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Why the Music in Wonder Woman is the Exception to the Rule

While Marvel may have it all over DC in the broader modern cinematic universe (we're talking post-Nolan Batman here), Wonder Woman has proven to be an exception in more ways than one - including its music. Read More >>

How Do Astronauts Look After Their Mental Health?

NASA is funding a study to work out how to treat the mental health of Astronauts on long-duration space missions. Read More >>

This Steampunk Raspberry Pi Doubles as a Retro Gaming Console

You can stuff your Raspberry Pi into just about anything, but if you want to draw eyes and solicit comments from visitors or, you know, generally geek out, you could carve up a steampunk-themed enclosure, complete with glowing lights, gears and ornate markings. Like uh, this one. Read More >>

Internet Addiction Needs to Be Recognised as a Disorder Before it Can Be Treated

Pathological internet addiction that triggers deviant behaviour on social networking sites should be recognised as a disorder needing treatment, a Flinders University expert says. Read More >>

John Wick 3 is Happening, and it’s Out in 2019

The third chapter in the John Wick franchise has been confirmed. Start the clock: there's 20 months to go until we get more Keanu Reeves on-screen shredding. Read More >>

Experts Are Divided Over Google’s Depression Screening

The idea of Google offering a quick online screening test for users who search for "am I depressed" has split opinion among medical experts. Read More >>

Research Suggests Drone ‘Strikes’ To Your Head Probably Won’t Kill You

Suddenly, drones. In the last couple of years, that's exactly what it feels like. One day, no drones, the next day, your mate has a tiny one that can fly for four minutes indoors for the express purpose of tormenting cats and toddlers. So, yes, it's become a bit more important to conduct research on the damage a drone can do if it hits you in the head, something more likely to occur as the space around your face becomes increasingly more cluttered with autonomous, floating gadgets. Read More >>

Polaroid Is Finally Making Proper Instant Film Cameras Again

Polaroid went bust in 2001, and the company formed from its ashes went bust again in 2008. The Polaroid Corporation that formed from that has had a shaky history, releasing digital 'instant' cameras and instant photo printers. But on the 80th anniversary of the original company's founding, Polaroid is back as Polaroid Originals — and it's making a new instant film camera called the OneType 2. Read More >>

This Solid Gold iPhone X Costs £53,000

Apple's iPhone X has just appeared on the market, but there's already a version available to order featuring 250 grams of 22K gold, which costs over £53,000. Read More >>

Australian Man Gives Himself Cyanide Poisoning From Eating Apricot Kernels to Fight Cancer

Despite what alternative medicine and natural health advocates would have you believe, taking apricot kernel extract as a cancer treatment is a very, very bad idea. Read More >>

Finally, A Lithium-Ion Battery That Definitely, Positively, Absolutely Won’t Explode

For the first time, researchers say they have made a lithium-ion battery that uses a water-salt solution as its electrolyte and can reach the voltage needed to power household electronics and it doesn't come with the fire and the explosions and the arrgghh that is a risk with "some commercially available non-aqueous lithium-ion batteries". Read More >>

Scientists Made a Tool to Spot Parkinson’s Disease Before There Are Physical Symptoms

Researchers at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia have developed the first tool that can diagnose Parkinson's disease, even when there are no physical symptoms - and it has an accuracy rate of 93 per cent. Read More >>

When Do You Reckon It Will ‘Feel Like’ The Future?

It's 2017. It's supposed to be the future. Flying cars, hoverboards (not that kind) and robot maids should be the norm by now. Read More >>

You’re Probably Not Gluten Intolerant

Before you jump on the gluten free bandwagon, a review has found that only a small proportion of people who claim to feel rubbish after eating gluten are likely to be truly sensitive to gluten or wheat. Read More >>

This is Not a Drill: Sony is Bringing Back Clear Controllers

There are three new special edition controllers coming for the PS4 - and they are all clear. Read More >>