New Outdoor Camping Gear for Endless Possibilities

Camping. You’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, you’ve got no mobile signal, no electricity and you’re completely cut off from everyday life. Or, at least, that’s the way it used to be. Chances are these days, you’ve got some way to keep yourself occupied, be it your mobile phone packed with games and music, or an iPad filled with downloaded boxsets. You and your family can pass away the evenings huddled around a small screen, watching the latest episode of your favourite television programme surrounded by nature. But what if I told you that camping doesn’t even mean ditching the big screen anymore? Read More >>

Keep Your Macbook Virus-Free With a VPN

Mac computers have grown in popularity over the years thanks to their sleek design and the widespread belief that they couldn’t get viruses.  However, that isn’t the case and now even some popular mac apps have been targeted by hackers. By using a VPN to browse the web and try out new apps you can keep your Macbook protected from these types of attacks. Read More >>

Avoid Malicious Apps With a VPN

New apps arrive on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store everyday and as users we are quick to download and try out the latest ones on our smartphones and tablets.  However, how can we tell whether they are just cool free apps or dangerous ones ?  Staying safe online has certainly become harder over the years but by using a VPN while browsing you can decrease the risk of falling victim to a fraudulent app or attack. Read More >>

Stop Retailers From Collecting Your Data With a VPN

Amazon has released a new version of their Echo dubbed the Echo Look that is even more invasive than its always-listening bluetooth speaker.  The new Echo can take pictures of your outfits and can even critique them using machine learning.  While this new device may be a godsend for the fashion forward, those with a bit more concern for their online privacy might even be shocked by it.  If you lean towards the more privacy concerned side, now might just be the time to consider a VPN to protect yourself from Amazon and other companies trying to collect your data. Read More >>

The PC Gaming Show is Returning to E3 on 12th June

For the third year running, our friends over at PC Gamer are bringing the PC Gaming Show to E3 with Sean "Day[9]" Plott returning to host. Read More >>

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Takes Lovely Photos Of The Moon

Sure, you've seen the moon. But have you seen in HD? Read More >>

Uncharted 4 and Inside Win Big At BAFTA Games Awards

Naughty Dog's 2016 Indiana Jones-style game, Uncharted 4, has taken home Best Game at the recent BAFTA Games Awards. Read More >>

NASA’s Operation IceBridge Is Monitoring Ice Loss in Canada and Greenland

They're some of the most remote parts of the world, but they're slowly melting into the sea—and NASA is hoping to figure out a way to stop that from happening with Operation IceBridge, a six-year research project that involves a series of eight-hour research flights over the affected areas. Read More >>

Docked Nintendo Switches Have Started To Bend

Users of Nintendo's new console, the Switch, have been reporting that the screen has been warping when placed in the dock, likely due to the heat of the processor. It's only been out for just over a month, so it's worrying to see that the console has already received this level of wear-and-tear just through regular use. Read More >>

Making Music, Minority Report-Style

The future of AR and VR is Minority Report. Right? I mean, that's the only reason why anyone would want to buy an £800 HTC Vive headset, surely, so we can open up a bunch of windows in front of us and toss them around like cool space-hacker types. Read More >>

Netflix’s Defenders Assemble on August 18th

A new viral teaser for Marvel and Netflix’s big crossover has just confirmed that we’ve got another four months until Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Danny Rand start teaming up: because The Defenders is coming August 18th. Read More >>