These Post-It Notes Slowly Transform Into Beautiful 3D Art As You Use Them

Now this is the revolution in sticky notes we've all been waiting for. Once you've depleted your stack of post-its, all you're left with is a sad, plain backing card. That's no longer the case with Triad Inc.'s "Omoshiro Blocks", which, note-by-note, turn into amazing pieces of 3D art. Read More >>

9 Tips For Taking The Best Photos On Your Phone

You don't need a dedicated camera to take beautiful photos in 2018. Phone cameras are increasingly powerful, and with a little time and effort, you'll be able to take full advantage of them. Here are some tips and tricks to get you started. Read More >>

You Can Apparently Fool Tesla’s Autopilot With An Orange

There is more to this orange than meets the eye. Or, at least there was. Read More >>

BlackBerry Wants To Keep Smart Cars Secure With ‘Jarvis’

Remember BlackBerry? They made those phones with the full keyboard and only corporate executives thought they were worth the time. Well they're back with something a little different this time; they want to help protect the software in your smart car from hackers and other online jerks. Read More >>

6 Bitcoin Alternatives You Should Know About

So you've heard about Bitcoin and maybe even invested a little cash into it, hoping that its price continues to skyrocket. But Bitcoin isn't the only cryptocurrency looking to shake up the way that we process transactions around the world. There are hundreds of others that have slowly begun rising to prominence as cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream. Read More >>

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Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’, Played On a Potato Ocarina

No, you're not still drunk from New Year's Eve. Read More >>

The 9 Best Film To TV Adaptations, Ever

Television has always looked to the silver screen for inspiration. With more room for characters to breathe, and a bigger canvas to take plots on expansive tangents, the television versions of movie classics often exceed the vision of the original filmmakers. Read More >>

How Netflix Can Help You Trick The Kids Into Going To Bed Early On New Year’s Eve

If you have younglings, New Year's Eve is a little different in your home. Do they stay up, bleary eyed, to watch the fireworks and count down? Read More >>

The Things You Learn Gaming One Handed

When I first broke my wrist a few weeks ago, I was cautiously optimistic. There was the prospect of not regaining full movement in my wrists, a 1/20000 chance of "nerve annoyance", and wearing a giant plaster sock on my arm for a few weeks, but hey: I got some time off to recover. Maybe I'd be able to play some video games. Read More >>

How To Stop Physics Students Dropping Out Of Uni: Let Them Race Lego Cars

Dr Maria Parappilly is an award winning Physics Educator and Research Section Head for STEM Education at Flinders University in Adelaide and the chair of Physics Education of the Australian Institute of Physics. Her pioneering teaching innovations have been recognised with state and national awards, and internationally with the only international D2L Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning. Read More >>

You Don’t Need To Build A Rocket To Prove The Earth Isn’t Flat – Here’s The Simple Science

Could 2,000 years of belief be wrong? Are we in fact living on a disc rather than a globe? Read More >>

How Spammy is Facebook’s News Feed: an Experiment

Does Facebook feel a little spammy to you these days? It always seems like my feed is full of posts from pages I don't follow, photos of friends I haven't talked to in years and most of all ads -- ads upon ads upon ads. To figure out if this was true or all in my head, I documented some of my News Feed to determine what type of posts Facebook's mysterious algorithm had decided were relevant to me, and figure out how spammy it really was. Read More >>

NASA is Looking For Life on Exoplanets in 2069 (Nice)

Anthony Freeman is from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, and he just presented a very interesting mission concept at the 2017 American Geophysical Union conference. Read More >>

Facebook Now Lets You ‘Snooze’ Your Friends For 30 Days

Facebook already allows you to unfollow someone while staying friends, if their posts are starting to clog up your feed. But perhaps you just want to shush them for a while, without cutting them out completely. In that case, the social media site has a new feature, just for you, called "Snooze". Read More >>

Scientists Found 2500 Year Old Cave Paintings Of Dogs

Researchers from The Australian National University recently found a whole bunch of ancient cave paintings on a tiny 81 square kilometre Indonesian Island, previously unexplored by archaeologists. Read More >>