Koala Genes are Being Attacked By a Virus, But Their DNA is Fighting Back

A virus that infects koalas is steadily integrating itself into their DNA, ensuring that it is passed down from generation to generation. But the koala genome is defending itself, revealing that DNA has its own immune system to shut down invaders. Read More >>

Avengers: Infinity War Proves Why The Good Guys Shouldn’t Always Win

I tend to watch all the Marvel movies with my Dad - it’s one of those things that has stuck with us ever since Iron Man first powered up the arc reactor on our screens. Read More >>

Facebook Moments Is Dying, But Will Anyone Care?

Facebook Moments was a good idea that never gained traction. Moments was a place to share photos to friends without uploading them to the core Facebook network. Think of to as Facebook's answer to Flickr, Google Photos or Apple's Photo Sharing. The company is killing it off as too few people are using it. Read More >>

NASA’s New ‘Gamma’ Constellations Are Partly Made From Black Holes (And The TARDIS)

You'd think with all the astronomical discoveries we've made over the years, we'd have plenty of stars to make new constellations from. Like, thousands of them. And in a way, we do. But why use boring old stars, when you can use black holes instead? Read More >>

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Banksy’s Secret Video Reveals How ‘Girl With Balloon’ Shredding Should Have Worked

When Banksy remotely shredded his "Girl with Balloon" during a Sotheby's auction earlier this month, it was both surprising and unsurprising. While the act itself shocked at the time, in hindsight, it lines up perfectly with the mysterious artist's MO. The only hitch being the destruction stuffing up halfway through. Now, Banksy has released a behind-the-scenes video, showing exactly how the shredding should have worked. Read More >>

How To Check If Your Graphics Card Is A Fake

It feels like these days everyone is out to scam you, even social media giants want some of the action. But what about the hardware inside your PC? You might think it's hard to fake a CPU or graphics card, but it is possible and it does happen. Read More >>

Tesla Trademarks ‘Teslaquila’ For Real This Time

Earlier this year, Elon Musk tweeted a joke product for April Fools Day - a Tesla branded tequila. Read More >>

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Watch These Absolute Lads Play Football On Motorcycles

To be entirely honest with you, I would not ever look at a motorcycle and think, “I bet I could ride this and also kick a ball into a net while surrounded by other dudes on motorcycles trying to kick that ball away from me”. But I am not a badass. Read More >>

‘Women Can’t Be The Only Advocates For Change’: Github’s Faten Healy On Diversity In STEM

"I was working at a tech conference and one of the attendees approached our booth as he had some questions, but he insisted on waiting for a man to answer the question for him," Faten Healy, Inside Solution Engineer at GitHub tells me a story familiar to many women working in tech. Read More >>

Would You Drink Whisky Or Wine Made Entirely In A Lab?

Talk to an aficionado and they'll tell you the main ingredient in any fine spirit is "time" — and money. But what if you could isolate the exact chemicals present in say, a 25-year Macallan, combine them with a neutral base and have something that tastes just as good without the wait and for a fraction of the price? Is that blasphemy... or science? Read More >>

Remember That Time Microsoft Bailed Apple Out?

Apple has become the first U.S. company to hit $1 trillion in market value. Not bad for a company that used to be run out of a garage. Read More >>

Google Maps Is Now Google Globe

Flat maps are so 7000 BC. With modern computers, we have the technology to render the world in its true form (ignoring conspiracies): a globe. Or oblate spheroid, if you prefer. Which is why it's a surprise it took Google this long to adopt a rotatable, third-dimension for Maps. Read More >>

LG Doesn’t Stand For ‘Life’s Good’

I've been in South Korea this week checking out a bunch of cool AI and robotics stuff, and I thought I'd share a little nugget of information that I picked up along the way — LG doesn't actually mean 'Life's Good'. Read More >>

One of the Oldest Domains in the World,, Isn’t What You Think It Is

The race for domain names has been over for some time; as the adage goes: the good ones are all gone. So, back when the internet wasn't really a thing and you could pick any name for your website, what did people choose? Let's wind the clock back to 1985 and find out. Read More >>

Here’s a Rubber Chicken Exhaust Mod Because There Is No God

Here at Gizmodo, we enjoy bringing your nightmares to life - so here is an instructional video from Russia on how to create a rubber chicken exhaust mod. Read More >>