ces 2019
Everything Happening at CES 2019

Next week, this year's Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Las Vegas. It's one of the busiest weeks for tech media, as it brings with it a whole host of announcements and reveals of new pieces of tech. Read More >>

Giz UK’s Gift Guide For Ourselves

Look, we've spent a lot of time lately writing gift guides for you lot to buy for other people. It got us thinking: what about us? What gifts would we like? Will someone please think of the editorial team? Read More >>

how to
How to Survive a Solo Crimbo: A Grumpy Guide to Get You Through Christmas Day

“It’ll be lonely this Christmas, without you to hold. It'll be lonely this Christmas, lonely and cold. It'll be cold, so cold, without you to hold this Christmas.” Read More >>

donald trump
Don’t Forget to Send Donald Trump Your Tech Support Queries This Christmas

No one tweets quite like Donald Trump, and one of today's 240-character, unthreaded rantings is particularly interesting: Read More >>

An HONOR 8X is the Perfect Way to Avoid Christmas Disappointment and Boredom

What do you want to see when you watch someone open a present you bought? A big, cheesy grin. Or maybe even a touch of awe. With an HONOR 8X you’ll get that, and avoid the sinking dread of wondering if you bought a dud. Read More >>

The Gizmodo UK Hub of All Things Christmas 2018

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Whether you're a Scrooge or a Cindy Lou, there's no escaping the fact that Christmas is around the corner. That means festive celebrations, eating lots of food (weird-flavoured or otherwise), and of course, buying (and receiving) lots of gifts. Read More >>

Grab Yourself a Windows 10 Pro OEM Key For Just £10.58 at SCDKey.com

When you’re out shopping, there are a lot of things you need to consider before you open up your wallet and hand over your money. Price is the most important one, because you always want to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. No one has unlimited funds, after all. Read More >>

AO and Acer Team Up to Offer the Best in Next-Gen Laptops

Most people will happily upgrade their smartphones every two years, but without the push of a contract ending most people don’t enjoy the same regular upgrade cycle with the rest of their kit. Laptops, in particular, tend to last a lot longer – even though the older models are a lot slower and chunkier than some of the next-gen models that are available. Read More >>

5 Reasons That Make VideoProc The Best For Processing GoPro, DJI and iPhone Videos

When we talk about video editing and processing, most of us automatically think of expensive, complicated pieces of software like Final Cut and Adobe Premiere. As great as they are, those kinds of tools require a lot of training and self-teaching in order to get the most out of them. When it comes to processing videos from our mobile devices – be it an iPhone, a GoPro, a DJI, or whatever you choose to choose video on the go with – we want a solution that’s fast, easy to use, and affordable. Read More >>

IFA 2018
All the Biggest and Best News From IFA 2018

This year's IFA has hit Berlin and with it, has brought brought loads of lovely, shiny new tech news with it. Being one of the biggest tech shows out there — there's over 1,000 exhibitors — there's a lot of new stuff being announced. Read More >>

prime day
Amazon Prime Day: All The Best UK Tech Deals

Amazon Prime Day is upon us! You know, the day of the year where Amazon cuts the price of tonnes of its stock, and we all end up spending far more money than we should on stuff that we don't really need. Read More >>

How to Watch E3’s PC Gaming Show, Wherever You Are

In case you hadn't noticed, E3 has started. You probably wouldn't have guessed looking at our homepage, but the games industry's biggest event of the year is currently taking place over in Los Angeles. We've already had the big conferences from Microsoft, EA, and Bethesda, but there's still plenty more to come. Ubisoft, Square Enix, Sony, Nintendo, and of course the PC-centric PC Gaming Show, which is being put together by our cooperate siblings at PC Gamer. Read More >>

YouTube to MP4: How to Download YouTube Videos to HD MP4 Format

There are a lot reasons for wanting to download a video from YouTube, or any number of similar video hosting sites. You may need to reclaim your own content as a back-up, there may be a tutorial you know you’re going to need when your data connection is going to be spotty, and so on. Read More >>

It’s Time To Talk About Dangerous Stunts On YouTube

It turns out that after you turn 30, life is basically just a series of reminders of how old and past it you are. The Olympics just becomes a parade of people who are younger, fitter and more successful than you. Listening to “new” music becomes discovering another album by that band you like from 2005. And perhaps most weirdly, clicking around YouTube becomes an exercise in radicalising yourself to become Helen Lovejoy of “Won’t somebody please think of the children!” fame. Read More >>

Look the Part and Sound the Part With Urbanears’ Plattan 2 Bluetooth Headphones

When it comes to a great pair of headphones, sound isn’t the only thing that matters these days. How they look is important, too. Gone are the days of wearing discreet in-ear headphones; instead we want bigger and better sounds - and with that comes a bigger and better headset. Not all have to be bulky and unsightly though. Take Urbanears’ latest pair of headphones, the Plattan 2 Bluetooth – a perfect balance between brilliant sound and ingenious design. Read More >>