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There are a Lot of Reasons That So Many Cartoon Characters are Yellow

Why are so many iconic animated characters yellow? The answer lies in random personal choices, scientific and marketing theory, as well as the colour of the sky. Read More >>

This Alien Worm-Creature Will Haunt Your Nightmares

New species are discovered frequently, but this creature is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Called the giant shipworm, it lives inside a long shell where it consumes noxious chemicals at the bottom of muddy lagoons. An international team of scientists are now the first to study this elusive animal in the flesh, but after taking a closer look at this...thing....we kind of wish they had left it alone. Read More >>

Tiny Object With Very Silly Name Could Be the Next Dwarf Planet

When we think of dwarf planets, the first thing that comes to mind is obviously the injustice of Pluto getting demoted to one. But the truth is, these little guys—and there are six currently recognised within our solar system—deserve just as much love as their mightier planetary cousins. Good news for them: a new study suggests that the dwarf planet club could get another member, in the form of a very small, distant object located roughly 92 astronomical units (AU) from the Sun. Read More >>

These Are Not Photos of Black Holes

The Event Horizon Telescope, actually a network of telescopes across the world, has successfully completed its highly-anticipated ten-day-long observation period. Researchers pointed the array of dishes at the center of our galaxy and the M87 galaxy in order to snap pictures of some black holes. That’s really exciting! It’s awesome! We will maybe soon see a real image of a black hole! But not for, you know, a bunch of months. Read More >>

Burger King’s Dystopian New Ad Campaign Is Already a Cyanide and Toenail Clippings Disaster

Just hours after launching, Burger King’s new smart home ad campaign is already crashing like the goddamn Hindenburg. On Wednesday, the company released a weirdly intrusive 15-second spot designed to intentionally trigger viewers’ Google Home devices. In theory, the devices would then read back a list of the Whopper’s ingredients from Wikipedia. Anonymous online vandals, however, had other ideas. Read More >>

Scientists Unearth Ancient DNA Depicting a Battle Between Viruses and Our Ancestors

Millions of years ago, our ancestors’ bodies may have waged an epic battle against a virus. Through a sneaky DNA swap, the hosts would have gotten the upper hand, and turned the virus’ defences against themselves. Researchers think they’ve unearthed the whole ordeal, left like a Dead Sea scroll in our genes. Read More >>

LeEco, China’s Rising Tech Star, Can’t Catch a Break

A year ago, Chinese tech conglomerate LeEco, often known as “the Netflix of China,” was flying high. By many measures, the quickly growing company appeared poised to becomes a global consumer electronics powerhouse. How quickly things have changed course. Read More >>

This Tricorder-Like Device Can Tell if Your Brain Is Bleeding

Following a head injury, patients typically undergo a CT scan to rule out brain bleeding. A new head worn device that scans the brain’s electrical patterns has shown tremendous promise in clinical trials, presenting an inexpensive way for physicians to make a potentially life-saving diagnosis. Read More >>

The US Just Greenlit the First Consumer DNA Tests for Disease Risk

At times, DNA testing can feel more like horoscopes than science. In many cases, we just don’t know enough about a gene to say what it means for our health. For this reason, the US Food and Drug Administration has sought to protect consumers by preventing DNA testing companies from telling them whether or not they’re are at risk for a certain disease. Until now. Read More >>

Twitter Sues Trump Administration Over Order to Unmask ‘Rogue’ Agency Account

Twitter just filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security and US Customs and Border Protection over an attempt by those agencies to unmask an anonymous Twitter account, @ALT_uscis, that is frequently critical of United States immigration policy. Read More >>

Australia Sues Apple For Bricking iPhones Repaired by Third Parties

Apple forbids consumers from taking their iPhones to third parties for repair, and sometimes even bricks phones as punishment. But Australia has said that’s not cool and is suing the tech behemoth. Or, to put it in Australian, “yeah nah mate, garn git fucked.” Read More >>

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Did North Korea Show Off Its Ability to Make a Hydrogen Bomb With an Online Ad?

These are weird times we live in and it’s tough to keep our heads on straight. An unnerving news cycle is building up around North Korea’s aggressive demonstrations of its military power. Today, the New York Times reported that the economically hobbled dictatorship may have accidentally shown off its capability to convert an atom bomb into a hydrogen bomb with an online advertisement for Lithium 6. Read More >>

Delicious Maple Syrup Enlisted in Bitter Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance

April Fools' Day is over so you can believe me when I say: Scientists are trying to see if maple syrup can be used to help fight antibiotic resistance. Sweet. Read More >>

Freaky Experiment Allows Tadpoles to See Out of Eyes Implanted on Their Tails

By leveraging the regenerative powers of migraine medication, researchers at Tufts University have restored the vision of blind tadpoles after grafting eyes to their tails. Sounds bizarre, but a similar technique could one day be used on humans. Read More >>