CDs Are Starting To Rot

It has been almost 35 years since Polygram, Sony and Philips executives gathered at a German factory to get their hands on the first Compact Disc. Read More >>

This Cryptocurrency Heater Earns Ethereum While Keeping Your House Warm

Keeping crypto mining rigs nice and cool is no joke. Heck, people will submerge the darn things in non-conductive fluids to keep the heat at bay. But what if you could use that heat to keep yourself warm during winter, while making a few bucks on the side? Say hello to the world's first crypto heater, the QC-1. Read More >>

Ford Is Testing Autonomous Pizza Delivery Cars

Recently listed as the 10th most congested city in the world, Ford has chosen Miami as the testing ground for their autonomous fleet of cars. And they're bringing pizza. Read More >>

Why John Boyega Doesn’t Like Godzilla

At this point it's news to no one that John Boyega is a huge Star Wars fan, but more surprisingly as the lead actor and producer on modern monster movie Pacific Rim, he wasn't much of a fan of Godzilla. Read More >>

Here’s A Porsche Being Driven By A Smart Phone

Huawei have just revealed their RoadReader project, where they have used an AI-powered Huawei Mate 10 to transform a Porsche Panamera into a driverless vehicle. They are the first phone manufacturer in the world to use an AI powered smart phone to drive a car. Read More >>

Someone Made A 3D Game Engine In Microsoft Excel Using Nothing But Formulas

Why bother with Unity, Unreal or even Game Maker, when you can fire up Excel and whip up a game made up of formulas? Sure, you're spending sanity instead of money, but being sound of mind is overrated! Now, stare into this void of green with me... and see what stares back at you. Read More >>

Why Buy A Nintendo Switch When You Can Make Your Own With A Raspberry Pi?

First answer: it's easier to buy one. And that's cool. But there are people who, given a Raspberry Pi, a 3D printer and a stick of chewing gum, are going to build their own facsimile running emulation software so they can play whatever they like. Christopher Foote is one such person. The fruits of his labour: the "PiSwitch". Read More >>

These Post-It Notes Slowly Transform Into Beautiful 3D Art As You Use Them

Now this is the revolution in sticky notes we've all been waiting for. Once you've depleted your stack of post-its, all you're left with is a sad, plain backing card. That's no longer the case with Triad Inc.'s "Omoshiro Blocks", which, note-by-note, turn into amazing pieces of 3D art. Read More >>

9 Tips For Taking The Best Photos On Your Phone

You don't need a dedicated camera to take beautiful photos in 2018. Phone cameras are increasingly powerful, and with a little time and effort, you'll be able to take full advantage of them. Here are some tips and tricks to get you started. Read More >>

You Can Apparently Fool Tesla’s Autopilot With An Orange

There is more to this orange than meets the eye. Or, at least there was. Read More >>

BlackBerry Wants To Keep Smart Cars Secure With ‘Jarvis’

Remember BlackBerry? They made those phones with the full keyboard and only corporate executives thought they were worth the time. Well they're back with something a little different this time; they want to help protect the software in your smart car from hackers and other online jerks. Read More >>

6 Bitcoin Alternatives You Should Know About

So you've heard about Bitcoin and maybe even invested a little cash into it, hoping that its price continues to skyrocket. But Bitcoin isn't the only cryptocurrency looking to shake up the way that we process transactions around the world. There are hundreds of others that have slowly begun rising to prominence as cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream. Read More >>

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Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’, Played On a Potato Ocarina

No, you're not still drunk from New Year's Eve. Read More >>

The 9 Best Film To TV Adaptations, Ever

Television has always looked to the silver screen for inspiration. With more room for characters to breathe, and a bigger canvas to take plots on expansive tangents, the television versions of movie classics often exceed the vision of the original filmmakers. Read More >>

How Netflix Can Help You Trick The Kids Into Going To Bed Early On New Year’s Eve

If you have younglings, New Year's Eve is a little different in your home. Do they stay up, bleary eyed, to watch the fireworks and count down? Read More >>