Unofficial Patch Removes Windows 7, 8.1 Update Block On Newer Processors

Microsoft has gone ahead with its plan to disable updates on pre-Windows 10 operating systems running on newer AMD and Intel processors. While your machine won't suddenly stop working, it does mean your Windows 7 or 8.1 install won't benefit from the latest updates. Fortunately, a simple workaround is now available. Read More >>

Google’s Mind-Reading ‘Copyless Paste’, Coming Soon To Your Android Phone

Mobile phone user interfaces have come a long way, but the humble copy and paste remains fairly clunky. Voice-controlled assistants like Cortana and Siri are bridging the gap, but sometimes, you just want to take text from one app and stick it into another. And Google will start predicting what that text might be when its "Copyless Paste" arrives on Android. Read More >>

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Hold Up, We Can 3D Print Glass Now?!

Forget glassblowing, now we can 3D print intricate glass sculptures from a silica compound. This is awesome - just look at that pretzel. Read More >>

Science Says You Should Let A Stranger Choose Your Profile Picture

About 1.8 billion people worldwide have an active Facebook account; about a third of employers search online for information about job candidates; and about half of adults who are searching for a relationship have used online dating. Read More >>

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The Real Life Languages Behind Dothraki, Kingon And Na’vi

Erik Singer is a dialect coach, and in this video he takes a look at the real life language inspiration behind the fictional languages of Na'vi, Dothraki, Klingon, Sindarin, Parseltongue, Ewokese, Shyriiwook, Divine Language, Mork Speak, Groot Speak, Malkovich, Furbish and Heptapod. Read More >>

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This Leaked Trailer For Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Looks *Amazing*

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is on the way. We know this. We also know that the first trailer for the game is due this weekend during Star Wars Celebration. It appears that trailer might have been leaked a few days early, and if what we're seeing is real, well I'm really excited. Read More >>

Netgear’s Arlo Pro Is Now A Two-Way Camera, Speaker And Siren

Netgear's Arlo is one of our Australian cousins' favourite security cameras for two reasons — it's entirely wireless, and entirely rain-proof. Now there's an upgraded version called the Arlo Pro, with two-way audio and a wider field of view, as well as all the original's weatherproofing and HD video recording. Read More >>

Electric Car Owners Say Being ‘Green’ Is More Important Than Saving Money

A new study from Dr Kenan Degirmenci at Queensland University Business School shows environmental performance - or "being green" – is considered more important than price for owners of electric cars. Read More >>

Here’s The Sexiest Samsung Galaxy S8 Case We’ve Seen Yet

With the April 28th launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 creeping up on us, I've been trying to find a good case to protect my new phone — even though I don't usually like covers. I think I've settled on my favourite: this leather-wrapped case from Mujjo. Read More >>

Sir David Attenborough Comes To PlayStation VR

There are three new "experiences" available from today for PlayStation Virtual Reality: David Attenborough's First Life VR, Cocos: Shark Island and Atomic Ghost Fleet. Read More >>

Australian Scientists Are Developing An App To Help Deaf Children Speak

When a child is born deaf, and then receives cochlear implants, learning to talk is a process of learning how to associate the sounds they can newly hear with the sounds they are able to make with their mouths. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S8’s Screen Is ‘Better Than Your 4K TV’

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a good phone. That much is clear already. But the tests that smartphone display geniuses DisplayMate have run on the S8's super-long AMOLED screen are showing that it's more than good. It's bloody fantastic. Read More >>

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You Can Now Watch Rogue One With Sphero’s BB-8 Droid

Rogue One is out next Monday on Blu-ray and DVD here in the UK, which is a couple of weeks after it came out digitally. That's great news, but it's even better if you own one of Sphero's little BB-8 droids — which will watch the film alongside you. Read More >>

Scientists Found A Link Between Electromagnetic Field Exposure And Motor Neurone Disease

A team from the Netherlands has discovered a link between workplace exposure to extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-MFs) and a doubling of your risk of developing the most common form of motor neurone disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) - or Lou Gehrig's disease. Read More >>

Australian Scientists Just Made A Major Breakthrough That Could Put Solar Power Anywhere

A new type of electrode developed by researchers at RMIT University has the potential to not only boost the capacity of existing energy storage technologies by 3000 per cent, but it opens the door to the development of flexible, thin film, all-in-one solar capture and storage. We're talking the means to self-powering smart phones, laptops, cars and buildings. Read More >>