has way more going on than most of the others. Read More >>

Unfortunately, There’s No Butthole Cut of Cats

If you've been mighty confused as to why the hashtag “ReleaseTheButtholeCut” was trending on social media this week, you were not alone. The whole thing was a little dark and messy. Read More >>

winds of winter
On the Plus Side, Maybe George R.R. Martin Will Finish Winds of Winter Now

Things are... bad, right? There’s a deadly disease spreading across the planet. The world’s governments and health organisations are struggling to catch up. Most people are isolated to their homes hoping to curb the panic, events are cancelled, and gathering places are almost all closed. Read More >>

Marvel’s Black Widow Is the Latest to Be Delayed by Coronavirus

The heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can defeat any villain, but they’ve finally met their match: covid-19. Read More >>