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So You Want To Make A Podcast

There are a gazillion podcasts out there. Maybe even eleventy gazillion. Read More >>

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Adds Spill Protection

I'm a simple man. I like simple things, like keyboards that go 'clack' and don't have any bells and whistles. The latest Razer Blackwidow Ultimate mechanical keyboard does one of those things and includes a new feature that I never realised I wanted: spill protection. Read More >>

Can Artificial Intelligence Really Identify Suicidal Thoughts? Experts Aren’t Convinced

Australian experts have spoken out about a recent US study that claimed to show artificial intelligence can identify people with suicidal thoughts - by analysing their brain scans. Read More >>

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If You Stand On Liquid Mercury, You’ll Float Too

Until seeing this video, from YouTuber Cody'sLab, I never realised just how badly I want to try and stand on liquid mercury. Read More >>

Why UK’s Blood Donation Service Needs Black Donors

Give Blood, the UK's blood donation service, has been copping flak after asking for black blood donors. Everybody bleeds so why does race matter when it comes to blood donors? Read More >>

The iPhone X is the Best Phone for Photos Ever

Let's be honest — our smartphones today are more camera than they are phone. We use them to document our lives with images and video as much as we use them to message and check up on Facebook and Instagram. And apparently if you're looking for a phone that takes great photos, you can't go past the £1,000 iPhone X. It's the best phone you can buy right now when it comes to snapping still photos. Read More >>

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Dominos Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Check Pizza Quality Because This Is Clearly What It Was Made For

On a scale of "surely this isn't a real thing" to "what is actually happening right now" this latest announcement from professional pizza pushers Domino's is definitely a "wait, what?". Read More >>

This Teen Wanted People to Understand His Autism, So He Made a Video Game

In late 2016, Brad Hennessey made one of the toughest decisions he'd ever had to make. He took the game he'd spent two years of his life on and he trashed it. He wanted to make something different. Something that mattered. He wanted to make a game that reflected his life experience as a young man living with Autism. Read More >>

Scientists Are Using 3D Animation to Study Lizard Behaviour

Pixar's next wildlife-themed buddy adventure could be more realistic than ever. As long as it is about a lizard claiming territory, at least. Read More >>

Don’t Use The Same Password For Everything, You Numpties

Be honest. Do you use the same password for multiple logins? Social media, emails, online banking? If you answered yes, you're among the staggering 89 per cent of us that for one reason or another, couldn't be bothered coming up with more than one or two passwords. Read More >>

Exactly How Scientists Can Study the Oldest Spiral Galaxy is Almost as Cool as the Galaxy Itself

What you're looking at here is the 11 billion year old spiral galaxy A1689B11. It sits behind a massive galaxy cluster that acts like a lens for the light coming from A1689B11 - and this makes two highly magnified images. Read More >>

Could Video Games Help Uni Graduates Find Work?

In 1990, 87.8 per cent of university graduates had full-time jobs. By 2014, that number had dropped to 68.1 per cent. Read More >>

Your Facebook Friends Can Make Every Decision For You Now

Should I cut my hair: Y/N? What should I have for dinner: Indian/Thai? Will I overuse the new polling feature on Facebook rolling out from today: undoubtedly/definitely? Read More >>

Scientists Have Changed the Future of Quantum Technology By Making a Tiny Diamond Super Shiny

Researchers at Macquarie University have, for the first time anywhere, ever, managed to make a nanodiamond, one thousand times smaller than a human hair, shine at "superradiant" levels - and it could change the way we approach quantum technology. Read More >>