Win Your Own Starfleet Badge in Our Star Trek Online Giveaway

For those of you who've been paying attention to all things Star Trek, it will be no surprise that this year marks the tenth anniversary of Star Trek: Online. For years it was our only way to continue the story of the mainstream canon, and to commemorate this milestone the game is launching a brand new update titled Legacy. Read More >>

ces 2020
Everything That’s Happening at CES 2020

This year's Consumer Electronics Show is currently in full swingin Las Vegas. It's one of the busiest weeks for tech media, as it brings with it a whole host of announcements and reveals of new pieces of tech. Read More >>

Shopping List
The Stuff That Gizmodo UK Bought (And Loved) in 2019

In the run-up to Christmas there's always a big rush on buying shit, because that's what this time of year is about. Obviously we've helped push that with all the deals and buying guides, but all that got us thinking; what kind of stuff should we actually be peddling? There's a lot of good stuff out there, and we figured it's worth recommending stuff we actually like and think people can benefit from. Read More >>

How to Survive a Solo Crimbo: A Grumpy Guide to Get You Through Christmas Day

“It’ll be lonely this Christmas, without you to hold. It'll be lonely this Christmas, lonely and cold. It'll be cold, so cold, without you to hold this Christmas.” Read More >>

gift guide
The Gizmodo UK Christmas Gift Guide Hub 2019

Struggling what to buy your friends, family and foes for Christmas? We've got you covered, in this epic list of lists. Read More >>

black friday
All The Black Friday Deals You Could Possibly Ever Need

It's not really Black Friday anymore, is it? It's Black November, or Black Any-Day-of-the-Week-We-Can-Try-and-Shove-A-Bargain-Down-Your-Neck-On. We don't particularly mind though, because we do love a good discount. Read More >>

Gizmodo UK’s Halloween Hub of Horrors 2019: Terrifying Tech, Petrifying Pumpkins, Frightful Films and More

It's Halloween! That means it's an excuse to dress up like something spooky, eat a load of sweets and go and annoy strangers by knocking on their door. Well, providing you're under the age of about 12 that is. For the rest of us, it's a chance to complain about how Americanised the UK has become... while secretly looking for an excuse to dress up like a stormtrooper. Read More >>

Cloudya: Stay Connected Whenever, Wherever

Sitting at the heart of many business’ telecommunication’s infrastructure is VOIP technology. Over the past twenty years, we have seen companies of all sizes adopting IP-powered voice systems, in order to leverage lower costs and better scalability. But as we approach the new decade, many of these systems are beginning to show their age. Read More >>

IFA 2019
Everything Happening at IFA 2019

This year's IFA has hit Berlin, and with it has brought brought loads of lovely, shiny new tech. Being one of the biggest tech shows out there — there's well over 1,500 exhibitors — there's a lot of new stuff being announced. Read More >>

5G is Here, and Ericsson is Already Envisioning What This Means for the Future

The age of 5G is finally here, with all the UK networks promising to have their next gen services up and running before the end of the year. You may have heard a lot about what 5G means for you, but it’s not all down to the networks. In fact Ericsson has already drawn up their vision of the future, and their work in 5G is a core part of that. Read More >>

The Polestar 2: Your Digital Life, in a Car

Who said cars have to be boring? Forget about your Astras and your A3s and your Golfs; there’s so much innovation happening in the automotive industry, and it’s rarely from the brands we see plastered all over the road. Take Polestar for instance. It’s a brand that’s working hard on innovating and progressing the electric car. Its latest innovation is the Polestar 2, a car that strives to integrate itself into all areas of your digital life. Read More >>

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The Best VPNs to Reach Around the UK’s Incoming Porn Block

The UK's age verification checks for porn are officially happening on the 15th of July, which means you'll need to sign up to one of the multiple types of age checks to prove you're over 18 with documents and whatnot -- or potentially go down to the corner shop and buy a porn pass. Read More >>

The Best Tech Deals From Amazon’s Spring Sale For Friday 12th April

After starting on Monday, Amazon's spring sale is in full swing. Each day brings new one-day-only deals as well as a slew of ongoing discounts added throughout the week. Read More >>

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All the Best Vape Pens for Beginners in the UK (2019)

We're not entirely sure how vapes, or e-cigarettes, became part of the tech genre, but apparently they are -- as evidenced by all the invites we get to vape launches at fancy locations on Big Tobacco money. Read More >>