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Boba Fett’s Solo Movie Is Moving Forward With the Director of Logan

The galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter may finally be making it to the big screen. Read More >>

Holy Crap, Amazon Is Probably Bringing Back The Expanse

Mere days after being cancelled by Syfy, The Expanse may already be making a comeback. Read More >>

George Lucas Contributed a Small but Significant Character Moment to Solo 

When George Lucas makes a suggestion about Han Solo, you listen. That was Ron Howard’s thought, at least, during the production of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Lucas, who created not just the character Han Solo but the franchise itself, was visiting the set one day and offered up a suggestion on how to change the scene. It’s not a spoiler, if you’re concerned about that. Read More >>

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You Will Never Be the Same After Watching the Red Band Trailer for The Happytime Murders

Prostitution, drug use, murder, and more, all from the makers of Sesame Street and The Muppets. Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your childhoods, this is The Happytime Murders. Read More >>

Our 10 Favourite Surprises in Deadpool 2, Ranked

Deadpool 2 is packed with references and jokes about every single genre and property imaginable (and some unimaginable, too). We’re going with quality over quantity instead: these are our favourite surprises — the characters, references, one-liners, and more — in a film chock full of truly wonderful batshit insanity. Read More >>

Batman’s Butler Alfred Is Finally Getting the Live-Action Origin Story He Deserves

Gotham may be on its way out, but one of its producers is not done with Batman television prequels. Read More >>

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Lando Calrissian Has a Few Very Curious Mementos Aboard His Millennium Falcon 

Thanks to Donald Glover, fans have already had a chance to tour Lando’s Millennium Falcon from Solo: A Star Wars Story. We know about the bar, the cape room, and the very comfy bed. However, a new behind-the-scenes video reveals some of the mementos Lando has on board—and they are as fascinating, if not more so, than anything else we’ve seen so far. Read More >>

Deadpool 2’s Original End Credit Scenes Were Going to Be Outrageous

The end credits scene of Deadpool 2 is one of the most memorable in superhero history. And, don’t worry, we aren’t going to spoil it. But the film’s writers recently spoke about two other scenes they imagined for the credits that didn’t make it into the film — and they’re just as outrageous, if not more so. Read More >>

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Here’s a Great Look at Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s Awesome Practical Dinosaurs

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will have more dinosaurs in it than every single Jurassic movie before it combined, according to a recently posted featurette. Obviously, that means a lot of CG dinosaurs but it also means plenty of practical ones too, and both are on full display in this neat video. Read More >>

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Solo Is a Damn Fine Star Wars Story

Filled with excellent action and a lot of emotion, Solo: A Star Wars Story is going to surprise a lot of people. Despite its troubled production, it’s ended up being incredibly fun and funny, with great characters, performances, and a huge range of Star Wars references to delight fans and non-fans alike. Read More >>

Deadpool 2 is Better Than the Original – and Funnier, Too

Deadpool 2 is a family movie. We know that because, very early on, Deadpool himself says it. Of course, that’s an odd thing for a character known for excessive violence, naughty language, and occasional nudity to announce. But Deadpool, the writers, and the director spend the bulk of the film trying to live up to that promise, albeit it in very unconventional and roundabout ways—but with the same Deadpool you love at its heart. Read More >>

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Searching is a Thriller Told Completely From the Computer’s Point of View

In Searching, a teenager goes missing and her father searches for her by digging deep into her computer. Simultaneously, it’s every parent and every teenager’s worst nightmare: a missing child, and your Dad looking at your emails. Read More >>

The First Deadpool 2 Reactions Are Here… and They’re Appropriately Offbeat

Deadpool 2 began screening for press today, and everyone who’s seen it wants to talk about one thing: the post-credits scene. Read More >>

This Last Starfighter Artwork Pays Tribute to a Forgotten Era

With any luck, in the coming years, the 1980s cult classic The Last Starfighter will make a comeback. Until then, we can live vicariously through this wonderful piece of art and hope for more like it. Read More >>

Infinity War Didn’t Have Time to Deal With Your Cap/Iron Man Emotions

Avengers: Infinity War doesn’t give you time to breathe. It doesn’t care if you’ve seen the previous Marvel movies. It just takes off and never lets up. However, in a new interview, the film’s writers revealed that pace wasn’t always what they intended for their script — and it led to some complications. Read More >>