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Why Good Science Fiction Is A Study Of Humanity

What makes a science fiction story truly great? Is it the story, the characters, their connection with the audience? Read More >>

Study Shows E-Cigarettes Cause Lung Damage

A recent study has shown that electronic cigarettes can cause lung damage and are definitely not a harmless alternative to cigarettes. Read More >>

I Threw Away £3.7 Million In Bitcoin

Five years ago, I threw away a hard drive. An utterly generic 250GB portable hard drive, already a few years old, with a couple of dings and scratches in its shell and with the beginnings of an audible click that would have eventually killed it. Read More >>

Fidget Spinners Are Trending On PornHub

PornHub just released some, er, interesting statistics on popular searches on the site for the month of May. Read More >>

How Do We Know The Universe Is Accelerating

We know that the universe is expanding from our research into red shifts of distant galaxies. Acceleration, though? That's a little tougher to measure. Read More >>

New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailers Treat Spidey Like A Kid

Two new trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming just hit the web, and the focus this time is on Spidey's "internship" to Tony Stark and penchant for selfies. Read More >>

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If You Could Eat Human Meat, Would You Even Want To?

If there were no societal or cultural pressures to not eat human meat, would it even be good? We're not talking about taste and texture, but rather health and nutrition. Perhaps craving a slice of a particularly delicious-looking friend, AsapSCIENCE decided to tackle the issue in less than four minutes. Read More >>

Android O Will Allow Graphics Driver Updates Via The Play Store

The recently revealed "Android O" may not have knocked it out of the park for Google, but there is a nifty feature coming to the upgraded platform that will appeal in particular to mobile gamers — graphic driver updates independent of full OS ones. Read More >>

One Step Closer To The Robot Apocalypse

We all know Google Home and the Amazon Echo. Both are voice-activated speakers that can handle a bit of your life admin, giving you a calendar update or keeping track of your shopping list. But now they can talk to each other — and they get along — so I'm not sure how long it'll take until they realise that they should just team up and kill all humans. Read More >>

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The Five Stages of Machine Telepathy, Explained in Five Minutes

Stage one is controlling stuff with your brain (sounds fun, yeah?), stage two is basically Elon Musk's plans for Neuralink. Stage three is where it really starts to get creepy. Read More >>