VPN Deals of the Week

Accessing local content while travelling or living abroad has become increasingly difficult as streaming services or apps like BBC’s iPlayer have begun to use region blocks to prevent users from accessing their content based on their IP address.  However by using a VPN to connect to the Internet, you can easily change your IP address to one from your home country which will let you bypass region blocks and access your favourite content while simultaneously improving the security of all of your devices. Read More >>

Parody Superheroes, Ranked

It’s a good time to be a silly superhero, with Amazon producing a brand-new Tick series, Section 8 making a dingus of the Spectre a few Wednesdays ago, and a new Slapstick comic from Marvel this autumn. Let’s celebrate with this immense ranking of characters created to mock Superman, Batman, and the rest. Because they totally had it coming. Read More >>

The 16 Most Horrible Alternate Realities

It’s 2016, and things are looking pretty grim. As prognosticators of the future, we are here to assess the present, and remind everyone that as bad things are, they can always get much, much worse — and they are much, much worse in mirror universes and parallel worlds. Here are 16 alternate realities that make the original look like home sweet home. Read More >>

Every Single Monster on the Original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Ranked

With a Power Rangers movie of indeterminate quality on the way, a new comic book from Boom Studios performing outrageously well, and DVD sets of the original Super Sentai series finally hitting the West, it’s also the perfect time to take all the monsters from the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers TV series, and judge them. Mercilessly. Read More >>

13 Superhero TV Shows That It’s Hard to Believe Somebody Greenlit

We’re living in the Golden Age of superheroes on television. But capes and superpowers have lived on the small screen for decades—and there have been some truly bizarre ideas for how to translate them from comics. Here are 13 superhero shows it’s hard to believe someone thought were a good idea. Read More >>