The Secrets of Westworld Are Beginning to Spill Out

To say that Westworld finally gave (well, confirmed) answers to a few of its biggest mysteries seems almost like a lie. It isn’t, though—we finally learned (at least part of) why Delos funded the park—but the show immediately piled on so many more mysteries it almost doesn’t feel like an answer. But let’s take a good look at the surprising revelations we got—because there were plenty. Read More >>

100,000 Video Game Players Helped Scientists Prove Einstein Wrong

On November 30, 2016, around 100,000 people all over the world logged online and played a video game. Together, they surely would have frustrated Albert Einstein. Read More >>

New York Court Says Chimps Aren’t People—But It’s Not Happy About It

The five year long struggle to free a pair of captive chimps in the state of New York has finally come to an end. Yesterday, New York’s highest court denied an appeal by the Nonhuman Rights Project, but the judges were clearly unsatisfied with their own ruling, pointing out deficiencies in the legal system’s ability to deal with this “difficult ethical dilemma.” Read More >>

How to Bring Back Any Device From The Dead

Computer, tablet, or phone not starting, or seemingly frozen in time? Before you take it down to the local repair shop, or send it off to the professionals, here are the cheat codes to use to try and get your device back on its feet—it might be you can save yourself a hefty repair bill by fixing the issue yourself. Read More >>

Here’s What Those New Full-Page Warnings in Chrome Mean

Starting today, Google Chrome users will encounter a full-page warning whenever visiting a website whose SSL certificate is not registered with a public certificate log. Read More >>

Hubble Releases Mind-Blowing New Images of the Lagoon Nebula to Honour Its 28th Anniversary

NASA has released incredible new images of the Lagoon Nebula taken by the Hubble space telescope, in honour of its 28th anniversary. Dude... have you ever like... thought about how small we are... and how big the universe is...? Read More >>

How Rich Are the Founders of Ripple and Ethereum?

Yesterday marked two records in the altcoin world: Ethereum’s per-coin value broke $1,000 (£737), and the rising value of Ripple supposedly boosted its co-founder Chris Larsen to an estimated net worth of $59.9 billion (£44 billion). Despite a very real speculation bubble around cryptocurrency, these financial gains are mostly on paper, and the two coins couldn’t be more different. Read More >>

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Our Favourite Gizmodo Videos of 2017

In 2017, we laughed, we cried, we screamed frustrations into the void and prayed for all Nazis to be punched into oblivion. But mostly, we made videos. And by “we” I mean the video team here at Gizmodo. To welcome 2018, we’ve rounded up our favourite videos of the year. It’s a spread that covers everything from polio to butter. There are even puppets involved. Read More >>

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Dropping a GoPro Camera Into a Well Looks Like a Soothing Never-Ending Trip to the Centre of the Earth

How do you relax? Maybe with a delicious meal, a trip to the theatre, or a good book? If you’re looking for another way to escape your stresses, you’ll be surprised at just how soothing it is to watch a five-minute video of a GoPro camera being lowered deep into a limestone well. Read More >>

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The 20 Coolest Gadgets of 2017

Another hellish year on this mortal plane is about to come to a conclusion. Soon, hopefully, the abject mediocrity will fade and we’ll forget everything that was boring or bland. Instead, we’ll remember only the very best and the very worst. Being that this is a site ostensibly about gadgets we felt it was important to remind you of the twenty very best gadgets from this year. Hopefully you’ll remember some of them with fondness as the world grinds on. Read More >>

year in review 2017
The Worst Gadgets of 2017

This was a bad year, and these gadgets made it worse. Some were epic disappointments. Others were just ill conceived from the very beginning. These are the worst. Read More >>

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Gifts for Kids Who Are Just Starting to Love Superheroes

Nowadays, there’s only one group of kids that aren’t into superheroes: kids who aren’t into superheroes yet. There’s a tender age right before they realise that Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, and the rest are completely dominating pop culture... so why wait on them? These fun gift ideas will help (super-)speed up the process. Read More >>

A New Type of Gravitational Wave Could Be Spotted Soon, Claims New Paper

It can’t be stressed enough how crazy gravitational waves are. These supremely violent events take place many light years in the distance, and because they literally alter the shape of space and time, the ripples they produce can be detected on Earth. But gravitational wave astronomy is only in its infancy, and there’s even stranger things yet to be observed. Read More >>

Woman’s Webcam Starts Following Her Movements and Taunts ‘Hello’

Internet of Things devices are notoriously insecure and webcams are among the creepiest targets for hacks. A woman in the Netherlands recently learned just how disturbing these vulnerabilities can be, capturing footage of a home webcam that started tracking her movements and speaking to her in a sinister, unfamiliar voice. Read More >>

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Harvey’s Floodwaters Could Pose Serious Health Hazards

Extreme rainfall and flooding from Hurricane Harvey has left thousands in Houston and surrounding communities stranded. Some parts of the city have experienced over 40 inches of rain, and forecasters say that number is expected to rise over the coming days. Currently, the storm has repositioned itself in the Gulf of Mexico, where it will collect more moisture before striking land again. When it does, some areas of Texas and Louisiana could see an additional 20 inches of rain. On top of all this, flash flood warnings are still in effect as of this morning. Read More >>